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Marta Consuegra-Fernández, Marc Julià, Mario Martínez-Florensa, Fernando Aranda, Cristina Català, Noelia Armiger-Borràs, María-Teresa Arias, Francisca Santiago, Antonio Guilabert, Anna Esteve, Carlos Muñoz, Carlos Ferrándiz, José-Manuel Carrascosa, Edurne Pedrosa, Jorge Romaní, Mercè Alsina, José-Manuel Mascaró-Galy, Francisco Lozano
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with a strong genetic background and is triggered by environmental factors. Available evidence supports CD6, a lymphocyte surface receptor mostly expressed by T cells, as a putative target in autoimmunity. Accordingly, a humanized anti-CD6 antibody has been assayed for the treatment of certain autoimmune disorders, including psoriasis. Here, we present novel evidence in mice and humans for a direct involvement of CD6 in psoriasis pathophysiology. First, an attenuated form of imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation was demonstrated in CD6-deficient mice, as deduced from lower epidermal thickness and local reduced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, namely, interleukin-17A...
December 11, 2017: Cellular & Molecular Immunology
Marta Consuegra-Fernández, Mario Martínez-Florensa, Fernando Aranda, José de Salort, Noelia Armiger-Borràs, Teresa Lozano, Noelia Casares, Juan José Lasarte, Pablo Engel, Francisco Lozano
The CD6 lymphocyte receptor has been involved in the pathophysiology of different autoimmune disorders and is now considered a feasible target for their treatment. In vitro data show the relevance of CD6 in the stabilization of adhesive contacts between T-cell and antigen-presenting cells, and the modulation of T-cell receptor signals. However, the in vivo consequences of such a function are yet undisclosed due to the lack of suitable genetically modified animal models. Here, the in vitro and in vivo challenge of CD6-deficient (CD6(-/-)) cells with allogeneic cells was used as an approach to explore the role of CD6 in immune responses under relative physiological stimulatory conditions...
2017: Frontiers in Immunology
Nydia Ávila-Vanzzini, Juan Francisco Fritche-Salazar, Nelva Marina Vázquez-Castro, Pedro Rivera-Lara, Oscar Pérez-Méndez, Humberto Martínez-Herrera, Mario Gómez-Sánchez, Alberto Aranda-Frausto, Héctor Herrera-Bello, María Luna-Luna, José Antonio Arias Godínez
BACKGROUND: Severe aortic stenosis (AS), leads to pathological left ventricular remodeling that may worsen with concomitant overweight and obesity (OW/O). METHODS: We aimed to prospectively analyze the impact of OW/O on ventricular remodeling in severe AS, by evaluating the percentage of intraendomyocardial fibrosis (PIEF) and the percentage of infiltrating intraendocardial lipid vacuoles (PIELV) and its relationship to global longitudinal strain (GLS) in patients with OW/O...
December 2016: Journal of Cardiovascular Ultrasound
Marc Orta-Mascaró, Marta Consuegra-Fernández, Esther Carreras, Romain Roncagalli, Amado Carreras-Sureda, Pilar Alvarez, Laura Girard, Inês Simões, Mario Martínez-Florensa, Fernando Aranda, Ramón Merino, Vanesa-Gabriela Martínez, Rubén Vicente, Jesús Merino, Adelaida Sarukhan, Marie Malissen, Bernard Malissen, Francisco Lozano
The CD6 glycoprotein is a lymphocyte surface receptor putatively involved in T cell development and activation. CD6 facilitates adhesion between T cells and antigen-presenting cells through its interaction with CD166/ALCAM (activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule), and physically associates with the T cell receptor (TCR) at the center of the immunological synapse. However, its precise role during thymocyte development and peripheral T cell immune responses remains to be defined. Here, we analyze the in vivo consequences of CD6 deficiency...
July 25, 2016: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Mario Rodarte-Shade, Jaime Rodriguez-Gomez, Jairo Torres-Riquelme
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2013: European Journal of Pediatric Surgery
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Mario Rodarte-Shade, Jaime Rodriguez-Gomez, Jairo Torres-Riquelme
INTRODUCTION: About 0.2-10% of patients with prior orchiopexy will require reoperation for recurrent cryptorchidism. The most common approach for these patients has been an open inguinal repeat orchiopexy. The aim of this report is to show results and feasibility with the totally laparoscopic approach for failed prior open orchiopexy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Nine patients with 11 recurrent undescended testes were treated by the totally laparoscopic orchiopexy approach...
