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Dog ear

Darja Kušar, Karin Šrimpf, Petra Isaković, Lina Kalšek, Javid Hosseini, Irena Zdovc, Tina Kotnik, Modest Vengušt, Gabrijela Tavčar-Kalcher
BACKGROUND: Bacterial intercellular communication, called quorum sensing, takes place via the production and collective response to signal molecules. In Gram-negative bacteria, like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, these signaling molecules are N-acylhomoserine lactones (AHLs). P. aeruginosa is a common cause of inflammation of the ear canal (otitis externa) in dogs. It employs quorum sensing to coordinate the expression of host tissue-damaging factors, which are largely responsible for its virulence...
October 18, 2016: BMC Veterinary Research
R B P Torrecilha, Y T Utsunomiya, A M Bosco, B F Almeida, P P Pereira, L G Narciso, D C M Pereira, L Baptistiolli, L Calvo-Bado, O Courtenay, C M Nunes, P C Ciarlini
Intensity of peripheral parasite infection has an important role in the transmission of Leishmania spp. from one host to another. As parasite load quantification is still an expensive procedure to be used routinely in epidemiological surveillance, the use of surrogate predictors may be an important asset in the identification of dogs with high transmitting ability. The present study examined whether common clinical and laboratory alterations can serve as predictors of peripheral parasitism in dogs naturally infected with Leishmania spp...
September 15, 2016: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Stefanie Riemer, Luciana Assis, Thomas W Pike, Daniel S Mills
Infrared thermography can visualize changes in body surface temperature that result from stress-induced physiological changes and alterations of blood flow patterns. Here we explored its use for remote stress monitoring (i.e. removing need for human presence) in a sample of six pet dogs. Dogs were tested in a brief separation test involving contact with their owner, a stranger, and social isolation for two one-minute-periods. Tests were filmed using a thermographic camera set up in a corner of the room, around 7m from where the subjects spent most of the time...
September 5, 2016: Physiology & Behavior
Keisuke Imafuku, Hiroo Hata, Yasuyuki Yamaguchi, Yuka Inamura, Shinya Kitamura, Teruki Yanagi, Hiroshi Shimizu
How to close skin defects is one of the most important considerations for skin surgeons. Rhomboid flaps are used for many types of skin defect. Such flaps, represented by the Limberg and Dufourmentel flaps, are widely used at any region of the body because they are composed of straight lines and are easy to draw. However, these valuable techniques have the disadvantage of being prone to dog-ears at a particular area of the flap. Therefore, our talented predecessors have modified these flaps in order to resolve the problems...
September 7, 2016: Journal of Dermatology
Mark Katory, Ross McLean, Khalid Osman, Mukhtar Ahmad, Tracey Hughes, Mike Newby, Christopher Dennison, Paul O'Loughlin
PURPOSE: Interpretation of water-soluble contrast enema following laparoscopic low anterior resection can be very challenging for both radiologists and colorectal surgeons. Discriminating the radiological appearances secondary to anastomotic configuration from those caused by actual anastomotic dehiscence is a common problem and may be made worse with the advent of laparoscopic surgery. The aim of this study is to identify potential novel appearances of the water-soluble contrast enema (WSCE) images of rectal anastomosis following laparoscopic low anterior resection to radiologists and surgeons...
September 6, 2016: Abdominal Radiology
Carolin Ludwig, Anno de Jong, Hilde Moyaert, Farid El Garch, Regina Janes, Ulrich Klein, Ian Morrissey, Julien Thiry, Myriam Youala
AIMS: The ComPath project is a pan-European programme dedicated to the monitoring of antimicrobial susceptibility of pathogens from diseased dogs and cats using standardized methods and centralized MIC determination. Here, the susceptibility of major pathogens is reported from antimicrobial non-treated animals with acute clinical signs of skin, wound or ear infections in 2008-2010. METHODS AND RESULTS: MICs were determined by agar dilution for commonly used antibiotics and interpreted using CLSI breakpoints, if available...
