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Bethan Davies, Katy M E Turner, Stella Leung, B Nancy Yu, Maria Frølund, Thomas Benfield, James Blanchard, Henrik Westh, Helen Ward
BACKGROUND: The impact of Chlamydia trachomatis (chlamydia) control on the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is theoretically limited by the proportion of PID caused by chlamydia. We estimate the population excess fraction (PEF) of treated chlamydia infection on PID at 12-months in settings with widespread chlamydia control (testing and treatment) and compare this to the estimated PEF of untreated chlamydia. METHODS: We used two large retrospective population-based cohorts of women of reproductive age from settings with widespread chlamydia control to calculate the PEF of treated chlamydia on PID at 12-months...
2017: PloS One
Jing Wu, Ji Chen, Zhi-Qing Tian, Hao Zhang, Ruo-Lan Gong, Tong-Xin Chen, Li Hong
PURPOSE: Autosomal dominant hyper-IgE syndrome (AD-HIES) is a rare complicated primary immunodeficiency disease (PID). Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) gene mutation is found to cause AD-HIES. The distribution of AD-HIES patients with STAT3 deficiency in the Chinese population is not clear. Herein, we retrospectively report 17 AD-HIES patients with STAT3 deficiency and demonstrate their clinical, immunological, and genetic features. METHODS: Patients' clinical data were collected from their medical records...
February 14, 2017: Journal of Clinical Immunology
Sébastien Sanges, Frédéric Wallet, Nicolas Blondiaux, Didier Theis, Isabelle Verin, Anne Vachée, Rodrigue Dessein, Karine Faure, Nathalie Viget, Eric Senneville, Olivier Leroy, Fleur Maury, Nicolas Just, Julien Poissy, Daniel Mathieu, Anne Prévotat, Cécile Chenivesse, Arnaud Scherpereel, Grégoire Smith, Benjamin Lopez, Jérémie Rosain, Véronique Fremeaux-Bacchi, Eric Hachulla, Pierre-Yves Hatron, Mathilde Bahuaud, Frédéric Batteux, David Launay, Myriam Labalette, Guillaume Lefèvre
OBJECTIVES: Screening for primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) in adults is recommended after two severe bacterial infections. We aimed to evaluate if screening should be performed after the first invasive infection in young adults. METHODS: Eligible patients were retrospectively identified using hospital discharge and bacteriology databases in 3 centers during a 3-year period. Eighteen to forty year-old patients were included if they had experienced an invasive infection with encapsulated bacteria commonly encountered in PIDs (Streptococcus pneumoniae (SP), Neisseria meningitidis (NM), Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), Haemophilus influenzae (HI) or group A Streptococcus (GAS))...
February 10, 2017: Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Alain Fischer, Johan Provot, Jean-Philippe Jais, Alexandre Alcais, Nizar Mahlaoui
BACKGROUND: Primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) are inherited diseases associated with a considerably increase in susceptibility to infections. It is known that PIDs can also predispose to cancer and immune diseases including allergy, autoimmunity and inflammation. OBJECTIVE: We aimed at determining the incidence of autoimmunity and inflammation in PID patients. METHODS: We have retrospectively screen 2183 consecutive cases of PID in the French CEREDIH registry for the occurrence of autoimmunity and inflammation...
February 9, 2017: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
M R Bolursaz, F Lotfian, A A Velayati
BACKGROUND: Although the BCG vaccine remains the only available vaccine, a number of complications from local to systemic adverse reactions can occur. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to review the clinical features and treatment of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) complications in children. METHODS: Children with clinical and laboratory findings compatible with a diagnosis of local complication and disseminated disease at Masih Daneshvari Medical Center were enrolled from March 2013 to September 2015...
February 1, 2017: Allergologia et Immunopathologia
Qiu Han Seer, Jobrun Nandong
Open-loop unstable systems with time-delays are often encountered in process industry, which are often more difficult to control than stable processes. In this paper, the stabilization by PID controller of second-order unstable processes, which can be represented as second-order deadtime with an unstable pole (SODUP) and second-order deadtime with two unstable poles (SODTUP), is performed via the necessary and sufficient criteria of Routh-Hurwitz stability analysis. The stability analysis provides improved understanding on the existence of a stabilizing range of each PID parameter...
