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Mast cell activation syndrome

Ji-Meng Zhao, Liu Chen, Ci-Li Zhou, Yin Shi, Yu-Wei Li, Hai-Xia Shang, Lu-Yi Wu, Chun-Hui Bao, Chuan-Zi Dou, Huan-Gan Wu
Aim. To compare whether there is different effect between electroacupuncture (EA) and moxibustion (Mox) on visceral hypersensitivity (their analgesic effects) in constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (C-IBS). Methods. EA at 1 mA and 3 mA and Mox at 43°C and 46°C were applied to the Shangjuxu (ST37, bilateral) acupoint in rats with C-IBS and normal rats. An abdominal withdrawal reflex (AWR) score was used to assess visceral hypersensitivity. Toluidine blue staining was used to assess mast cell (MC) activity in colon of rats...
2016: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: ECAM
Colin Barber, Chrystyna Kalicinsky
BACKGROUND: Adult onset food allergy is a rare, but increasingly recognized phenomenon. Mast cell activation syndromes present an ongoing diagnostic and classification challenge. The combination of the two has been rarely described in the literature. CASE PRESENTATION: We present a case of a new onset, IgE mediated food allergy in combination with a mast cell activation syndrome in an elderly patient not known to have a history of atopy. He presented to a hospital with a first presentation of anaphylaxis manifesting profound hypotension following consumption of a stew consisting of fish and shellfish...
2016: Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology
Bernard Panaszek, Robert Pawłowicz, Jędrzej Grzegrzółka, Andrzej Obojski
Recent years of research have shed a new light on the role of IgE in immune reactions. It seems to be more than just a contribution to immediate type of allergic response. It appears that monomeric IgE may enhance mast cell activity without cross-linking of FcεRI by IgE specific allergen or autoreactive IgG anti-IgE antibodies. Monomeric IgE molecules are heterogeneous concerning their ability to induce survival and activation of mast cells only by binding the IgE to FcεRI, but not affecting degranulation of cells...
August 31, 2016: Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis
Jean Christoph Caubet, Ramon Bencharitiwong, Andrew Ross, Hugh A Sampson, M Cecilia Berin, Anna Nowak-Węgrzyn
BACKGROUND: Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) is a non-IgE-mediated food allergy manifesting within 1 to 4 hours of food ingestion with repetitive emesis and lethargy. OBJECTIVE: We sought to characterize immune responses to casein in children with FPIES caused by cow's milk (CM). METHODS: Total IgE and IgM, CM-specific IgG, and casein-specific IgE, IgG, IgG4, and IgM levels, as well as immunoglobulin free light chains, were measured in both patients with active and those with resolved CM-FPIES...
July 15, 2016: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
D Xu, W Chen, W X Zhou, C D Wang, G J Fei, L M Zhu, H W Xin, D R Zhong, G Sun, X C Fang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the bowel symptoms and psychological status of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with diarrhea (IBS-D), and to verify whether sigmoid colon mucosal mast cells (MCs) and their activation have effect on the symptoms and psychological status of IBS-D patients. METHODS: Patients meeting Rome Ⅲ diagnostic and subtyping criteria of IBS-D who visited the outpatient clinic of gastroenterology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital were consecutively enrolled between July 2009 and June 2012...
August 9, 2016: Zhonghua Yi Xue za Zhi [Chinese medical journal]
Mona Schaalan, Waleed Mohamed, Rania Rahmo
BACKGROUND: In practice, there is increasing recognition of the importance of hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis in the cardiovascular disease progression. The association of brain natriuretic peptide with obesity and characteristics of the metabolic syndrome in adults and aged patients is well established, but that in pediatrics needs thorough elucidation. AIM: The aim of this study was to assess the association of hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis mediators (cortisol and aldosterone) with plasma NT-pro β-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) levels on metabolic, immune-inflammatory and endothelial markers in young obese pediatric patients...
