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Barbora Dvořánková, Pavol Szabo, Ondřej Kodet, Hynek Strnad, Michal Kolář, Lukáš Lacina, Eliška Krejčí, Ondřej Naňka, Aleksi Šedo, Karel Smetana
Incidence of malignant melanoma is increasing globally. While the initial stages of tumors can be easily treated by a simple surgery, the therapy of advanced stages is rather limited. Melanoma cells spread rapidly through the body of a patient to form multiple metastases. Consequently, the survival rate is poor. Therefore, emphasis in melanoma research is given on early diagnosis and development of novel and more potent therapeutic options. The malignant melanoma is arising from melanocytes, cells protecting mitotically active keratinocytes against damage caused by UV light irradiation...
November 3, 2016: Protoplasma
Giovanna Costanzo, Samanta Pino, Anna Maria Timperio, Judit E Šponer, Jiří Šponer, Olga Nováková, Ondrej Šedo, Zbyněk Zdráhal, Ernesto Di Mauro
Recent studies illustrate that short oligonucleotide sequences can be easily produced from nucleotide precursors in a template-free non-enzymatic way under dehydrating conditions, i.e. using essentially dry materials. Here we report that 3',5' cyclic AMP may also serve as a substrate of the reaction, which proceeds under moderate conditions yet with a lower efficiency than the previously reported oligomerization of 3',5' cyclic GMP. Optimally the oligomerization requires (i) a temperature of 80°C, (ii) a neutral to alkaline environment and (iii) a time on the order of weeks...
2016: PloS One
Karel Smetana, Lukáš Lacina, Pavol Szabo, Barbora Dvořánková, Prokop Brož, Aleksi Šedo
An ageing population is a typical feature of many developed countries across the world. Analyzed from a biomedical and philosophical point of view, this phenomenon is also a potential risk factor for social sustainability of communities. The association between ageing and cancer seems to be more than apparent. Therefore, the further increase of epidemic-like incidence of malignant tumors in a population can be expected in the near future. Elderly people usually suffer from age-dependent diseases, and such polymorbidity can seriously affect the treatment of malignant tumors...
October 2016: Anticancer Research
Alex Julià-López, Jordi Hernando, Daniel Ruiz-Molina, Pablo González-Monje, Josep Sedó, Claudio Roscini
A novel strategy to achieve thermally switchable photochromism in solid materials is reported, which relies on the preparation of polymeric core-shell capsules containing solutions of photochromic dyes in acidic phase-change materials. Upon changing the phase (solid or liquid) of the encapsulated medium, one of the two photochromic states of the system is selectively stabilized on demand, allowing for reversible interconversion between direct and reverse photochromism when thermally scanning through the melting temperature of the phase-change material...
October 28, 2016: Angewandte Chemie
Přemysl Frič, Jan Škrha, Aleksi Šedo, Tomaš Zima, Petr Bušek, Klára Kmochová, Martin Laclav, Bohuš Bunganič, Svatopluk Solař, Petr Hrabal, František Bělina, Pavel Záruba, Pavel Škrha, Miroslav Zavoral
High-resolution imaging methods (HRIMs) and biomarkers present the second step of pancreatic cancer (PC) diagnostics in at-risk individuals. These include patients with positive risk factors, early symptoms, nonresponders to the initial antidiabetic therapy, patients older than 50 years of age with new-onset unstable diabetes requiring insulin as well as patients with long-term insulin-non-dependent diabetes and recent (up to 6 months) failure of antidiabetic therapy. The procedures should be started without delay and the co-operation between the primary and tertiary medical centers is highly desirable...
December 2016: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
I Hoffmanová, P Škrha, A Šedo, M Anděl
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Ultrasound International Open
Yutaro Yamashita, Hiroaki Nagae, Ryosuke Yamato, Hiromichi Sedo, Yoshiro Abe, Ichiro Hashimoto
The skin covering a digital mucous cyst is often very thin and is often excised with the cyst. Thus, transfer of a skin flap is needed for the defect. We have developed a proximal nail fold flap technique by which the thin skin covering the cyst can be preserved. We conducted a retrospective study to assess the effectiveness and reliability of this technique for digital mucous cyst excision. The study group comprised 26 patients treated for 28 digital mucous cysts. The flap was elevated on the nail matrix to expose the distal interphalangeal joint capsule...
