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Bui Tien Sy, Nghiem Xuan Hoan, Hoang Van Tong, Christian G Meyer, Nguyen Linh Toan, Le Huu Song, Claus-Thomas Bock, Thirumalaisamy P Velavan
AIM: To investigate possible effects of IRF5 polymorphisms in the 3' UTR region of the IFR5 locus on susceptibility to hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and progression of liver diseases among clinically classified Vietnamese patients. METHODS: Four IFR5 SNPs (rs13242262A/T, rs77416878C/T, rs10488630A/G, and rs2280714T/C) were genotyped in clinically classified HBV patients [chronic hepatitis B (CHB). n = 99; liver cirrhosis (LC), n = 131; hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), n = 149] and in 242 healthy controls by direct sequencing and TaqMan real-time PCR assays...
January 14, 2018: World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG
Raffaella Santagiuliana, Rui C Pereira, Bernhard A Schrefler, Paolo Decuzzi
A continuum porous media model is developed for elucidating the role of the mechanical cues in regulating tumor growth and spreading. It is shown that stiffer matrices and higher cell-matrix adhesion limit tumor growth and spreading toward the surrounding tissue. Higher matrix porosities, conversely, favor the growth and the dissemination of tumor cells. This model could be used for predicting the response of malignant masses to novel therapeutic agents affecting directly the tumor microenvironment and its micromechanical cues...
March 2018: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
Rohit Shetty, Rushad Shroff, Tushar Grover, T Roshan, Chaitra Jayadev
A 29-year-old male was referred following a flap loss after the creation of a thin, irregular flap with a visual acuity of logMAR 0.1 with -2.0 DS-2.75 DC × 175°. Corneal topography and anterior segment optical coherence tomography revealed an irregular corneal curvature and epithelial profile. Phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) followed by Topography - Guided Custom Ablation Treatment (TCAT), as a modification of the topographic neutralization technique protocol, was planned to regularize the corneal surface and treat the residual refractive error...
July 2017: Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
K K V V V S Reddy, S Viswanadha Raju, Chinta Someswara Rao
In this data, we present 10 Simple Sequence Repeat(SSR) markers TAGA, TCAT, GAAT, AGAT, AGAA, GATA, TATC, CTTT, TCTG and TCTA which are extracted from the genomes of homo sapiens and monkeys using string matching mechanism [1]. All loci showed 4 Base Pair(bp) in allele size, indicating that there are some polymorphisms between individuals correlating to the number of SSR repeats that maybe useful for the detection of similarity among the genotypes. Collectively, these data show that the SSR extraction is a valuable method to illustrate genetic variation of genomes...
June 2017: Data in Brief
Rohit Shetty, Rushad Shroff, Kalyani Deshpande, Roshan Gowda, Sumeet Lahane, Chaitra Jayadev
PURPOSE: To analyze refractive outcomes of wavefront-optimized (WFO) ablation and topography-guided custom ablation (TCAT) profiles using the Allegretto Wave excimer laser platform (Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Fort Worth, TX) in the treatment of myopia. METHODS: Sixty eyes of 30 patients who underwent LASIK were included in this prospective interventional study. WFO ablation was performed in one eye (WFO group) and TCAT in the fellow eye (TCAT group). The WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser (Alcon Laboratories, Inc...
January 1, 2017: Journal of Refractive Surgery
Di Wu, Guoyuan Liu, Yufeng Liu, Hexige Saiyin, Chenji Wang, Zhen Wei, Wenjiao Zen, Danyang Liu, Qi Chen, Zhonghua Zhao, Liping Zou, Haojie Huang, Songmin Jiang, Long Yu
UNLABELLED: Interplay between cell polarity module Scribble-Lethal Giant Larvae-Discs Large 1 (DLG1) and Yes-associated protein (YAP) appears critical in tumor metastasis. We identified zinc finger protein 191 (ZNF191) as a metastasis suppressor acting through DLG-YAP crosstalk in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Overexpression of ZNF191 in HCC cells impaired cell motility, while ZNF191 depletion promoted cell migration in vitro and metastasis in vivo through triggering YAP signaling. Chromatin immunoprecipitation-sequencing revealed that ZNF191 specifically bound to the promoter of DLG1, a cell polarity maintainer and a negative regulator of YAP...
