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restored teeth vitality test

P Tsaousoglou, E Markou, N Efthimiades, I Vouros
Invasive cervical resorption (ICR) is a significant defect of the root surface where the hard dental tissues are undermined and become translucent due to the resorptive granulomatous tissue. It is mainly detected on radiographs. The radiographic appearance of ICR is asymmetrical radiolucency with irregular margins and an unchanged root canal. The purpose of this study is to present a comprehensive review together with the characteristics and the treatment of ICR through two cases which were followed-up for 36 months...
March 24, 2017: British Dental Journal
Jan Brandt, Shirley Nelson, Hans-Christoph Lauer, Ulrike von Hehn, Silvia Brandt
OBJECTIVES: Tooth colour determination is an essential component in the preservative and prosthetic workflow during production of tooth-coloured restorations. The aim of the study was to compare the clinical suitability of conventional, visual tooth colour determination and digital methods. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Tooth colour of vital, natural central incisors among a total of 107 subjects was determined visually by a dentist (VD) and dental technician (VDT) using VITA Toothguide 3D-MASTER®, digitally by the spectrophotometer VITA Easyshade Advance 4...
March 6, 2017: Clinical Oral Investigations
Edina Lempel, Bálint Viktor Lovász, Réka Meszarics, Sára Jeges, Ákos Tóth, József Szalma
OBJECTIVES: This retrospective study evaluated the survival rate of anterior direct resin based composite (RBC) build-ups in vital teeth made of microhybrid and nanofill RBC materials and the influence of bruxism, beverage consumption and smoking on the long-term performance of restorations. METHODS: Patients receiving anterior restoration between 2006 and 2011, with the diagnosis of fracture or diastema, were selected. A total of 65 adult patients (mean age: 25...
April 2017: Dental Materials: Official Publication of the Academy of Dental Materials
Reem Alkhudairy, Esam Tashkandi
AIM OF THE STUDY: To study the effectiveness of a structured shade-match training program on dentists' ability to match teeth colors. METHODS: Forty dentists were selected by convenient sampling with normal color vision. The training program is based on visual attention concept and was divided into two parts (educational and training module). Level of knowledge of color was assessed pre and post using a questionnaire. Shade-matching ability was assessed pre and post by using four tabs of the VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER shade guide (4R1...
April 2017: Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
M A Nadkarni, K Angner, N Hunter
The objective of the present study was to test the hypothesis that nutrient deprivation by effective isolation should inactivate causative saccharolytic bacteria occupying carious lesions. Vital maxillary third molar teeth were prepared by removing only the superficial necrotic material, leaving behind infected dentinal matrix, before the cavity was sealed with glass ionomer cement (GIC). Before sealing, lesions were biopsied to provide reference bacterial DNA for microbial analysis. After an interval of 10-12 months, the teeth were extracted and, after careful removal of GIC restoration, the underlying dentine was biopsied again for post-treatment microbial analysis...
May 2017: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
Brinda Godhi, Rishi Tyagi
INTRODUCTION: Vital pulp therapy is a major contributor in the preservation of primary dentition after caries affliction. Introduction of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has revolutionized such treatment. AIM: The aim of our study was to evaluate and correlate the effects of MTA clinically and radiographically on pulpotomized primary molars till their exfoliation or extraction followed by histological evaluation. STUDY DESIGN: This is an observational study...
July 2016: International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
Veerasamy Yengopal, Soraya Yasin Harnekar, Naren Patel, Nandi Siegfried
BACKGROUND: Childhood caries (tooth decay) consists of a form of tooth decay that affects the milk teeth (also known as baby or primary teeth) of children. This may range from tooth decay in a single tooth to rampant caries affecting all the teeth in the mouth. Primary teeth in young children are vital to their development and every effort should be made to retain these teeth for as long as is possible. Dental fillings or restorations have been used as an intervention to repair these damaged teeth...
