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viral uveitis

Ashvini K Reddy, Stephanie B Engelhard, Christopher T Shah, Austin J Sim, Jennifer E Thorne
PURPOSE: To guide risk management in uveitis. METHODS: Retrospective review of malpractice verdicts, rulings, and settlements. RESULTS: The WestLaw® database was reviewed for lawsuits related to uveitis in the United States from 1930-2014. Twenty-five cases met inclusion criteria, and 48% of these were infectious. Overall, 64% of outcomes favored the defendant ophthalmologist. The most common diagnoses were viral retinitis (28%), iritis (12%), syphilis (8%), and toxoplasmosis (8%)...
August 11, 2016: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
Vanesa Calvo-Río, Montserrat Santos-Gómez, Inmaculada Calvo, Ma Isabel González-Fernández, Berta López Montesinos, Marina Mesquida, Alfredo Adán, María Victoria Hernández, Olga Maíz, Antonio Atanes, Beatriz Bravo, Consuelo Modesto, Gisela Díaz-Cordovés, Natalia Palmou-Fontana, Javier Loricera, M C González-Vela, Rosalía Demetrio-Pablo, J L Hernández, Miguel A González-Gay, Ricardo Blanco
OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy of Tocilizumab (TCZ) for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)-associated uveitis. METHODS: Multicenter study of patients with JIA-associated uveitis refractory to conventional immunosuppressive drugs and anti-TNFα agents. RESULTS: We assessed 25 (21 women) patients (47 affected eyes); mean age 18.5±8.3 years. Uveitis was bilateral in 22. Cystoid macular edema (CME) was present in 9 patients. Ocular sequelae found at TCZ onset included: cataracts (13), glaucoma (7), synechiae (10), band keratopathy (12), maculopathy (9), and amblyopia (5)...
October 1, 2016: Arthritis & Rheumatology
Swapnali Sabhapandit, Somasheila I Murthy, Praveen K Balne, Virender Singh Sangwan, V Sumanth, Ashok K Reddy
AIM: The aim of this study is to describe the clinical features and diagnostic criteria of Fuchs' uveitis (FU) and to determine whether it has an association with virus and toxoplasma in the aqueous humor during cataract surgery. SETTING AND DESIGN: This is a prospective, case-control study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients with FU (n = 25), anterior uveitis (n = 15), and no uveitis (normal) (n = 50) were included based on predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria for all three groups...
August 2016: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Takashi Shinha, Bree A Weaver
The ocular manifestations of syphilis are varied. Ocular syphilis can occur during any stage of infection and involve virtually any part of the eye. In immunocompetent individuals, the most common etiologies include syphilitic uveitis. Although the clinical presentation of ocular syphilis in HIV-infected patients is also widespread, posterior segment involvement has been more commonly described particularly in patients with AIDS. The diagnosis of syphilitic retinitis is challenging since its clinical presentation mimics retinitis caused by other viral etiologies...
2016: IDCases
Jin A Choi, Kyu Seop Kim, Younhea Jung, Hae Young Lopilly Park, Chan Kee Park
BACKGROUND: The aims of this study are to investigate the clinical characteristics of patients with anterior hypertensive uveitis and to compare the characteristics between patients in cytomegalovirus (CMV)-positive and CMV-negative groups in their aqueous humor samples. Immunocompetent patients (n = 42) with a history of chronic and/or recurrent hypertensive anterior uveitis underwent ophthalmic examination and serological tests. Among the 42 patients with hypertensive anterior uveitis, aqueous humor sampling was performed in 21, and they were analyzed for viral deoxyribonucleic acids using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)...
December 2016: Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection
Jonathan J Miner, Abdoulaye Sene, Justin M Richner, Amber M Smith, Andrea Santeford, Norimitsu Ban, James Weger-Lucarelli, Francesca Manzella, Claudia Rückert, Jennifer Govero, Kevin K Noguchi, Gregory D Ebel, Michael S Diamond, Rajendra S Apte
Zika virus (ZIKV) is an emerging flavivirus that causes congenital abnormalities and Guillain-Barré syndrome. ZIKV infection also results in severe eye disease characterized by optic neuritis, chorioretinal atrophy, and blindness in newborns and conjunctivitis and uveitis in adults. We evaluated ZIKV infection of the eye by using recently developed mouse models of pathogenesis. ZIKV-inoculated mice developed conjunctivitis, panuveitis, and infection of the cornea, iris, optic nerve, and ganglion and bipolar cells in the retina...