2016: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome
Arnold S Kirshenbaum, Glenn Cruse, Avanti Desai, Geethani Bandara, Maarten Leerkes, Chyi-Chia R Lee, Elizabeth R Fischer, Kevin J O'Brien, Bernadette R Gochuico, Kelly Stone, William A Gahl, Dean D Metcalfe
Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome type-1 (HPS-1) is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in HPS1 which result in reduced expression of the HPS-1 protein, defective lysosome-related organelle (LRO) transport and absence of platelet delta granules. Patients with HPS-1 exhibit oculocutaneous albinism, colitis, bleeding and pulmonary fibrosis postulated to result from a dysregulated immune response. The effect of the HPS1 mutation on human mast cells (HuMCs) is unknown. Since HuMC granules classify as LROs along with platelet granules and melanosomes, we set out to determine if HPS-1 cutaneous and CD34+ culture-derived HuMCs have distinct granular and cellular characteristics...
2016: PloS One
Michael Camilleri, Paula Carlson, Nelson Valentin, Andres Acosta, Jessica O'Neill, Deborah Eckert, Roy Dyer, Jie Na, Eric W Klee, Joseph A Murray
Prior studies in with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D) patients showed immune activation, secretion, and barrier dysfunction in jejunal or colorectal mucosa. We measured mRNA expression by RT-PCR of 91 genes reflecting tight junction proteins, chemokines, innate immunity, ion channels, transmitters, housekeeping genes, and controls for DNA contamination and PCR efficiency in small intestinal mucosa from 15 IBS-D and 7 controls (biopsies negative for celiac disease). Fold change was calculated using 2((-ΔΔCT)) formula...
September 1, 2016: American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
Cynthia J Koziol-White, Yanlin Jia, Gretchen A Baltus, Philip R Cooper, Dennis M Zaller, Michael A Crackower, Erich E Sirkowski, Steven Smock, Alan B Northrup, Blanca E Himes, Stephen E Alves, Reynold A Panettieri
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Asthma manifests as a heterogeneous syndrome characterized by airway obstruction, inflammation and hyper-reactivity (AHR). Spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) mediates allergen-induced mast cell degranulation, a central component of allergen-induced inflammation and AHR. However, the role of Syk in IgE-mediated constriction of human small airways remains unknown. In this study, we addressed whether selective inhibition of Syk attenuates IgE-mediated constriction and mast cell mediator release in human small airways...
July 15, 2016: British Journal of Pharmacology
Mehmet Yilmaz, Tolga Cakmak, Aydin Yenilmez, Barbaros Baseskioglu, Suleyman Metin
INTRODUCTION: Currently no definitive cure exists for interstitial cystitis (IC). We investigated the therapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO₂) therapy in this syndrome in an experimental IC model through biochemical analyses and histopathological assessments. METHODS: 24 Sprague Dawley rats were divided into three treatment groups sham (transurethral intravesical injection with sterile distilled water), rats with IC (induced by transurethral intravesical injection with hydrochloric acid), and rats with IC + HBO₂...
May 2016: Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine: Journal of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc
Johann Bartko, Elisabeth Gludovacz, Karin Petroczi, Nicole Borth, Bernd Jilma, Thomas Boehm
Human diamine oxidase (hDAO, EC is the key enzyme in the degradation of extracellular histamine. Consumption of alcohol is a known trigger of mast cell degranulation in patients with mast cell activation syndrome. Ethanol may also interfere with enzymatic histamine degradation, but reports on the effects on DAO activity are controversial. There are also conflicting reports whether disulfiram, an FDA-approved agent in the treatment of alcohol dependence, inhibits DAO. We therefore investigated the inhibitory potential of ethanol and disulfiram and their metabolites on recombinant human DAO (rhDAO) in three different assay systems...
August 2016: Alcohol
Sigrid Regauer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Translational Andrology and Urology
Jia-Fong Jhang, Yung-Hsiang Hsu, Yuan-Hong Jiang, Hann-Chorng Kuo
BACKGROUND: A previous study revealed elevated serum Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in ketamine related cystitis (KC) patients. IgE might participate the pathogenesis of different types of bladder pain syndromes, including KC and interstitial cystitis (IC). OBJECTIVES: To investigate the IgE expression in KC and IC bladder tissue. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective evaluation. SETTING: The study was conducted in a tertiary teaching hospital, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital...
