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Monira Alwhaibi, Bander Balkhi, Tariq M Alhawassi, Hadeel Alkofide, Nouf Alduhaim, Rawan Alabdulali, Hadeel Drweesh, Usha Sambamoorthi
ObjectivesPatients with diabetes are at high risk for polypharmacy (ie, use of multiple medications) for treatment of diabetes, associated comorbidities and other coexisting conditions. This study aims to estimate the prevalence of polypharmacy and factors associated with polypharmacy among adult patients with diabetes. METHODS: A cross-sectional retrospective observational study of adults with diabetes, who visited the outpatient clinic of a tertiary teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia, was conducted...
May 24, 2018: BMJ Open
Andrew Janowczyk, Scott Doyle, Hannah Gilmore, Anant Madabhushi
Deep learning (DL) has recently been successfully applied to a number of image analysis problems. However, DL approaches tend to be inefficient for segmentation on large image data, such as high-resolution digital pathology slide images. For example, typical breast biopsy images scanned at 40× magnification contain billions of pixels, of which usually only a small percentage belong to the class of interest. For a typical naïve deep learning scheme, parsing through and interrogating all the image pixels would represent hundreds if not thousands of hours of compute time using high performance computing environments...
2018: Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. Imaging & Visualization
Qiang Fu, Yanyao Gao, Fan Yang, Tianci Mao, Zhenye Sun, He Wang, Bin Song, Xin Li
MicroRNA-454 (miR-454) is emerging as critical regulator in tumorigenesis; it may function as an oncogene or a tumor suppressor. However, the role of miR-454 in prostate cancer remains unknown. In this study, we aimed to investigate the function and molecular mechanisms of miR-454 in prostate cancer. We found that miR-454 was highly expressed in prostate cancer tissues and cell lines (*p<0.05), as detected by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). Cell counting kit-8 assay, colony formation assay and cell invasion assay showed that the inhibition of miR-454 significantly suppressed prostate cancer cell proliferation and invasion (*p<0...
January 2018: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, Biomédecine & Pharmacothérapie
Benedikt Feuerecker, Markus Durst, Michael Michalik, Günter Schneider, Dieter Saur, Marion Menzel, Markus Schwaiger, Franz Schilling
Background: Non-invasive tumor characterization and monitoring are among the key goals of medical imaging. Using hyperpolarized (13)C-labelled metabolic probes fast metabolic pathways can be probed in real-time, providing new opportunities for tumor characterization. In this in vitro study, we investigated whether measurement of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) measurements and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of co-polarized (13)C-labeled pyruvic acid and fumaric acid can non-invasively detect both necrosis and changes in lactate export, which are parameters indicative of tumor aggressiveness...
2017: Journal of Cancer
Louise Emilsson, Xabier García-Albéniz, Roger W Logan, Ellen C Caniglia, Mette Kalager, Miguel A Hernán
Importance: Patients with cancer who use statins appear to have a substantially better survival than nonusers in observational studies. However, this inverse association between statin use and mortality may be due to selection bias and immortal-time bias. Objective: To emulate a randomized trial of statin therapy initiation that is free of selection bias and immortal-time bias. Design, Setting, and Participants: We used observational data on 17 372 patients with cancer from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)-Medicare database (2007-2009) with complete follow-up until 2011...
January 1, 2018: JAMA Oncology
Wenzhang Li, Qianqian Liu, Yin Tang
Recent studies have shown platelet to lymphocyte ratio (PLR) to be a potential inflammatory marker in cardiovascular diseases. We performed a meta-analysis to systematically evaluate the prognostic role of PLR in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). A comprehensive literature search up to May 18, 2016 was conducted from PUBMED, EMBASE and Web of science to identify related studies. The risk ratio (RR) with 95% confidence interval (CI) was extracted or calculated for effect estimates. Totally ten studies involving 8932 patients diagnosed with ACS were included in our research...
January 10, 2017: Scientific Reports
Jin-Dong Xu, Li-Na Yu, Da-Qiang Zhao, Liang Xie, Hai-Yu Zhou, Sheng Wang
OBJECTIVE: To explore the anesthetic effect and safety of ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral blockade in video-assisted thoracoscopic sympathectomy for treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis. METHODS: A total of 120 patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic sympathectomy for moderate or severe hyperhidrosis were randomized to receive ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral blockade (group A, n=60) or general anesthesia with tracheal intubation (group B, n=60)...
