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celia alves

João Peres Ribeiro, Estela Domingos Vicente, Célia Alves, Xavier Querol, Fulvio Amato, Luís A C Tarelho
Combustion of residual forest biomass (RFB) derived from eucalypt (Eucalyptus globulus), pine (Pinus pinaster) and golden wattle (Acacia longifolia) was evaluated in a pilot-scale bubbling fluidised bed reactor (BFBR). During the combustion experiments, monitoring of temperature, pressure and exhaust gas composition has been made. Ash samples were collected at several locations along the furnace and flue gas treatment devices (cyclone and bag filter) after each combustion experiment and were analysed for their unburnt carbon content and chemical composition...
November 26, 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
Juliana Artier, Flávia da Silva Zandonadi, Flávia Maria de Souza Carvalho, Bianca Alves Pauletti, Adriana Franco Paes Leme, Carolina Moretto Carnielli, Heloisa Sobreiro Selistre de Araujo, Maria Célia Bertolini, Jesus Aparecido Ferro, José Belasque Júnior, Julio Cezar Franco de Oliveira, Maria Teresa Marques Novo-Mansur
Citrus canker is a plant disease caused by gram-negative bacteria from the genus Xanthomonas, and the most virulent species is Xanthomonas citri subsp.citri (XAC), which attacks a wide range of citrus hosts. Differential proteomic analysis of periplasm-enriched fraction was performed for XAC cells grown in pathogenicity-inducing (XAM-M) and pathogenicity non-inducing (NB) media, using two-dimensional electrophoresis combined with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Among the 40 proteins identified, transglycosylase was detected in a highly abundant spot in XAC cells grown under inducing condition...
October 31, 2016: Molecular Plant Pathology
Raquel Girardello, Marina Visconde, Rodrigo Cayô, Regina Célia Bressan Queiroz de Figueiredo, Marcelo Alves da Silva Mori, Nilton Lincopan, Ana Cristina Gales
Polymyxins have become drugs of last resort for treatment of multi-drug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative infections. However, the mechanisms of resistance to this compound have not been completely elucidated. In this study, we evaluated the mechanisms of resistance to this antimicrobial in two A. baumannii clinical isolates, respectively, susceptible (A027) and resistant (A009) to polymyxin B before and after polymyxin B exposure (A027(ind) and A009(ind)). The pmrAB and lpxACD were sequenced and their transcriptional levels were analyzed by qRT-PCR...
October 8, 2016: Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease
Margarida Ferreira-Teixeira, Daniela Paiva-Oliveira, Belmiro Parada, Vera Alves, Vitor Sousa, Obinna Chijioke, Christian Münz, Flávio Reis, Paulo Rodrigues-Santos, Célia Gomes
BACKGROUND: High-grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) has a high risk of recurrence and progression to muscle-invasive forms, which seems to be largely related to the presence of tumorigenic stem-like cell populations that are refractory to conventional therapies. Here, we evaluated the therapeutic potential of Natural Killer (NK) cell-based adoptive immunotherapy against chemoresistant bladder cancer stem-like cells (CSCs) in a pre-clinical relevant model, using NK cells from healthy donors and NMIBC patients...
October 21, 2016: BMC Medicine
Silvia Cellone Trevelin, Célio Xavier Dos Santos, Raphael Gomes Ferreira, Larissa de Sá Lima, Rangel Leal Silva, Cristoforo Scavone, Rui Curi, José Carlos Alves-Filho, Thiago Mattar Cunha, Pérsio Roxo-Júnior, Maria-Célia Cervi, Francisco Rafael Martins Laurindo, John Stephen Hothersall, Andrew M Cobb, Min Zhang, Aleksandar Ivetic, Ajay M Shah, Lucia Rossetti Lopes, Fernando Queiroz Cunha
The reactive-oxygen-species-(ROS)-generating-enzyme Nox2 is essential for leukocyte anti-microbial activity. However its role in cellular redox homeostasis and, consequently, in modulating intracellular signaling pathways remains unclear. Herein, we show Nox2 activation favors thioredoxin-1 (TRX-1)/p40phox interaction, which leads to exclusion of TRX-1 from the nucleus. In contrast, the genetic deficiency of Nox2 or its pharmacological inhibition with apocynin (APO) results in reductive stress after lipopolysaccharide-(LPS)-cell stimulation, which causes nuclear accumulation of TRX-1 and enhanced transcription of inflammatory mediators through nuclear-factor-(NF)-κB...
