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Adult asthma

Katherine H Restori, Bharat T Srinivasa, Brian J Ward, Elizabeth D Fixman
Infants are exposed to a wide range of potential pathogens in the first months of life. Although maternal antibodies acquired transplacentally protect full-term neonates from many systemic pathogens, infections at mucosal surfaces still occur with great frequency, causing significant morbidity and mortality. At least part of this elevated risk is attributable to the neonatal immune system that tends to favor T regulatory and Th2 type responses when microbes are first encountered. Early-life infection with respiratory viruses is of particular interest because such exposures can disrupt normal lung development and increase the risk of chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Arielle S Selya, Sunita Thapa, Gaurav Mehta
BACKGROUND: Recent research shows that nicotine dependence conveys additional health risks above and beyond smoking behavior. The current study examines whether smoking within 5 min of waking, an indicator of nicotine dependence, is independently associated with asthma outcomes. METHODS: Data were drawn from five pooled cross-sectional waves (2005-14) of NHANES, and the final sample consisted of N = 4081 current adult smokers. Weighted logistic regressions were run examining the relationship between smoking within 5 min of waking and outcomes of lifetime asthma, past-year asthma, and having had an asthma attack in the past year...
June 18, 2018: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
A Khan, G Vandeplas, T M T Huynh, V N Joish, L Mannent, P Tomassen, T Van Zele, L O Cardell, J Arebro, H Olze, U Foerster-Ruhrmann, M L Kowalski, A Olszewska-Ziaber, G Holtappels, N De Ruyck, C van Drunen, J Mullol, P W Hellings, V Hox, E Toskala, G Scadding, V J Lund, W J Fokkens, C Bachert
BACKGROUND: Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a common yet under-recognised chronic inflammatory disease of the nose and paranasal sinuses that is classified according to the presence (CRSwNP) or absence (CRSsNP) of nasal polyps. METHODS: This paper reports the methodology and descriptive results of the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (GALEN) rhinosinusitis cohort. We established a large CRS cohort within the GALEN consortium (European FP6 research initiative) to identify inflammatory endotypes, the natural disease course, and its impact on health-related quality of life (HRQoL)...
June 17, 2018: Rhinology
Jennifer Pharr, Nancy Lough
Sport participation has been associated with lower rates of chronic diseases when compared to other forms of physical activity (PA) among women. However, we do not know if this relationship holds true for men. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between sport participation and men's health and chronic diseases in the USA. This study was a secondary data analysis of the 2015 national Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey. Participants were questioned extensively about their PA behaviors...
August 2, 2017: Sports
Justin Gatwood, Rhonda Hanley, Joe S Moore, Kenneth Hohmeier
The emphasis that United States employers are placing on employee wellness continues to grow; however, most attention has been paid to larger firms to gauge return-on-investment from a larger pool of enrollees. With fewer resources available to fund expansive wellness programs, smaller businesses need a cost-effective mechanism to provide such benefits. As the most accessible healthcare provider, community pharmacists are in an ideal position to support certain wellness programs for smaller businesses. This research piloted a community pharmacist-led, employer-sponsored wellness program for a self-insured financial services company in Tennessee...
June 12, 2018: Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy: RSAP
Laura Kann, Tim McManus, William A Harris, Shari L Shanklin, Katherine H Flint, Barbara Queen, Richard Lowry, David Chyen, Lisa Whittle, Jemekia Thornton, Connie Lim, Denise Bradford, Yoshimi Yamakawa, Michelle Leon, Nancy Brener, Kathleen A Ethier
PROBLEM: Health-risk behaviors contribute to the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among youth and adults in the United States. In addition, significant health disparities exist among demographic subgroups of youth defined by sex, race/ethnicity, and grade in school and between sexual minority and nonsexual minority youth. Population-based data on the most important health-related behaviors at the national, state, and local levels can be used to help monitor the effectiveness of public health interventions designed to protect and promote the health of youth at the national, state, and local levels...
June 15, 2018: MMWR. Surveillance Summaries: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Surveillance Summaries
Paloma Campo, Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia, Gador Bogas, María Salas, Carmen Plaza Serón, Natalia Pérez, C Mayorga, M J Torres, Mohammed Shamji, Carmen Rondon
A significant proportion of rhinitis patients without systemic IgE-sensitization tested by skin prick test and serum allergen-specific IgE (sIgE) display nasal reactivity upon nasal allergen provocation test (NAPT). This disease phenotype has been termed local allergic rhinitis (LAR). LAR is an underdiagnosed entity affecting children and adults from different parts of the world, with moderate-to-severe symptoms, impairment of quality of life and rapid progression to symptom worsening. LAR is a stable phenotype and not merely an initial state of AR...
