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M N Peñas-Defrutos, C Bartolomé, M García-Melchor, P Espinet
Experiments mixing the stable 16e 5-coordinate complexes [RhCp*Ar2] (Cp* = C5Me5; Ar = C6F5, C6F3Cl2-3,5) uncover fast aryl transmetalations. Unexpectedly, as supported computationally, these exchanges are not spontaneous, but catalyzed by minute amounts of 18e (μ-OH)2[RhCp*Ar]2 as a source of 16e [RhCp*Ar(OH)]. The OH group is an amazingly efficient bridging partner to diminish the activation barrier of transmetalation.
January 11, 2018: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Kayoko Kobayashi, Yoko Ura, Satoshi Kimura, Junji Sugiyama
Cellulose, a main component of cell walls, generally makes materials hard and brittle. However, an ultratough, cellulosic material is found in nature: cherry bark. Surprisingly, it elongates by more than twice of its initial length and behaves as a plastic film during stretching. This amazing mechanical property is achieved by a well-designed cell wall structure; cellulose fibers are folded like helical springs, covered by multiple flexible layers of lipid polymers.
January 3, 2018: Advanced Materials
Rie Utoh, Junji Komori, Hiroyuki Kuge, Kohei Tatsumi, Masumi Yamada, Shinji Hirohashi, Masahiro Tsutsumi, Toshihiro Amanuma, Akira Yoshioka, Yoshiyuki Nakajima, Kenjiro Wake, Teruo Okano, Eric Lagasse, Kazuo Ohashi
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Since the first account of the myth of Prometheus, the amazing regenerative capacity of the liver has fascinated researchers due to its enormous medical potential. Liver regeneration is promoted by multiple types of liver cells, including hepatocytes and liver non-parenchymal cells (NPCs), through the complex intercellular signaling. However, the liver organogenetic mechanism, especially the role of adult hepatocytes at ectopic sites, remains unknown. In this study, we demonstrate that hepatocytes alone spurred liver organogenesis to form an organ-sized complex 3D liver that exhibited native liver architecture and functions in the kidneys of mice...
December 26, 2017: Journal of Hepatology
Paulo Michel Pinheiro Ferreira, Kátia da Conceição Machado, Lívia Queiroz de Sousa, Daisy Jereissati Barbosa Lima, Bruno Marques Soares, Bruno Coêlho Cavalcanti, Sarah Sant' Anna Maranhão, Janaina da Costa de Noronha, Domingos de Jesus Rodrigues, Gardenia Carmen Gadelha Militão, Mariana Helena Chaves, Gerardo Magela Vieira-Júnior, Cláudia Pessoa, Manoel Odorico de Moraes, João Marcelo de Castro E Sousa, Ana Amélia de Carvalho Melo-Cavalcante
Skin toad secretion present physiologically active molecules to protect them against microorganisms, predators and infections. This work detailed the antiproliferative action of marinobufagin on tumor and normal lines, investigate its mechanism on HL-60 leukemia cells and its toxic effects on Allium cepa meristematic cells. Initially, cytotoxic action was assessed by colorimetric assays. Next, HL-60 cells were analyzed by morphological and flow cytometry techniques and growing A. cepa roots were examined after 72 h exposure...
December 26, 2017: Toxicology Letters
(no author information available yet)
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December 28, 2017: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance
Wei Xu, Yanyan Fu, Huan Liu, Qingguo He, Huimin Cao, Jiangong Cheng
In this contribution, completely different from traditional probes based on molecular host-guest interaction, crystal level interaction was proposed as an ultrasensitive design strategy for molecule detection. In such strategy, crystal-guest interaction triggered rapid crystal disaggregation to gain great signal change, far more efficient than molecule scale coupling. Highly ordered pyrene methanol (PM) crystal was self-assembled with hydrogen bond chain and π-π stacking force. Its {011} surface can be destabilized by methamphetamine hydrochlorate (MA, heavily used illicit drug) selectively and efficiently...
