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Jiang-Feng Lan, Li-Juan Zhao, Shun Wei, Yuan Wang, Li Lin, Xin-Cang Li
Drosophila Toll and mammalian Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are a family of evolutionarily conserved immune receptors that play a crucial role in the first-line defense against intruded pathogens. Activating transcription factor 4 (ATF4), a member of the ATF/CREB transcription factor family, is an important factor that participates in TLR signaling and other physiological processes. However, in crustaceans, whether ATF4 homologs were involved in TLR signaling remains unclear. In the current study, we identified a Toll homolog PcToll2 and a novel ATF4 homolog PcATF4 from Procambarus clarkii, and analyzed the likely regulatory activity of PcATF4 in PcToll2 signaling...
September 10, 2016: Fish & Shellfish Immunology
Iuliia Filipenko, Stephanie Schwalm, Luca Reali, Josef Pfeilschifter, Doriano Fabbro, Andrea Huwiler, Uwe Zangemeister-Wittke
Breast cancer is one of the most common and devastating malignancies among women worldwide. Recent evidence suggests that malignant progression is also driven by processes involving the sphingolipid molecule sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) and its binding to cognate receptor subtypes on the cell surface. To investigate the effect of this interaction on the metastatic phenotype, we used the breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 and the sublines 4175 and 1833 derived from lung and bone metastases in nude mice, respectively...
November 2016: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Hao T Duong, Robert E Roberts
OBJECTIVE: To estimate prevalence, trends and persistence of discordance between measured body weight and perceived body weight and body satisfaction, and examine its association with gender, ethnicity, and family income. METHODS: Using two-wave data from a prospective cohort study of adolescents sampled from Houston metropolitan area, aged 11-17years at baseline (n=4175) in 2000, and followed up in 2001 (n=3134). Survey logistic regression was used to compute odds ratios (OR)...
September 2016: Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Joanna Sajewicz-Krukowska, Katarzyna Domanska-Blicharz
Avian astroviruses (aAstVs) are divided into three species, Avastrovirus 1, Avastrovirus 2, and Avastrovirus 3, but there are a few strains are waiting to be assigned to an official taxonomic group. This study presents the molecular characterization of chicken astrovirus (CAstV), PL/G059/2014, which is involved in the induction of "white chicks" condition. The 7382-nucleotide-long genome sequence was determined by next-generation sequencing using an Illumina MiSeq System. Phylogenetic analysis showed that it has the characteristics that are typical of avian astroviruses...
September 2016: Archives of Virology
David A Fried, Jane Rhyu, Karen Odato, Heather Blunt, Margaret R Karagas, Diane Gilbert-Diamond
CONTEXT: It is unclear how in utero vitamin D deficiency affects the extraskeletal health of children, despite the known risks for adverse pregnancy/birth outcomes. OBJECTIVE: This systematic review seeks to assess the effect of in utero vitamin D exposure on childhood allergy and infection outcomes using the PRISMA guidelines. DATA SOURCES: MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and Web of Science databases were searched. STUDY SELECTION: Literature published through April 2015 was searched for studies reporting on the association between maternal pregnancy or cord blood vitamin D status and childhood allergy and infection...
June 2016: Nutrition Reviews
J de Almeida Mello, J Macq, T Van Durme, S Cès, N Spruytte, C Van Audenhove, A Declercq
: Research into informal caregivers' burden does not distinguish between different stages of impairment. This study explored the determinants of burden from an in-depth perspective in order to identify which determinants apply to which phases of impairment. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study including frail older persons aged 65 and above. Instruments used were the interRAI Home Care, the Zarit-12 interview and an ad hoc economic questionnaire. A combination of variables from the Stress Process Model and Role Theory and a sub-group analysis enabled refined multivariate logistic analyses...
April 7, 2016: Aging & Mental Health
Shawnda A Morrison, Andrej Pangerc, Ola Eiken, Igor B Mekjavic, Leja Dolenc-Groselj
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Hypoxic exercise exacerbates periodic breathing in otherwise healthy, awake humans. Interactions between sleep, exercise and hypoxic exposure have not been fully elucidated. METHODS: Fourteen men were confined 10 days to a simulated altitude of 4175 m (FIO2 = 0.139; PIO2 = 88 mm Hg). They were randomly assigned to an exercise intervention of 2 × 60-min cycle exercise/day at 50% of their hypoxia-specific peak power output (exercise, n = 8), or they completed no exercise (control, n = 6, random order)...