September 4, 2016: Journal of Applied Microbiology
Zuzana Sihelská, Peter Váczi, Eva Conková
Malassezia (M.) pachydermatis is the lipophilic yeast, which is normally present on the skin and in the ear canal of dogs but under certain conditions it may cause dermatitis and otitis. There is less known about the occurrence of lipid-dependent Malassezia species in dogs. The aim of this study was to detect whether lipid-dependent yeasts are part of the normal microflora in dogs. Two groups of animals were selected for comparison. The group of healthy dogs contained samples of 118 individuals and the group of dogs with cutaneous lesions or otitis externa comprised 328 dogs...
July 2016: Berliner und Münchener Tierärztliche Wochenschrift
Jaya M Arya, Kristopher Dewitt, Maya Scott-Garrard, Yu-Wei Chiang, Mark R Prausnitz
Because humans get rabies primarily through dog bites, stray dog population control and mass or mandatory vaccination of domestic dogs and other animals has virtually eliminated human rabies in industrialized countries. However, thousands of people in developing countries die of rabies each year due to the inability to control dog populations and implement mass vaccination because of financial, logistical and other challenges. The availability of an easier-to-administer and more cost-effective vaccine may help to address some of these issues...
October 10, 2016: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Pamela Rodrigues Reina Moreira, Filipe Santos Fernando, Hélio José Montassier, Marcos Rogério André, Rosemeri de Oliveira Vasconcelos
The objective of the present study was to analyze the skin (nasal surface and ear regions), lymph nodes (popliteal and pre-scapular), spleen and liver of dogs with visceral leishmaniasis (VL), in order to investigate the relationship between the parasite load measured as DNA copy number of Alpha gene of DNA polymerase of Leishmania infantum by quantitative PCR and the number of M2 macrophages by immunohistochemistry. A set of 29 naturally infected dogs from an endemic area for VL were sampled and another set of six dogs negative for VL and from a non-endemic area were analyzed as the control group (C)...
August 15, 2016: Veterinary Parasitology
Daniel O Morris, Meghan F Davis, Brian S Palmeiro, Kathleen O'Shea, Shelley C Rankin
BACKGROUND: Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an opportunistic pathogen of the canine ear canal and occupies aquatic habitats in the environment. Nosocomial and zoonotic transmission of P. aeruginosa have been documented, including clonal outbreaks. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this study was to assess various environmental exposures as potential risk factors for canine Pseudomonas otitis. It was hypothesized that isolates derived from infected ears would be clonal to isolates derived from household water sources and the mouths of human and animal companions of the study subjects...
July 18, 2016: Veterinary Dermatology
Jia Tian, Jincai Fan, Liqiang Liu, Cheng Gan, Zengjie Yang, Wenlin Chen, Zhuming Yin
BACKGROUND: The cervical area is well acknowledged as an ideal donor site for aesthetic reconstruction of the cheek, and tissue expansion may play an important role for maximally achieving such a purpose. However, the conventional design of the expanded cervical flap generally results in unsightly morbidity of the donor site. The aim of this study is to evaluate the results of using an improvised cervical expanded flap in aesthetic reconstruction of the cheek. METHODS: From July 2004 to October 2012, a total of 23 burn sequelae patients (30 cheeks) underwent cheek reconstruction with an expanded flap that originated from the cervicoperiauricular area...
February 2016: Annals of Plastic Surgery
Mohammad Mirzaei, Hosein Khovand, Baharak Akhtardanesh
The present study aimed to investigate the intensity and distribution of natural infestation of ectoparasites in owned dogs during June to November 2011 in Kerman city, southeast of Iran. One hundred two domestic dogs (63 males, 39 females) with age ranged between 45 days to 13 years were examined for ectoparasites infestation including (tick, lice, flea and mite) in Kerman city. Detailed questionnaire about grooming and bathing interval, keeping place (outdoor, indoor) and purpose of keeping were obtained from owners...
