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Joseph C Anderson, Lynn F Butterly, Julia E Weiss, Christina M Robinson
BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Similar to achieving adenoma detection rate (ADR) benchmarks to prevent colorectal cancer (CRC), achieving adequate serrated polyp detection rates (SDR) may be essential to the prevention of CRC associated with the serrated pathway. Previous studies have been based on data from high-volume endoscopists at single academic centers. Based on a hypothesis that ADR is correlated with SDR, we stratified a large, diverse group of endoscopists (n=77 practicing at 28 centers) into high and low performers based on ADR, to provide data for corresponding target SDR benchmarks...
January 30, 2017: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Daniel H Haft, Phillip G Pierce, Stephen J Mayclin, Amy Sullivan, Anna S Gardberg, Jan Abendroth, Darren W Begley, Isabelle Q Phan, Bart L Staker, Peter J Myler, Vasilios M Marathias, Donald D Lorimer, Thomas E Edwards
During human infection, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) survives the normally bacteriocidal phagosome of macrophages. Mtb and related species may be able to combat this harsh acidic environment which contains reactive oxygen species due to the mycobacterial genomes encoding a large number of dehydrogenases. Typically, dehydrogenase cofactor binding sites are open to solvent, which allows NAD/NADH exchange to support multiple turnover. Interestingly, mycobacterial short chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDRs) within family TIGR03971 contain an insertion at the NAD binding site...
January 25, 2017: Scientific Reports
Arindam Ghatak, Nagakumar Bharatham, Anirudh P Shanbhag, Santanu Datta, Janani Venkatraman
Short-chain dehydrogenase reductases (SDRs) have been utilized for catalyzing the reduction of many aromatic/aliphatic prochiral ketones to their respective alcohols. However, there is a paucity of data that elucidates their innate biological role and diverse substrate space. In this study, we executed an in-depth biochemical characterization and substrate space mapping (with 278 prochiral ketones) of an unannotated SDR (DHK) from Debaryomyces hansenii and compared it with structurally and functionally characterized SDR Synechococcus elongatus...
2017: PloS One
Chhaya Sharma, Debasisa Mohanty
LIN28 protein inhibits biogenesis of miRNAs belonging to the let-7 family by binding to precursor forms of miRNAs. Overexpression of LIN28 and low levels of let-7 miRNAs are associated with several forms of cancer cells. We have performed multiple explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations ranging from 200 to 500 ns in length on different isoforms of preE-let-7 in complex with LIN28 and also in isolation to identify structural features and key specificity-determining residues (SDRs) that are important for the inhibitory role of LIN28...
January 24, 2017: Biochemistry
David Conradt, Bianca Hermann, Stefan Gerhardt, Oliver Einsle, Michael Müller
Phloroglucinol reductases (PGRs) are involved in anaerobic degradation in bacteria, in which they catalyze the dearomatization of phloroglucinol into dihydrophloroglucinol. We identified three PGRs, from different bacterial species, that are members of the family of NAD(P)H-dependent short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDRs). In addition to catalyzing the reduction of the physiological substrate, the three enzymes exhibit activity towards 2,4,6-trihydroxybenzaldehyde, 2,4,6-trihydroxyacetophenone, and methyl 2,4,6-trihydroxybenzoate...
December 12, 2016: Angewandte Chemie
Xiaofang Cui, Suying Dang, Yan Wang, Yan Chen, Jia Zhou, Chunling Shen, Ying Kuang, Jian Fei, Lungen Lu, Zhugang Wang
Retinol dehydrogenase 13 (RDH13) is a mitochondrion-localized member of the short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDRs) superfamily that participates in metabolism of some compounds. Rdh13 mRNA is most highly expressed in mouse liver. Rdh13 deficiency reduces the extent of liver injury and fibrosis, reduces hepatic stellate cell (HSC) activation, attenuates collagen I (II), tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (TIMP-1) and transforming growth factor beta 1 (Tgf-β1) expression. The results indicate an important role of Rdh13 and suggest RDH13 as a possible new therapeutic target for CCl4-induced fibrosis...
January 4, 2017: Toxicology Letters
Sen Yin, Yu-Jia Sun, Ming Liu, Li-Na Li, Jian-Qiang Kong
d-Galacturonic acid (GalA) is an important component of GalA-containing polysaccharides in Ornithogalum caudatum. The incorporation of GalA into these polysaccharides from UDP-d-galacturonic acid (UDP-GalA) was reasonably known. However, the cDNAs involved in the biosynthesis of UDP-GalA were still unknown. In the present investigation, one candidate UDP-d-glucuronic acid 4-epimerase (UGlcAE) family with three members was isolated from O. caudatum based on RNA-Seq data. Bioinformatics analyses indicated all of the three isoforms, designated as OcUGlcAE1~3, were members of short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDRs) and shared two conserved motifs...
