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Roberto Cesareo, Anda Naciu, Antonio Barberi, Valerio Pasqualini, Giuseppe Pelle, Silvia Manfrini, Gaia Tabacco, Angelo Lauria Pantano, Giuseppe Campagna, Roberto Cianni, Andrea Palermo
INTRODUCTION: Fine needle aspiration (FNA) is the most accurate and cost-effective method for evaluating thyroid nodules. We have reported a rare complication related to the procedure: severe retropharyngeal cellulitis. CASE PRESENTATION: A thirty-five-year-old female was admitted to hospital with hoarseness, laryngeal stridor and dyspnea without fever that emerged about 3 days after a first diagnostic FNA. After the procedure, the patient felt her voice became hoarse and 1 day before presentation began to have dyspnea, without fever...
October 2016: International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Andrea Palermo, Giuseppe Mangiameli, Gaia Tabacco, Filippo Longo, Claudio Pedone, Silvia Irina Briganti, Daria Maggi, Fabio Vescini, Anda Naciu, Angelo Lauria Pantano, Nicola Napoli, Silvia Angeletti, Paolo Pozzilli, Pierfilippo Crucitti, Silvia Manfrini
CONTEXT: There are no studies evaluating teriparatide for prevention of post-thyroidectomy hypocalcemia. OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to evaluate whether teriparatide can prevent postsurgical hypocalcemia and shorten the hospitalization in subjects at high risk of hypocalcemia following thyroid surgery. DESIGN: This was a prospective phase II randomized open-label trial. SETTING: This trial was set on a surgical ward...
November 2016: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
D M Nucera, M A Grassi, P Morra, S Piano, E Tabacco, G Borreani
Anaerobiosis, critical for successful ensilage, constitutes a challenge in baled silages. The loss of complete anaerobiosis causes aerobic deterioration and silages undergo dry matter and nutrient losses, pathogen growth, and mycotoxin production. Silage may represent an ideal substrate for Listeria monocytogenes, a pathogen of primary concern in several cheeses. The aim of this research was to investigate the occurrence of Listeria in baled silage fed to cows producing milk for a protected designation of origin cheese, and to characterize isolates by repetitive sequence-based PCR...
August 2016: Journal of Dairy Science
Bing He, Zhu-jun Han, Gang Xue, Xue-xia Xing, Xiao-jing Xu, Shi-xiao Xu, Xiao-quan Zhang, Tie-zhao Yang
Tabacco (Nicotiana tabacum) has a relatively high requirement for potassium (K). The difference in root characteristics and ability to release K from minerals of flue-cured tobacco in four genotypes ND202, NC628, G28 and NC628 x ND202 were analyzed. The results showed that the more available K released from minerals by roots, the more K would be accumulated by plants. ND202, which was K-enriched genotype, had well developed root system and was easily influenced by K content in the environment. Compared with ND202, NC628 significantly enhanced the effectiveness of K in substrate by releasing K from minerals, though the ability to absorb K was weak...
November 2015: Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao, the Journal of Applied Ecology
Alejandro B Pais, Pablo Candarle, Marisol Ferrer, Alejandro Costaguta, Omar Tabacco
Colorectal adenocarcinoma is exceptional in children, generally diagnosed in advanced stages, with worse prognosis. We report the case of a 5 year old girl with isolated hematochezia lasting two months without other findings, in whom a colorectal adenocarcinoma was confirmed by colonoscopy. Staging revealed localized disease, extending to perisigmoid fat and a few adjacent ganglia. She was treated by laparoscopic resection and adjuvant chemotherapy, being free of disease at 21 moths of follow-up.
December 1, 2015: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
María del C Toca, Patricia Sosa, Gustavo Aprigliano, Raquel Furnes, Silvia Marchisone, Mabel Mora, Marina Orsi, Graciela Saieg, Omar Tabacco, Marta Wagener
Healthy infants during the first year of life often have multiple functional gastrointestinal symptoms such as colic, regurgitation and constipation. The usual fuzziness and/or crying at this stage of life is interpreted as digestive discomfort or pain, and the corresponding concerns result in unsuitable behaviors as overeating, interruption of breastfeeding, multiple changes of formulas, innumerable queries and unnecessary medications. The aim of this paper is to update knowledge on the pathophysiology of the most common functional gastrointestinal dis orders, in order to avoid over diagnosis and select the most appropriate therapeutic approach and convenient nutritional interventions...