October 17, 2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Vatche Kassardjian, Sachin Varma, Manoharan Andiappan, Nico H J Creugers, David Bartlett
BACKGROUND: Clinical experience suggests that there is a difference in survival between anterior and posterior all ceramic restorations. OBJECTIVES: This systematic review compared the difference in survival for full coverage all-ceramic materials used in adults to restore anterior or posterior vital teeth, not involved with fixed dental prostheses, but opposed by teeth. DATA AND SOURCES: Searches using Medline, Embase, and the Cochrane Library, including hand searches, with the inclusion criteria containing all-ceramic full coverage crowns in human adults over 17 years of age, prospective and retrospective studies, opposed by teeth, periodontal pocketing ≤5mm, but not involving implant supported crowns or non-vital teeth...
September 1, 2016: Journal of Dentistry
Armita Rouhani, Majid Akbari, Aida Farhadi-Faz
INTRODUCTION: The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the tooth discoloration induced by calcium-enriched mixture (CEM) cement and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). METHODS AND MATERIALS: Forty five endodontically treated human maxillary central incisors were selected and divided into three groups (n=15) after removing the coronal 3 mm of the obturating materials. In the MTA group, white MTA plug was placed in pulp chamber and coronal zone of the root canal...
2016: Iranian Endodontic Journal
Neshka A Manchorova-Veleva, Stoyan B Vladimirov, Donka А Keskinova
BACKGROUND: Self-etch adhesives are believed to prevent postoperative sensitivity when used under posterior resin-based composite restorations. STUDY OBJECTIVE: A hypothesis that a one-step self-etch adhesive (1-SEA) would result in less postoperative sensitivity than a three-step etch-and-rinse adhesive (3-E&RA) was tested. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred restorations were placed with a 1-SEA and 100 restorations with a 3-E&RA. Teeth were restored with Filtek Supreme nanofilled resin-composite and were evaluated for sensitivity to cold and masticatory forces at baseline, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 6 months postoperatively...
July 2015: Folia Medica
Seyed Amir Mousavi, Jamileh Ghoddusi, Nooshin Mohtasham, Shirin Shahnaseri, Payam Paymanpour, Jun-Ichiro Kinoshita
INTRODUCTION: The aim of this randomized clinical trial was to compare the histologic pulp tissue response to one-step direct pulp capping (DPC) and miniature pulpotomy (MP) with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) after application of dexamethasone in healthy human premolars. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Forty intact premolars from 10 orthodontic patients, were randomly chosen for DPC (n=20) or MP (n=20). In 10 teeth from each group, after exposure of the buccal pulp horn, topical dexamethasone was applied over the pulp...
2016: Iranian Endodontic Journal
Prasad K Musale, Abhishek S Soni
PURPOSE: This study's purpose was to assess clinical and radiographic outcomes of Copaifera langsdorffii oil resin (CLOR) as a pulpotomy medicament compared with one-minute full-strength formocresol (FC) and white mineral trioxide aggregate (WMTA). METHODS: Determined by a power analysis, 152 primary molars of 64 four- to eight-year-olds with at least two asymptomatic molars requiring vital pulpotomies were recruited, randomly assigned to receive CLOR, WMTA, or FC, and restored with prefabricated metal crowns...
March 2016: Pediatric Dentistry
Huma Farid, Farhan Raza Khan, Lubna Pasha, Muhammad Saad Shinwari
BACKGROUND: Electric and thermal tests are the most commonly employed methods for the diagnosis of pulp health status. The objectives of our study are to assess the validity, yield and accuracy of cold and electric pulp tests in determining the vitality of teeth requiring endodontic treatment. METHODS: A cross sectional study was carried out at the Dental Clinic of Aga Khan University Hospital on 75 patients requiring endodontic treatment. Before commencement of endodontic treatment, a provisional diagnosis of pulp status was made using an electric pulp tester and cold test...
October 2015: Journal of Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad: JAMC
Seda Aydemir, Emre Ozel, Goze Arukaslan, Neslihan Tekce
The purpose of this report is to present a rare case of a fused mandibular lateral incisor with supernumerary tooth with a follow-up for 18-months. A 35-year-old female patient was referred to our clinic with an extraoral sinus tract in the chin. The intraoral diagnosis revealed the fusion of her mandibular lateral incisors. Vitality pulp tests were negative for mandibular right central and lateral incisors. Radiographic examinations showed a fused tooth with two separate pulp chambers, two distinct roots, and two separate root canals...