May 2016: Respirology: Official Journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology
Marina Panova-Noeva, Andreas Schulz, M Iris Hermanns, Vera Grossmann, Evgenia Pefani, Henri M H Spronk, Dagmar Laubert-Reh, Harald Binder, Manfred Beutel, Norbert Pfeiffer, Stefan Blankenberg, Tanja Zeller, Thomas Münzel, Karl J Lackner, Hugo Ten Cate, Philipp S Wild
Mean platelet volume (MPV), a measure of platelet size, is a potential biological marker of platelet function. To date, a comprehensive analysis including known genetic and nongenetic factors that determine MPV is still lacking. MPV has been evaluated in 15 010 individuals from the population-based Gutenberg Health Study. Genetic information was available for 4175 individuals. Our results showed that age (β, 0.0346; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.0255 to 0.0436), cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs) such as smoking (β, 0...
January 14, 2016: Blood
Michael G Chiorazzo, Noah B Bloch, Anatoliy V Popov, Edward J Delikatny
Activatable fluorophores selective to cytosolic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) were synthesized and evaluated for their ability to image triple negative breast cancer cells. The activatable constructs were synthesized by esterification of a small molecule fluorophore with a fatty acid resulting in ablated fluorescence. Selectivity for cPLA2 was generated through the choice of fluorophore and fatty acid. Esterification with arachidonic acid was sufficient to impart specificity to cPLA2 when compared to esterification with palmitic acid...
December 16, 2015: Bioconjugate Chemistry
Yann Delpech, Sami I Bashour, Ruben Lousquy, Roman Rouzier, Kenneth Hess, Charles Coutant, Emmanuel Barranger, Francisco J Esteva, Noato T Ueno, Lajos Pusztai, Nuhad K Ibrahim
BACKGROUND: Bone is one of the most common sites of distant metastasis in breast cancer. The purpose of this study was to combine selected clinical and pathologic variables to develop a nomogram that can predict the likelihood of bone-only metastasis (BOM) as the first site of recurrence in patients with early breast cancer. METHODS: Medical records of patients with non-metastatic breast cancer were retrospectively collected. On the basis of the analysis of patient and tumour characteristics using the Cox proportional hazards regression model, a nomogram to predict BOM was constructed for a 4175-patient-training cohort...
September 29, 2015: British Journal of Cancer
Robert E Roberts, Hao T Duong
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this paper is to reexamine the association between major depression and obesity in adolescents, testing the hypothesis that body image mediates this association. This is the first paper to examine this question using DSM-IV diagnosis of depression and data from a two-wave cohort of adolescents. METHODS: Participants were 4175 youths 11-17 years of age sampled from the community who were followed up a year later (n=3134). Major depression was assessed using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria...
November 1, 2015: Journal of Affective Disorders
Kaninika Panda, Pushpa Krishna
Physical inactivity is an important risk factor for cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Regular exercise is known to improve health and maintain physical fitness. The heart rate response to exercise reflects autonomic control of heart and has shown to predict cardiovascular prognosis. Decreased heart rate variability (HRV) is known as a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality. The objective of this study was to study the effect of exercise on cardiac autonomic activity. Thirty two healthy adult men in the age group of 18-25 years with normal body mass index (BMI) were recruited from different physical fitness centers, who were undergoing regular exercise for past 3 months...
October 2014: Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Marzieh Katibeh, Sara Hosseini, Mehdi Yaseri, Mohammad Naiem Aminifar, Alireza Mahdavi, Mohammad Reza Jafarinasab, Mohammad Ali Javadi
PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of trachoma and risk factors associated with the disease in rural areas of the Sistan-va-Baluchestan province in Iran from 2012-2013. Population-based prevalence data for trachoma is lacking in this region. METHODS: In this population-based cross-sectional study, 80 clusters were selected using a systematic and probability proportional to size method. All participants underwent clinical eye examinations according to the World Health Organization simplified trachoma grading system...
