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congshan jiang

Yuanxu Guo, Zixin Min, Congshan Jiang, Wei Wang, Jidong Yan, Peng Xu, Ke Xu, Jing Xu, Mengyao Sun, Yitong Zhao, Safdar Hussain, Rui Zhang, Quancheng Wang, Yan Han, Fujun Zhang, Wenhua Zhu, Dongmin Li, Liesu Meng, Jian Sun, Shemin Lu
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis involving major structural changes of peripheral joints and local or systemic inflammation and in lack of therapeutic approaches because of complexity of underlying molecular basis. Our previous work showed that HS6ST2, an enzyme involved in the transfer of sulfate, is downregulated in cartilage tissues of OA patients compared with normal donors, but little is known about its regulatory mechanism. In this study, we demonstrated that the expression of HS6ST2 was lower in OA-damaged cartilage than smooth cartilage from the same patient...
June 13, 2018: Cell Death & Disease
Nazim Hussain, Wenhua Zhu, Congshan Jiang, Jing Xu, Manman Geng, Xiaoying Wu, Safdar Hussain, Bo Wang, Muhammad Shahid Riaz Rajoka, Yue Li, Juan Tian, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
Synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients share certain features with tumor cells, such as over proliferation and invasion. Anomalous microRNA (miRNA) expression may participate in the pathogenesis of RA in different ways. The objective of the present study was to observe the role of miR-10a-5p targeting T-box transcription factor 5 (TBX5) gene on synoviocyte proliferation and apoptosis in RA. Human synovial sarcoma cell line, SW982 cells stimulating with interleukin-1β (IL-1β) were transfected with miR-10a-5p mimic and siRNA of TBX5...
April 27, 2018: Bioscience Reports
Bo Wang, Panpan Zhao, Yan Zhou, Liesu Meng, Wenhua Zhu, Congshan Jiang, Linyu Wang, Yongsong Cai, Shemin Lu, Weikun Hou
The objective of this study was to identify the key changed subtype of T helper cells (Th cells) and their cytokines in pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) in rats. The severity of arthritis was evaluated by body weight, clinical score, the perimeter of ankle and mid-paw and histological assessment of ankle joints. Cytokines of Th1, Th2 and Th17 were determined in the spleen and inguinal lymph nodes at 28 days after pristane injection by real-time qPCR. The mRNA levels of IL-22 receptors, IL-22R1 and IL-22BP, in the spleen were quantified by real-time qPCR...
2017: PloS One
Yasheng Yan, Shigang Qiao, Chika Kikuchi, Ivan Zaja, Sarah Logan, Congshan Jiang, Thiago Arzua, Xiaowen Bai
It has been shown that propofol can induce widespread apoptosis in neonatal mouse brains followed by long-term cognitive dysfunction. However, selective brain area and cell vulnerability to propofol remains unknown. This study was aimed to dissect toxic effect of propofol on multiple brain cells, including neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and neural stem cells (NSCs). Seven-day-old mice were intraperitoneally administrated propofol or intralipid as a vehicle control for 6 hours. To identify vulnerable cells undergoing apoptosis following propofol exposure, brain sagittal sections were co-stained with antibodies against an apoptosis marker along with neuron, astrocyte, oligodendrocyte, or NSC markers using immunofluorescence staining...
October 14, 2017: Brain Sciences
Nazim Hussain, Wenhua Zhu, Congshan Jiang, Jing Xu, Xiaoying Wu, Manman Geng, Safdar Hussain, Yongsong Cai, Ke Xu, Peng Xu, Yan Han, Jian Sun, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
MicroRNAs are considered to play critical roles in the pathogenesis of human inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between miR-10a-5p and TBX5 in synoviocytes and evaluate their contribution to joint inflammation. The expression of miR-10a-5p and TBX5 in the synovium of RA and human synovial sarcoma cell line SW982 stimulated by IL-1β was determined by RT-qPCR and Western blotting. The direct interaction between miR-10a-5p and TBX5 3'UTR was determined by dual-luciferase reporter assay in HeLa cells...