December 14, 2017: Analytical Chemistry
Xing-Yu Meng, Yuzi Luo, Muhammad Naveed Anwar, Yuan Sun, Yao Gao, Huawei Zhang, Muhammad Munir, Hua-Ji Qiu
Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a class of non-protein-coding RNA molecules, which are involved in various biological processes, including chromatin modification, cell differentiation, pre-mRNA transcription and splicing, protein translation, etc. During the last decade, increasing evidence has suggested the involvement of lncRNAs in both immune and antiviral responses as positive or negative regulators. The immunity-associated lncRNAs modulate diverse and multilayered immune checkpoints, including activation or repression of innate immune signaling components, such as interleukin (IL)-8, IL-10, retinoic acid inducible gene I, toll-like receptors 1, 3, and 8, and interferon (IFN) regulatory factor 7, transcriptional regulation of various IFN-stimulated genes, and initiation of the cell apoptosis pathways...
2017: Frontiers in Immunology
Igor Ostanin, Alexander Safonov, Ivan Oseledets
Natural arches, pillars and other exotic sandstone formations have always been attracting attention for their unusual shapes and amazing mechanical balance that leave a strong impression of intelligent design rather than the result of a stochastic process. It has been recently demonstrated that these shapes could have been the result of the negative feedback between stress and erosion that originates in fundamental laws of friction between the rock's constituent particles. Here we present a deeper analysis of this idea and bridge it with the approaches utilized in shape and topology optimisation...
December 11, 2017: Scientific Reports
Xintian Shen, Zhibo Zhu, Yi Ding, Wenjiao Wu, Jie Yang, Shuwen Liu
Background and Objectives Recently influenza pandemic outbreaks were caused by emerging H5N1H7N9 and H1N1 viruses. However, virucidal disinfectants are mainly unspecific and toxic. It is tactical to discover specific virucidal compounds. METHODS: The inhibitory potency was determined in H5N1 pseudovirus system; Interactions of compounds with hemagglutinin(HA) were detected with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and further calculated with molecular docking. Virucidal effect was also estimated in influenza virus A/Puerto Rico/8/34(H1N1)...
December 8, 2017: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Rebecca Graystone
Clinical nurses and nurse leaders are inspiring and fostering amazing outcomes. In this column, the new Magnet Recognition Program® director discusses the expectation for dissemination of outcomes from Magnet®-designated organizations building on work presented at the 2017 National Magnet Conference™.
January 2018: Journal of Nursing Administration
Jennifer A Marshall Graves
Making my career in Australia exposed me to the tyranny of distance, but it gave me opportunities to study our unique native fauna. Distantly related animal species present genetic variation that we can use to explore the most fundamental biological structures and processes. I have compared chromosomes and genomes of kangaroos and platypus, tiger snakes and emus, devils (Tasmanian) and dragons (lizards). I particularly love the challenges posed by sex chromosomes, which, apart from determining sex, provide stunning examples of epigenetic control and break all the evolutionary rules that we currently understand...
December 7, 2017: Annual Review of Animal Biosciences
Thoru Pederson
Convened at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on October 22-25, 2017, "40 Years of mRNA Splicing: From Discovery to Therapeutics" was one in a series of meetings held by the Laboratory's Genentech Center for the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology ( of Science/), organized by Mila Pollock, Executive Director of Library and Archives and on this occasion co-organized by Phil Sharp (MIT) and Joan Steitz (Yale) (Fig. 1). In coming up with a title for this report, I couldn't resist punning that of one of the two seminal papers (Berget et al...
December 5, 2017: RNA
Riccardo Miggiano, Anna Valenti, Franca Rossi, Menico Rizzi, Giuseppe Perugino, Maria Ciaramella
O⁶-DNA-alkyl-guanine-DNA-alkyl-transferases (OGTs) are evolutionarily conserved, unique proteins that repair alkylation lesions in DNA in a single step reaction. Alkylating agents are environmental pollutants as well as by-products of cellular reactions, but are also very effective chemotherapeutic drugs. OGTs are major players in counteracting the effects of such agents, thus their action in turn affects genome integrity, survival of organisms under challenging conditions and response to chemotherapy. Numerous studies on OGTs from eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea have been reported, highlighting amazing features that make OGTs unique proteins in their reaction mechanism as well as post-reaction fate...
