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Lihui Wei, Lixin Qiao, Guangchang Pang, Junbo Xie
At present, developing an efficient assay method for truly reflecting the real feelings of gustatory tissues is of great importance. In this study, a novel biosensor was fabricated to investigate the kinetic characteristics of the receptors in taste bud tissues sensing bitter substances for the first time. Porcine taste bud tissues were used as the sensing elements, and the sandwich-type sensing membrane was fixed onto a glassy carbon electrode for assembling the biosensor. With the developed sensor, the response currents induced by sucrose octaacetate, denatonium benzoate, and quercetin stimulating corresponding receptors were determined...
June 15, 2017: Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Ding-Yun Liu, Tao Gan, Ni-Ni Rao, Yao-Wen Xing, Jie Zheng, Sang Li, Cheng-Si Luo, Zhong-Jun Zhou, Yong-Li Wan
The gastrointestinal endoscopy in this study refers to conventional gastroscopy and wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE). Both of these techniques produce a large number of images in each diagnosis. The lesion detection done by hand from the images above is time consuming and inaccurate. This study designed a new computer-aided method to detect lesion images. We initially designed an algorithm named joint diagonalisation principal component analysis (JDPCA), in which there are no approximation, iteration or inverting procedures...
August 2016: Medical Image Analysis
Mar Pujades-Rodriguez, Bram Duyx, Sara L Thomas, Dimitris Stogiannis, Liam Smeeth, Harry Hemingway
OBJECTIVES: Evidence of the association of polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and giant cell arteritis (GCA) with the full range of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is limited. We examined their relationship with the first clinical presentation of the 12 most common CVDs in an unselected population-based cohort of men and women. METHODS: We analysed CArdiovascular disease research using LInked Bespoke studies and Electronic health Records (CALIBER) data, which links primary care and hospital and mortality data in England, from 1997 to 2010...
March 2016: Heart: Official Journal of the British Cardiac Society
Jonathan R Treadwell, Hanna M Zafar, Matthew D Mitchell, Kelley Tipton, Ursina Teitelbaum, Jane Jue
Imaging tests are central to the diagnosis and staging of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of the pertinent evidence on 5 imaging tests (computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging, CT angiography, endoscopic ultrasound with fine-needle aspiration, and combined positron emission tomography with CT). Searches of several databases up to March 1, 2014, yielded 9776 articles, and 24 provided comparative effectiveness of 2 or more imaging tests. Multiple reviewers applied study inclusion criteria, extracted data from each study, rated the risk of bias, and graded the strength of evidence...
July 2016: Pancreas
Dohyun Moon, Shinnosuke Tanaka, Takashiro Akitsu, Jong-Ha Choi
The title bromide salt, [Cr{CO(NH2)2}6](Cr2O7)Br·H2O, is isotypic to the corresponding chloride salt. Within the complex cation, the Cr(III) atom is coordinated by six O atoms of six urea ligands, displaying a slightly distorted octa-hedral coordination environment. The Cr-O bond lengths involving the urea ligands are in the range 1.9534 (13)-1.9776 (12) Å. The Cr2O7 (2-) anion has a nearly staggered conformation, with a bridging angle of 130.26 (10)°. The individual components are arranged in rows extending parallel to [100]...
November 1, 2015: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Chien Ing Yeo, Yee Seng Tan, Edward R T Tiekink
In the title complex salt, [Au2{(C6H5)2PCH2P(C6H5)2}]Cl2·(CH3)2C=O·H2O, the dication forms an eight-membered {-PCPAu}2 ring with a transannular aurophilic inter-action [Au⋯Au = 2.9743 (2) Å]. The ring approximates a flattened boat conformation, with the two methyl-ene C atoms lying ca 0.58-0.59 Å above the least-squares plane defined by the Au2P4 atoms (r.m.s. deviation = 0.0849 Å). One Cl(-) anion functions as a weak bridge between the Au(I) atoms [Au⋯Cl = 2.9492 (13) and 2.9776 (12) Å]...