November 9, 2016: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Masaki Odahara, Yusuke Kobayashi, Toshiharu Shikanai, Yoshiki Nishimura
The chloroplast (cp) genome is organized as nucleoids that are dispersed throughout the cp stroma. Previously, a cp homolog of bacterial recombinase RecA (cpRECA) was shown to be involved in the maintenance of cp genome integrity by repairing damaged chloroplast DNA and by suppressing aberrant recombination between short dispersed repeats in the moss Physcomitrella patens Here, overexpression and knockdown analysis of cpRECA in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii revealed that cpRECA was involved in cp nucleoid dynamics as well as having a role in maintaining cp genome integrity...
December 2016: Plant Physiology
Pawel Zagozdzon, Bartosz Goyke, Magdalena Wrotkowska
BACKGROUND: The role of antipsychotics in influencing mortality of patients with mental disorders is still unexplained. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine mortality rates of patients treated with atypical and typical antipsychotics and to compare these data with the mortality rates for the general population. METHODS: The study was based on the 2008-2012 prescription drug reimbursement data from the Polish National Health Fund in Gdansk and mortality data from the death registry...
September 2016: Drugs—Real World Outcomes
Maria Michela Gianino, Jacopo Lenzi, Aida Muça, Maria Pia Fantini, Roberta Siliquini, Walter Ricciardi, Gianfranco Damiani
OBJECTIVE: To update amenable mortality in 32 OECD countries at 2013 (or last available year), to describe the time trends during 2000-2013, and to evaluate the association of these trends with various geographic areas. DATA SOURCES: Secondary data from 32 countries during 2000-2013, gathered from the World Health Organization Mortality Database. STUDY DESIGN: Time trend analysis. DATA COLLECTION: Using Nolte and McKee's list, age-standardized amenable mortality rates (SDRs) were calculated as the annual number of deaths over the population aged 0-74 years per 100,000 inhabitants...
October 5, 2016: Health Services Research
Joachim Ruther, Åsa K Hagström, Birgit Brandstetter, John Hofferberth, Astrid Bruckmann, Florian Semmelmann, Michaela Fink, Helena Lowack, Sabine Laberer, Oliver Niehuis, Rainer Deutzmann, Christer Löfstedt, Reinhard Sterner
Males of all species of the parasitic wasp genus Nasonia use (4R,5S)-5-hydroxy-4-decanolide (RS) as component of their sex pheromone while only N. vitripennis (Nv), employs additionally (4R,5R)-5-hydroxy-4-decanolide (RR). Three genes coding for the NAD(+)-dependent short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases (SDRs) NV10127, NV10128, and NV10129 are linked to the ability of Nv to produce RR. Here we show by assaying recombinant enzymes that SDRs from both Nv and N. giraulti (Ng), the latter a species with only RS in the pheromone, epimerise RS into RR and vice versa with (4R)-5-oxo-4-decanolide as an intermediate...
October 5, 2016: Scientific Reports
Zhuotao Tan, Hongmin Ma, Qing Li, Lingling Pu, Yang Cao, Xudong Qu, Chenjie Zhu, Hanjie Ying
The increasing demand for biocatalysts in synthesizing enantiomerically pure chiral alcohols results from the outstanding characteristics of enzymes in reaction, economic, ecological issues. Many carbonyl reductases for producing chiral alcohols have been reported but there is still a lack of good catalytic efficacies. Herein, five carbonyl reductases from different Streptomyces were discovered by the strategy of genome mining. These reductases were overexpressed, and we chose SgCR for further study as it owned better enzyme activity...
November 2016: Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Małgorzata Pikala, Monika Burzyn Ska, Robert Pikala, Marek Bryła, Irena Maniecka-Bryła
BACKGROUND: The aim of the study is to evaluate the differences in premature mortality between educational groups of Polish inhabitants in 2002 and 2011. METHODS: The analysis included all deaths among inhabitants of Poland, aged 25-64 years, which occurred in 2002 (N=97 004) and 2011 (N=104 598). We calculated age-standardised death rates (SDRs) and summary measures on inequalities. The relative index of inequality (RII) was calculated with Poisson regression...