May 2016: Pain Physician
R Muñoz-Cano, C Picado, A Valero, J Bartra
Anaphylaxis is an acute, life-threatening, multisystem syndrome resulting from the sudden release of mediators derived from mast cells and basophils. Food allergens are the main triggers of anaphylaxis, accounting for 33%-56% of all cases and up to 81% of cases of anaphylaxis in children. Human anaphylaxis is generally thought to be mediated by IgE, with mast cells and basophils as key players, although alternative mechanisms have been proposed. Neutrophils and macrophages have also been implicated in anaphylactic reactions, as have IgG-dependent, complement, and contact system activation...
2016: Journal of Investigational Allergology & Clinical Immunology
Pervez Sultan, Katherine Seligman, Brendan Carvalho
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This article reviews our current understanding of amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), specifically the pathogenesis, treatment strategies, potential diagnostic tests and future therapeutic interventions for AFE. RECENT FINDINGS: The incidence and case mortality of AFE varies widely because of heterogeneous diagnostic criteria and varying reporting mechanisms across the world. Amniotic fluid embolism is thought to be caused by abnormal activation of immunologic mechanisms following entry of fetal antigens into maternal circulation...
June 2016: Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology
A W DeVilbiss, N Tanimura, S C McIver, K R Katsumura, K D Johnson, E H Bresnick
Complex developmental programs require orchestration of intrinsic and extrinsic signals to control cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Master regulatory transcription factors are vital components of the machinery that transduce these stimuli into cellular responses. This is exemplified by the GATA family of transcription factors that establish cell type-specific genetic networks and control the development and homeostasis of systems including blood, vascular, adipose, and cardiac. Dysregulated GATA factor activity/expression underlies anemia, immunodeficiency, myelodysplastic syndrome, and leukemia...
2016: Current Topics in Developmental Biology
Gerhard J Molderings, Britta Haenisch, Stefan Brettner, Jürgen Homann, Markus Menzen, Franz Ludwig Dumoulin, Jens Panse, Joseph Butterfield, Lawrence B Afrin
Mast cell activation disease (MCAD) is a term referring to a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by aberrant release of variable subsets of mast cell (MC) mediators together with accumulation of either morphologically altered and immunohistochemically identifiable mutated MCs due to MC proliferation (systemic mastocytosis [SM] and MC leukemia [MCL]) or morphologically ordinary MCs due to decreased apoptosis (MC activation syndrome [MCAS] and well-differentiated SM). Clinical signs and symptoms in MCAD vary depending on disease subtype and result from excessive mediator release by MCs and, in aggressive forms, from organ failure related to MC infiltration...
July 2016: Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
Jia-Fong Jhang, Hann-Chorng Kuo
The use of onabotulinumtoxinA (BoNT-A) for the treatment of lower urinary tract diseases (LUTD) has increased markedly in recent years. The indications for BoNT-A treatment of LUTD now include neurogenic or idiopathic detrusor overactivity, interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome and voiding dysfunction. The mechanisms of BoNT-A action on LUTDs affect many different aspects. Traditionally, the effects of BoNT-A were believed to be attributable to inhibition of acetylcholine release from the presynaptic efferent nerves at the neuromuscular junctions in the detrusor or urethral sphincter...
April 2016: Toxins
A I Muntyanu, M Raika, E G Zota
OBJECTIVE: to analyze the histotopographic distribution of neogenic vessels, the degree of mast cell degranulation, the expression of markers of macrophages in different types of plaques in different stages and in different arterial vessels in patients with atherosclerosis and in those with metabolic syndrome associated with atherosclerosis and to establish the role of mast cells and macrophages in the development of stages of atherosclerosis along with their diagnostic and prognostic value...
March 2016: Arkhiv Patologii
Sophie Georgin-Lavialle, Raphaël Gaillard, Daniela Moura, Olivier Hermine
Patients with mastocytosis can display various disabling general and neuropsychological symptoms among one third of them, including general signs such as fatigue and musculoskeletal pain, which can have a major impact on quality of life. Neurological symptoms are less frequent and mainly consist of acute or chronic headache (35%), rarely syncopes (5%), acute onset back pain (4%), and in a few cases, clinical and radiological symptoms resembling or allowing the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (1.3%). Headaches are associated with symptoms related to mast cell activation syndrome (flushes, prurit, and so forth) and more frequently present as migraine (37...
August 2016: Translational Research: the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine
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