December 1, 2015: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
D Spadaro, M P Bustos-Lopez, M L Gullino, S Piano, E Tabacco, G Borreani
AIMS: To identify cultivable filamentous fungi before ensiling, after silage conservation, in farm-silos covered with two different plastic films (polyethylene (PE) vs biodegradable (MB)), as well as after aerobic exposure of whole-crop corn silage. METHODS AND RESULTS: Molecular techniques coupled with traditional microbial counting were utilized to identify the predominant fungal species. The cultivable fungal population changed remarkably from harvesting to silo opening...
August 2015: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Florence Théodore, Clara Juárez-Ramírez, Lucero Cahuana-Hurtado, Ilian Blanco, Lizbeth Tolentino-Mayo, Anabelle Bonvecchio
OBJECTIVE: To identify barriers and opportunities for the regulation of food and beverage advertising to children. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A qualitative study. Fourteen key informants from the congress, private sector, officials from the ministry of health and academics involved in the issue of regulation of advertising were interviewed. RESULTS: Barriers identified: conception of obesity as an individual problem, minimization of the negative effects on health, definition of the vulnerability of children bounded to their cognitive development...
2014: Salud Pública de México
Giorgio Borreani, Ernesto Tabacco
The research was aimed at studying whether the polyethylene (PE) film currently used to cover maize silage could be replaced with bio-based biodegradable films, and at determining the effects on the fermentative and microbiological quality of the resulting silages in laboratory silo conditions. Biodegradable plastic film made in 2 different formulations, MB1 and MB2, was compared with a conventional 120-μm-thick PE film. A whole maize crop was chopped; ensiled in MB1, MB2, and PE plastic bags, 12.5kg of fresh weight per bag; and opened after 170d of conservation...
January 2015: Journal of Dairy Science
Casey M Hearing, Rebecca H Bind, Michael J Tabacco, Robert M Hallock
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to devise a reliable and valid survey to predict the intensity of someone's gag reflex. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A 10-question Predictive Gagging Survey was created, refined, and tested on 59 undergraduate participants. The questions focused on risk factors and experiences that would indicate the presence and strength of someone's gag reflex. Reliability was assessed by administering the survey to a group of 17 participants twice, with 3 weeks separating the two administrations...
April 2014: Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Research
Marco Di Tola, Rachele Amodeo, Mariacatia Marino, Fabio Tabacco, Rossella Casale, Maurizio Bove, Alfredo Rossi, Patrizia Cardelli, Antonio Picarelli
Nickel (Ni) exposure through the intestinal mucosa may cause a hypersensitivity reaction recently defined as allergic contact mucositis (ACM). This condition is identifiable by the oral mucosa patch test (omPT), a qualitative and subjective examination that requires clinical expertise. Our aim was to evaluate if a peripheral blood lymphocyte typing performed before and after the omPT for Ni may be able to objectify this examination for diagnostic purposes. Thirty patients with symptoms referable to the ingestion of Ni-rich foods were subjected to omPT for Ni...
June 2014: Biological Trace Element Research
Marco Di Tola, Mariacatia Marino, Rachele Amodeo, Fabio Tabacco, Rossella Casale, Luciano Portaro, Raffaele Borghini, Antonio Cristaudo, Fedele Manna, Alfredo Rossi, Ornella De Pità, Patrizia Cardelli, Antonio Picarelli
BACKGROUND: The ingestion of nickel (Ni)-rich foods may result in allergic contact mucositis (ACM), a not yet well defined condition identifiable by oral mucosa patch test (omPT). Our aim was to characterize immunologically the ACM taking advantage from the allergen exposure that occurs during the omPT for Ni. METHODS: Thirty-seven symptomatic patients underwent to omPT for Ni. Before and after omPT, serum and urine Ni concentrations were determined by mass spectrometry, the white blood cells were counted by hemochromocytometric assay, the peripheral lymphocyte typing was carried out by flow cytometry, total IgE and cytokine serum concentrations were measured by immunoenzymatic assays...
July 2014: Immunobiology
Giorgio Borreani, Serenella Piano, Ernesto Tabacco
BACKGROUND: The most important factor that can influence silage quality is the degree of anaerobiosis maintained during conservation. The quality of the plastic film is a key factor, since the permeability of polyethylene to oxygen is too high for silage conservation. The aim of this work was to assess the effects of the interaction between three plastic films with different degrees of oxygen permeability and two different maize silage conservation times on fermentation, microbial quality and aerobic stability...
