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L Martinez, J Demanet, V Mignaux, F Dewavrin
INTRODUCTION: Tracheostomy is a commonly performed procedure. The aim of this study was to assess professional practice, describe patient characteristics and examine short and long-term outcomes. METHODS: All patients with CCAM GEPA004 code were retrospectively included. RESULTS: Two hundred and fourteen (7%) patients who were mecanically ventilated had a tracheostomy performed in intensive care unit (ICU). Median time to tracheostomy was 22 (14-28) days...
January 2018: Revue des Maladies Respiratoires
Ousseynou Ka, Ibrahima Seck, Mamadou Coumé, Bassirou Thiongane, El Hadji Mbaye, Anta Tal Dia
Senegal will be spared by phenomenon of population ageing, which will surely have socioeconomic and cultural consequences that will not be easy to tackle, as all sectors will be affected. In regard to legal protection, there are not any special legal acts for the elderly as is the case for children and women. They are treated just as responsible adults whose legal status is the same as everyone else. As far as the framework of legal protection of elderly people is concerned, Senegal has ratified all international and regional means and mecanisms for the protection of the rights of the elderly...
March 1, 2018: Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement
R S Razafindrasata, N F Rasaholiarison, J Razafimahefa, A D Tehindrazanarivelo
A stroke is the sudden onset of focal neurological deficits presumed to have mecanism vascular and is the leading cause of acquired motor disability in adults. To improve stroke management, we examined the motor disability of patients presenting with stroke, their course, and its determinant factors. This retrospective descriptive study reviewed case records from the neurology unit of the Befelatanana University Hospital from january to december 2015. We included all patients who had a stroke with motor impairment of any upper or lower limbs, with or without computed tomography of the brain, that is, 227 (36...
November 1, 2017: Médecine et Santé Tropicales
Gerardo Weisstaub N, Luisa Schonhaut B, Gabriela Salazar R
Childhood obesity is the main nutritional and public health problem in Chile, being the principal causes, the increase in energy dense foods and the decline of physical activity. Interventions to prevent obesity at infancy are focused mainly in improving quality and quantity of dietary intake, without taking into account physical activity, which is expressed under two years of age, mainly by motor development. Some studies have proven that motor development at early age, may influence the ability to perform physical activity...
2017: Revista Chilena de Pediatría
Paulo Evaristo de Andrade, Joice Anaize Tonon do Amaral, Laércio da Silva Paiva, Fernando Adami, Juliana Zangirolami Raimudo, Vitor Engrácia Valenti, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Rodrigo Daminello Raimundo
INTRODUCTION: The elderly population grows globally every day, and along with it the incidence of high blood pressure also grows, following these data scientists seek tools to improve the health of this population, a widely used tool for assessing cardiovascular function is the heart rate variability(HRV), that is a mecanism that allows the investigation of oscillations in the intervals between consecutive heart beats (RR intervals). There are already studies on the autonomic nervous system in the elderly population, however, these studies investigated normotensive patients and there is little research in hypertensive patients...
July 24, 2017: Blood Pressure
M Develoux
Various infectious agents are classical risk factors for cancer including bacteria, viruses and parasites. There is less evidence concerning the implication of fungal infection in carcinogenesis. The role of chronic Candida infection in the development of squamous cell carcinoma has been suspected for years. Candida sp are more prevalent in potentially malignant disorder and cancer of the oral mucosa. Other epidemiological evidence of a link between Candida infection and cancer is what is observed in patients with Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy Candidiasis Ectodermal Dystrophy (APECED)...
February 2017: Bulletin de la Société de Pathologie Exotique
S Deghima, W Chabane, H Djorane, M Azzouz, R Hannachi, A Boudiba
Erythermalgia is a very rare acrosyndrome mainly characterized by lower limbs pain. It is either primitive or secondary. Concomittence of erythermalgia and diabetes is a coincidence and since the latter induces neuropathic and vascular lesions, erythermalgia is then considered as a consequence. We report the case of a young type 1 diabetic patient who presents with severe form of erythermalgia. Through this case report and a review of the literature, we shall explain the etiopathogenic mecanisms involved in erythermalgia in a diabetic patient and highlight the diagnosis and management challenges...
