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Liying Zhan, Yuan Zhang, Wating Su, Qiongxia Zhang, Rong Chen, Bo Zhao, Wei Li, Rui Xue, Zhongyuan Xia, Shaoqing Lei
Patients with diabetes are vulnerable to myocardial ischemia reperfusion (IR) injury, which may also induce acute lung injury (ALI) due to overaccumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and inflammation cytokine in circulation. Despite autophagy plays a significant role in diabetes and pulmonary IR injury, the role of autophagy in ALI secondary to myocardial IR in diabetes remains largely elusive. We aimed to investigate pulmonary autophagy status and its roles in oxidative stress and inflammation reaction in lung tissues from diabetic rats subjected to myocardial IR...
2018: Journal of Diabetes Research
Watee Seesuay, Surasak Jittavisutthikul, Nawannaporn Sae-Lim, Nitat Sookrung, Yuwaporn Sakolvaree, Wanpen Chaicumpa
Small molecular inhibitors and passive immunization against Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been tested in animal models, including rodents and non-human primates, as well as in clinical trials. Nevertheless, there is currently no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved therapy, and alternative strategies must be pursued. The aim of this study was to produce cell-penetrable human single-chain antibodies (transbodies) that are able to interfere with the activities of interferon inhibitory domain (IID) of the VP35 protein, a multifunctional virulence factor of Ebola virus (EBOV)...
March 21, 2018: Emerging Microbes & Infections
Surasak Jittavisutthikul, Watee Seesuay, Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul, Kanyarat Thueng-In, Potjanee Srimanote, Rolf G Werner, Wanpen Chaicumpa
A safe and effective direct acting anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) agent is still needed. In this study, human single chain variable fragments of antibody (scFvs) that bound to HCV NS3/4A protein were produced by phage display technology. The engineered scFvs were linked to nonaarginines (R9) for making them cell penetrable. HCV-RNA-transfected Huh7 cells treated with the transbodies produced from four different transformed E. coli clones had reduced HCV-RNA inside the cells and in the cell spent media, as well as fewer HCV foci in the cell monolayer compared to the transfected cells in culture medium alone...
2016: Frontiers in Immunology
Alexander Y Grosberg, Jean-François Joanny, Watee Srinin, Yitzhak Rabin
In this communication, we use simple physical arguments to construct a "phase diagram" of various frequency and wave vector-dependent regimes of effective viscosity for polymer fluids, including nonentangled and entangled melts, semidilute solutions without and with hydrodynamic interactions, as well as the more exotic case of a melt of unconcatenated ring polymers.
July 7, 2016: Journal of Physical Chemistry. B
Natt Tasaniyananda, Anchalee Tungtrongchitr, Watee Seesuay, Yuwaporn Sakolvaree, Nitaya Indrawattana, Wanpen Chaicumpa, Nitat Sookrung
Information on the antigenic repertoire, especially the IgE-binding epitopes of an allergen is important for understanding the allergen induced immune response and cross-reactivity, as well as for generating the hypoallergenic variants for specific component resolved immunotherapy/diagnosis (CRIT and CRD). Data on the IgE-binding epitopes of cat allergens are scarce. In this study, a novel IgE-binding epitope of the cat major allergen, Fel d 1, was identified. Mouse monoclonal antibody (MAb) specific to the Fel d 1 was produced...
February 12, 2016: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Rui Xue, Shaoqing Lei, Zhong-yuan Xia, Yang Wu, Qingtao Meng, Liying Zhan, Wating Su, Huimin Liu, Jinjin Xu, Zhenzhen Liu, Bin Zhou, Zhengyuan Xia
Patients with diabetes are vulnerable to MI/R (myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion) injury, but are not responsive to IPostC (ischaemic post-conditioning) which activates PI3K (phosphoinositide 3-kinase)/Akt (also known as PKB or protein kinase B) and JAK2 (Janus kinase 2)/STAT3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 3) pathways to confer cardioprotection. We hypothesized that increased cardiac PTEN (phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome 10), a major negative regulator of PI3K/Akt, is responsible for the loss of diabetic heart sensitivity to IPostC cardioprotecton...