June 14, 2018: Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Khaoula El Kinany, Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, Mohamed Khalis, Meimouna Mint Sidi Deoula, Abdelilah Benslimane, Amran Ibrahim, Mohamed Chakib Benjelloun, Karima El Rhazi
BACKGROUND: To date, no culture-specific food frequency questionnaires (FFQ) are available in North Africa. The aim of this study was to adapt and examine the reproducibility and validity of an FFQ or use in the Moroccan population. METHODS: The European Global Asthma and Allergy Network (GA2 LEN) FFQ was used to assess its applicability in Morocco. The GA2 LEN FFQ is comprised of 32 food sections and 200 food items. Using scientific published literature, as well as local resources, we identified and added foods that were representative of the Moroccan diet...
June 12, 2018: Nutrition Journal
Pinja Ilmarinen, Leena E Tuomisto, Onni Niemelä, Hannu Kankaanranta
BACKGROUND: Antibodies against IL-5 pathway have been developed for treatment of late-onset eosinophilic steroid-resistant asthma. However, the prevalence of severe asthma and the proportion of patients who could benefit from such treatment among general population of asthmatics remains unknown. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the prevalence and characteristics of patients eligible to anti-IL-5 treatment and severe asthma in an unselected cohort of adult-onset asthma. METHODS: Seinäjoki Adult Asthma Study (SAAS) is a 12-year follow-up study of patients with new-onset adult asthma (n=203)...
June 9, 2018: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Practice
Dinh S Bui, Haydn E Walters, John A Burgess, Jennifer L Perret, Minh Q Bui, Gayan Bowatte, Adrian J Lowe, Melissa A Russell, Bruce R Thompson, Garun S Hamilton, Alan L James, Graham G Giles, Paul S Thomas, Debbie Jarvis, Cecilie Svanes, Judith Garcia-Aymerich, Bircan Erbas, Peter A Frith, Katrina J Allen, Michael J Abramson, Caroline J Lodge, Shyamali C Dharmage
RATIONALE: Childhood risk factors for long-term lung health often co-exist and their specific patterns may affect subsequent lung function differently. OBJECTIVES: To identify childhood risk factor profiles, their influence on lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in middle-age and potential pathways. METHODS: Profiles of 11 childhood respiratory risk factors, documented at age 7, were identified in 8352 participants from the Tasmanian Longitudinal Health Study using latent class analysis...
June 12, 2018: Annals of the American Thoracic Society
Lisbet Krogh Traulsen, Anders Halling, Jesper Bælum, Jesper Rømhild Davidsen, Martin Miller, Øyvind Omland, David Sherson, Torben Sigsgaard, Trine Thilsing, Gert Thomsen, Lars Rauff Skadhauge
Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate determinants for the prognosis of asthma in a population-based cohort of young adults. Design: The study was a nine-year clinical follow up of 239 asthmatic subjects from an enriched population-based sample of 1,191 young adults, aged 20-44 years, who participated in an interviewer-administered questionnaire and clinical examination at baseline in 2003-2006. From the interview, an asthma score was generated as the simple sum of affirmative answers to five main asthma-like symptoms in order to analyse symptoms of asthma as a continuum...
2018: European Clinical Respiratory Journal
Juliana Durack, Yvonne J Huang, Snehal Nariya, Laura S Christian, K Mark Ansel, Avraham Beigelman, Mario Castro, Anne-Marie Dyer, Elliot Israel, Monica Kraft, Richard J Martin, David T Mauger, Sharon R Rosenberg, Tonya S King, Steven R White, Loren C Denlinger, Fernando Holguin, Stephen C Lazarus, Njira Lugogo, Stephen P Peters, Lewis J Smith, Michael E Wechsler, Susan V Lynch, Homer A Boushey
BACKGROUND: Perturbations to the composition and function of bronchial bacterial communities appear to contribute to the pathophysiology of asthma. Unraveling the nature and mechanisms of these complex associations will require large longitudinal studies, for which bronchoscopy is poorly suited. Studies of samples obtained by sputum induction and nasopharyngeal brushing or lavage have also reported asthma-associated microbiota characteristics. It remains unknown, however, whether the microbiota detected in these less-invasive sample types reflect the composition of bronchial microbiota in asthma...
June 9, 2018: Microbiome
Khumbo Kalua, Boston Zimba, David W Denning
Despite efforts to address the burden of fungal infections in Malawi, the prevalence and incidence remain largely unknown. We assessed the annual burden in the general population and among populations at high risk and fungal infection frequencies in each particular population to estimate the national incidence or prevalence. The Malawi population is approximately 17.7 million (2017), with 48% under 15 years of age. Approximately 8% of the population is HIV positive. The most common infections are present in HIV/AIDS patients, with oral candidiasis being the commonest...