January 2018: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Weikun Hou, Bo Wang, Yan Zhou, Ke Xu, Liesu Meng, Wenhua Zhu, Congshan Jiang, Peng Xu, Shemin Lu
The aim of the present study was to investigate the expression pattern of T helper (Th) 17 and Th22 cell-related factors in a pristane‑induced arthritis (PIA) rat model. PIA rats were divided into the initial phase group [day (D) 6 post‑pristane injection], the onset of clinical arthritis group (D12), the acute arthritis group (D26) and the chronic arthritis group (D70). Rats injected with saline alone were used as the control group. The mRNA expression levels of interleukin (IL)‑17A, IL‑17F, interferon (IFN)‑γ, IL‑22, IL‑22 receptor (R) 1, IL‑22 binding protein (BP) and RAR‑related orphan receptor α were examined in the spleen and/or synovium of the various phases of PIA rats by reverse transcription‑quantitative polymerase chain reaction analysis...
August 2017: Molecular Medicine Reports
Wenhua Zhu, Jing Xu, Congshan Jiang, Bo Wang, Manman Geng, Xiaoying Wu, Nazim Hussain, Ning Gao, Yan Han, Dongmin Li, Xi Lan, Qilan Ning, Fujun Zhang, Rikard Holmdahl, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
Autophagy is involved in both innate and adaptive immune regulation. We propose that autophagy regulates activation of TLR3 in macrophages and is thereby essential for development of pristane-induced arthritis. We found that pristane treatment induced autophagy in macrophages in vitro and in vivo, in spleen cells from pristane injected rats. The induced autophagy was associated with STAT1 phosphorylation and expression of IRF1 and TLR3. Blocking the pristane activated autophagy by Wortmannin and Bafilomycin A1 or by RNAi of Becn1 led to a downregulation of the associated STAT1-IRF1-TLR3 pathway...
February 2017: Clinical Immunology: the Official Journal of the Clinical Immunology Society
Yongsong Cai, Peng Xu, Le Yang, Ke Xu, Jialin Zhu, Xiaoqing Wu, Congshan Jiang, Qiling Yuan, Bo Wang, Yuanbo Li, Yusheng Qiu
Oxymatrine (OMT) is a type of alkaloid extracted from a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, Sophora flavescens. Although the antitumor activities of OMT have been observed in various cancers, there are no reports regarding the effects of OMT on human synovial sarcoma. In the present study, we analyzed the antitumor activities of OMT in SW982 human synovial sarcoma cells and determine whether high mobility group box protein 1 (HMGB1)-mediated autophagy was associated with its therapeutic effects. We found that OMT exhibited antitumor activity in SW982 cells and facilitated increases in autophagy...
November 29, 2016: Scientific Reports
Jing Xu, Wenhua Zhu, Yuanxu Guo, Congshan Jiang, Nazim Hussain, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
The pLKO.1-TRC plasmid has been a popular and widely used vector due to its simple handling and stability. The huge RNAi database, a TRC library, has been established based on this vector. However, this plasmid only has a puromycin-resisted gene for selecting, which limits its application in microscopy and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). In the present work, PCR, restriction endonuclease digestion and molecular cloning techniques were used to insert the gene decoding green fluorescent protein (GFP) without changing the structure of original plasmid to extend its application...
February 2017: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Shanshan Wu, Rui Zhang, Fayi Nie, Xiaoli Wang, Congshan Jiang, Meng Liu, Robert K Valenzuela, Wanqing Liu, Yongyong Shi, Jie Ma
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of endogenous and non-coding single-stranded RNAs of approximately 22 nucleotides, many of which are evolutionarily conserved. Genome-wide association studies have identified a robust statistical association between the MIR137 gene and schizophrenia in Europeans, which was replicated in the Han Chinese population in a case-control study. In the previous study, we provided evidence for a significant association between the EFNB2 gene and schizophrenia in Han Chinese subjects. In the current study, we utilized computational analysis, vector construction of point mutations, luciferase reporter assays and gene expression assays including RT-qPCR and western blotting methods to investigate miR-137 directly targeting EFNB2 gene and explore the reversal effect of a genetic variant of SNP rs550067317 in the putative seed-pair region of EFNB2 3'-UTR...
