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Peter J Kneuertz, Mohamed K Kamel, Brendon M Stiles, Benjamin E Lee, Mohamed Rahouma, Sebron W Harrison, Nasser K Altorki, Jeffery L Port
BACKGROUND: Pulmonary carcinoid tumors are often considered indolent tumors. The prognostic significance of lymph node (LN) metastases and the need for mediastinal dissection is controversial. We sought to determine the incidence, risk factors, and prognosis of LN metastases in resected carcinoid patients. METHODS: Patients undergoing lung resection for carcinoid and removal of ≥10 LNs were identified in the National Cancer Database form 2004-2014. Typical (TC) and atypical (AC) carcinoids were included...
June 14, 2018: Annals of Thoracic Surgery
Shan Wu, Jin-Nan Chen, Qing-Wei Zhang, Chao-Tao Tang, Xin-Tian Zhang, Ming-Yu Tang, Xiao-Bo Li, Zhi-Zheng Ge
BACKGROUND: Current methods of lymph node (LN) staging are controversial in predicting the survival of SBA. We aimed to develop an alternative LN-classification-based nomogram to individualize SBA prognosis. METHODS: Based on the data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database of patients diagnosed with SBA between 2004 and 2014, we identified the cut-off points for the number of LNs examined and the number found to be metastatic using the K-adaptive partitioning (KAPS) algorithm...
June 13, 2018: EBioMedicine
Ho Ting Wong, Teng-Kang Lin, Jen-Jia Lin
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to assess rural-urban differences in the predictors of emergency ambulance service (EAS) demand and misuse in New Taipei City. Identifying the predictors of EAS demand will help the EAS service managing authority in formulating focused policies to maintain service quality. METHODS: Over 160,000 electronic EAS usage records were used with a negative binomial regression model to assess rural-urban differences in the predictors of EAS demand and misuse...
June 13, 2018: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, Taiwan Yi Zhi
Yao Li, Xingang Liu, Xiaohu Wu, Fengshou Dong, Jun Xu, Xinglu Pan, Yongquan Zheng
Biochar (BC) can alter the fate and bioavailability of pesticides in soil. In this study, the effects of three types of BCs (made of crofton weed, wood chips and rice hull) on the sorption of acetochlor, a common herbicide, were investigated. The acetochlor sorption constants (Kf value) were 309.96 μg1-n Ln/ kg (biochars made of ricehull, BCR), 3.54 μg1-n Ln/ kg (biochars made of crofton weed, BCH) and 2.27 μg1-n Ln/ kg (biochars made of wood chips, BCW). The persistence of acetochlor was 8 times greater when 1% BCR was added to the soil...
June 12, 2018: Environmental Pollution
Hongfu Sun, Yuhan Ma, M Ethan MacDonald, G Bruce Pike
A new dipole field inversion method for whole head quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) is proposed. Instead of performing background field removal and local field inversion sequentially, the proposed method performs dipole field inversion directly on the total field map in a single step. To aid this under-determined and ill-posed inversion process and obtain robust QSM images, Tikhonov regularization is implemented to seek the local susceptibility solution with the least-norm (LN) using the L-curve criterion...
June 12, 2018: NeuroImage
Li Wang, Cheng Wang, Jie Wang, Fang Bo, Mian Zhang, Qihuang Gong, Marko Lončar, Yun-Feng Xiao
Lithium niobate (LN) is the workhorse for modern optoelectronics industry and nonlinear optics. High quality (Q) factor LN microresonators are promising candidates for applications in optical communications, quantum photonics, and sensing. However, the phase-matching requirement of traditional evanescent coupling methods poses significant challenges to achieve high coupling efficiencies of the pump and signal light simultaneously, ultimately limiting the practical usefulness of these high Q factor LN resonators...
June 15, 2018: Optics Letters
Kasuni C Boteju, Suchen Wan, Amrit Venkatesh, Arkady Ellern, Aaron J Rossini, Aaron D Sadow
A new bulky silazido ligand, -N(SiHMe2)Dipp (Dipp = C6H3-2,6-iPr2), supports planar, three-coordinate homoleptic rare earth complexes Ln{N(SiHMe2)Dipp}3 (Ln = Sc, Y, and Lu), each containing three secondary Ln↼HSi interactions and one agostic CH bond. Y{N(SiHMe2)Dipp}3 and acetophenone react via hydrosilylation, rather than by insertion into the Y-N bond or by enolate formation.
June 15, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Jing Wang, Yuan-Yuan Qi, Xue-Ping Chen, Li Ma, Li-Li Zhang, Yu Zhao, Mei Wang
The present study aimed to investigate risk factors for renal recurrence in patients with type IV lupus nephritis (LN). Univariate and multivariate analyses were conducted to using the Cox proportional hazard model and the Kaplan-Meier method. A total 244 patients were diagnosed with type IV LN; 100 (28.49%) relapsed and 144 (41.03%) recovered successfully. Kaplan-Meier method analysis indicated that patients with type IV LN affecting the digestive tract had high renal recurrence rates. Patients with hyperglobulinemia, positive anti-ribonucleoprotein and anti-Sjögren's syndrome type B (anti-SSB) antibodies, thrombus in the loop or non-inflammatory necrotizing vasculopathy also had a high recurrence rate...