December 20, 2016: Nan Fang Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao, Journal of Southern Medical University
J V Jose, M Jose, P Devi, R Satish
AIMS: To evaluate the cost of pharmacotherapy and its determinants in diabetic nephropathy (DN) in the nephrology department of a tertiary care hospital. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective observational study was conducted among adult patients visiting nephrology outpatient department (February-July 2015). Data on demography, investigations, and medications prescribed, direct cost and indirect costs were analyzed. We used Chi-squared test for categorical variables and multivariate linear regression analysis to identify determinants of cost of pharmacotherapy and total cost...
January 2017: Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
Vatsala Dwivedi, Kirti Kumari, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Rekha Kumari, Charu Tripathi, Pushp Lata, Neha Niharika, Amit Kumar Singh, Roshan Kumar, Aeshna Nigam, Nidhi Garg, Rup Lal
A Gram negative, yellow pigmented, rod shaped bacterium designated as RL(T) was isolated from a hot water spring (90-98 °C) located at Manikaran in Northern India. The isolate grows at 60-80 °C (optimum, 70 °C) and at pH 7.0-9.0 (optimum pH 7.2). Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences and levels of DNA-DNA relatedness together indicate that the new isolate represents a novel species of the genus Thermus with closest affinity to Thermus thermophilus HB8(T) (99.5 %) followed by Thermus arciformis (96...
December 2015: Indian Journal of Microbiology
Erik von Seth, Urban Arnelo, Lars Enochsson, Annika Bergquist
BACKGROUND & AIMS: Patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) have an increased risk for adverse events following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), mainly caused by bacterial cholangitis. The risk of pancreatitis is less examined. Therefore, our aim was to study adverse events following ERCP and to evaluate if PSC is a risk factor for pancreatitis. METHODS: Data were collected through a Swedish nationwide quality registry comprising fifty-one Swedish ERCP centres...
January 2015: Liver International: Official Journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver
Tomoaki Murakami, Atsuhito Takeda, Hirokuni Yamazawa, Shigeru Tateno, Yasutaka Kawasoe, Koichiro Niwa
Despite the apparently successful surgical repair of aortic coarctation, subsequent cardiovascular complications have sometimes been encountered. Aortic pressure wave reflection is one of the risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases, and an enhancement of the pressure wave reflection has been reported in patients after aortic arch repair. To clarify this issue, the increase in pressure wave reflection was evaluated in patients <15 years old who underwent aortic arch repair. This study enrolled 35 patients after aortic arch repair in early infancy...
July 2013: Hypertension Research: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Hypertension
Sandra Morales, Valery Naranjo, Us Angulo, Mariano Alcaniz
The algorithm proposed in this paper allows to automatically segment the optic disc from a fundus image. The goal is to facilitate the early detection of certain pathologies and to fully automate the process so as to avoid specialist intervention. The method proposed for the extraction of the optic disc contour is mainly based on mathematical morphology along with principal component analysis (PCA). It makes use of different operations such as generalized distance function (GDF), a variant of the watershed transformation, the stochastic watershed, and geodesic transformations...
April 2013: IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
Susie E Huntington, Loveleen K Bansi, Claire Thorne, Jane Anderson, Marie-Louise Newell, Graham P Taylor, Deenan Pillay, Teresa Hill, Pat A Tookey, Caroline A Sabin
BACKGROUND: The UK Collaborative HIV Cohort (UK CHIC) is an observational study that collates data on HIV-positive adults accessing HIV clinical care at (currently) 13 large clinics in the UK but does not collect pregnancy specific data. The National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood (NSHPC) collates data on HIV-positive women receiving antenatal care from every maternity unit in the UK and Ireland. Both studies collate pseudonymised data and neither dataset contains unique patient identifiers...
July 28, 2012: BMC Medical Research Methodology
S M McGlone, R R Bailey, S M Zimmer, M J Popovich, Y Tian, P Ufberg, R R Muder, B Y Lee
Although Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) is the leading cause of infectious diarrhoea in hospitalized patients, the economic burden of this major nosocomial pathogen for hospitals, third-party payers and society remains unclear. We developed an economic computer simulation model to determine the costs attributable to healthcare-acquired C. difficile infection (CDI) from the hospital, third-party payer and societal perspectives. Sensitivity analyses explored the effects of varying the cost of hospitalization, C...