October 2014: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
G Borreani, E Tabacco
This study examined the effect on the fermentation, chemical, and microbiological quality of corn silage covered with a new-generation high oxygen barrier film (HOB) made with a special grade of ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH) compared with a standard polyethylene film (PE). Two bunkers (farms 1 and 2) were divided into 2 parts lengthwise so that half of the silo would be covered with PE film and the other with HOB film. Plastic net bags with fresh chopped corn were buried in the upper layer (close to and far from the wall) and in the central part of the bunkers...
2014: Journal of Dairy Science
V Vasil, A C Hildebrandt
Single cells of hybrid tobacco callus, isolated from germinating seeds, were grown individually in microchambers in the absence of any other cells, in fresh, liquid, coconut milk-medium. These produced a conlony of 50-75 cells in 10-15 days. In all instances the plane of the first cell division, and in most cases also that of the second division, were at right angles to the long axis of the cell. There was more variation in the size, shape and pattern of the second and subsequent divisions in single cells isolated from fresh stem pith and seed callus than those from old stem callus...
June 1967: Planta
Vincenzo Carnevale, Rita Minonne, Angela De Matthaeis, Maria Antonietta Annese, Patrizia Tabacco, Palmina D'Arcangelo, Graziella D'Amico, Alfredo Scillitani
Vitamin D (25OHD) and/or parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels have been associated with common carotid intima-media thickness (IMT). We investigated such associations in inpatients consecutively admitted to an Internal Medicine Department. In 168 consecutive patients admitted to our department, 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) was measured by means of RIA and PTH by means of ICMA, whereas IMT by means of ultrasonography. The main cardiovascular risk factors were also explored. In patients with either diabetes, or hypertension, or both, 25OHD values were not significantly lower than in other patients...
December 2014: Endocrine
Mauro Coppa, Andrea Revello-Chion, Daniele Giaccone, Anne Ferlay, Ernesto Tabacco, Giorgio Borreani
Near (NIR) and medium (MIR) infrared reflectance spectroscopy (IR) predictions of fatty acid (FA) composition, expressed as g/kg of milk or g/100g of FA, on fresh and thawed milk were compared. Two-hundred-and-fifty bulk cow milks, collected from 70 farms in northwest Italy, were scanned by MIR in liquid form and by NIR in liquid and oven-dried forms. MIR and NIR FA (g/100g FA) predictions on oven-dried milk were similar for the sum of even chain-saturated FA (ECSFA), odd chain-FA (OCFA), unsaturated FA (UFA), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), n-3 FA, and C18:1cis9 to C16 ratio...
May 1, 2014: Food Chemistry
G Borreani, M Coppa, A Revello-Chion, L Comino, D Giaccone, A Ferlay, E Tabacco
The aim of this work was to characterize the fatty acid (FA) profile of milk from intensive dairy farming systems in the Po Plain (Italy) to estimate the costs of the adopted feeding strategies and to simulate the effect of supplementary premiums on the basis of milk FA composition on milk income. Twenty dairy farms with 5 different feeding strategies were studied: 3 corn silage-based systems in which cows were supplemented with a great proportion (CCH), a medium proportion (CCM), or without commercial concentrate mix (CC0), and 2 systems in which part of corn silage was replaced with grass or legume silage (HF) or with fresh herbage (G), cut and fed indoors...
2013: Journal of Dairy Science
John Tabacco, Elizabeth Suniega, Fardad Sarabchi, Dimitra Mitsani
Within the past six years, a case of bothWaterhouse-Freidrichsen Syndrome and fulminant meningococcemia have presented to Union Memorial Hospital. Both cases presented in markedly different fashions, differed in microbiologic serogrouping, showed minimal histopathologic similarities; however achieved ultimately the same outcome through two different pathological pathways. The following case reports illustrate two mechanisms through which N. Meningitis may pathogenize a host, both leading to complete cardiovascular collapse in less than 12 hours...
2011: Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives
Giorgio Borreani, Paola Dolci, Ernesto Tabacco, Luca Cocolin
The occurrence of Bacillus and Paenibacillus spores in silage is of great concern to dairy producers because their spores can survive pasteurization and some strains are capable of subsequently germinating and growing under refrigerated conditions in pasteurized milk. The objectives of this study were to verify the role of aerobic deterioration of corn silage on the proliferation of Paenibacillus spores and to evaluate the efficacy of oxygen-barrier films used to cover silage during fermentation and storage to mitigate these undesirable bacterial outbreaks...
August 2013: Journal of Dairy Science
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