August 1, 2015: Acta Crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic Communications
Hong-xia Che, Bo Tian, Li-na Bai, Li-ming Cheng, Li-li Liu, Xiao-na Zhang, Zhan-mei Jiang, Xiao-xi Xu
Traditional methods for detecting lactoperoxidase (LP) are complex and time-consuming, so a test strip was made based on the enzymatic reaction principle to enable quick and convenient detection of LP in raw milk. In this study 0.1 mol/L citric acid (CA)/0.2 mol/L disodium hydrogen phosphate (NaP) buffer solution (pH 5.0), 22 mmol/L 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB), 0.6 mmol/L hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and 0.5% Tween-20 or 0.3% cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) were optimal for preparing a quick, sensitive, and accurate LP test strip...
August 2015: Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. B
Tao Yu, Nan Meng, Da Chi, Yingjie Zhao, Kunzhe Wang, Yahong Luo
Fluorine 18 fluorodeoxyglucose ((18)F-FDG) positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography (CT) has emerged as a new modality for colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. The aim of this meta-analysis was to assess the diagnostic value of (18)F-FDG PET/CT in detecting local recurrence in patients with CRC. We searched PubMed, Medline, Embase, and ISI databases to collect articles in English that evaluated the diagnostic value of (18)F-FDG PET/CT in patients with CRC. Two reviewers independently assessed the methodological quality of each study using the quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies tool...
June 2015: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics
Feng-jie Jiang, Shun-ji Gao, Jun Meng, Gui-fang Li, Xiao-juan Sun
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the changes in serum neuron-specific enolase (NSE) and serum ferritin (SF) in patients with pneumoconiosis and their relationship with the onset of pneumoconiosis. METHODS: The serum NSE and SF levels in the peripheral blood of patients with pneumoconiosis were measured by electrochemical fluorescence immunoassay. RESULTS: The patients with first-stage pneumoconiosis and second-stage pneumoconiosis had significantly higher serum NSE and SF levels than the control group (23...
July 2013: Chinese Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases
Xiangyu Xu, Na Na, Jiying Wen, Jin Ouyang
The detection of layer-by-layer self-assembly multilayer films was carried out using low-temperature plasma (LTP) mass spectrometry (MS) under ambient conditions. These multilayer films have been prepared on quartz plates through the alternate assembling of oppositely charged 4-aminothiophenol (4-ATP) capped Au particles and thioglycolic acid (TGA) capped Ag particles. An LTP probe was used for direct desorption and ionization of chemical components on the films. Without the complicated sample preparation, the structure information of 4-ATP and TGA on films was studied by LTP-MS...
February 2013: Journal of Mass Spectrometry: JMS
Tao Song, Feng-ping Zhang, Yao-min Liu, Zong-wen Wu, You-rui Suo
In the present research, a novel method was established for determination of five fatty acids in soybean oil by transmission reflection-near infrared spectroscopy. The optimum conditions of mathematics model of five components (C16:0, C18:0, C18:1, C18:2 and C18:3) were studied, including the sample set selection, chemical value analysis, the detection methods and condition. Chemical value was analyzed by gas chromatography. One hundred fifty eight samples were selected, 138 for modeling set, 10 for testing set and 10 for unknown sample set...
August 2012: Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi, Guang Pu
Yew Pei Ling, Lee Yook Heng
A new alcohol oxidase (AOX) enzyme-based formaldehyde biosensor based on acrylic microspheres has been developed. Hydrophobic poly(n-butyl acrylate-N-acryloxy-succinimide) [poly(nBA-NAS)] microspheres, an enzyme immobilization matrix, was synthesized using photopolymerization in an emulsion form. AOX-poly(nBA-NAS) microspheres were deposited on a pH transducer made from a layer of photocured and self-plasticized polyacrylate membrane with an entrapped pH ionophore coated on a Ag/AgCl screen printed electrode (SPE)...
2010: Sensors
Shi-ning Bo, Yong-zhong Ning, Xi Zhu, Gai-qi Yao
OBJECTIVE: To identify the clinical and laboratory parameters correlating with speed of bacterial growth in culture and independent risk factors of in-hospital mortality in patients with Escherichia coli bacteremia. METHODS: This retrospective study was conducted at Beijing University Third Hospital. The medical records and microbiological database of the patients diagnosed as Escherichia coli bacteremia between January 2007 and December 2009 were collected. The parameter of time to positivity (TTP) was used to be a surrogate marker of bacterial growth...