March 2016: Clinical Science (1979-)
Ying Jiang, Zhen Zhou, Qing-tao Meng, Qian Sun, Wating Su, Shaoqing Lei, Zhengyuan Xia, Zhong-yuan Xia
Objective. Intestinal ischemia reperfusion (II/R) injury plays a critical role in remote organ dysfunction, such as lung injury, which is associated with nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2)/heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) signaling pathway. In the present study, we tested whether ginsenoside Rb1 attenuated II/R induced lung injury by Nrf2/HO-1 pathway. Methods. II/R injury was induced in male C57BL/6J mice by 45 min of superior mesenteric artery (SMA) occlusion followed by 2 hours of reperfusion. Ginsenoside Rb1 was administrated prior to reperfusion with or without ATRA (all-transretinoic acid, the inhibitor of Nrf2/ARE signaling pathway) administration before II/R...
2015: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
Fonthip Dong-din-on, Thaweesak Songserm, Tippawan Pissawong, Potjanee Srimanote, Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul, Kanyarat Thueng-in, Pattra Moonjit, Preeda Lertwatcharasarakul, Watee Seesuay, Wanpen Chaicumpa
A new anti-influenza remedy that can tolerate the virus antigenic variation is needed. Influenza virus matrix protein-1 (M1) is highly conserved and pivotal for the virus replication cycle: virus uncoating, assembly and budding. An agent that blocks the M1 functions should be an effective anti-influenza agent. In this study, human scFv that bound to recombinant M1 middle domain (MD) and native M1 of A/H5N1 was produced. Phage mimotope search and computerized molecular docking revealed that the scFv bound to the MD conformational epitope formed by juxtaposed helices 7 and 9 of the M1...
January 2015: Viruses
Kanyarat Thueng-in, Jeeraphong Thanongsaksrikul, Surasak Jittavisutthikul, Watee Seesuay, Monrat Chulanetra, Yuwaporn Sakolvaree, Potjanee Srimanote, Wanpen Chaicumpa
A new class of hepatitis C virus (HCV)-targeted therapeutics that is safe, broadly effective and can cope with virus mutations is needed. The HCV's NS5B is highly conserved and different from human protein, and thus it is an attractive target for anti-HCV therapeutics development. In this study, NS5B bound-phage clones selected from a human single chain variable antibody fragment (scFv) phage display library were used to transform appropriate E. coli bacteria. Two scFv inhibiting HCV polymerase activity were selected...
2014: MAbs
Seika Nakamura, Reika Wate, Satoshi Kaneko, Hidefumi Ito, Mitsuaki Oki, Ayako Tsuge, Masato Nagashima, Shinya Asayama, Kengo Fujita, Masataka Nakamura, Hirofumi Maruyama, Hideshi Kawakami, Hirofumi Kusaka
A 64-year-old man noticed weakness in his arms and dyspnea upon exertion. Four months later he was admitted to our hospital, where muscle atrophy and hyperactive deep tendon reflexes in the arms were observed upon examination. A needle electromyograph study revealed acute and chronic denervation in the extremities, and he was diagnosed as having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Seven months after onset of the disease, he died of respiratory failure. Neuropathologically, neuronal cell loss was observed in the motor cortex, hypoglossal nuclei, cervical and lumbar anterior horns and Clarke's nuclei...
February 2014: Neuropathology: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology
S Asayama, R Wate, S Kaneko, T Asayama, M Oki, A Tsuge, M Nagashima, J Morita, S Nakamura, M Nakamura, M Nishii, K Fujita, A Saito, S Nakano, H Ito, H Kusaka
OBJECTIVES: To explore the possibility of a generally applicable tool for the immediate diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD) in its early stage, we compared the sensitivity and specificity of an acute levodopa challenge test with that of (123) I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) myocardial scintigraphy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A consecutive series of 45 patients with extrapyramidal symptoms were recruited to the acute levodopa challenge and evaluated for improvement by use of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale motor scores...
September 2013: Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
Pramod R Chaudhari, Rakhi Gupta, Daulat Ghilagi Gajghate, Satish R Wate
Heavy metals released from different sources in urban environment get adsorbed on respirable particulate matter less than 10 μm in size (PM(10)) and are important from public health point of view causing morbidity and mortality. Therefore, the ambient air quality monitoring was carried out to study the temporal and special pattern in the distribution of PM(10) and associated heavy metal content in the atmosphere of Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India during 2001 as well as in 2006. PM(10) fraction was observed to exceed the stipulated standards in both years...
April 2012: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Carolyn M Machan, Patricia K Hrynchak, Elizabeth L Irving
PURPOSE: To determine data quality in the Waterloo Eye Study (WatES) and compare the WatES age/sex distribution to the general population. METHODS: Six thousand three hundred ninety-seven clinic files were reviewed at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry. Abstracted information included patient age, sex, presenting chief complaint, entering spectacle prescription, refraction, binocular vision, and disease data. Mean age and age distributions were determined for the entire study group and both sexes...
