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Juan Sanchis, Sergio García-Blas, Luis Ortega-Paz, Ana Paula Dantas, Enrique Rodríguez, Lidia Abellán, Salvatore Brugaletta, Ernesto Valero, Gema Miñana, Manuel Garabito, África Corchón, Julio Núñez, Arturo Carratalá, Manel Sabaté
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction might originate from hyperactivated leukocytes at the coronary lesion. Our aim was to investigate the relationship between cfDNA and coronary reperfusion. METHODS: We studied 116 patients treated with primary angioplasty using thrombus aspiration. Coronary (during aspiration) and peripheral (at the end of the procedure) blood samples were drawn for cfDNA, as well as high-sensitivity troponin T and myeloperoxidase quantification...
April 11, 2018: Revista Española de Cardiología
María Jesús Casuso-Holgado, Rocío Martín-Valero, Ana F Carazo, Esther M Medrano-Sánchez, M Dolores Cortés-Vega, Francisco José Montero-Bancalero
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the evidence for the use of virtual reality to treat balance and gait impairments in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation. DESIGN: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and quasi-randomized clinical trials. METHODS: An electronic search was conducted using the following databases: MEDLINE (PubMed), Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) and (CINHAL)...
April 1, 2018: Clinical Rehabilitation
Alicia González-Baeza, Helen Dolengevich-Segal, Ignacio Pérez-Valero, Alfonso Cabello, María Jesús Téllez, José Sanz, Leire Pérez-Latorre, José Ignacio Bernardino, Jesús Troya, Sara De La Fuente, Otilia Bisbal, Ignacio Santos, Sari Arponen, Víctor Hontañon, José Luis Casado, Pablo Ryan
The magnitude of sexualized drug use (SDU), also known as chemsex, and its association with sexually transmitted infections (STI) has not been systematically explored in HIV-positive patients. This study aimed to calculate the prevalence of SDU and associated factors in a sample of HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) in Spain. We calculated the frequency of SDU in a sample of HIV-positive MSM who responded to an anonymous online survey on sexual behavior and recreational drug use. We also analyzed differences between those who responded and those who did not (data taken from the physician's registry)...
March 2018: AIDS Patient Care and STDs
A Julián-Jiménez, I Adán Valero, A Beteta López, L M Cano Martín, O Fernández Rodríguez, R Rubio Díaz, M A Sepúlveda Berrocal, J González Del Castillo, F J Candel González
The incidence of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) ranges from 2-15 cases / 1,000 inhabitants / year, being higher in those older than 65 years and in patients with high co-morbidity. Around 75% of all CAP diagnosed are treated in the Emergency Department (ED). The CAP represents the main cause for sepsis and septic shock in ED, and the most frequent cause of death and admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to infectious disease. Overall mortality is 10-14% according to age and associated risk factors...
April 2018: Revista Española de Quimioterapia: Publicación Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Quimioterapia
Mercedes Cervera Peris, Víctor Manuel Alonso Rorís, Juan Manuel Santos Gago, Luis Álvarez Sabucedo, Carmina Wanden-Berghe, Javier Sanz-Valero
BACKGROUND: Any system applied to the control of parenteral nutrition (PN) ought to prove that the process meets the established requirements and include a repository of records to allow evaluation of the information about PN processes at any time. OBJECTIVE: The goal of the research was to evaluate the mobile health (mHealth) app and validate its effectiveness in monitoring the management of the PN process. METHODS: We studied the evaluation and validation of the general process of PN using an mHealth app...
April 3, 2018: JMIR MHealth and UHealth
Gema Miñana, Ingrid Cardells, Patricia Palau, Pau Llàcer, Lorenzo Fácila, Luis Almenar, Maria Pilar López-Lereu, Jose V Monmeneu, Martina Amiguet, Jessika González, Alicia Serrano, Vicente Montagud, Raquel López-Vilella, Ernesto Valero, Sergio García-Blas, Vicent Bodí, Rafael de la Espriella-Juan, Juan Sanchis, Francisco J Chorro, Antoni Bayés-Genís, Julio Núñez
BRIEF TRIAL SUMMARY BACKGROUND: Treatment with intravenous ferric carboxymaltose (FCM) showed to improve symptoms, functional capacity, and quality of life in patients with heart failure (HF) and iron deficiency (ID). However, the underlying mechanisms for these beneficial effects remain undetermined. The aim of this study is to quantify cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) changes in myocardial iron content after administration of intravenous FCM in patients with HF and ID and contrast them with parameters of HF severity...