March 2015: Revue Médicale de Bruxelles
Luis Vaquero, Begoña Alvarez-Cuenllas, Laura Rodríguez-Martín, Marta Aparicio, Francisco Jorquera, José Luis Olcoz, Santiago Vivas
Cereals are considered a basic food. Through the development of cooking, the human being has produced high- gluten-content food, so that it could make the most of its nutritional properties. Wheat is becoming one of the key elements of the Mediterranean diet. Amongst gluten- intake-related pathologies- gluten is present mainly in wheat, barley and rye- celiac disease (CD) is the most well-known. CD is a chronic inflammatory condition which affects gastrointestinal tract which develops in genetically predisposed individuals...
June 1, 2015: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
Dominique Levêque, Céline Duval, Charlotte Poulat, Benjamin Palas, Anne El Aatmani, Anne Dory, Guillaume Becker, Bénédicte Gourieux
Oral anticancer agents and particularly kinase inhibitors are subject to pharmacokinetic drug interactions in relation to absorption and elimination phases. Interacting factors are food, fruit juices, cigarette smoke, acid-reducing agents and inducers/inhibitors. Some anticancer agents are inducers and/or inhibitors and can also perpetrate drug interactions. This review emphasizes the mechanisms of pharmacokinetic drug interactions involving oral anticancer agents.
January 2015: Bulletin du Cancer
J Fernandez, H Montaudié, A Courdi, C Georgiou, O Camuzard, B Chignon-Sicard
INTRODUCTION: This article describes the unique case of a female patient who presented distant melanoma metastasis on the breast while having irradiation therapy for breast cancer. This happened eight months after the initial treatment for a melanoma of the back (under the right scapula). Furthermore, this case report demonstrates the efficiency of Vemurafenib® as a treatment for late stage melanomas. CASE REPORT: The patient was a 47-year-old female that had a superficial spreading melanoma under the right scapula (Breslow 1...
February 2016: Annales de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique
Tristan Dorémus, François Cousserans, Gabor Gyapay, Véronique Jouan, Patricia Milano, Eric Wajnberg, Isabelle Darboux, Fernando Luis Cônsoli, Anne-Nathalie Volkoff
Ichnoviruses are large dsDNA viruses that belong to the Polydnaviridae family. They are specifically associated with endoparasitic wasps of the family Ichneumonidae and essential for host parasitization by these wasps. We sequenced the Hyposoter didymator Ichnovirus (HdIV) encapsidated genome for further analysis of the transcription pattern of the entire set of HdIV genes following the parasitization of four different lepidopteran host species. The HdIV genome was found to consist of at least 50 circular dsDNA molecules, carrying 135 genes, 98 of which formed 18 gene families...
2014: PloS One
Gaëtan Gavazzi
Iron deficiency is frequent in elderly population and is responsable for numerous clinical situations. Because of the frequent association of inflammatory diseases, chronic diseases associated with iron loss, diagnosis of iron deficiency is often difficult in elderly population. For the last ten years, new biomarkers of iron physiology lead to better understand physiology and pathophysiology of iron metabolism particularly in iron deficiency. This overview aims to show modifications of iron metabolism with ageing, pathophysiological mecanisms associated with iron deficiency and give a stratification of the use of biomarkers as diagnostic tools differentiating absolute deficiency or functional deficeincy...
June 2014: Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement
Laurence Iserin, Magalie Ladouceur, Sarah Cohen
Pregnancy is associated with important haemodynamic changes that increase during delivery and may decompensate an underlying heart disease. Some situations (fortunately rare) are at very high risk and can contra-indicate pregnancy (Eisenmenger syndrome, severe stenotic left heart valve, severely dilated aorta and severe left ventricular dysfunction). Women with less severe disease can have a pregnancy with specific follow-up (shunt lesions, operated tetralogy of Fallot, mecanical valve). Peri-partum cardiomyopathy is an entity specific to pregnancy because of timing of its diagnosis...
September 2012: La Revue du Praticien
M Niquille, S Ardigo
Older patients can suffer severe trauma, especially in home environment. In Switzerland, falls are the main cause of trauma mortality in patients older than 65. Low kinetics mecanisms can cause severe trauma. Undertriage is frequent in emergency rooms and could result in delayed mortality. Except for hip fractures and simple fractures of extremities, age more then 65 should be a criteria for admitting the patient in a trauma center and activating the trauma team.
