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Ran Thein, Oded Hershkovich, Barak Gordon, Gideon Burstein, Shay Tenebaum, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Ari Shamis, Arnon Afek, Yitshak Kreiss
Anterior cruciate ligament and meniscal injuries are associated with secondary osteoarthrosis which may lead to functional impairment and economic burden. The prevalence of knee injury has not been studied in depth. Our purpose was to report the prevalence of knee ligament and meniscal injuries and their associations with gender, body mass index (BMI), and height in young adults and to characterize individuals with meniscal injuries who gained full recovery. A cross-sectional, population-based study was conducted...
November 23, 2016: Journal of Knee Surgery
A Chaudhry, D Garcia-Carracedo, Z Bomzon, H S Hershkovich, C Wenger, U Weinberg, Y Palti
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
N Urman, Z Bomzon, H S Hershkovich, U Weinberg, E Kirson, Y Palti
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
October 1, 2016: International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics
S Hershkovich, A H Stark, C S Levi, D Weiner, O Gur, G S Rozen
Malnourishment is prevalent in hospitalized patients and associated with adverse medical outcomes. Thus, nutrition screening to identify high-risk patients is widespread. However, no single universal tool has been shown to be suitable for all hospital departments. To address this challenge, a novel, tailored, electronic tool for nutritional screening was developed and evaluated. The Rambam Automated Nutrition Computerized Screening tool efficiently screens all newly admitted patients and does not rely on self-reported height and weight estimates...
August 10, 2016: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Laura Castillo-Saavedra, Nigel Gebodh, Marom Bikson, Camilo Diaz-Cruz, Rivail Brandao, Livia Coutinho, Dennis Truong, Abhishek Datta, Revital Shani-Hershkovich, Michal Weiss, Ilan Laufer, Amit Reches, Ziv Peremen, Amir Geva, Lucas C Parra, Felipe Fregni
UNLABELLED: Despite promising preliminary results in treating fibromyalgia (FM) pain, no neuromodulation technique has been adopted in clinical practice because of limited efficacy, low response rate, or poor tolerability. This phase II open-label trial aims to define a methodology for a clinically effective treatment of pain in FM by establishing treatment protocols and screening procedures to maximize efficacy and response rate. High-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS) provides targeted subthreshold brain stimulation, combining tolerability with specificity...
January 2016: Journal of Pain: Official Journal of the American Pain Society
Barak Gordon, Aviad Hassid, Amir Bar-Shai, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Oded Hershkovich, Arnon Afek
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Asthma is associated with body mass index (BMI), but its association with socioeconomic status (SES) is controversial. The combined effect of SES and BMI on asthma prevalence is undetermined. METHODS: Seventeen-year-old pre-recruits to the Israeli Defense Forces underwent routine physical examinations. SES was determined according to established criteria based on place of residence. The study population was divided according to classic weight groups and three SES groups (low, medium and high)...
January 2016: Respirology: Official Journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology
A Reches, R-R Nir, M J Shram, D Dickman, I Laufer, R Shani-Hershkovich, Y Stern, M Weiss, D Yarnitsky, A B Geva
BACKGROUND: Pain perception is typically assessed using subjective measures; an objective measure of the response to pain would be valuable. In this study, Brain Network Activation (BNA), a novel multivariate pattern analysis and scoring algorithm, was applied to event-related potentials (ERPs) elicited by cortical responses to brief heat stimuli. Objectives of this study were to evaluate the utility of BNA as a quantitative and qualitative measure of cortical response to pain. METHODS: Contact Heat Evoked Potentials (CHEPs) data were collected from 17 healthy, right-handed volunteers (10 M, 7F) using 5 different temperatures (35, 41, 46, 49 and 52 °C)...
February 2016: European Journal of Pain: EJP
Oded Hershkovich, Shay Tenenbaum, Barak Gordon, Nathan Bruck, Ran Thein, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Ari Shamiss, Arnon Afek
Up to 40% of ankle sprains can result in chronic ankle instability (CAI). The prevalence of CAI and its association with body mass index (BMI) and height in the general young adult population has not been reported. The database records of young adults before recruitment into mandatory military service were studied. Information on the disability codes associated with CAI was retrieved. Logistic regression models were used to assess the association between the BMI and body height with various grades of CAI severity...
March 2015: Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery: Official Publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Oded Hershkovich, Alon Friedlander, Barak Gordon, Harel Arzi, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Ari Shamiss, Arnon Afek
BACKGROUND CONTEXT: The most common spinal deformities among adolescents are adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS; 2%-3% prevalence) and Scheuermann kyphosis (SK; 1%-8% prevalence). Both are believed to have a genetic influence in their etiology. The association between body mass index (BMI) and body stature and their possible association to spinal deformities is uncertain. STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional prevalence study. PURPOSE: To examine the prevalence of all adolescent spinal deformities according to the extent of their severity as well as their possible association to BMI and body height...
August 1, 2014: Spine Journal: Official Journal of the North American Spine Society
Nachshon Shazar, Iris Eshed, Nissim Ackshota, Oded Hershkovich, Alexander Khazanov, Amir Herman
OBJECTIVE: To compare the reduction quality, surgery time, and early postoperative complications between the 2 following surgical approaches: the ilioinguinal and the anterior intrapelvic (AIP or modified Rives-Stoppa). DESIGN: Retrospective study. PATIENTS: Comparison of 122 patients operated in our center between 1996 and 2003 with the ilioinguinal approach and 103 cases operated between 2004 and 2011 with the AIP approach. SETTING: Level 1 trauma center, acetabular fracture surgery referral center...