May 2011: Optometry and Vision Science: Official Publication of the American Academy of Optometry
Akiyo Shinde, Takenobu Kunieda, Yoshimi Kinoshita, Reika Wate, Satoshi Nakano, Hidefumi Ito, Masahito Yamada, Tetsuyuki Kitamoto, Yosikazu Nakamura, Sadayuki Matsumoto, Hirofumi Kusaka
Eleven years after a brief visit to some European countries, a 48-year-old Japanese man developed writing difficulty, irritability and general fatigue. Then he complained of dysesthetic pains in his legs, for which benzodiazepines were prescribed. However, at the time pulvinar sign was retrospectively confirmed on brain MRI. Eighteen months after the onset, his gait became ataxic with rapid deterioration of mental status over the following several months. Thirty-one months after the onset, he became akinetic and mute with periodic synchronous discharges on EEG, and died at the age of 51...
December 2009: Neuropathology: Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology
Rakhi B Gupta, P R Chaudhari, S R Wate
This study has been carried out to assess the diverse floristic wealth in urban forest area of NEERI campus at Nagpur, Maharashtra (India). This urban forest is ecologically important to maintain the atmospheric temperature around 2 degrees C below and higher relative humidity as compared to other urban areas. The water table is also observed to be shallower in this area as compared to other areas. Therefore, the biological diversity of this urban forest was studied, as it is directly related to ecology of the area...
January 2008: Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering
Nishant Dafale, Satish Wate, Sudhir Meshram, Tapas Nandy
The laboratory-isolated strains Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, Proteus mirabilis, Bacillus circulance, NAD 1 and NAD 6 were observed to be predominant in the bacterial consortium responsible for effective decolorization of the azo dyes. The kinetic characteristics of azo dye decolorization by bacterial consortium were determined quantitatively using reactive vinyl sulfonated diazo dye, remazol black-B (RB-B) as a model substrate. Effects of substrate (RB-B) concentration as well as different substrates (azo dyes), environmental parameters (temperature and pH), glucose and other electron donor/co-substrate on the rate of decolorization were investigated to reveal the key factor that determines the performance of dye decolorization...
November 30, 2008: Journal of Hazardous Materials
Masataka Nakamura, Hidefumi Ito, Reika Wate, Satoshi Nakano, Asao Hirano, Hirofumi Kusaka
Phosphorylated Smad2/3 (pSmad2/3), the central mediators of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta signaling, were recently identified in tau-positive inclusions in certain neurodegenerative disorders. To clarify whether the localization of pSmad2/3 is altered in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), we immunohistochemically examined spinal cords from sporadic ALS (SALS), from familial ALS (FALS) patients with the A4V mutation in their Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1) gene, and from G93A mutant SOD1 transgenic (mSOD1 Tg) mice...
March 2008: Acta Neuropathologica
P R Salve, A Maurya, S R Wate, Sukumar Devotta
The present study investigated the chemical composition of rainwater at Kabir nagar, Nari, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The rainwater samples were collected on event basis during June-July-August-2006 and were analyzed for pH, major anions Cl, NO(3), SO(4)) and cations (Ca, Mg, Na, K, NH4). The pH value varied from 6.0 to 7.3 (avg. 6.3 +/- 0.3) indicating alkaline nature of rainwater. The pH of the rainwater was found well above the reference pH (5.6), showing alkalinity during the monsoon season. The average and standard deviation of ionic composition was found to be 98...
March 2008: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
R Malik, D S Ramteke, S R Wate
In the present technologically fast changing situation related to waste management practices, it is desirable that disposal of plant waste should be done in a scientific manner by keeping in view economic and pollution considerations. This is only possible when the plant waste has the potential to be used as raw material for some useful product. In the present study, groundnut shell, an agricultural waste, was used for the preparation of an adsorbent by chemical activation using ZnCl2 under optimized conditions and its comparative characterisation was conducted with commercially available powdered activated carbon (CPAC) for its physical, chemical and adsorption properties...
2007: Waste Management
A Sainsbury, H Herzog
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the hypothalamus exerts multiple physiological functions including stimulation of adipogenic pathways such as feeding and insulin secretion as well as inhibition of the somatotropic and gonadotropic axes. Since hypothalamic NPY-ergic activity is increased by negative energy balance, NPY enables coordinated regulation of growth and reproduction in parallel with energy availability. Chronic pathological increases in central NPY-ergic activity contribute to obesity. Many of the adipogenic effects of NPY are specifically dependent on adrenal glucocorticoids...
March 2001: Peptides
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