September 20, 2016: Cell Reports
I Yu Razumova, A A Godzenko, O K Vorob'eva, I A Guseva
AIM: to perform a prospective study of clinical presentation and course of uveitis in spondyloarthritis (SpA) patients as well as its association with the HLA-B27 histocompatibility antigen. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included 219 patients with uveitis, all tested for HLA-B27 antigen and various infections (viral, bacterial, and parasitic) as well as examined for locomotive system involvement. RESULTS: The presence of the HLA-B27 antigen was determined in 142 (64...
July 2016: Vestnik Oftalmologii
Thuy Doan, Michael R Wilson, Emily D Crawford, Eric D Chow, Lillian M Khan, Kristeene A Knopp, Brian D O'Donovan, Dongxiang Xia, Jill K Hacker, Jay M Stewart, John A Gonzales, Nisha R Acharya, Joseph L DeRisi
BACKGROUND: Ocular infections remain a major cause of blindness and morbidity worldwide. While prognosis is dependent on the timing and accuracy of diagnosis, the etiology remains elusive in ~50 % of presumed infectious uveitis cases. The objective of this study is to determine if unbiased metagenomic deep sequencing (MDS) can accurately detect pathogens in intraocular fluid samples of patients with uveitis. METHODS: This is a proof-of-concept study, in which intraocular fluid samples were obtained from five subjects with known diagnoses, and one subject with bilateral chronic uveitis without a known etiology...
2016: Genome Medicine
Shih-Chou Chen, Chiu-Tung Chuang, Ming-Ying Chu, Shwu-Jiuan Sheu
PURPOSE: To analyze the patterns and etiologies of uveitis at a tertiary referral center in Taiwan. METHODS: This retrospective chart review of uveitis patients from January 2001 to December 2014 updates a previous study a decade ago (2003). RESULTS: We identified 450 patients, among whom anterior uveitis was most common, followed by panuveitis, posterior uveitis, and intermediate uveitis. A specific diagnosis was identified in 331 patients...
July 27, 2016: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
Katarzyna Kapelko-Slowik, Donata Urbaniak-Kujda, Anna Turno-Krecicka, Stanislaw Potoczek, Jaroslaw Dybko, Monika Biernat, Miroslaw Slowik
PURPOSE: Primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL) is a rare malignancy with an aggressive clinical course. It is usually considered as a subset of primary central nervous system lymphoma. Differential diagnosis should include infectious and non-infectious aetiologies, particularly the common masqueraders sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, viral retinitis and syphilis. PATIENT: The article presents a case of bilateral vitreoretinal lymphoma manifesting as uveitis and vitritis resistant to corticosteroid therapy...
June 2016: Indian Journal of Hematology & Blood Transfusion
Willem-Martin Gerber, David Meyer, Derrick P Smit
PURPOSE: The ocular penetration of systemically administered antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), which is important in the clinical setting of HIV uveitis, is unknown. This study aimed to assess the ocular penetration of different antiretroviral drugs in an animal model. METHODS: Twenty-five male New Zealand white rabbits were assigned to one of five treatment groups. Each group received a single oral dose of an antiretroviral drug (lamivudine, tenofovir, efavirenz, lopinavir, and raltegravir)...
September 2016: Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Mónica Loureiro, Renata Rothwell, Sofia Fonseca
Purpose. To describe a case of anterior nodular scleritis, preceded by an anterior hypertensive uveitis, which was primarily caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV). Case Report. A 54-year-old woman presented with anterior uveitis of the right eye presumably caused by herpetic viral disease and was successfully treated. Two months later, she developed a nodular scleritis and started oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory without effect. A complete laboratory workup revealed positivity for HLA-B27; the infectious workup was negative...
2016: Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine
Dayron F Martínez-Pulgarín, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, Wilmer E Villamil-Gomez, Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, Gabriela M Blohm, Alberto E Paniz-Mondolfi
Chikungunya fever, a viral disease epidemic in some parts of the world is newly introduced in the Americas. This is of considerable international concern, with a growing incidence owing to developing urbanization, tourism, and trade. Ocular manifestations of chikungunya fever are not frequent, but of great relevance. Common manifestations include conjunctivitis, optic neuritis, iridocyclitis, episcleritis, retinitis and uveitis. Diagnostic and monitoring investigations would include optical coherence tomography, fundus fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography, visual field analysis, and electrophysiologic tests...