June 2016: Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Official Organ of the Indian Society for Parasitology
Claudio Nazaretian Rossi, Thaise Yumie Tomokane, Luis Fábio da Silva Batista, Mary Marcondes, Carlos Eduardo Larsson, Márcia Dalastra Laurenti
Thirty-eight dogs naturally affected by visceral leishmaniasis were recruited in Araçatuba, São Paulo State, Brazil - an endemic area for visceral leishmaniasis. The animals were distributed into one of two groups, according to their clinical and laboratory features, as either symptomatic or asymptomatic dogs. Correlations between clinical features and inflammatory patterns, cellular immune responses, and parasitism in the macroscopically uninjured skin of the ear were investigated. Histological skin patterns were similar in both groups, and were generally characterized by a mild to intense inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, mainly consisting of mononuclear cells...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Kristin A Coleman, Daniel D Smeak
OBJECTIVE: To determine whether perioperative complication rates are different between unilateral (ULS) versus single-stage bilateral (BLSS) total ear canal ablation-lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA-LBO) surgeries. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series. ANIMALS: Fifity-seven dogs (79 ears) undergoing TECA-LBO at a single institution over 14 years. METHODS: Medical records of dogs undergoing TECA-LBO for end-stage inflammatory non-neoplastic ear disease from March 1999 to September 2013 at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital were evaluated for intraoperative and early postoperative complications associated with the procedure...
July 2016: Veterinary Surgery: VS
Katelyn E Mills, Jesse Robbins, Marina A G von Keyserlingk
Tail docking and ear cropping are two surgical procedures commonly performed on many dog breeds. These procedures are classified as medically unnecessary surgeries whose purpose is primarily cosmetic. Available attitude research surrounding these controversial practices has been limited to surveys of veterinarians and dog breeders familiar with both practices. The aim of this project was to: 1) assess public awareness of tail docking and ear cropping, 2) determine whether physical alteration of a dog affects how the dog, and 3) owner are perceived...
2016: PloS One
Beata Wodecka, Jerzy Michalik, Robert S Lane, Magdalena Nowak-Chmura, Anna Wierzbicka
European badgers and raccoon dogs and their associated ticks and lice were assayed for the presence of Lyme borreliosis and relapsing fever-group spirochete DNA in western Poland. Analyses of blood, ear-biopsy and liver samples revealed that 25% of 28 raccoon dogs and 12% of 34 badgers were PCR positive for borreliae. Borrelia garinii was the dominant species in raccoon dogs (62.5%), followed by B. afzelii (25%) and B. valaisiana (12.5%). PCR-positive badgers were infected only with B. afzelii. A total of 351 attached ticks was recovered from 23 (82%) of the raccoon dogs and 13 (38%) of the badgers...
July 2016: Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
Martijn A van Onna, Mona Haj, Jeroen M Smit, Maarten M Hoogbergen
BACKGROUND: Due to incidental occurrence of ectropion as a late complication of cheek advancement flaps, this study investigated the long-term effects of these flaps for post-Mohs' reconstruction of the cheek aesthetic. METHODS: All the patients who underwent a cheek advancement flap in the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven between January 2006 and January 2013 where included and assessed by means of a retrospective chart review and a survey about the long-term outcome and patient satisfaction...
May 31, 2016: Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery
Yahya Baltu, Hakan Uzun, Utku Can Dölen, Mustafa Özyurtlu
INTRODUCTION: Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common type of skin cancer of the nasal dorsum and the medial canthal region, which is caused by chronic sun exposure. Limited adjacent tissue and the need for aesthetically pleasing result make the reconstruction of these regions very challenging. To overcome this challenge, we designed a perforator propeller flap based on the central artery. METHODS: Between January 2014 and November 2015, we covered the nasal or medial canthal defects of 22 patients with central artery perforator propeller flaps...
August 2016: Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery: JPRAS
Fanny Knorr, Alexa Patzelt, Maxim E Darvin, Claus-Michael Lehr, Ulrich Schäfer, Achim D Gruber, Anja Ostrowski, Jürgen Lademann
BACKGROUND: In humans, topically applied nanocarriers penetrate effectively into the hair follicles where they can be exploited for the localized and targeted treatment of skin disorders. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the present study was to examine the applicability of particle-based systems for follicular drug delivery in companion animals and livestock, which have a large follicular reservoir. ANIMALS: Skin samples from 10 beagle dogs, 14 Wistar rats and four ears from freshly slaughtered cross-bred pigs were used...
August 2016: Veterinary Dermatology
David J DiSantis, Barbara L McComb, Raymond B Dyer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Abdominal Radiology
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