January 2016: Dental Research Journal
Sung Hyun Kang, Bom Sahn Kim, Yemi Kim
INTRODUCTION: The aims of this study were to analyze the distribution and characteristic features of cracked teeth and to evaluate the outcome of root canal treatments (RCTs) for cracked teeth. The prognostic factors for tooth survival were investigated. METHODS: Over the 5-year study period, 175 teeth were identified as having cracks. Data were collected regarding the patients' age, sex, tooth type, location and direction of cracks, probing depth, pulp vitality, type of restoration, cavity classification, opposing teeth, and previous endodontic treatment history...
April 2016: Journal of Endodontics
Elliot V Hersh, Andres Pinto, Mana Saraghi, Najeed Saleh, Lisbeth Pulaski, Sharon M Gordon, Douglas Barnes, Gary Kaplowitz, Ira Bloom, Mohammad Sabti, Paul A Moore, Sean Lee, Michael Meharry, David Y He, Yiming Li
BACKGROUND: The authors compared the local anesthetic efficacy and safety of an intranasally administered formulation of tetracaine and oxymetazoline (K305) with placebo in adult participants undergoing single dental restorative procedures in teeth nos. 4 through 13. METHODS: The authors screened and allocated 150 participants in a double-masked, randomized fashion to either K305 or placebo nasal spray. The authors delivered the study drug as two 0.2-milliliter sprays separated by 4 minutes inside the nostril on the side ipsilateral to the tooth being treated...
April 2016: Journal of the American Dental Association
Tarek Mohamed Saoud, Gabriela Martin, Yea-Huey M Chen, Kuang-Liang Chen, Chao-An Chen, Kamolthip Songtrakul, Matthew Malek, Asgeir Sigurdsson, Louis M Lin
INTRODUCTION: Regenerative endodontic procedures (REPs) are usually used to treat human immature permanent teeth with necrotic pulps and/or apical periodontitis. Successful REPs result in the elimination of clinical signs/symptoms, the resolution of apical periodontitis, and, in some cases, thickening of the canal walls and/or continued root development with or without apical closure. REPs can restore the vitality of tissue in the canals of immature permanent teeth previously destroyed by infection or trauma...
January 2016: Journal of Endodontics
Peter Rehmann, Anke Podhorsky, Bernd Wöstmann
PURPOSE: This retrospective clinical study evaluated the long-term outcomes of cantilever fixed partial dentures (CFPDs) and the factors influencing their survival probability. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study is based on a convenience sample of 57 patients who received 71 CFPDs on a total of 176 vital abutment teeth. The mean survival time of the CFPDs was calculated using a Kaplan-Meier estimate. The following variables were analyzed as covariates of the survival function (logrank test, P < ...
November 2015: International Journal of Prosthodontics
Jonathan F Richards, Scott B McClanahan, Walter R Bowles
INTRODUCTION: Accurate identification and assessment of an inflamed or necrotic tooth is essentialfor endodontic treatment. The purpose of this research was to investigate possible sources of error associated with the use of the electric pulp tester (EPT). METHODS: Forty-six intact teeth (23 tooth pairs) in 22 patients were evaluated in vivo. For the tooth pairs, one tooth had to have been previously endodontically treated and restored with a class II amalgam restoration...
January 2015: Northwest Dentistry
S Sreedevi, R Sanjeev, Rekha Raghavan, Anna Abraham, T Rajamani, Girish Kumar Govind
BACKGROUND: Endodontically treated teeth have significantly different physical and mechanical properties compared to vital teeth and are more prone to fracture. The study aims to compare the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth with and without post reinforcement, custom cast post-core and prefabricated post with glass ionomer core and to evaluate the ferrule effect on endodontically treated teeth restored with custom cast post-core. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 40 human maxillary central incisors with similar dimensions devoid of any root caries, restorations, previous endodontic treatment or cracks were selected from a collection of stored extracted teeth...
August 2015: Journal of International Oral Health: JIOH
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