April 1, 2018: Clinical Cardiology
Francisco Les, José Miguel Arbonés-Mainar, Marta Sofía Valero, Víctor López
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: pomegranate fruit is considered an antidiabetic medicine in certain systems of traditional medicine. In addition, pomegranate polyphenols are known as powerful antioxidants with beneficial effects such as the reduction of oxidative / inflammatory stress and the increase of protective signalling such as antioxidant enzymes, neurotrophic factors and cytoprotective proteins. AIM OF THE STUDY: this work evaluates the effects of pomegranate juice, its main polyphenols known as ellagic acid and punicalagin, as well as its main metabolite urolithin A, on physiological and pharmacological targets of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes...
March 28, 2018: Journal of Ethnopharmacology
Alexandre Presas, David Valentin, Mònica Egusquiza, Carme Valero, Eduard Egusquiza
Hydropower plants are of paramount importance for the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources in the power grid. In order to match the energy generated and consumed, Large hydraulic turbines have to work under off-design conditions, which may lead to dangerous unstable operating points involving the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system. Under these conditions, the stability of the grid and the safety of the power plant itself can be compromised. For many Francis Turbines one of these critical points, that usually limits the maximum output power, is the full load instability...
March 30, 2018: Sensors
Michelle D Valero, Kenneth E Hancock, Stéphane F Maison, M Charles Liberman
Cochlear synaptopathy, i.e. the loss of auditory-nerve connections with cochlear hair cells, is seen in aging, noise damage, and other types of acquired sensorineural hearing loss. Because the subset of auditory-nerve fibers with high thresholds and low spontaneous rates (SRs) is disproportionately affected, audiometric thresholds are relatively insensitive to this primary neural degeneration. Although suprathreshold amplitudes of wave I of the auditory brainstem response (ABR) are attenuated in synaptopathic mice, there is not yet a robust diagnostic in humans...
March 13, 2018: Hearing Research
M I Sánchez-Lorencio, L Saenz, P Ramirez, F Villalba-López, V de la Orden, B Mediero-Valeros, B Revilla Nuin, M R Gonzalez, P A Cascales-Campos, D Ferreras-Martínez, J A Noguera-Velasco, E Díaz-Rubio, P Parrilla
INTRODUCTION: Orthotopic liver transplantation (LT) is considered to be one of the few curative treatments available for early stages of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Alfa-fetoprotein (AFP) is the most-used biomarker for HCC despite low sensitivity and specificity. Matrix metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1) has been considered to be involved in the process of vascular invasion of the malignant cells. The objective of this study was to assess the use of MMP-1 for the management of HCC patients for LT...
March 2018: Transplantation Proceedings
Marc I Uemura, John T French, Kenneth R Hess, Diane Liu, Kanwal Raghav, Gabriel N Hortobagyi, Banu K Arun, Vicente Valero, Naoto T Ueno, Ricardo H Alvarez, Wendy A Woodward, Bisrat G Debeb, Stacy L Moulder, Bora Lim, Debu Tripathy, Nuhad K Ibrahim
BACKGROUND: Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is associated with a poor prognosis and high risk of central nervous system (CNS) metastases. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed stage III-IBC patients compared with noninflammatory invasive ductal carcinoma (NI-IDC) patients treated between January 1, 1984, and December 31, 2011, who began primary treatment within 1 year of diagnosis and had been followed up for at least 1 year before the development of CNS metastasis or death...