June 2012: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Verónica García-Carpizo, Lidia Ruiz-Llorente, Mario Fraga, Ana Aranda
DNA methylation is the best studied epigenetic factor, playing a key role in producing stable changes in gene expression, thus defining cell identity and function and adapting cells to environmental changes. DNA methylation has also been recently shown to mediate cell responses to physiological endocrine signals. Moreover, alterations of the normal DNA methylation pattern can also contribute to the development of endocrine and metabolic diseases and can explain the relationship between an individual's genetic background, the environment, and disease...
October 2011: Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
Manuel Mazo, Juan José Gavira, Gloria Abizanda, Cristina Moreno, Margarita Ecay, Mario Soriano, Pablo Aranda, María Collantes, Eduardo Alegría, Juana Merino, Iván Peñuelas, José Manuel García Verdugo, Beatriz Pelacho, Felipe Prósper
The aim of this study is to assess the long-term effect of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) transplantation in a rat model of chronic myocardial infarction (MI) in comparison with the effect of bone marrow mononuclear cells (BM-MNC) transplant. Five weeks after induction of MI, rats were allocated to receive intramyocardial injection of 10(6) GFP-expressing cells (BM-MNC or MSC) or medium as control. Heart function (echocardiography and (18)F-FDG-microPET) and histological studies were performed 3 months after transplantation and cell fate was analyzed along the experiment (1 and 2 weeks and 1 and 3 months)...
2010: Cell Transplantation
Mario Vega, Mario Aranda
Due to the essentiality of lysine for fish, its availability is commonly used as a predictor of the protein nutritional quality of fish feed. The objective of this work was to establish a high-throughput analytical method for protein quality control in fish feed through the measurement of available lysine by planar chromatography. Sample was first incubated with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene to obtain the dinitrophenyl-lysine derivative and then hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid in order to release the derivative from proteins...
May 2009: Journal of AOAC International
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Mario Riquelme-Q
BACKGROUND: There have been descriptions of several techniques for congenital inguinal hernia (CIH) repair in the pediatric population by doing high ligation of the sac, without a definitive advantage over the open procedure. High recurrence rates have been reported with using these minimally invasive techniques in which the patent processus vaginalis has been ligated and left in place completely or partially. METHODS: With approval of the ethics committee, a proper informed consent was obtained...
February 2010: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Carlos Rodriguez, Julio Cortinas, Gerardo Carmona, Mario Riquelme-Q
During the laparoscopic approach of undescended testis, an associated inguinal hernia is a frequent finding that must be treated at the same time. The objective of this presentation is to show the incidence and management of the inguinal hernia that were found during laparoscopic orchidopexy, reporting how the scar tissue will join the edges of the canal and the parietal peritoneum will grow above. Between January 1999 and December 2002, 31 patients with 33 palpable and nonpalpable undescended testes were treated by laparoscopic orchidopexy...
April 2007: Pediatric Surgery International
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Carlos Rodriguez, Humberto Villalvazo, Guillermo Alvarez
BACKGROUND: Most recent reports of laparoscopic orchiopexy concern nonpalpable testes. We report the results of this approach in patients with undescended palpable testes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between January 1999 and September 2004, 28 patients with 30 undescended palpable testes were treated by laparoscopic orchiopexy performed by the same surgeon. Patients with palpable cryptorchidism were included. Patients with nonpalpable testes, retractable, or vanishing testes were excluded...
June 2006: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Mario Riquelme, Arturo Aranda, Carlos Rodriguez
INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopy may have a place in the treatment of vesicoureteral reflux. In this study, we present the results of laparoscopic extravesical transperitoneal treatment in 15 children (19 ureters) of vesicoureteral reflux. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between January 2001 and February 2004, 15 children (11 with unilateral and 4 with bilateral vesicoureteral reflux) were treated with extravesical reimplantation (Lich- Gregoir technique) via a transperitoneal laparoscopic approach...
June 2006: Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques. Part A
Inés Salazar, Mario Pavani, Waldo Aranda, Juan Diego Maya, Antonio Morello, Jorge Ferreira
We report that oxidative phosphorylation and Ca2+ uptake processes are enhanced in liver mitochondria isolated from benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P)-treated rats. The carcinogen did not affect either the respiratory control index or the Ca2+ control ratio. B[a]P treatment increased the oxidation rate of several substrates that donate electrons at the level of all three coupling sites, either the ADP- or Ca2+-stimulated rates or those observed after ADP or Ca2+ exhaustion. However, the efficiency of energy coupling was maintained because both ADP/O and Ca2+/site ratios remained unchanged...
July 1, 2004: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
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