October 2016: EBioMedicine
Jidong Yan, Jing Xu, Yao Fei, Congshan Jiang, Wenhua Zhu, Yan Han, Shemin Lu
Thioredoxin reductase 2 (TrxR2) is a selenium (Se) containing protein. Se deficiency is associated with an endemic osteoarthropathy characterized by impaired cartilage formation. It is unclear whether TrxR2 have roles in cartilage function. We examined the effects of TrxR2 on chondrogenic ATDC5 cells through shRNA-mediated gene silencing of TrxR2. We demonstrated TrxR2 deficiencies could enhance chondrogenic differentiation and apoptosis of ATDC5 cells. TrxR2 deficiencies increased accumulation of cartilage glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and mineralization...
May 15, 2016: Experimental Cell Research
Congshan Jiang, Hongchuan Yu, Qingzhu Sun, Wenhua Zhu, Jing Xu, Ning Gao, Rui Zhang, Li Liu, Xiaoying Wu, Xudong Yang, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
BACKGROUND: This study aims to find out whether extracellular miRNAs is implicated in recurrent childhood wheezing with asthmatic risk. METHODS: One hundred and forty children of Chinese Han population were recruited for this study. Plasma and intracellular miRNAs from children with recurrent wheezing and rats with antigen induced pulmonary inflammation (AIPI) were detected by using reverse transcription-quantitative PCR. Differential leukocytes in blood were automatically counted...
April 14, 2016: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
Qingzhu Sun, Li Liu, Michael Roth, Jia Tian, Qirui He, Bo Zhong, Ruanjuan Bao, Xi Lan, Congshan Jiang, Jian Sun, Xudong Yang, Shemin Lu
Protein arginine methyltransferase (PRMT)1, methylating both histones and key cellular proteins, has emerged as a key regulator of various cellular processes. This study aimed to identify the mechanism that regulates PRMT1 in chronic Ag-induced pulmonary inflammation (AIPI) in the E3 rat asthma model. E3 rats were challenged with OVA for 1 or 8 wk to induce acute or chronic AIPI. Expression of mRNAs was detected by real-time quantitative PCR. PRMT1, TGF-β, COX2, and vascular endothelial growth factor protein expression in lung tissues was determined by immunohistochemistry staining and Western blotting...
July 1, 2015: Journal of Immunology: Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
Zixin Min, Rui Zhang, Jianfeng Yao, Congshan Jiang, Yuanxu Guo, Fei Cong, Wei Wang, Jia Tian, Nannan Zhong, Jian Sun, Jie Ma, Shemin Lu
Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterized by degeneration of articular cartilage, limited intraarticular inflammation with synovitis, and changes in peri-articular and subchondral bone. In recent years, more and more evidence demonstrated that microRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in the molecular mechanisms in OA by suppressing gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. In current study, histological staining of toluidine blue and cartilage-specific gene express revealed that the bone matrix gelatin (BMG) rat model could demonstrate the different development of cartilage...
2015: International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Wenhua Zhu, Congshan Jiang, Jing Xu, Manman Geng, Xiaoying Wu, Jian Sun, Jie Ma, Rikard Holmdahl, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
Based on pristane-induced arthritis (PIA), we found that T cells mediate TLR3 overexpression in fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS). The aim of this study is to determine key factors by which T cells induce TLR3 expression. Rat FLS were co-cultured with pristane primed T cell conditioned medium (PPT medium), and TLR3 expression of FLS was significantly induced. TNF-α, IFN-γ and IL-17 were dominantly expressed in PIA T cells. The overexpression of TLR3 and its related genes in FLS co-cultured with PPT medium could be reduced through blocking TNF-α pathway...