March 26, 2018: Cancer
Ana Ayesta, María Teresa Vidán Astiz, María Jesús Valero Masa, Javier Segovia, María Dolores García Cosío, Manuel Martínez-Sellés
Frailty reflects a state of decreased physiological reserve and vulnerability to stressors. Its prevalence among patients with cardiovascular disease is as high as 60%. Frailty is associated with a poor prognosis for patients with heart failure, increasingly frequent hospitalization, and death. The recent published listing criteria for heart transplantation of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation recommend assessing frailty (class IIb recommendation, level of evidence C). However, this recommendation is not based on prospective studies, and frailty scores have only been validated in patients age > 65 years...
March 25, 2018: Clinical Cardiology
Jesus Lopez-Minguez, Hassan S Dashti, Juan J Madrid-Valero, Juan A Madrid, Richa Saxena, Frank Ajl Scheer, Juan R Ordoñana, Marta Garaulet
BACKGROUND & AIMS: While environmental factors are presumed to be primary drivers of food timing, preliminary evidence suggests that genetics may be an additional determinant. The aim was to explore the relative contribution of genetics and environmental factors to variation in the timing of food intake in a Spanish twin population. Because chronotype, bedtime and wake time are related to food timing, covariance with food timing was further assessed. METHODS: In this observational study, 53 pairs of adult (mean (SD) = 52 (6...
March 12, 2018: Clinical Nutrition: Official Journal of the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
J Bousquet, P Devillier, J M Anto, M Bewick, T Haahtela, S Arnavielhe, A Bedbrook, R Murray, M van Eerd, J A Fonseca, M Morais Almeida, A Todo Bom, E Menditto, G Passalacqua, C Stellato, M Triggiani, M T Ventura, G Vezzani, I Annesi-Maesano, R Bourret, I Bosse, D Caimmi, C Cartier, P Demoly, J Just, F Portejoie, V Siroux, F Viart, K C Bergmann, T Keil, L Klimek, R Mösges, O Pfaar, S Shamai, T Zuberbier, J Mullol, A Valero, O Spranger, P V Tomazic, M L Kowalski, P Kuna, M Kupczyk, F Raciborski, B Samolinski, S K Toppila-Salmi, E Valovirta, A A Cruz, F Sarquis-Serpa, J da Silva, R Stelmach, D Larenas-Linnemann, M Rodriguez Gonzalez, M T Burguete Cabañas, V Kvedariene, A Valiulis, N H Chavannes, W J Fokkens, D Ryan, A Sheikh, C Bachert, P W Hellings, O VandenPlas, N Ballardini, I Kull, E Melén, M Westman, M Wickman, C Bindslev-Jensen, E Eller, S Bosnic-Anticevich, R E O'Hehir, I Agache, T Bieber, T Casale, B Gemicioğlu, J C Ivancevich, G De Vries, M Sorensen, A Yorgancioglu, D Laune
BACKGROUND: Multimorbidity in allergic airway diseases is well known, but no data exist about the daily dynamics of symptoms and their impact on work. To better understand this, we aimed to assess the presence and control of daily allergic multimorbidity (asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis) and its impact on work productivity using a mobile technology, the Allergy Diary, METHODS: We undertook a one year prospective observational study in which 4,210 users and 32,585 days were monitored in 19 countries...
March 22, 2018: Allergy
María Sanz-Lorente, Carmina Wanden-Berghe, Ramón Castejón-Bolea, Javier Sanz-Valero
BACKGROUND: The internet is now the primary source of information that young people use to get information on issues related to sex, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections. OBJECTIVE: The goal of the research was to review the scientific literature related to the use of Web 2.0 tools as opposed to other strategies in the prevention of curable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). METHODS: A scoping review was performed on the documentation indexed in the bibliographic databases MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, Scopus, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Web of Science, Literatura Latinoamericana y del Caribe en Ciencias de la Salud, PsycINFO, Educational Resources Information Center, the databases of Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Spain, and the Índice Bibliográfico Español de Ciencias de la Salud from the first available date according to the characteristics of each database until April 2017...