March 2012: Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Meltem Tor, Mesut Oztürk, Remzi Altın, Arif Hikmet Cımrın
In Turkey, bituminous coal mining is performed only in Zonguldak coal basin since 1940. Pneumoconiosis surveillance programs and dust control measures are in effect, but published pneumoconiosis data from this area is lacking. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the change in prevalence and case detection between 1985 and 2004 and assess the correlation between the dust concentration in workplaces and the prevalence of pneumoconiosis. Data on respirable dust concentrations and number of workers diagnosed as pneumoconiosis between 1985 and 2004 were obtained from Turkish Coal Enterprises authorities...
2010: Tüberküloz Ve Toraks
Carl van Walraven, Robert G Hart, Stuart Connolly, Peter C Austin, Jonathan Mant, F D Richard Hobbs, Peter J Koudstaal, Palle Petersen, Francisco Perez-Gomez, J Andre Knottnerus, Beppie Boode, Michael D Ezekowitz, Daniel E Singer
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Stroke risk increases with age in patients who have nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. It is uncertain whether the efficacy of stroke prevention therapies in atrial fibrillation changes as patients age. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of age on the relative efficacy of oral anticoagulants (OAC) and antiplatelet (AP) therapy (including acetylsalicylic acid and triflusal) on ischemic stroke, serious bleeding, and vascular events in patients with atrial fibrillation...
April 2009: Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
Brice Müller, Guillaume Braud, Xavier Tillou, Georges Karam, Olivier Bouchot, Jérôme Rigaud
OBJECTIVE: To analyse the medium-term oncological results of total nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial tumour according to the surgical approach: laparoscopy or open surgery. MATERIAL: Retrospective study including 38 consecutive patients undergoing total nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial tumour in our department. Patients were classified into 2 groups according to the surgical approach: Group 1 (19 patients) laparoscopic release of the kidney +/- distal ureter and Group 2 (19 patients) open surgery of the kidney and ureter...
November 2007: Progrès en Urologie
Sheng-Qing Xia, Svilen Bobev
A new transition-metal-containing Zintl phase, Ba11Cd8Bi14, has been synthesized by a Cd-flux reaction, and its structure has been determined by a single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Ba11Cd8Bi14 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/m (No. 12, Z = 2) with a = 28.193(8) A, b = 4.8932(14) A, c = 16.823(5) A, and beta = 90.836(4) degrees , taken at -150 degrees C (R1 = 0.0407, wR2 = 0.1016). The structure can be described as being built of complex polyanionic [Cd8Bi14]22- layers running along the b axis, which are separated by the Ba2+ cations...
September 4, 2006: Inorganic Chemistry
X Wang, D Pei
The shedding of membrane-associated proteins has been recognized as a regulatory mechanism to either up-regulate or down-regulate cellular functions by releasing membrane-bound growth factors or removing ectodomains of adhesion molecules and receptors. We have reported previously that the ectoenzyme of membrane type matrix metalloproteinase 5 (MT5-MMP) is shed into extracellular milieu (Pei, D. (1999) J. Biol. Chem. 274, 8925-8932). Here we present evidence that MT5-MMP is shed by a furin-type convertase activity in the trans-Golgi network...
September 21, 2001: Journal of Biological Chemistry
X Wang, J Yi, J Lei, D Pei
We have recently identified the fifth member of the membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase subfamily, MT5-MMP/MMP24, which is expressed in a brain specific manner (Duanqing Pei (1999) J. Biol. Chem. 274, 8925-8932). To further characterize its enzymic properties, an expression construct was engineered to produce MT5-MMP as a soluble and active form by truncating its transmembrane domain. Stable expression cell lines were subsequently established from MDCK cells transfected with this construct. Unfortunately, purification of MT5-MMP from the culture media in large quantity proves to be difficult initially due to its rapid turnover via a mechanism which can be inhibited by a broad spectrum metalloproteinase inhibitor, BB94...
December 3, 1999: FEBS Letters
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