February 2015: Clinical Immunology: the Official Journal of the Clinical Immunology Society
Yan Zhou, Weikun Hou, Ke Xu, Dan Han, Congshan Jiang, Kuanhou Mou, Yue Li, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
OBJECTIVE: The objective was to survey the expression and localization of Th17-related cytokines and their correlation with skin lesion severity in early systemic sclerosis (SSc). METHODS: The mRNA expression was detected by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) from 21 SSc patients and 12 healthy controls (HC). The protein expression was examined by immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Western blotting. RESULTS: The RT-qPCR analysis showed a significantly higher expression of IL-17A, IL-21, IL-22, IL-26, IL-17RA, IL-21R, and IL-22R1 mRNA; consistently, the IHC analysis showed an over-expression of IL-17RA, IL-21R and IL-22R1 and the Western blotting analysis showed an over-expression of IL-17A, IL-21, IL-21R and IL-22R1 in early SSc skin lesions...
January 2015: Human Immunology
Yong Peng, Congshan Guo, Yanhong Yang, Fenglin Li, Yanxia Zhang, Bin Jiang, Qingwang Li
A number of studies have shown that baicalein shows high antitumor activity in vitro and in vivo. In this study, the inhibitory effect of baicalein on human cervical cancer HeLa cells was studied in vitro. HeLa cells were treated with high (100 µg/ml) and low (50 µg/ml) doses of baicalein, and cell growth inhibition rates were examined by the MTT assay. The morphological changes of apoptotic cells were observed under the light and electron microscope, while the rate of cell apoptosis was examined by flow cytometry...
March 2015: Molecular Medicine Reports
Bo Zhong, Xudong Yang, Qingzhu Sun, Li Liu, Xi Lan, Jia Tian, Qirui He, Wei Hou, Haiyan Liu, Congshan Jiang, Ning Gao, Shemin Lu
Pdcd4 has been known as a tumor-suppressor gene initially and is up-regulated during apoptosis. Surprisingly, we found that Pdcd4 was differentially expressed in the lung from E3 rats with AIPI, an animal model for asthma, but the precise role of Pdcd4 in AIPI still remained to be defined. In the present study, we first evaluated the expression of Pdcd4 in lung from control and AIPI rats with RT-qPCR, Western blot, and immunohistochemistry. Then, we investigated the effects of intervention of Pdcd4 on markers of macrophage alternative activation and airway remodeling...
December 2014: Journal of Leukocyte Biology
Congshan Jiang, Wenhua Zhu, Jing Xu, Bo Wang, Weikun Hou, Rui Zhang, Nannan Zhong, Qilan Ning, Yan Han, Hongchuan Yu, Jian Sun, Liesu Meng, Shemin Lu
INTRODUCTION: Abnormal toll-like receptor (TLR)3 signaling plays an indispensable role in pathogenesis of both experimental and human rheumatoid arthritis, and microRNAs (miRNAs) might orchestrate this signaling pathway. This study was performed to determine the relationship between miR-26a and TLR3 in rat macrophages and to observe effects of miR-26a mimic on pristane induced arthritis (PIA) in rats. METHODS: Dual luciferase reporter assay was used to validate the direct interaction between miR-26a (a candidate miRNA to target tlr3 mRNA) and tlr3 3'UTR...
2014: Arthritis Research & Therapy
Wenhua Zhu, Liesu Meng, Congshan Jiang, Weikun Hou, Jing Xu, Bo Wang, Shemin Lu
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) have been found to contribute to the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The aim of this study is to investigate the regulation and potential role of TLR2 in spleen of pristane-induced arthritis (PIA) rat, which can be used to further understand the mechanisms of RA. Arthritis in DA rats was induced by pristane. TLR2 expression in spleen was detected by real-time quantitative PCR and western blotting, and TLR2 expression at both mRNA and protein levels was upregulated in PIA rats...
April 2012: Molecular Biology Reports
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