2016: BMJ Open
Christopher J Hasselwander, Zhipeng Cao, William A Grissom
The goal of this work is to develop software that enables the rapid implementation of custom MRI spectrometers using commercially-available software defined radios (SDRs). The developed gr-MRI software package comprises a set of Python scripts, flowgraphs, and signal generation and recording blocks for GNU Radio, an open-source SDR software package that is widely used in communications research. gr-MRI implements basic event sequencing functionality, and tools for system calibrations, multi-radio synchronization, and MR signal processing and image reconstruction...
September 2016: Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Chunhui Li, Yongxiang Li, Yunsu Shi, Yanchun Song, Dengfeng Zhang, Edward S Buckler, Zhiwu Zhang, Yu Li, Tianyu Wang
Using two nested association mapping populations and high-density markers, some important genomic regions controlling recombination frequency and segregation distortion were detected. Understanding the maize genomic features would be useful for the study of genetic diversity and evolution and for maize breeding. Here, we used two maize nested association mapping (NAM) populations separately derived in China (CN-NAM) and the US (US-NAM) to explore the maize genomic features. The two populations containing 36 families and about 7000 recombinant inbred lines were evaluated with genotyping-by-sequencing...
September 2016: TAG. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik
J Paul Fedoroff, Deborah Richards, Rebekah Ranger, Susan Curry
This CIHR-funded study examined whether certain current risk assessment tools were effective in appraising risk of recidivism in a sample of sex offenders with intellectual disabilities (ID). Fifty men with ID who had engaged in problematic sexual behavior (PSB) were followed for an average of 2.5 years. Recidivism was defined and measured as any illegal or problematic behavior, as well as any problematic but not necessarily illegal behavior. At the beginning of the study, each participant was rated on two risk assessment tools: the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG) and the Sex Offender Risk Appraisal Guide (SORAG)...
October 2016: Research in Developmental Disabilities
Bettina Ebert, Michael Kisiela, Edmund Maser
Numerous physiological functions of the body are controlled by endogenous (e.g. steroids, retinoids, lipid mediators) or exogenous molecules (e.g. drugs, xenobiotics) that bind to transcription factors (TF). The biosynthesis and catabolism of these signaling molecules depend, apart from CYPs, on enzymes belonging to the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR) superfamily. Moreover, the contribution of SDRs to the metabolism of therapeutic drugs and xenobiotics is increasingly recognized. However, only scarce information exists regarding the transcriptional regulation of most SDR proteins...
May 2016: Drug Metabolism Reviews
Naoki Kitaoka, Yisheng Wu, Jiachen Zi, Reuben J Peters
Rice (Oryza sativa) produces a variety of labdane-related diterpenoids as phytoalexins and allelochemicals. The production of these important natural products has been partially elucidated. However, the oxidases responsible for production of the keto groups found in many of these diterpenoids have largely remained unknown. Only one short-chain alcohol dehydrogenase/reductases (SDRs), which has been proposed to catalyze the last step in such a pathway, has been characterized to date. While rice contains >220 SDRs, only the transcription of five has been shown to be induced by the fungal cell wall elicitor chitin...
October 2016: Plant Journal: for Cell and Molecular Biology
Ross E Anderson, Heidi A Hanson, Darshan P Patel, Erica Johnstone, Kenneth I Aston, Douglas T Carrell, William T Lowrance, Ken R Smith, James M Hotaling
OBJECTIVE: To further characterize the association of male infertility with health risks by evaluating semen quality and cancer risk in family members. DESIGN: Retrospective, cohort study. SETTING: Not applicable. PATIENT(S): A total of 12,889 men undergoing SA and 12,889 fertile control subjects that had first-degree relative (FDR) data (n = 130,689) and 8,032 men with SA and 8,032 fertile control subjects with complete second-degree relative (SDR) data (n = 247,204) were identified through the UPDB...
September 1, 2016: Fertility and Sterility
Yusuke Yokota, Tadashi Ishikawa, Shun-ichi Watanabe, Toshiharu Tashiro, Akira Asada
Interplate megathrust earthquakes have inflicted catastrophic damage on human society. Such an earthquake is predicted to occur in the near future along the Nankai Trough off southwestern Japan--an economically active and densely populated area in which megathrust earthquakes have already occurred. Megathrust earthquakes are the result of a plate-subduction mechanism and occur at slip-deficit regions (also known as 'coupling' regions), where friction prevents plates from slipping against each other and the accumulated energy is eventually released forcefully...
16, 2016: Nature
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