2015: Ophthalmic Epidemiology
Meng Li, Ping Wang, Ji-kang Sun, Tao Zhou, Ming-liang Fe
OBJECTIVE: The genetic diversity of twelve natural Zanthoxylum dissitum populations, which is a species of Chinese herbal medicines to four provinces of southwest China, has been investigated. METHODS: By inter-simple sequence repeat markers (ISSR), the eight primers, which could amplify stable, clear and highly polymorphic bands, were screened from 100 candidate primers. RESULTS: 150 total ISSR discernible bands and 147 polymorphic were amplified by the eight checked primers...
December 2014: Zhong Yao Cai, Zhongyaocai, Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials
Robert E Roberts, Hao T Duong
OBJECTIVE: This is the first prospective study of the reciprocal association between sleep restriction and weight among adolescents. Evidence on sleep duration and obesity in youth is sparse and the results have been equivocal. METHODS: Data are from a community-based, two-wave cohort study. The setting was a metropolitan area with a population of over 4 million. The cohort consisted of 4175 youths 11-17 at baseline and 3134 of these followed up a year later. Obesity was defined as body mass index >95th percentile for children of the same age and sex...
December 2015: Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Alexander M Friedman, Cande V Ananth, Ling Chen, Mary E D'Alton, Jason D Wright
OBJECTIVE: Given that cesarean delivery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States and an important contributor to obstetric care costs, this analysis sought to examine maternal hospital costs associated with trial of labor after cesarean delivery (TOLAC) versus repeat cesarean delivery (RCD). METHODS: A national sample was used to identify women with singleton pregnancy who underwent either TOLAC or RCD from 2006 to 2012. Women with diagnoses that could confound cost via extended hospital length of stay prior to delivery were excluded...
2016: Journal of Maternal-fetal & Neonatal Medicine
Rasmus Á Rogvi, Julie Lyng Forman, Gorm Greisen
INTRODUCTION: Being born premature or small for gestational age (SGA) is known to be associated with diseases later in life, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension and pre-eclampsia. In this study we examined the association between being born premature or SGA and all diseases diagnosed during hospital admissions later in life. METHODS: Using Danish nation-wide registries we created a cohort of 1,348,106 persons born 1974-1996 and assessed all unique diagnoses registered in the Danish Patient Registry (DPR) for hospital admissions in the period 1994-2007 (n=27,910,558)...
May 2015: Early Human Development
Lubna Yasmin, Jun-Ichiro Takano, Yasushi Nagai, Junko Otsuki, Tadashi Sankai
Because of their developmental similarities to humans, nonhuman primates are often used as a model to study fetal development for potential clinical applications in humans. The detection of fetal DNA in maternal plasma or serum offers a source of fetal genetic material for prenatal diagnosis. However, no such data have been reported for cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis), an important model in biomedical research. We have developed a specific, highly sensitive PCR system for detecting and quantifying male-specific fetal DNA in pregnant cynomolgus monkeys...
February 2015: Comparative Medicine
Qing Qu, Yan Mao, Gang Xiao, Xiaochun Fei, Jinglong Wang, Yuzi Zhang, Junjun Liu, Guangcun Cheng, Xiaosong Chen, Jianhua Wang, Kunwei Shen
Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive subtype of breast cancer that is often associated with a poor prognosis. The aim of our study was to identify biomarkers predictive of TNBC progression. Primary TNBC breast tissue samples including four with metastasis and six without metastasis were subjected to Affymetrix GeneChip® analysis (human genome U133). Ubiquitin-specific protease 2 (USP2) was identified as an upregulated gene in the metastatic group, and its expression was analyzed by immunohistochemistry in 121 primary breast cancers, 13 paired normal tissues, and 13 paired metastatic lesions...
July 2015: Tumour Biology: the Journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
Atul Kotwal, Harpreet Singh, A K Verma, R M Gupta, Shishir Jain, S Sinha, R K Joshi, Prabhakar Teli, Vijay Khunga, Anuj Bhatnagar, Richa Ranjan
BACKGROUND: Various Serosurveys and studies provide ample evidence of differing perspectives regarding epidemiology of HAV and HEV in India. This study was conducted to assess the seroprevalence of HAV and HEV and its associated factors with an aim to provide inputs to planners regarding requirement of HAV vaccine. METHODS: A multi-centric cross sectional survey amongst 4175 healthy trainees (young adults) was carried out in training centres, selected by multistage random sampling, giving equal representation to all regions of India...
July 2014: Medical Journal, Armed Forces India
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