2016: Journal of Medical Investigation: JMI
Petr Busek, Eva Balaziova, Ivana Matrasova, Marek Hilser, Robert Tomas, Martin Syrucek, Zuzana Zemanova, Evzen Krepela, Jaromir Belacek, Aleksi Sedo
Glioblastomas are deadly neoplasms resistant to current treatment modalities. Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) is a protease which is not expressed in most of the normal adult tissues but is characteristically present in the stroma of extracranial malignancies. FAP is considered a potential therapeutic target and is associated with a worse patient outcome in some cancers. The FAP localization in the glioma microenvironment and its relation to patient survival are unknown. By analyzing 56 gliomas and 15 non-tumorous brain samples, we demonstrate increased FAP expression in a subgroup of high-grade gliomas, in particular on the protein level...
August 4, 2016: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Celia Moya, Julián Cuesta, Alfonsina Friera, Jose María Gil-Vernet Sedó, Francisco J Valderrama-Canales
INTRODUCTION: Development of prostatic arterial embolization (PAE) to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) has raised interest in the variations of the PA. The aim of this study is to identify these vascular variations, to compare them with previous data, and to propose a simple classification. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten adult male pelvis sides from embalmed cadavers were dissected, ages 69 to 92 years, and 10 PA were examined. In a retrospective analysis of 34 DSA pelvic angiographies on 28 patients aged 50 to 90 years, 48 PA were identified...
July 14, 2016: Clinical Anatomy
Jiri Kucera, Ondrej Sedo, David Potesil, Oldrich Janiczek, Zbynek Zdrahal, Martin Mandl
In extremely acidic environments, ferric iron can be a thermodynamically favorable electron acceptor during elemental sulfur oxidation by some Acidithiobacillus spp. under anoxic conditions. Quantitative 2D-PAGE proteomic analysis of a resting cell suspension of a sulfur-grown Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans CCM 4253 subculture that had lost its iron-reducing activity revealed 147 protein spots that were downregulated relative to an iron-reducing resting cell suspension of the antecedent sulfur-oxidizing culture and 111 that were upregulated...
September 2016: Research in Microbiology
Lucie Sromova, Petr Busek, Helena Posova, Jana Potockova, Pavel Skrha, Michal Andel, Aleksi Sedo
AIM: To assess intraindividually the effects of DPP-IV inhibition on the subpopulations of immune cells in type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) patients during the course of treatment with sitagliptin. METHODS: In this open label non-randomized observational study with a control group DM2 patients were examined before the initiation of the DPP-IV inhibitor administration (sitagliptin 100mg once daily) and then after 4weeks and 12months. Inhibition of the blood plasma DPP-IV enzymatic activity was determined by a chromogenic assay, the immunophenotyping of the blood cell subpopulations was performed using flow cytometry and blood plasma cytokine concentrations were quantified using an array-based multiplex ELISA...
August 2016: Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
Demián Glujovsky, Cindy Farquhar, Andrea Marta Quinteiro Retamar, Cristian Roberto Alvarez Sedo, Deborah Blake
BACKGROUND: Advances in cell culture media have led to a shift in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) practice from cleavage stage embryo transfer to blastocyst stage transfer. The rationale for blastocyst transfer is to improve both uterine and embryonic synchronicity and enable self selection of viable embryos, thus resulting in better live birth rates. OBJECTIVES: To determine whether blastocyst stage (day 5 to 6) embryo transfers improve the live birth rate, and other associated outcomes, compared with cleavage stage (day 2 to 3) embryo transfers...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Petr Busek, Zdislava Vanickova, Petr Hrabal, Marek Brabec, Premysl Fric, Miroslav Zavoral, Jan Skrha, Klara Kmochova, Martin Laclav, Bohus Bunganic, Koen Augustyns, Pieter Van Der Veken, Aleksi Sedo
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is frequently heralded by an impairment of glucose homeostasis. Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) and fibroblast activation protein alpha (FAP) are aminopeptidases that regulate several bioactive peptides involved in glucoregulation, and are frequently dysregulated in cancer. The present study analyzes blood plasma levels and the quantity and localization of DPP-IV and FAP in PDAC tissues. METHODS: DPP-IV and FAP concentration and enzymatic activity were evaluated in the plasma from 93 PDAC, 39 type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and 29 control subjects, and in matched paired non-tumorous and tumor tissues from 48 PDAC patients...
September 2016: Pancreatology: Official Journal of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) ... [et Al.]
Mariano Lavolpe, Daniela Lorenzi, Ezequiel Greco, Florencia Nodar, Cristian Alvarez Sedó
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study is to assess the correlation between the presence, quantity and size of nuclear vacuoles and DNA damage and chromatin status in sperm samples of men who underwent to assisted reproduction technology. METHODS: Forty six males who underwent to assisted reproductive technology (ART) were considered. According to their latest semen analysis (<3 months), were grouped into: (A) strict morphology index ≤4% (26) and (B) strict morphology index ≥14% (20)...