March 22, 2018: Journal of Medical Internet Research
Xavier Muñoz, María José Álvarez-Puebla, Ebymar Arismendi, Lourdes Arochena, María Del Pilar Ausín, Pilar Barranco, Irina Bobolea, Jose Antonio Cañas, Blanca Cardaba, Astrid Crespo, Victora Del Pozo, Javier Domínguez-Ortega, María Del Mar Fernandez-Nieto, Jordi Giner, Francisco Javier González-Barcala, Juan Alberto Luna, Joaquim Mullol, Iñigo Ojanguren, José María Olaguibel, César Picado, Vicente Plaza, Santiago Quirce, David Ramos, Manuel Rial, Christian Romero-Mesones, Francisco Javier Salgado, María Esther San-José, Silvia Sánchez-Diez, Beatriz Sastre, Joaquin Sastre, Lorena Soto, Montserrat Torrejón, Marisa Urnadoz, Luis Valdes, Antonio Valero, María Jesús Cruz
The general aim of this study is to create a cohort of asthma patients with varying grades of severity in order to gain greater insight into the mechanisms underlying the genesis and course of this disease. The specific objectives focus on various studies, including imaging, lung function, inflammation, and bronchial hyperresponsiveness, to determine the relevant events that characterize the asthma population, the long-term parameters that can determine changes in the severity of patients, and the treatments that influence disease progression...
March 19, 2018: Archivos de Bronconeumología
Irene Ródenas Esteve, Carmina Wanden-Berghe, Javier Sanz-Valero
OBJECTIVE: To review the available scientific literature about the effects of nutritional status on the multiple sclerosis disease. METHODS: A systematic review of the scientific literature in the Medline (PubMed), Scopus, Cochrane Library and Web of Science databases through November 2016. Search equation: ("Multiple Sclerosis"[Mesh] OR "Multiple Sclerosis"[Title/Abstract] OR "Disseminated Sclerosis"[Title/Abstract] OR "Multiple Sclerosis Acute Fulminating"[Title/Abstract]) AND ("Nutritional Status"[Mesh] OR "Nutritional Status"[Title/Abstract] OR "Nutrition Status"[Title/Abstract])...
January 19, 2018: Nutrición Hospitalaria: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Parenteral y Enteral
Selene Valero-Moreno, Marián Pérez-Marín, Inmaculada Montoya-Castilla, Silvia Castillo-Corullón, Alvar Ramírez-Aguilar, Amparo Escribano-Montaner
INTRODUCTION: Adolescents with asthma face problems inherent to this stage in their development, to which the challenges of taking over control of their disease, complying with a daily treatment and regular medical followup are added. Any rejection generated by this may lead to treatment non-adherence and poor asthma control, which brings about problems in family dynamics, made worse by the stress or the emotional distress that this situation causes in caregivers. OBJECTIVE: Identify adjustment profiles and predictors of risk for the well-being of caregivers of pediatric patients with bronchial asthma...
April 1, 2018: Archivos Argentinos de Pediatría
Patricia Palau, Eloy Domínguez, Laura López, José María Ramón, Raquel Heredia, Jessika González, Enrique Santas, Vicent Bodí, Gema Miñana, Ernesto Valero, Anna Mollar, Vicente Bertomeu González, Francisco J Chorro, Juan Sanchis, Josep Lupón, Antoni Bayés-Genís, Julio Núñez
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Despite the prevalence of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), there is currently no evidence-based effective therapy for this disease. This study sought to evaluate whether inspiratory muscle training (IMT), functional electrical stimulation (FES), or a combination of both (IMT + FES) improves 12- and 24-week exercise capacity as well as left ventricular diastolic function, biomarker profile, and quality of life in HFpEF. METHODS: A total of 61 stable symptomatic patients (New York Heart Association II-III) with HFpEF were randomized (1:1:1:1) to receive a 12-week program of IMT, FES, or IMT + FES vs usual care...
March 15, 2018: Revista Española de Cardiología
Francisco Javier Irazusta, Guillermo Galeote, Santiago Jimenez-Valero, Juan Caro-Codon, Angel Sanchez-Recalde, Raul Moreno
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 8, 2018: JACC. Cardiovascular Interventions
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