August 15, 2012: Revue Médicale Suisse
S Serra, P Monteiro, A Vaz, E Pires, R Monteiro, L Inês, M J Salvador, J Bernardo, A Malcata
The authors describe a 54 year-old male patient, admitted after presenting in the emergency room with acute oligoarthritis affecting the shoulders and right tibiotarsal and sternoclavicular joints, with a week's duration. He was non-febrile and related a purulent discharge from the stump of a traumatic amputation of the left thumb, starting a few days prior to the presenting complaints. There was a previous history of gouty arthritis and moderate alcoholism. Lab work revealed an elevation of the acute phase markers, with marked neutrophilia...
January 2012: Acta Reumatológica Portuguesa
T Raia-Barjat, A-S Tardieu, A Amouzougan, B Trombert, C Chauleur, M-N Varlet, H Patural, P Seffert, G Chêne
OBJECTIVES: To study female pelves from Neolithic area (5000 years AD) in order to better understand the evolution of obstetrical mecanisms. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The fossil material comprised 73 Homo sapiens pelves: we reconstructed all the 20 adult female bony pelves. We realised the shape and morphometric analysis of the pelvic cavity. Changes in pelvic neolithic morphology were compared with pelvic modern morphology. RESULTS: The pelves of prehistoric female were similar in shape with modern female...
November 2011: Gynécologie, Obstétrique & Fertilité
Cécile Sauvanet, Laetitia Arnauné-Pelloquin, Claudine David, Pascale Belenguer, Manuel Rojo
Mitochondria are dynamic organelles that continuously move, fuse and divide. Their overall morphology, ranging from a filamentous network to a collection of isolated dots, is determined by fusion-fission equilibrium, which depends on the cellular and physiological context. The machineries of fusion and fission, that are conserved throughout evolution, include three large GTPases of the dynamin-superfamily: Dnm1/DRP1 - involved in fission - as well as Fzo1/MFN and Mgm1/OPA1 - required for fusion. While the activities, mecanisms and regulations of mitochondrial fusion and fission machineries continue to be unravelled, the relevance of mitochondrial dynamics is witnessed by their impact on organelle functions, cell survival and cell differenciation, their requirement for embryonic development and their involvement in neurological diseases...
October 2010: Médecine Sciences: M/S
Ekaterina Papusheva, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
Integrin- and cadherin-mediated adhesion is central for cell and tissue morphogenesis, allowing cells and tissues to change shape without loosing integrity. Studies predominantly in cell culture showed that mechanosensation through adhesion structures is achieved by force-mediated modulation of their molecular composition. The specific molecular composition of adhesion sites in turn determines their signalling activity and dynamic reorganization. Here, we will review how adhesion sites respond to mecanical stimuli, and how spatially and temporally regulated signalling from different adhesion sites controls cell migration and tissue morphogenesis...
August 18, 2010: EMBO Journal
Pedro Nunes, Clara Abadesso, Ester Almeida, Catarina Silvestre, Helena Loureiro, Helena Almeida
BACKGROUND: Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is being increasingly used in children with acute respiratory failure, preventing complications associated with conventional mecánical ventilation. AIMS: To determinate the efficacy of NIV in children with acute respiratory failure or chronic respiratory failure. METHODS: Prospective study of all patients who underwent NIV (November 2005 to April 2008). Demographic data and the following parameters were analysed: Heart and respiratory rate, SaO2, blood gases evaluated before and at 1, 2, 6, 12, and 24 hours after NIV...
May 2010: Acta Médica Portuguesa
M Allagui, I Aloui, I Hammouda, M Koubaa, A Abbadi, M F Hamdi, A Abid
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: The aim of this study is to present an unusual lesion combining instability of the shoulder with a fracture of the coracoid process. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The authors have treated one case of recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder associated with pseudarthrosis of the coracoid process. The shoulder was stabilised by surgery using the Latarjet procedure. DISCUSSION: The association of an anterior dislocation of the shoulder and pseudarthrosis of the coracoid process is very unusual...
December 2009: Chirurgie de la Main
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