May 26, 2016: Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
Alejandra de-la-Torre, Juanita Valdes-Camacho, C Stephen Foster
PURPOSE: Herpes simplex-associated uveitis is usually considered a unilateral eye disease, and rarely included in the differential diagnosis whenever there is bilateral involvement. We report three cases of bilateral herpetic anterior uveitis. METHODS: We evaluated three patients who presented with clinical manifestations of bilateral uveitis suggestive of viral origin. RESULTS: We found intraocular hypertension, cells in the anterior chamber, paralytic mydriasis, iris atrophy with transillumination defects, and variable anterior vitreous cellularity...
March 22, 2016: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
Barbara Terelak-Borys, Aldona Krzyźewska-Niedzialek, Agnieszka Jamrozy-Witkowska, Piotr K Borkowski, Magdalena Ulińska, Iwona Grabska-Liberek
Acute retinal necrosis is a rare manifestation of viral chorioretinitis, accompanied by occlusive vasculitis, which is associated with poor visual prognosis. The main causal factors include varicella-zoster virus in older patients and herpes simplex in younger ones. The disease typically manifests as a reactivation of latent infections. We present a case of a 57-year-old female with atypical clinical manifestation of acute retinal necrosis secondary to the primary viral infection with herpes simplex. The serology panel of vitreous tap and blood sample confirmed viral aetiology (H...
2015: Klinika Oczna
Raquel Goldhardt, Heena Patel, Janet L Davis
PURPOSE: An association between antecedent viral illness and acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE) has long been suspected. The authors propose dengue fever as a possible cause of APMPPE, based on three patients who travelled to or lived in endemic areas and had serologic evidence of prior exposure. METHODS: Review of case records of two patients. RESULTS: The index patient presented with APMPPE after her second confirmed dengue infection...
February 22, 2016: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
Charles M Calvo, Mohammed Ali Khan, Sonia Mehta, Sunir J Garg, James P Dunn
PURPOSE: To correlate visual acuity outcomes and clinical features with quantitative PCR DNA copy number in patients with acute retinal necrosis (ARN). METHODS: Retrospective, consecutive case series. RESULTS: In total, 14 eyes of 13 patients were diagnosed with ARN, based on the American Uveitis Society criteria, and were followed for a mean of 324.5 days (median 250.5 days, SD ± 214 days). Anterior chamber fluid analyzed by quantitative PCR identified viral DNA in 11 of 14 eyes (78...
January 30, 2016: Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
John G Mattia, Mathew J Vandy, Joyce C Chang, Devin E Platt, Kerry Dierberg, Daniel G Bausch, Tim Brooks, Sampha Conteh, Ian Crozier, Robert A Fowler, Amadu P Kamara, Cindy Kang, Srividya Mahadevan, Yealie Mansaray, Lauren Marcell, Gillian McKay, Tim O'Dempsey, Victoria Parris, Ruxandra Pinto, Audrey Rangel, Alex P Salam, Jessica Shantha, Vanessa Wolfman, Steven Yeh, Adrienne K Chan, Sharmistha Mishra
BACKGROUND: Limited data are available on the prevalence and predictors of clinical sequelae in survivors of Ebola virus disease (EVD). The EVD Survivor Clinic in Port Loko, Sierra Leone, has provided clinical care for 603 of 661 survivors living in the district. We did a cross-sectional study to describe the prevalence, nature, and predictors of three key EVD sequelae (ocular, auditory, and articular) in this cohort of EVD survivors. METHODS: We reviewed available clinical and laboratory records of consecutive patients assessed in the clinic between March 7, 2015, and April 24, 2015...
March 2016: Lancet Infectious Diseases
Samir S Shoughy, Hind M Alkatan, Abdulelah A Al-Abdullah, Albarah El-Khani, Jolanda Df de Groot-Mijnes, Khalid F Tabbara
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Anterior uveitis is the most common form of intraocular inflammation. The main aim of this study was to determine the viral etiology in patients with unilateral cases of anterior uveitis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 12 consecutive patients with the diagnosis of idiopathic unilateral anterior uveitis were included prospectively. Aqueous specimens were obtained from each patient by anterior chamber paracentesis and subjected to the detection of viral DNA/RNA genome by polymerase chain reaction assay for herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, and rubella virus...
2015: Clinical Ophthalmology
Phoebe Lin
Infectious uveitis is one of the most common and visually devastating causes of uveitis in the US and worldwide. This review provides a summary of the identification, treatment, and complications associated with certain forms of viral, bacterial, fungal, helminthic, and parasitic uveitis. In particular, this article reviews the literature on identification and treatment of acute retinal necrosis due to herpes simplex virus, varicella virus, and cytomegalovirus. While no agreed-upon treatment has been identified, the characteristics of Ebola virus panuveitis is also reviewed...
September 2015: Current Ophthalmology Reports
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