February 1, 2017: ISA Transactions
Kwonil Jung, Linda J Saif
Intestinal goblet cells secret mucins to form mucus layers critical for maintaining the integrity of the intestinal epithelium. Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) causes watery diarrhea and high mortality of suckling pigs. PEDV mainly infects villous epithelial cells of the small intestine, and infected cells undergo acute, massive necrosis, followed by severe villous atrophy. Conventional 9-day-old nursing pigs [PEDV-inoculated (n=9); Mock (n=11)] and 26-day-old weaned [PEDV-inoculated (n=11); Mock (n=9)] were inoculated orally [8...
February 2017: Research in Veterinary Science
Z Yakoub, M Amairi, M Chetoui, B Saidi, M Aoun
This paper presents a new model-free adaptive fractional order control approach for linear time-varying systems. An online algorithm is proposed to determine some frequency characteristics using a selective filtering and to design a fractional PID controller based on the numerical optimization of the frequency-domain criterion. When the system parameters are time-varying, the controller is updated to keep the same desired performances. The main advantage of the proposed approach is that the controller design depends only on the measured input and output signals of the process...
January 28, 2017: ISA Transactions
Kristen Kreisel, Elizabeth Torrone, Kyle Bernstein, Jaeyoung Hong, Rachel Gorwitz
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a clinical syndrome of the female reproductive tract characterized by inflammation of the endometrium, fallopian tubes, or peritoneum (1). PID occurs when microorganisms ascend from the vagina or cervix to the fallopian tubes and other upper genital tract structures (1). PID can result from untreated bacterial infections, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, and can lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain (1). Because there is no single diagnostic test for PID, clinicians rely on nonspecific signs and symptoms for diagnosis...
January 27, 2017: MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Chelsea E Sleep, Courtland S Hyatt, Joanna Lamkin, Jessica L Maples-Keller, Joshua D Miller
Given long-standing criticisms of the DSM's reliance on categorical models of psychopathology, including the poor reliability and validity of personality-disorder diagnoses, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) published an alternative model (AM) of personality disorders in Section III of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5; APA, 2013), which, in part, comprises 5 pathological trait domains based on the 5-factor model (FFM). However, the empirical profiles and discriminant validity of the AM traits remain in question...
January 26, 2017: Personality Disorders
Joud Hajjar, Danielle Guffey, Charles G Minard, Jordan S Orange
INTRODUCTION: Patients with primary immunodeficiency (PID) often report fatigue, yet this symptom has not been studied in PID. Fatigue affects 6-7.5% of healthy adults. The goal of this study is to estimate the prevalence of fatigue in patients with PID and investigate its associated factors. METHODS: We analyzed 2537 PID patients registered in USIDNET to determine responses to the field "fatigue" in the core registry form. Demographics, immune phenotypes, and comorbid conditions were compared between fatigued and non-fatigued patients to identify relevant associations and potential drivers...
January 26, 2017: Journal of Clinical Immunology
Lauren P McLaughlin, Catherine M Bollard, Michael Keller
Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID) are a group of inborn errors of immunity with a broad range of clinical severity but often associated with recurrent and serious infections. While hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) can be curative for some forms of PID, chronic and/or refractory viral infections remain a cause of morbidity and mortality both before and after HSCT. Although antiviral pharmacologic agents exist for many viral pathogens, these are associated with significant costs and toxicities and may not be effective for increasingly drug-resistant pathogens...
January 2017: Current Allergy and Asthma Reports
Ming Gao, Yang Zheng, Weihua Zhang, Yi Cheng, Lin Wang, Ling Qin
BACKGROUND: Lipids, which are associated with atherogenesis, clotting, and the fibrinolytic pathway, may be important prognostic indicators of recurrent myocardial infarction. The aim of this study was to determine the predictive value of baseline lipid fractions for nonfatal recurrent myocardial infarction in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction 2 years after primary percutaneous coronary intervention in China. METHODS: Cox proportional-hazards models were used to evaluate the association between potential risk factors, including lipid fractions, and the occurrence of nonfatal recurrent myocardial infarction in 2402 consecutive patients who underwent primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST segment elevation myocardial infarction...