October 2016: Hepatology: Official Journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Chinta Someswara Rao, S Viswanadha Raju
Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have been rapidly applied in biomedical and biological research in recent years. To provide the comprehensive NGS resource for the research, in this paper , we have considered 10 loci/codi/repeats TAGA, TCAT, GAAT, AGAT, AGAA, GATA, TATC, CTTT, TCTG and TCTA. Then we developed the NGS Tandem Repeat Database (TandemRepeatDB) for all the chromosomes of Homo sapiens, Callithrix jacchus, Chlorocebus sabaeus, Gorilla gorilla, Macaca fascicularis, Macaca mulatta, Nomascus leucogenys, Pan troglodytes, Papio anubis and Pongo abelii genome data sets for all those locis...
March 2016: Genomics Data
Ying-Shi Guan, Yunke Qin, Yuanhui Sun, Jie Chen, Wei Xu, Daoben Zhu
Single-bundle nanofiber based OFETs were fabricated from co-assembled supramolecular nanofibers which comprise TCAT and PDI-13, using a simple gelation method. The co-assembled supramolecular nanoarchitecture was fully characterized by means of optical microscopy, TEM, SEM, 2D-GIWAXS and so on. The devices exhibited typical ambipolar charge transport characteristics with very well-balanced hole and electron mobilities as well as high photoresponsivity under ambient conditions.
March 28, 2016: Chemical Communications: Chem Comm
Honghan Fei, Seth M Cohen
The incorporation of 2,3-dimercaptoterephthalate (thiocatecholate, tcat) into a highly robust UiO-type metal-organic framework (MOF) has been achieved via postsynthetic exchange (PSE). The anionic, electron-donating thiocatecholato motif provides an excellent platform to obtain site-isolated and coordinatively unsaturated soft metal sites in a robust MOF architecture. Metalation of the thiocatechol group with palladium affords unprecedented Pd-mono(thiocatecholato) moieties within these MOFs. Importantly, Pd-metalated MOFs are efficient, heterogeneous, and recyclable catalysts for regioselective functionalization of sp(2) C-H bond...
February 18, 2015: Journal of the American Chemical Society
G Sciumè, S Shelton, Wg Gray, Ct Miller, F Hussain, M Ferrari, P Decuzzi, Ba Schrefler
Several mathematical formulations have analyzed the time-dependent behaviour of a tumor mass. However, most of these propose simplifications that compromise the physical soundness of the model. Here, multiphase porous media mechanics is extended to model tumor evolution, using governing equations obtained via the Thermodynamically Constrained Averaging Theory (TCAT). A tumor mass is treated as a multiphase medium composed of an extracellular matrix (ECM); tumor cells (TC), which may become necrotic depending on the nutrient concentration and tumor phase pressure; healthy cells (HC); and an interstitial fluid (IF) for the transport of nutrients...
January 2013: New Journal of Physics
Fengrui Li, Jinfeng Xuan, Jiaxin Xing, Mei Ding, Baojie Wang, Hao Pang
Several commercial multiplex PCR kits for the amplification of short tandem repeat (STR) loci have been extensively applied in forensic genetics. Consequently, large numbers of samples have been genotyped, and the number of discordant genotypes observed has also increased. We observed allele dropout with two novel alleles at the STR loci TH01 and D13S317 during paternity testing using the AmpFℓSTR Identifiler PCR Amplification Kit. The lost alleles reappeared when alternative PCR primer pairs were used. A sequence analysis revealed a G-to-A substitution 82 bases downstream of the last TCAT motif of the repeat region at the TH01 locus (GenBank accession: D00269) and a G-to-T substitution 90 bases upstream of the first TATC motif of the repeat region at the D13S317 locus (GenBank accession: G09017)...
January 2014: Forensic Science International. Genetics
Jiayi Hu, Lai Fong Chan, Renan P Souza, Maria Tampakeras, James L Kennedy, Clement Zai, Vincenzo De Luca
Evidence has shown that attempted suicide in psychiatric disorders is a complex interplay of genes and environment. Noradrenergic dysfunction due to abnormalities in the tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) gene has been implicated in the pathogenesis of suicidal behavior in mood disorders. However, suicide is a leading cause of mortality in schizophrenia too. Recent evidence suggests that TH gene variants may also increase the risk of suicide attempts in schizophrenia patients, although the interaction with established clinical risk factors is unclear...
January 24, 2014: Neuroscience Letters
Tae-Lim Yoon, Kyung-Mi Park, Sil-Ah Choi, Ji-Hyun Lee, Hyo-Jung Jeong, Heon-Seock Cynn
A wide range of intra- and inter-rater reliabilities of the trochanteric prominence angle test (TPAT) has been reported. We introduced the transcondylar angle test (TCAT) as an alternative to the TPAT and using a smartphone as a reliable measurement tool for femoral neck anteversion (FNA) measurement. The reliabilities of the TPAT and the TCAT, the reliability of using a smartphone as a clinical measurement tool, and the correlation between the difference value of medial knee joint space (KJS) between rest and tested positions and the difference value between the TPAT and TCAT were assessed...
