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Fahmi Khalifa, Ahmed Soliman, Adel Elmaghraby, Georgy Gimel'farb, Ayman El-Baz
Kidney segmentation is an essential step in developing any noninvasive computer-assisted diagnostic system for renal function assessment. This paper introduces an automated framework for 3D kidney segmentation from dynamic computed tomography (CT) images that integrates discriminative features from the current and prior CT appearances into a random forest classification approach. To account for CT images' inhomogeneities, we employ discriminate features that are extracted from a higher-order spatial model and an adaptive shape model in addition to the first-order CT appearance...
2017: Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
Bénédicte Bouche, Marie Manfiotto, Philippe Rigoard, Jean Lemarie, Véronique Dix-Neuf, Michel Lanteri-Minet, Denys Fontaine
OBJECTIVES: We report the outcome of a consecutive series of 26 patients suffering from chronic medically-refractory neuropathic pain of the upper limb (including 16 patients with complex regional pain syndrome), topographically limited, treated by brachial plexus (BP) nerve roots or supra-scapular nerve (SSN) peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The technique consisted in ultrasound-guided percutaneous implantation of a cylindrical lead (Pisces-Quad, Medtronic) close to the SSN or the cervical nerve roots within the BP, depending on the pain topography...
February 3, 2017: Neuromodulation: Journal of the International Neuromodulation Society
Salsabil Abou-Hatab, Vincent A Spata, Spiridoula Matsika
Substitution can be used to efficiently tune the photophysical properties of chromophores. In this study, we examine the effect of substituents on the absorption and fluorescence properties of anthracene. The effects of mono-, di-, and tetrasubstitution of electron-donating and -withdrawing functional groups were explored. In addition, the influence of a donor-acceptor substituent pair and the position of substitution were investigated. Eleven functional groups were varied on positions 1, 2, and 9 of anthracene, and on position 6 of 2-methoxyanthracene and 2-carboxyanthracene...
February 1, 2017: Journal of Physical Chemistry. A
Maja Muszyńska-Graca, Beata Dąbkowska, Piotr Z Brewczyński
The International Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses is the scheme worked out by the International Labour Office in Geneva (ILO), to register radiographic chest abnormalities in a well-ordered, reproducible and comparable way. It is used for diagnosing abnormalities caused by dust exposure. Guidelines for the use of the ILO International Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses contain detailed information and recommendations on how to use the classification, as well as how the chest X-ray examination should be performed and recorded...
December 22, 2016: Medycyna Pracy
M E O'Hara, R Fernández Del Río, A Holt, P Pemberton, T Shah, T Whitehouse, C A Mayhew
Breath samples were taken from 31 patients with liver disease and 30 controls in a clinical setting and proton transfer reaction quadrupole mass spectrometry (PTR-Quad-MS) used to measure the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All patients had cirrhosis of various etiologies, with some also suffering from hepatocellular cancer (HCC) and/or hepatic encephalopathy (HE). Breath limonene was higher in patients with No-HCC than with HCC, median (lower/upper quartile) 14.2 (7.2/60.1) versus 3.6 (2...
November 21, 2016: Journal of Breath Research
Christian R Bauer, Nadine Umbach, Benjamin Baum, Karoline Buckow, Thomas Franke, Romanus Grütz, Linda Gusky, Sara Yasemin Nussbeck, Matthias Quade, Sabine Rey, Thorsten Rottmann, Otto Rienhoff, Ulrich Sax
In University Medical Centers, heterogeneous data are generated that cannot always be clearly attributed to patient care or biomedical research. Each data set has to adhere to distinct intrinsic and operational quality standards. However, only if high-quality data, tools to work with the data, and most importantly guidelines and rules of how to work with the data are addressed adequately, an infrastructure can be sustainable. Here, we present the IT Research Architecture of the University Medical Center Göttingen and describe our ten years' experience and lessons learned with infrastructures in networked medical research...
2016: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Yvonne H-L Luo, Joe Jiangjian Zhong, Monica Clemo, Lyndon da Cruz
PURPOSE: Previously published literatures of acute studies on few subjects have shown contradictory evidence on the reproducibility and characteristics of the elicited phosphenes, despite using the same stimulating parameters with epiretinal electrode arrays. In this study, we set out to investigate the long-term repeatilibity and reproducibility of phosphenes in subjects chronically implanted with the Argus II retinal prosthesis (Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., Sylmar, CA, USA)...