October 4, 2016: Scientific Reports
Natália Gomes de Morais, Thacianna Barreto da Costa, Joana Maria Bezerra de Lira, Suênia da Cunha Gonçalves de Albuquerque, Valéria Rêgo Alves Pereira, Milena de Paiva Cavalcanti, Célia Maria Machado Barbosa de Castro
OBJECTIVES: Nutritional aggression in critical periods may lead to epigenetic changes that affect gene expression. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of neonatal malnutrition on the expression of toll-like receptor (TLR)-2, TLR-4, and NLRP3 receptors, caspase-1 enzyme, and interleukin (IL)-1 β production in macrophages infected with methicillin-resistant (MRSA) and methicillin-sensitive (MSSA) Staphylococcus aureus. METHODS: Wistar rats (N = 24) were divided in two distinct groups: nourished (17% casein) and malnourished (8% casein)...
January 2017: Nutrition
Célia Alves Rozendo, Anna Santos Salas, Brenda Cameron
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 10, 2016: Nurse Education Today
Cíntia Priscila da Silva Ferreira, Célia Alves Rozendo, Givânya Bezerra de Melo
The objective of this study was to evaluate the Street Clinic strategy in Maceió, Alagoas State, Brazil, from the perspective of its users. This was a qualitative study in coverage areas of the Street Clinic in Maceió. Research subjects were 18 homeless individuals assisted by the clinic (10 men and 8 women), ranging from 20 to 40 years of age. Data were collected from September 2014 to February 2015 using a semi-structured interview. Content analysis was applied to the data and identified two categories: the first, the Street Clinic as such, revealed the strategy's critical points, challenges, and potentialities; the second showed the Street Clinic as social support, affect, and hope for change for the homeless...
August 8, 2016: Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Leandro Nascimento da Silva Rodrigues, Wesley de Almeida Brito, Ana Flávia Alves Parente, Simone Schneider Weber, Alexandre Melo Bailão, Luciana Casaletti, Clayton Luiz Borges, Célia Maria de Almeida Soares
The ability to respond to stressful conditions is essential for most living organisms. In pathogenic organisms, this response is required for effective transition from a saprophytic lifestyle to the establishment of pathogenic interactions within a susceptible host. Hyperosmotic stress has been used as a model to study signal transduction and seems to cause many cellular adaptations, including the alteration of protein expression and cellular volume as well as size regulation. In this work, we evaluated the proteomic profile of Paracoccidioides lutzii Pb01 yeast cells during osmotic stress induced by potassium chloride...
October 2016: Fungal Genetics and Biology: FG & B
Paula Cristina Gomes Alves, Célia Maria Dias Sales, Mark Ashworth
BACKGROUND: The involvement of service users in health care provision in general, and specifically in substance use disorder treatment, is of growing importance. This paper explores the views of patients in a therapeutic community for alcohol dependence about clinical assessment, including general aspects about the evaluation process, and the specific characteristics of four measures: two individualised and two standardised. METHODS: A focus group was conducted and data were analysed using a framework synthesis approach...
2016: Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy
Glauciemar Del-Vechio-Vieira, Bruna C S Santos, Maria Silvana Alves, Aílson L A Araújo, Célia H Yamamoto, Míriam A O Pinto, Maria Auxiliadora C Kaplan, Orlando V Sousa
The present study was designed to investigate the antioxidant, antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of the ethanol extract from Ageratum fastigiatum branches. Phytochemical screening and total phenol and flavonoid contents were determined. The antioxidant activity was assessed by 2,2-diphenyl-1-pycrilhydrazin (DPPH) and iron reducing power methods. The antinociceptive effect was evaluated using the acetic acid-induced writhing, formalin, hot plate and tail immersion assays; while the carrageenan-induced paw edema and pleurisy tests were performed to examine the anti-inflammatory activity against acute inflammation...
July 11, 2016: Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
Maria Rita Araújo, Céline Marques, Sara Freitas, Rita Santa-Bárbara, Joana Alves, Célia Xavier
BACKGROUND: Marfan's Syndrome (MFS) is a disorder of connective tissue, mainly involving the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and ocular systems. The most severe problems include aortic root dilatation and dissection. Anesthetic management is vital for the improvement on perioperative morbidity. CASE REPORT: 61-year-old male with MFS, presenting mainly with pectus carinatum, scoliosis, ectopia lens, previous spontaneous pneumothorax and aortal aneurysm and dissection submitted to thoracoabdominal aortic prosthesis placement...