May 21, 2018: Journal of Fungi (Basel, Switzerland)
Sara Shagiwal, Herman T den Dekker, Johan C de Jongste, Guy G Brusselle, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Janine F Felix, Liesbeth Duijts
BACKGROUND: Genetic variants associated with adult lung function could already exert effects in childhood lung function. We aimed to examine the associations of adult lung function-related genetic variants with childhood lung function and asthma, and whether these associations were modified by atopic predisposition, tobacco smoke exposure, or early growth characteristics. METHODS: In a population-based prospective cohort study among 3,347 children, we selected 7 and 20 SNPs associated with adult forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1 ) and FEV1 /forced vital capacity (FEV1 /FVC), respectively...
June 7, 2018: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Lucy Wang, John D Crawford, Simone Reppermund, Julian Trollor, Lesley Campbell, Bernhard T Baune, Perminder Sachdev, Henry Brodaty, Katherine Samaras, Evelyn Smith
OBJECTIVES: While obesity has been linked with lower quality of life in the general adult population, the prospective effects of present obesity on future quality of life amongst the elderly is unclear. This article investigates the cross-sectional and longitudinal relationships between obesity and aspects of quality of life in community-dwelling older Australians. METHOD: A 2-year longitudinal sample of community dwellers aged 70-90 years at baseline, derived from the Sydney Memory and Ageing Study (MAS), was chosen for the study...
June 7, 2018: Quality of Life Research
Francisco Gómez Real, John A Burgess, Simona Villani, Julia Dratva, Joachim Heinrich, Christer Janson, Debbie Jarvis, Jennifer Koplin, Bénédicte Leynaert, Caroline Lodge, Birger N Lærum, Melanie C Matheson, Dan Norbäck, Ernst R Omenaas, Svein M Skulstad, Jordi Sunyer, Shyamali C Dharmage, Cecilie Svanes
There is limited information about potential impact of maternal age on the respiratory health of offspring. We investigated the association of maternal age at delivery with adult offspring's lung function, respiratory symptoms and asthma, and potential differences according to offspring sex.10 692 adults from 13 countries participating in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS) II responded to standardised interviews and provided lung function measurements and serum for IgE measurements at age 25-55 years...
June 2018: European Respiratory Journal: Official Journal of the European Society for Clinical Respiratory Physiology
Shilpa Dogra, Joshua Good, Matthew P Buman, Paul A Gardiner, Jennifer L Copeland, Michael K Stickland
BACKGROUND: The purpose of the current study was to determine the association between sedentary time and physical activity with clinically relevant health outcomes among adults with impaired spirometry and those with or without self-reported obstructive lung disease (asthma or COPD). METHODS: Data from participants of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging were used for analysis (n = 4156). Lung function was assessed using spirometry. Adults were said to have impaired spirometry if their Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 s was <5th percentile lower limit of normal (LLN)...
June 7, 2018: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Kamalesh K Gulia, Velayudhan Mohan Kumar
In contrast to newborns, who spend 16-20 h in sleep each day, adults need only about sleep daily. However, many elderly may struggle to obtain those 8 h in one block. In addition to changes in sleep duration, sleep patterns change as age progresses. Like the physical changes that occur during old age, an alteration in sleep pattern is also a part of the normal ageing process. As people age, they tend to have a harder time falling asleep and more trouble staying asleep. Older people spend more time in the lighter stages of sleep than in deep sleep...
May 2018: Psychogeriatrics: the Official Journal of the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society
Benjamin W Dean, Erin E Birnie, G A Whitmore, Katherine L Vandemheen, Louis-Philippe Boulet, J Mark FitzGerald, Martha Ainslie, Samir Gupta, Catherine Lemiere, Stephen K Field, R Andrew McIvor, Paul Hernandez, Irvin Mayers, Shawn D Aaron
RATIONALE: The reliability of using between-visit variation in FEV1 to diagnose asthma is understudied, and hence uncertain. OBJECTIVE: To determine if FEV1 variability measured over recurrent visits is significantly associated with a diagnosis of current asthma. METHODS: Randomly-selected adults (N=964) with a history of physician-diagnosed asthma were studied from 2005-2007 and from 2012-2016. A diagnosis of current asthma was confirmed in those participants who exhibited bronchial hyper-responsiveness to methacholine and/or acute worsening of asthma symptoms while being weaned off asthma medications...
June 7, 2018: Annals of the American Thoracic Society
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[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1183/20734735.018917.].
June 2018: Breathe
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