October 2016: American Journal of Ophthalmology
Raffaele Corbisiero, Pedram Kazemian, Rupinder Bharmi, Riddhi Shah, David Muller
BACKGROUND: This is a comparative effectiveness study for cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) therapy enabled by quadripolar (QUAD) versus bipolar (BIP) left ventricular (LV) leads.  Heart failure (HF) hospitalization (HFH) rates, associated costs, and 30-day readmissions after index HFH were compared. METHODS: Patients with de novo LV leads implanted as part of a CRT-D system between January 2011 and August 2013 with ≥1-year follow-up were included...
October 2016: Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology: PACE
Lydia A Dan, Salem Werdyani, Jingxiong Xu, Konstantin Shestopaloff, Angela Hyde, Elizabeth Dicks, Ban Younghusband, Jane Green, Patrick Parfrey, Wei Xu, Sevtap Savas
In this study, we aimed to investigate the associations of genetic variations within select genes functioning in angiogenesis, lymph-angiogenesis, and metastasis pathways and the risk of outcome in colorectal cancer patients. We followed a two-stage analysis: First, 381 polymorphisms from 30 genes (eight Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and 22 Matrix Metalloproteinase [MMP] genes) were investigated in the discovery cohort (n = 505). Then, 16 polymorphisms with the lowest P-value in this analysis were investigated in a separate replication cohort (n = 247)...
September 2016: Cancer Medicine
Mobolaji O Ajao, Mary K B Cox, Sarah L Cohen, Jon I Einarsson
Cystoscopy can be used to diagnose urologic injuries at the time of gynecologic surgery. Current cystoscopy setup involves removing the indwelling catheter placed for the procedure and assembling a multicomponent cystoscope. The objective of this study was to evaluate and report on our initial experience with CystoSure (Emmy Medical, Holliston, MA), a new Food and Drug Administration-approved device designed to facilitate perioperative diagnostic cystoscopy. The CystoSure catheter is an 18F quad-port silicone transurethral catheter with a central sealed port for the cystoscope and a side port that allows for bladder filling...
September 2016: Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Fan Yang, Simon Vu, Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy, Jie Zheng
Vanilloids activation of TRPV1 represents an excellent model system of ligand-gated ion channels. Recent studies using cryo-electron microcopy (cryo-EM), computational analysis, and functional quantification revealed the location of capsaicin-binding site and critical residues mediating ligand-binding and channel activation. Based on these new findings, here we have successfully introduced high-affinity binding of capsaicin and resiniferatoxin to the vanilloid-insensitive TRPV2 channel, using a rationally designed minimal set of four point mutations (F467S-S498F-L505T-Q525E, termed TRPV2_Quad)...
June 28, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Katerina Hajkova, Bronislav Jurasek, David Sykora, Tomas Palenicek, Petra Miksatkova, Martin Kuchar
A new designer drug, a dissociative anesthetic, and a putative N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist, methoxetamine (MXE) noted by the EU Early Warning System has been already identified as a cause of several fatalities worldwide. The primary objective of this work was to develop a suitable sample preparation method allowing for isolation of MXE and its main metabolites in high yields from rat brain, liver, and lungs. For the purpose of the project, MXE and five metabolites were synthesized in-house, specifically O-desmethyl-normethoxetamine, O-desmethylmethoxetamine, dihydro-O-desmethylmethoxetamine, normethoxetamine, and dihydromethoxetamine...
February 2016: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Ivan S Ufimtsev, Todd J Martinez
We demonstrate that a video gaming machine containing two consumer graphical cards can outpace a state-of-the-art quad-core processor workstation by a factor of more than 180× in Hartree-Fock energy + gradient calculations. Such performance makes it possible to run large scale Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory calculations, which typically require hundreds of traditional processor cores, on a single workstation. Benchmark Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics simulations are performed on two molecular systems using the 3-21G basis set - a hydronium ion solvated by 30 waters (94 atoms, 405 basis functions) and an aspartic acid molecule solvated by 147 waters (457 atoms, 2014 basis functions)...
October 13, 2009: Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Umut Özbek, Eleanor Feingold, Daniel E Weeks
OBJECTIVES: At the beginning of a genome-wide association study, many markers are discarded because they fail to meet standard quality control criteria. Some of these markers are out of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) because they have 'null alleles' (which may be deletions or third alleles that do not hybridize to standard probes). It may be useful to identify null-allele markers so that they can be analyzed under different models or in order to explore regions of copy number variation...