September 2010: Zhongguo Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue, Chinese Critical Care Medicine, Zhongguo Weizhongbing Jijiuyixue
Xiuyan Li, Yuanyuan Zhang, Lei Feng, Qinghui Meng
The aim was to examine early event-related potential (ERP) changes during mental arithmetic calculation task in mild cognitive impairment patients compared to healthy elderly. 16 mild cognitive impairment (MCI) subjects and 16 healthy Chinese older adults were studied. Event-related potentials were elicited using a simple mental calculation task. Performance on arithmetic calculation task, and the latency and amplitude of early event-related potential components (N1, P1, N170, and P2) were compared between the two groups...
May 7, 2010: Neuroscience Letters
Ying Zhang, Mao-Nian Zhang, Cai-Hui Jiang, Yi Yao
BACKGROUND: Sympathetic ophthalmia (SO), a rare, bilateral, diffuse granulomatous uveitis, usually occurs after open globe injury or intraocular surgery. We sought to identify the risk factors for the development of SO after open globe injury and describe their demographic and clinical features and outcomes of treatments. METHODS: A retrospective study of inpatients with globe injury in 15 tertiary referral hospitals of China from January 2001 to December 2005 was conducted...
December 20, 2009: Chinese Medical Journal
Mehmet Zahmakiran, Saim Ozkar
Herein we report the discovery of a superior dimethylamine-borane dehydrogenation catalyst, more active than the prior best heterogeneous catalyst (Jaska, C. A.; Manners, I. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 9776) reported to date for the dehydrogenation of dimethylamine-borane. The new catalyst system consists of rhodium(0) nanoclusters stabilized by C(5)H(11)COO(-) anions and Me(2)H(2)N(+) cations and can reproducibly be formed from the reduction of rhodium(II) hexanoate during dehydrogenation of dimethylamine-borane at room temperature...
September 21, 2009: Inorganic Chemistry
Shaomin Ji, Jun Yang, Qing Yang, Shasha Liu, Maodu Chen, Jianzhang Zhao
Green and yellow-emitting 1,6- and 1,8-bis(phenylethynyl) pyrenes (dyes 7, 8, 9, and 10) with different intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) feature were synthesized and the effect of ICT on the photophysical properties of these derivatives were studied by UV-vis absorption spectra, fluorescence emission spectra, and DFT/TDDFT calculations. For the dyes with electron-pushing group (e.g., -dimethylamino, dye 8 and dye 10), structureless and solvent polarity-sensitive fluorescence emission spectra were observed...
July 3, 2009: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Rong-Jing Hu, Huan-Xiang Liu, Rui-Sheng Zhang, Chun-Xia Xue, Xiao-Jun Yao, Man-Cang Liu, Zhi-De Hu, Bo-Tao Fan
Gas chromatographic retention indices of nitrogen-containing polycyclic aromatic compounds (N-PACs) have been predicted by quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) analysis based on heuristic method (HM) implemented in CODESSA. In order to indicate the influence of different molecular descriptors on retention indices and well understand the important structural factors affecting the experimental values, three multivariable linear models derived from three groups of different molecular descriptors were built...
November 15, 2005: Talanta
Jean Szymezak, Nathalie Leroy, Emmanuelle Lavalard, Philippe Gillery
BACKGROUND: Measurement of HbA 1c is key in monitoring diabetic patients in both laboratories and clinical units, where HbA 1c results are used as part of patient education. METHODS: We have evaluated the DCA Vantage, a new device for immunological assay of HbA 1c. HbA 1c results obtained were evaluated in terms of precision, linearity, specificity and practicability, and were compared with results obtained by a Variant II HPLC method. RESULTS: The method exhibited intra- and inter-assay coefficients of variation lower than 2...
2008: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: CCLM
Tassanee Silawan, Pratap Singhasivanon, Jaranit Kaewkungwal, Suchitra Nimmanitya, Wanapa Suwonkerd
This study aimed to determine temporal patterns and develop a forecasting model for dengue incidence in northeastern Thailand. Reported cases were obtained from the Thailand national surveillance system. The temporal patterns were displayed by plotting monthly rates, the seasonal-trend decomposition procedure based on loess (STL) was performed using R 2.2.1 software, and the trend was assessed using Poisson regression. The forecasting model for dengue incidence was performed in R 2.2.1 and Intercooled Stata 9...
January 2008: Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
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