January 23, 2017: Lipids in Health and Disease
Jiaji Wu, Marco Anisetti, Wei Wu, Ernesto Damiani, Gwanggil Jeon
Demosaicking is a digital image process to reconstruct full color digital images from incomplete color samples from an image sensor. It is an unavoidable process for many devices incorporating camera sensor (e.g. mobile phones, tablet, etc.). In this paper, we introduce a new demosaicking algorithm based on polynomial interpolation-based demosaicking (PID). Our method makes three contributions: calculation of error predictors, edge classification based on color differences, and a refinement stage using a weighted sum strategy...
August 30, 2016: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing: a Publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society
Abbas-Ali Zamani, Saeed Tavakoli, Sadegh Etedali
Fractional order PID (FOPID) controllers are introduced as a general form of classical PID controllers using fractional calculus. As this controller provides good disturbance rejection and is robust against plant uncertainties it is appropriate for the vibration mitigation in structures. In this paper, an FOPID controller is designed to adjust the contact force of piezoelectric friction dampers for semi-active control of base-isolated structures during far-field and near-field earthquake excitations. A multi-objective cuckoo search algorithm is employed to tune the controller parameters...
January 20, 2017: ISA Transactions
Baran Erman, Ivan Bilic, Tatjana Hirschmugl, Elisabeth Salzer, Heidrun Boztug, Özden Sanal, Deniz Çağdaş Ayvaz, Ilhan Tezcan, Kaan Boztug
Primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) represent a large group of disorders with an increased susceptibility to infections. Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) is the most severe form of primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) with marked T-cell lymphopenia. Investigation of the genetic etiology using classical Sanger sequencing is associated with considerable diagnostic delay. We here established a custom-designed, next generation sequencing-based panel to efficiently identify disease-causing genetic defects in PID patients and applied this method in SCID patients of Turkish origin with previously undefined genetic etiology...
January 21, 2017: Scandinavian Journal of Immunology
Stuart G Tangye, Umaimainthan Palendira, Emily S J Edwards
The mammalian immune system has evolved over many millennia to be best equipped to protect the host from pathogen infection. In many cases, host and pathogen have coevolved, each acquiring sophisticated ways of inducing or protecting from disease. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a human herpes virus that infects >90% of individuals. Despite its ubiquity, infection by EBV is often subclinical; this invariably reflects the necessity of the virus to preserve its host, balanced with sophisticated host immune mechanisms that maintain viral latency...
February 2017: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Yi Long, Zhijiang Du, Lin Cong, Weidong Wang, Zhiming Zhang, Wei Dong
This paper presents an active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) based strategy, which is applied to track the human gait trajectory for a lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton. The desired human gait trajectory is derived from the Clinical Gait Analysis (CGA). In ADRC, the total external disturbance can be estimated by the extended state observer (ESO) and canceled by the designed control law. The observer bandwidth and the controller bandwidth are determined by the practical principles. We simulated the proposed methodology in MATLAB...
January 17, 2017: ISA Transactions
B Zhao, G F Wu, Y J Zhang, W Zhang, F F Yang, D Xiao, K X Zeng, J H Shi, L L Su, D H Hu
Objective: To investigate the effects of human amniotic epithelial stem cells-derived exosomes on healing of wound with full-thickness skin defect in rats. Methods: (1) Human amniotic epithelial stem cells were isolated from the amnion tissue of 5 full-term pregnant women in Department of Obstetrics of our hospital by the method of trypsin digestion, and their morphology was observed. The third passage of cells were stained with rhodamine-phalloidin for cytoskeleton observation. The third passage of cells were identified with flow cytometry through the detection of expressions of cell surface markers CD29, CD31, CD34, CD90, CD105, SSEA3, SSEA4 and immunity-related marker human leukocyte antigen-D related site (HLA-DR)...
January 20, 2017: Zhonghua Shao Shang za Zhi, Zhonghua Shaoshang Zazhi, Chinese Journal of Burns
Gilbert G G Donders, Kateryna Ruban, Gert Bellen, Ljubomir Petricevic
Mycoplasmata have been linked to pregnancy complications and neonatal risk. While formerly a limited number of species could be discovered by cultures, molecular biology nowadays discovers both lower quantities and more diverse species, making us realize that mycoplasmata are ubiquitous in the vaginal milieu and do not always pose a danger for pregnant women. As the meaning of mycoplasmata in pregnancy is not clear to many clinicians, we summarized the current knowledge about the meaning of different kinds of mycoplasmata in pregnancy and discuss the potential benefits and disadvantages of treatment...
January 18, 2017: Journal of Perinatal Medicine
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