2015: Human Heredity
Natalia Romero-Franco, Pedro Jiménez-Reyes
The purpose of this study was to analyze the immediate effects of a plyometric training protocol on unipedal postural balance and countermovement jumps. In addition, we analyzed the effects of a warm-up on these parameters. Thirty-two amateur male sprinters (24.9 ± 4.1 years; 72.3 ± 10.7 kg; 1.78 ± 0.05 m; 22.6 ± 3.3 kg·m) were randomly sorted into a control group (n = 16) (they did not perform any physical activity) and a plyometric training group (n = 16) (they performed a 15-minute warm-up and a high-intensity plyometric protocol consisting of 10 sets of 15 vertical jumps)...
November 2015: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Steven F DeFroda, Joseph A Gil, Steven Bokshan, Gregory Waryasz
Patients experiencing high-energy trauma evaluated at level I trauma centers often present with multiple injuries and varying levels of hemodynamic instability. The polytrauma patient requires immediate assessment and stabilization of their orthopedic injuries once the primary trauma survey is complete, and oftentimes, operative fixation of injuries is delayed while patients are resuscitated by general trauma services. The authors describe the application of the upper extremity "quad" splint which includes components of a sugar tong, intrinsic plus, thumb spica, and dorsal extension blocking splint and its indication for patients with multiple upper extremity fractures distal to the humerus...
December 2015: American Journal of Emergency Medicine
J I Marchese, G J Johnson, D A Delaney
In light of population declines of honey bees (Apis mellifera L.), research has refocused attention on alternative pollinators and their potential to fulfill pollination services within economically important agricultural crops. Bumble bees are one such alternative, and within the past 20 yr, these pollinators have been reared and sold as commercial pollinators. Investigation into their use has been limited and more research is needed to improve pollinator effectiveness in field settings. Quad pollination units of the commercially reared native bumble bee species, the common eastern bumble bee (Bombus impatiens Cresson), were monitored and evaluated for productivity during peak watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunberg) Matsumura & Nakai] bloom in southern Delaware...
August 2015: Journal of Economic Entomology
Austin L Brown, Philip J Lupo, Mehmet Fatih Okcu, Ching C Lau, Surya Rednam, Michael E Scheurer
Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD), encoded by the SOD2 gene, is involved in the detoxification of superoxide anion. Superoxide is likely a source of oxidative stress in the cochlea following treatment with platinum agents and radiation. Therefore, we examined SOD2 variants in association with ototoxicity among cisplatin-treated childhood medulloblastoma patients. Blood samples were obtained from 71 eligible patients treated for pediatric medulloblastoma at Texas Children's Cancer Center (1987-2010). Ototoxicity was defined as requiring the use of a hearing aid sometime after the initiation of therapy...
November 2015: Cancer Medicine
Richard C Franklin, Kristin E McBain-Rigg, Sabina M Knight
Quad bikes are popular vehicles in agricultural occupational settings. Quad bike rollovers are a leading cause of deaths in the Australian agricultural industry; current regulations appear to have had limited impact on quad bike deaths. The objectives of this study were (1) to explore whether regulation is perceived by regulators, users, retailers, and health professionals as an effective approach to quad bike safety in North West Outback Queensland, Australia; and (2) to consider the ways that perceptions of quad bike safety and use in North West Outback Queensland could inform the development of regulatory guidelines for the occupational use of quad bikes in agricultural industries...
2015: Journal of Agromedicine
Mark Stafford-Smith, Yi-Ju Li, Joseph P Mathew, Yen-Wei Li, Yunqi Ji, Barbara G Phillips-Bute, Carmelo A Milano, Mark F Newman, William E Kraus, Miklos D Kertai, Svati H Shah, Mihai V Podgoreanu
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common, serious complication of cardiac surgery. Since prior studies have supported a genetic basis for postoperative AKI, we conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) for AKI following coronary bypass graft (CABG) surgery. The discovery data set consisted of 873 nonemergent CABG surgery patients with cardiopulmonary bypass (PEGASUS), while a replication data set had 380 cardiac surgical patients (CATHGEN). Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data were based on Illumina Human610-Quad (PEGASUS) and OMNI1-Quad (CATHGEN) BeadChips...
October 2015: Kidney International
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