June 2018: Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
Elizabeth F Wallin, Danika L Hill, Michelle A Linterman, Kathryn J Wood
Background: T follicular helper (Tfh) cells are key players in the production of antibody-producing B cells via the germinal center reaction. Therapeutic strategies targeting Tfh cells are important where antibody formation is implicated in disease, such as transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases. We investigated the impact of the immunosuppressive agent tacrolimus on human Tfh cell differentiation and function in transplant recipients. Methods: Paired blood and lymph node (LN) samples were obtained from 61 transplant recipients immediately prior to organ implantation...
2018: Frontiers in Immunology
Avinash Chenam, Nora Ruel, Sumanta Pal, John Barlog, Clayton Lau, Timothy Wilson, Bertram Yuh
INTRODUCTION: Extended lymph node dissection (ELND) compared to limited lymph node dissection (LLND) at time of prostatectomy improves staging and lymph node (LN) yield. The effect on biochemical recurrence (BCR) and survival is less well understood. We sought to evaluate the benefit of robotic ELND and LLND with respect to BCR. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between 2008-2012, 584 consecutive men with intermediate or high risk clinically localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate underwent robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) with concomitant LLND (n = 326) or ELND (n = 258)...
June 2018: Canadian Journal of Urology
Xiaoping Yang, Shiqing Wang, Yali Zhang, Guang Liang, Ting Zhu, Lijie Zhang, Shaoming Huang, Desmond Schipper, Richard A Jones
Four luminescent 32-metal Cd-Tb nanoclusters, [Tb8 Cd24 (L1 )12 (OAc)48 ] ( 1 ), [Tb8 Cd24 (L2 )12 (OAc)48 ] ( 2 ), [Tb8 Cd24 (L3 )12 (OAc)48 ] ( 3 ) and [Tb8 Cd24 (L2 )12 (1,4-BDC)4 (OAc)38 (OH)2 ] ( 4 ), were constructed from three specially designed chain-like Schiff base ligands H2 L1-3 with flexible carbon-carbon backbones containing 5, 6 and 10 methylene units, respectively. The clusters exhibit drum-like structures and can be imaged using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In addition to the Schiff base ligands (the primary energy transfer donors), four 1,4-BDC bridging units were successfully introduced into the structure of 4 ...
May 28, 2018: Chemical Science
Wenjia Chai, Jing Li, Qilin Shangguan, Qi Liu, Xinda Li, Dandan Qi, Xiaomei Tong, Wenjun Liu, Xin Ye
LncRNAs are involved in many aspects of cellular processes, including antiviral immune response. To identify influenza A virus (IAV)-related lncRNAs, we performed RNA-deep sequencing to compare the profiles of lncRNAs in A549 and 293T cells with or without IAV infection. We identified an IAV-upregulated lncRNA named lnc-ISG20 because it shares most of its sequence with ISG20. We found that lnc-ISG20 is an interferon-stimulated gene similar to ISG20. Overexpression of lnc-ISG20 inhibited IAV replication, while lnc-ISG20 knockdown favored viral replication, suggesting that ln-ISG20 is inhibitory to IAV replication...
June 13, 2018: Journal of Virology
Marcus Hjort, Bertil Lindahl, Tomasz Baron, Tomas Jernberg, Per Tornvall, Kai M Eggers
BACKGROUND: Myocardial infarction (MI) with non-obstructive coronary arteries (MINOCA) is a recently recognized condition where biomarkers and prognosis are less well studied than in MI with obstructive coronary artery disease (MI-CAD). We therefore aimed to investigate the one-year prognostic value of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T (hs-cTnT) levels in MINOCA in comparison to MI-CAD. METHODS: In this registry-based cohort study, we used data from patients with a discharge diagnosis of MI, admitted between 2009 and 2013 to Swedish hospitals using the hs-cTnT assay...
June 2018: American Heart Journal
Kideok Jin, Niranjan B Pandey, Aleksander S Popel
BACKGROUND: Metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a heterogeneous and incurable disease. Numerous studies have been conducted to seek molecular targets to treat TNBC effectively, but chemotherapy is still the main choice for patients with TNBC. We have previously presented evidence of the important roles of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 5 (CCL5) in TNBC tumor growth and metastasis. These experiments highlighted the importance of the crosstalk between cancer cells and stromal lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) in tumor growth and metastasis...