2015: JBRA Assisted Reproduction
Cristian Alvarez Sedó, Mariana Miguens, Sara Andreucci, Noelia Ortiz, Daniela Lorenzi, Sergio Papier, Florencia Nodar
OBJECTIVE: To establish the relationship between oocyte cytoplasmic maturation and its chromosomal status and determine the effect of this feature over the reproductive outcome in patients with sub-optimal fertilization in ART. METHODS: Fifty couples who underwent ART were selected. From nineteen patients, 22 metaphase II-MII and 18 failed-fertilized oocytes after ICSI were studied. The first polar body was collected for chromosomal analysis by aCGH. Oocytes were processed by immunocytochemistry (ICC) to determine oocyte maturation: assessment of inactive MPF status and the conformation-alignment of the metaphase plate...
2015: JBRA Assisted Reproduction
Přemysl Frič, Jan Škrha, Aleksi Šedo, Petr Bušek, Klára Kmochová, Martin Laclav, Svatopluk Solař, Bohuš Bunganič, Miroslav Zavoral
Risk factors (long-term diabetes, obesity) and early symptoms (new-onset diabetes, loss of weight, or persistent low body mass) are the initial symptoms of pancreatic carcinogenesis. They may be influenced by antidiabetic drugs and their correct evaluation is a prerequisite for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (PC). We review the risk factors, early symptoms, and the impact of antidiabetic drugs on early pancreatic carcinogenesis. The main source of data was the database Medline/PubMed and abstracts of international congresses (DDW, UEGW)...
July 2016: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Katarína Mlynáriková, Ondrej Šedo, Filip Růžička, Zbyněk Zdráhal, Veronika Holá, Martina Mahelová
Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) is, currently, used as a rapid and reliable tool in microbial diagnostics. The discriminatory power of the method extends its applicability also beyond species level. This study examined the possibility to use MALDI-TOF MS to differentiate between Candida parapsilosis sensu stricto biofilm-positive (n = 12) and biofilm-negative (n = 9) strains. The results indicated a grouping trend within MALDI-TOF mass spectra belonging to each of the tested groups...
April 11, 2016: Folia Microbiologica
Ondrej Šedo, Michal Kořán, Michaela Jakešová, Renata Mikulíková, Michal Boháč, Zbyněk Zdráhal
A method for discriminating malting barley varieties based on direct matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionisation - time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) fingerprinting of proteins was developed. Signals corresponding to hordeins were obtained by simple mixing of powdered barley grain with a MALDI matrix solution containing 12.5mgmL(-1) of ferulic acid in an acetonitrile:water:formic acid 50:33:17 v/v/v mixture. Compared to previous attempts at MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric analysis of barley proteins, the extraction and fractionation steps were practically omitted, resulting in a significant reduction in analytical time and costs...
September 1, 2016: Food Chemistry
Juan L Molina, Gabriela González Alemán, Néstor Florenzano, Eduardo Padilla, María Calvó, Gonzalo Guerrero, Danielle Kamis, Lee Stratton, Juan Toranzo, Beatriz Molina Rangeon, Helena Hernández Cuervo, Mercedes Bourdieu, Manuel Sedó, Sergio Strejilevich, Claude Robert Cloninger, Javier I Escobar, Gabriel A de Erausquin
BACKGROUND: Neurocognitive deficits are among the most debilitating and pervasive symptoms of schizophrenia, and are present also in unaffected first-degree relatives. Also, multiple reports reveal parkisonian motor deficits in untreated subjects with schizophrenia and in first-degree relatives of affected subjects. Yet, the relation between motor and cognitive impairment and its value as a classifier of endophenotypes has not been studied. AIMS: To test the efficacy of midbrain hyperechogenicity (MHE) and parkinsonian motor impairment (PKM) as predictors of neurocognitive impairment in subjects with or at risk for schizophrenia, that could be used to segregate them from first-degree relatives and healthy controls...
November 2016: Schizophrenia Bulletin
Hana Uhlíková, Michal Obořil, Jitka Klempová, Ondrej Šedo, Zbyněk Zdráhal, Tomáš Kašparovský, Petr Skládal, Jan Lochman
Elicitins are a family of small proteins with sterol-binding activity that are secreted by Phytophthora and Pythium sp. classified as oomycete PAMPs. Although α- and β-elicitins bind with the same affinity to one high affinity binding site on the plasma membrane, β-elicitins (possessing 6-7 lysine residues) are generally 50- to 100-fold more active at inducing distal HR and systemic resistance than the α-isoforms (with only 1-3 lysine residues). To examine the role of lysine residues in elicitin biological activity, we employed site-directed mutagenesis to prepare a series of β-elicitin cryptogein variants with mutations on specific lysine residues...
2016: Frontiers in Plant Science
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