July 2016: Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Sandra Mara Campos Alves, Maria Célia Delduque, Alethele Oliveira Santos
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 20, 2016: Cadernos de Saúde Pública
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Annals of Intensive Care
Remo Holanda de Mendonça Furtado, Robert Patrick Giugliano, Celia Maria Cassaro Strunz, Cyrillo Cavalheiro Filho, José Antonio Franchini Ramires, Roberto Kalil Filho, Pedro Alves Lemos Neto, Alexandre Costa Pereira, Tânia Rúbia Rocha, Beatriz Tonon Freire, Elbio Antonio D'Amico, José Carlos Nicolau
BACKGROUND: Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are often prescribed to patients receiving dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT). However, this class of medication, especially omeprazole, has been associated with a reduction in clopidogrel efficacy, leading many clinicians to substitute omeprazole with ranitidine. OBJECTIVES: Our objective was to compare the antiplatelet effect of clopidogrel before and after the addition of omeprazole or ranitidine. METHODS: We measured platelet aggregability at baseline and after 1 week of clopidogrel 75 mg daily...
August 2016: American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs: Drugs, Devices, and Other Interventions
José Manuel Fernández-Guisuraga, Amaya Castro, Célia Alves, Ana Calvo, Elisabeth Alonso-Blanco, Carlos Blanco-Alegre, Alfredo Rocha, Roberto Fraile
This study provides an analysis of the spatial distribution and trends of NO, NO2 and O3 concentrations in Portugal between 1995 and 2010. Furthermore, an estimation model for daily ozone concentrations was developed for an urban and a rural site. NO concentration showed a significant decreasing trend in most urban stations. A decreasing trend in NO2 is only observed in the stations with less influence from emissions of primary NO2. Several stations showed a significant upward trend in O3 as a result of the decrease in the NO/NO2 ratio...
September 2016: Environmental Science and Pollution Research International
José Nuno Alves, Célia Machado, Mariana Taveira, João Soares-Fernandes, Carla Ferreira, João Pinho
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 10, 2016: Neurology
Maria Rita Araújo, Céline Marques, Sara Freitas, Rita Santa-Bárbara, Joana Alves, Célia Xavier
BACKGROUND: Marfan's Syndrome (MFS) is a disorder of connective tissue, mainly involving the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and ocular systems. The most severe problems include aortic root dilatation and dissection. Anesthetic management is vital for the improvement on perioperative morbidity. CASE REPORT: 61-year-old male with MFS, presenting mainly with pectus carinatum, scoliosis, ectopia lens, previous spontaneous pneumothorax and aortal aneurysm and dissection submitted to thoracoabdominal aortic prosthesis placement...
July 2016: Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Danilo Custódio, Mário Cerqueira, Célia Alves, Teresa Nunes, Casimiro Pio, Valdemar Esteves, Daniele Frosini, Franco Lucarelli, Xavier Querol
PM2.5 aerosol samples were collected from January 2013 to January 2014 on the kerbside of a major arterial route in the city of Oporto, Portugal, and later analyzed for carbonaceous fractions and water soluble ions. The average concentrations of organic carbon (OC), elemental carbon (EC) and water soluble organic carbon (WSOC) in the aerosol were 6.2μg/m(3), 5.0μg/m(3) and 3.8μg/m(3), respectively, and fit within the range of values that have been observed close to major roads in Europe, Asia and North America...
August 15, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
Fernanda Cristina Fontes Moretto, Maria Teresa De Sibio, Aline Carbonera Luvizon, Regiane Marques Castro Olimpio, Miriane de Oliveira, Carlos Augusto Barnabe Alves, Sandro José Conde, Célia Regina Nogueira
High expression levels of hypoxia inducing factor 1 alpha are related to mammary carcinogenesis. In previous studies, we demonstrated that expression of transforming growth factor alpha increases upon treatment with triiodothyronine, but this expression does not occur in cellular models that do not express the estrogen receptor, or when cells are co-treated with the anti-estrogen, tamoxifen. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the hormone triiodothyronine on the expression of the genes HIF1A and TGFA in the breast cancer cell line MCF7...
June 1, 2016: Life Sciences
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