June 14, 2018: Breast Cancer Research: BCR
Saebom Lee, Sangjune Kim, Yong Joo Park, Seung Pil Yun, Seung-Hwan Kwon, Donghoon Kim, Dong Yeon Kim, Jae Soo Shin, Dae Jin Cho, Gong Yeal Lee, Hyun Soo Ju, Hyo Jung Yun, Jae Hong Park, Wonjoong Richard Kim, Eun Ah Jung, Seulki Lee, Han Seok Ko
Accumulating evidence suggests that the nonreceptor tyrosine kinase c-Abl plays an important role in the progression of Parkinson's disease (PD) and c-Abl inhibition could be neuroprotective in PD and related α-synucleinopathies. Nilotinib, a c-Abl inhibitor, has shown improved motor and cognitive symptoms in PD patients. However, issues concerning blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration, lack of selectivity, and safety still remain. Radotinib HCl is a selective Bcr-Abl kinase inhibitor that not only effectively access the brain, but also exhibits greater pharmacokinetic properties and safety profiles compared to Nilotinib and other c-Abl inhibitors...
April 20, 2018: Human Molecular Genetics
Zhuo Wang, Li-Peng Zhou, Tong-Han Zhao, Li-Xuan Cai, Xiao-Qing Guo, Peng-Fei Duan, Qing-Fu Sun
Multinuclear lanthanide-containing supramolecular cages have received increasing attention recently because of their unique electroptical and magnetic properties. Here we report the hierarchical self-assembly and chiroptical studies of a group of 4d-4f heterometallic cages synthesized from a preformed dimetalloligand [(bpy)2 Pd2 12 ]2+ (2) (bpy = 2,2-bipyridine) and a variety of trivalent lanthanide ions (Ln = NdIII , EuIII , YbIII ). The programmable self-assembly process leading to the trigonal bipyramidal cages formulated as {Ln2 [(bpy)2 Pd2 12 ]3 }12+ (3) has been confirmed by one- and two-dimensional NMR, electro-spray-ionization time-of-flight mass-spectroscopy, and in one typical case by single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies...
June 13, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
James R Hickson, Samuel J Horsewill, Christopher Bamforth, Jake McGuire, Claire Wilson, Stephen Sproules, Joy H Farnaby
We report a robust and modular synthetic route to heterometallic rare earth-transition metal complexes. We have used the redox-active bridging ligand 1,10-phenathroline-5,6-dione (pd), which has selective N,N' or O,O' binding sites as the template for this synthetic route. The coordination complexes [Ln(hfac)3(N,N'-pd)] (Ln = Y [1], Gd [2]; hfac = hexafluoroacetylacetonate) were synthesised in high yield. These complexes have been fully characterised using a range of spectroscopic techniques. Solid state molecular structures of 1 and 2 have been determined by X-ray crystallography and display different pd binding modes in coordinating and non-coordinating solvents...
June 13, 2018: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Juan Sun, Zan Sun, Licun Li, Jean-Pascal Sutter
Unprecedented lanthanide (Ln)-radical loop-chain coordination polymers were achieved using multidentate pyridyl- or triazole- substituted nitronyl nitroxide ligands. Their magnetic units consist of ferromagnetic [Ln2 Radical] moieties, leading for the dysprosium(III) derivatives to slow relaxation of magnetization, which was found to be dependent on the heterocyclic ligands.
June 13, 2018: Inorganic Chemistry
Lidia Armelao, Daniela Belli Dell'Amico, Gregorio Bottaro, Luca Bellucci, Luca Labella, Fabio Marchetti, Carlo Andrea Mattei, Federica Mian, Francesco Pineider, Giordano Poneti, Simona Samaritani
Heterotopic divergent ligand N-oxide-4,4'-bipyridine (bipyMO) has been herein exploited for the preparation of hetero-bimetallic coordination polymers where Ln(hfac)3 and M(hfac)2 nodes regularly alternate (Hhfac = 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexafluoro-2,4-pentanedione), bipyMO being able to selectively use its two potential coordination sites to discriminate the metal ions. The synthesis of three coordination polymers, [Ln(hfac)3M(hfac)2(bipyMO)2]n (Ln = Eu, M = Zn, 1; Ln = Eu, M = Cu, 2, Ln = Dy, M = Co, 3), was carried out by reacting the appropriate [M(hfac)2(bipyMO)]n and [Ln(hfac)3] precursors in toluene in the presence of a given stoichiometric amount of bipyMO...
June 13, 2018: Dalton Transactions: An International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
Dominic L Maderazo, Jennifer A Flegg, Melanie R Neeland, Michael J de Veer, Mark B Flegg
The immune system mounts a response to an infection by activating T cells. T cell activation occurs when dendritic cells, which have already interacted with the pathogen, scan a T cell that is cognate for (responsive to) the pathogen. This often occurs inside lymph nodes. The time it takes for this scanning event to occur, indeed the probability that it will occur at all, depends on many factors, including the rate that T cells and dendritic cells enter and leave the lymph node as well as the geometry of the lymph node and of course other cellular and molecular parameters...
June 9, 2018: Journal of Theoretical Biology
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