April 2014: Manual Therapy
Mateo I Sánchez, Olalla Vázquez, M Eugenio Vázquez, José L Mascareñas
Transcription factors (TFs) are specialized proteins that play a key role in the regulation of genetic expression. Their mechanism of action involves the interaction with specific DNA sequences, which usually takes place through specialized domains of the protein. However, achieving an efficient binding usually requires the presence of the full protein. This is the case for bZIP and zinc finger TF families, which cannot interact with their target sites when the DNA binding fragments are presented as isolated monomers...
July 22, 2013: Chemistry: a European Journal
Jesús Mosquera, Adrián Jiménez-Balsa, Verónica I Dodero, M Eugenio Vázquez, José L Mascareñas
One of the strategies used by nature to regulate gene expression relies on the stimuli-controlled combination of DNA-binding proteins. This in turn determines the target-binding site within the genome, and thereby whether a particular gene is activated or repressed. Here we demonstrate how a designed basic region leucine zipper-based peptide can be directed towards two different DNA sequences depending on its dimerization arrangement. While the monomeric peptide is non-functional, a C-terminal metallo-dimer recognizes the natural ATF/CREB-binding site (5'-ATGA cg TCAT-3'), and a N-terminal disulphide dimer binds preferentially to the swapped sequence (5'-TCAT cg ATGA-3')...
2013: Nature Communications
Jenna van Draanen, Simon Corneau, Thomas Henderson, Adam Quastel, Robin Griller, Vicky Stergiopoulos
The Toronto Community Addictions Team (TCAT) is an intensive case management intervention designed to serve people with addictions who are frequent service users, thus addressing a health system priority. Questionnaires given to 65 participants at baseline, 3 months, and 6 months and semi-structured interviews of 10 program participants explored participants' outcomes and experiences with the program. Qualitative findings, analyzed using thematic content analysis, suggest that participants value the program's commitment to harm reduction, financial trusteeship, and recovery orientation...
May 2013: Substance Use & Misuse
G Sciumè, S E Shelton, W G Gray, C T Millers, F Hussain, M Ferrari, P Decuzzi, B A Schrefler
Multiphase porous media mechanics is used for modeling tumor growth, using governing equations obtained via the thermodynamically constrained averaging theory (TCAT). This approach incorporates the interaction of more phases than legacy tumor growth models. The tumor is treated as a multiphase system composed of an extracellular matrix, tumor cells which may become necrotic depending on nutrient level and pressure, healthy cells and an interstitial fluid which transports nutrients. The governing equations are numerically solved within a Finite Element framework for predicting the growth rate of the tumor mass, and of its individual components, as a function of the initial tumor-to-healthy cell ratio, nutrient concentration, and mechanical strain...
September 2012: Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics: MCB
Donald S Shepard, Wu Zeng, Gail K Strickler, Aung K Lwin, Marion J Cros, Bryan R Garner
Although several costing instruments have been previously developed, few have been validated or applied systematically to the delivery of evidence-based practices (EBPs). Using data collected from 26 organizations implementing the same EBP, this paper examined the reliability, validity, and applicability of the brief Treatment Cost Analysis Tool (TCAT-Lite). The TCAT-Lite demonstrated good reliability-correlations between replications averaged 0.61. Validity also was high, with correlation of treated episodes per $100,000 between the TCAT-Lite and independent data of 0...
October 1, 2012: Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly
William G Gray, Cass T Miller
This work is the fifth in a series of papers on the thermodynamically constrained averaging theory (TCAT) approach for modeling flow and transport phenomena in multiscale porous medium systems. The general TCAT framework and the mathematical foundation presented in previous works are used to develop models that describe species transport and single-fluid-phase flow through a porous medium system in varying physical regimes. Classical irreversible thermodynamics formulations for species in fluids, solids, and interfaces are developed...
May 1, 2009: Advances in Water Resources
Garima Singh, Sekar Ramachandran, Richard A Cerione
The activation of Gα subunits of heterotrimeric G proteins by G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) is a critical event underlying a variety of biological responses. Understanding how G proteins are activated will require structural and biochemical analyses of GPCRs complexed to their G protein partners, together with structure-function studies of Gα mutants that shed light on the different steps in the activation pathway. Previously, we reported that the substitution of a glycine for a proline at position 56 within the linker region connecting the helical and GTP-binding domains of a Gα chimera, designated αT*, yields a more readily exchangeable state for guanine nucleotides...
April 17, 2012: Biochemistry
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