December 5, 2017: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Sandra Kosiorek, Bartłomiej Rosa, Tomasz Boinski, Helena Butkiewicz, Marek P Szymański, Oksana Danylyuk, Agnieszka Szumna, Volodymyr Sashuk
Numerous applications of Stoddart's 'blue-box', a pyridinium containing macrocycle of rectangular shape, encouraged us to seek successors of this amazing molecule. Using a one-step cyclization reaction we synthesized a square-shaped cyclic tetramer consisting of 4-methylenepyridinium units - pillar[4]pyridinium (P[4]P). Pillar[4]pyridinium is a quadruply positively charged water-soluble macrocycle with a highly symmetric, strained structure and an electron-deficient cavity. These features impel the macrocycle to assemble into channel networks in the solid state and render it an effective fluoride receptor in water...
December 4, 2017: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Baojin Yao, Mei Zhang, Meichen Liu, Qun Wang, Meixin Liu, Yu Zhao
Deer antlers are amazing natural appendages that grow faster than any other known mammalian bone. Antler growth occurs at the tip and is initially cartilage, which is later replaced by bone tissue. However, little is known regarding the precise role of cooperation between cell lineages and functional genes in regulating antler growth, and molecular mechanisms responsible for rapid growth remain elusive. In this study, we use an RNA-Seq approach to elucidate the full spectrum of cell lineages, functional genes, and their cooperative interactions during antler growth...
November 29, 2017: DNA and Cell Biology
Allan C Spradling
Polytene chromosomes have for 80 years provided the highest resolution view of interphase genome structure in an animal cell nucleus. These chromosomes represent the normal genomic state of nearly all Drosophila larval and many adult cells, and a better understanding of their striking banded structure has been sought for decades. A more recently appreciated characteristic of Drosophila polytene cells is somatic genome instability caused by unfinished replication (UR). Repair of stalled forks generates enough deletions in polytene salivary gland cells to alter 10%-90% of the DNA strands within more than 100 UR regions comprising 20% of the euchromatic genome...
November 22, 2017: Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology
Marie Blanchette, Richard Daneman
In this issue of JEM, Antila et al. ( demonstrate that central nervous system lymphatics develop in the mouse meninges during early postnatal periods and display remarkable plasticity in adult periods through manipulation of VEGF-C-VEGFR3 signaling.
November 21, 2017: Journal of Experimental Medicine
Kirk J Grubbs, Rachel M Bleich, Kevin C Santa Maria, Scott E Allen, Sherif Farag, Elizabeth A Shank, Albert A Bowers
Bacteria possess an amazing capacity to synthesize a diverse range of structurally complex, bioactive natural products known as specialized (or secondary) metabolites. Many of these specialized metabolites are used as clinical therapeutics, while others have important ecological roles in microbial communities. The biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) that generate these metabolites can be identified in bacterial genome sequences using their highly conserved genetic features. We analyzed an unprecedented 1,566 bacterial genomes from Bacillus species and identified nearly 20,000 BGCs...
November 2017: MSystems
K A Motovilov, M Savinov, E S Zhukova, A A Pronin, Z V Gagkaeva, V Grinenko, K V Sidoruk, T A Voeikova, P Yu Barzilovich, A K Grebenko, S V Lisovskii, V I Torgashev, P Bednyakov, J Pokorný, M Dressel, B P Gorshunov
The electrodynamics of metals is well understood within the Drude conductivity model; properties of insulators and semiconductors are governed by a gap in the electronic states. But there is a great variety of disordered materials that do not fall in these categories and still respond to external field in an amazingly uniform manner. At radiofrequencies delocalized charges yield a frequency-independent conductivity σ 1(ν) whose magnitude exponentially decreases while cooling. With increasing frequency, dispersionless conductivity starts to reveal a power-law dependence σ 1(ν)∝ν (s) with s < 1 caused by hopping charge carriers...
November 16, 2017: Scientific Reports
Lizhi Xu, Xueli Zhao, Chuanlai Xu, Nicholas A Kotov
Load-bearing soft tissues, e.g., cartilage, ligaments, and blood vessels, are made predominantly from water (65-90%) which is essential for nutrient transport to cells. Yet, they display amazing stiffness, toughness, strength, and deformability attributed to the reconfigurable 3D network from stiff collagen nanofibers and flexible proteoglycans. Existing hydrogels and composites partially achieve some of the mechanical properties of natural soft tissues, but at the expense of water content. Concurrently, water-rich biomedical polymers are elastic but weak...
November 14, 2017: Advanced Materials
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