June 2014: Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma
Yaron Sela, Oded Hershkovich, Nir Sher-Lurie, Amos Schindler, Uri Givon
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to analyze our experience in treating femoral shaft fractures with different strategies, focusing on the first year after injury when the choice of method would have the greatest impact. METHODS: We reviewed the medical records of all children treated for femoral shaft fractures in our institution between 1997 and 2010. They were divided according to therapeutic approach: spica cast, skin traction, titanium elastic nail (TEN), external fixator, intramedullary medullary nail (IMN), and plating...
2013: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research
Shay Tenenbaum, Oded Hershkovich, Barak Gordon, Nathan Bruck, Ran Thein, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Ari Shamiss, Arnon Afek
BACKGROUND: Most studies on the prevalence of flexible pes planus (FPP) have been conducted in pediatric populations and older adults. There is limited comparable information on these parameters for the adolescent age group. The purpose of this study was to report the prevalence of FPP and its association with body mass index (BMI), body height, and gender among healthy and fit adolescents. METHODS: The data for this study were derived from a medical database containing records of 17-year-old males and females before their recruitment into mandatory military service...
June 2013: Foot & Ankle International
Oded Hershkovich, Alon Friedlander, Barak Gordon, Harel Arzi, Estela Derazne, Dorit Tzur, Ari Shamis, Arnon Afek
Body mass index (BMI) (calculated as weight (kg)/height (m)²) and height are linked to the pathogenesis of low back pain, but evidence-based confirmation is lacking. We examined the prevalence of low back pain in adolescents and its association with BMI and height. Disability clauses (official military limitations related to a person's health status) indicating low back pain severity were divided according to symptoms of low back pain alone and symptoms of low back pain with objective corroborating findings...
August 15, 2013: American Journal of Epidemiology
Gabriel Gutman, Oded Hershkovich, Yehuda Amit, Amnon Israeli
Metal-on-metal (MOM) bearing surfaces in total hip arthroplasty have been recently shown to have acceptable survivorship properties, and they have certain advantages and disadvantages when compared to conventional metal-on-polyethylene bearing surfaces. Like traditional metal-on-polyethylene bearings, these metal-on-metal implants may also suffer from catastrophic failure. Patients can develop a local reaction to the metal ions produced by the articulation and present with pain or early loosening due to the local inflammatory reaction...
November 2013: European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology: Orthopédie Traumatologie
Arnon Broides, Lia Kirjner, Rafael Gorodischer, Jacob Hershkovich
BACKGROUND: The effects of ethnicity on beta lactam allergy have not been reported. The Negev Desert in Southern Israel is inhabited by two ethnically distinct populations: Jews and Bedouin Muslims. Approximately 60% of the pediatric population of the area is Jewish. Whereas most Jews live in Westernized urban centers, Bedouins are in the process of transition from semi-nomadic conditions to a sedentary lifestyle and the majority of them now live in towns and villages. We sought to determine the rate and characteristics of physician-reported beta lactam allergy in Jewish and Bedouin children...
February 2010: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
Ohad Katz, Jacob Hershkovich, Arnon Broides, Jacov Levy
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
February 2009: Pediatrics International: Official Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society
J Hershkovich, A Broides, L Kirjner, H Smith, R Gorodischer
BACKGROUND: In patients who were clinically diagnosed as having beta lactam allergy and had negative skin tests, the rates of reported resensitization to beta lactams after subsequent exposures, vary significantly. Some allergists advocate skin testing before every exposure to beta lactams. OBJECTIVE: We sought to determine the true rate of beta lactam allergy and of resensitization in children with a positive history for suspected beta lactam allergy. METHODS: The study was conducted from July 1998 to May 2004, with follow-up during 2007...
May 2009: Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Jacob Dreiher, Aviv Goldbart, Jacob Hershkovich, Daniel A Vardy, Arnon D Cohen
Non-attendance for scheduled appointments is common in many medical specialties. However, there are no published reports on non-attendance in pediatric allergy clinics. We investigated the factors for non-attendance in pediatric allergy patients. We assessed the effects of age, gender, ethnic origin, waiting time for an appointment and the timing of the appointment on non-attendance proportions. Chi-square tests were used to analyze statistically significant differences of categorical variables. Logistic regression models were used for multivariate analyses...
September 2008: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Oded Hershkovich, Itay Shafat, Rafael M Nagler
Oral cancer's much higher prevalence among older people may be due to an age-related reduction in protective salivary antioxidant mechanisms and/or an age-related increase in the magnitude of oral carcinogen attack, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS), causing DNA aberrations. This study found a significantly reduced total value of salivary antioxidant capacity in elderly persons (as measured by overall antioxidant capacity [ImAnOx] assay), (46% of healthy individuals, p =...
April 2007: Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences
Rafael M Nagler, Oded Hershkovich
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The purpose of the current study was to examine the salivary flow rate and composition in relation to drug consumption and idiopathic oral sensorial complaints (OSC). OSC cover xerostomia, disturbed sense of taste, or burning mouth sensitivity with no established classical etiology (e.g., Sjogren's syndrome, or a response to radiotherapy). METHODS: A thorough sialometrical and sialochemical analysis was performed for all subjects who were healthy non-hospitalized individuals ranging in age from 18-89 years...
October 2005: Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
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