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Delphine Rea, Shanti Ame, Marc Berger, Jean-Michel Cayuela, Aude Charbonnier, Valérie Coiteux, Pascale Cony-Makhoul, Viviane Dubruille, Stéphanie Dulucq, Gabriel Etienne, Laurence Legros, Franck Nicolini, Catherine Roche-Lestienne, Martine Escoffre-Barbe, Martine Gardembas, Agnès Guerci-Bresler, Hyacinthe Johnson-Ansah, Françoise Rigal-Huguet, Philippe Rousselot, François-Xavier Mahon
BACKGROUND: The ultimate goal of chronic myeloid leukemia management in the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) era for patients who obtain deep molecular responses is maintaining a durable off-treatment response after treatment discontinuation; this situation is called treatment-free remission (TFR). Knowledge accumulated during the last 10 years justifies moving TFR strategies from research to clinical practice. METHODS: Twenty experts from the French Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Study Group (France Intergroupe des Leucémies Myéloïdes Chroniques), including 17 hematologists, 2 molecular biologists, and 1 cytogeneticist, critically reviewed published data with the goal of developing evidence-based recommendations for TKI discontinuation in clinical practice...
May 3, 2018: Cancer
E Lai, A Pretta, V Impera, S Mariani, R Giampieri, L Casula, V Pusceddu, P Coni, D Fanni, M Puzzoni, L Demurtas, P Ziranu, G Faa, M Scartozzi
BRAF mutant colorectal cancer (BRAF MT CRC) is a unique category of colorectal tumour with peculiar molecular, pathological and clinical features and poor prognosis; despite recent research, BRAF mutation predictive value and standard treatment of BRAF MT CRC still have to be defined. In this review, we focused on this challenging topic. Areas Covered: The potential use of BRAF mutational status among recent additional prognostic and predictive indicators and current treatment strategy in use in these patients is discussed...
April 30, 2018: Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics
P Coni, A Madeddu, L Kuqi, G Pichiri, A Occhinegro, D Ratto, G Orrù
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2018: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences
Yanyan Yang, Xiao Du, Xiaowei An, Shengqi Ding, Feifan Liu, Zhonglin Zhang, Xuli Ma, Xiaogang Hao, Guoqing Guan, Hui Zhang
In this study, CoNi-layered double hydroxide (CoNi-LDH) nanosheets coated conducting polypyrrole (PPy) nanowire was controllably fabricated on Pt plate or carbon cloth by using unipolar pulse electrodeposition (UPED) method and served as a novel electrochemically switched ion exchange (ESIX) hybrid film with proton-ligand effect for the removal of perchlorate anions (ClO4 - ). It is expected that the space among CoNi-LDH nanosheets of the shell could act as the reservoir for the anions while the PPy core serve as the potential-induced element for proton-ligand...
March 29, 2018: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Stéphanie Maupetit-Mehouas, Franck Court, Céline Bourgne, Agnès Guerci, Pascale Cony-Makhoul, Hyacinthe Johnson, Gabriel Etienne, Philippe Rousselot, Denis Guyotat, Alexandre Janel, Eric Hermet, Sandrine Saugues, Juliette Berger, Philippe Arnaud, Marc G Berger
Despite the high efficiency of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI), some patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) will display residual disease that can become resistant to treatment, indicating intra-clonal heterogeneity in chronic phase CML (CP-CML). To determine the basis of this heterogeneity, we conducted the first exhaustive characterization of the DNA methylation pattern of sorted CP-CML CD34+ CD15- (immature) and CD34- CD15+ (mature) cells at diagnosis (prior to any treatment), and compared it to that of CD34+ CD15- and CD34- CD15+ cells isolated from healthy donors (HD)...
March 25, 2018: Molecular Oncology
Paola Infante, Roberta Faedda, Flavia Bernardi, Francesca Bufalieri, Ludovica Lospinoso Severini, Romina Alfonsi, Daniela Mazzà, Mariangela Siler, Sonia Coni, Agnese Po, Marialaura Petroni, Elisabetta Ferretti, Mattia Mori, Enrico De Smaele, Gianluca Canettieri, Carlo Capalbo, Marella Maroder, Isabella Screpanti, Marcel Kool, Stefan M Pfister, Daniele Guardavaccaro, Alberto Gulino, Lucia Di Marcotullio
Suppressor of Fused (SuFu), a tumour suppressor mutated in medulloblastoma, is a central player of Hh signalling, a pathway crucial for development and deregulated in cancer. Although the control of Gli transcription factors by SuFu is critical in Hh signalling, our understanding of the mechanism regulating this key event remains limited. Here, we show that the Itch/β-arrestin2 complex binds SuFu and induces its Lys63-linked polyubiquitylation without affecting its stability. This process increases the association of SuFu with Gli3, promoting the conversion of Gli3 into a repressor, which keeps Hh signalling off...
March 7, 2018: Nature Communications
Clara Chepkirui, Kamila T Yuyama, Lucy A Wanga, Cony Decock, Josphat C Matasyoh, Wolf-Rainer Abraham, Marc Stadler
The need for effective compounds to combat antimicrobial resistance and biofilms which play important roles in human infections continues to pose a major health challenge. Seven previously undescribed acyclic diterpenes linked to isocitric acid by an ether linkage, microporenic acids A-G (1-7), were isolated from the cultures of a hitherto undescribed species of the genus Microporus (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) originating from Kenya's Kakamega forest. Microporenic acids D and E (4 and 5) showed antimicrobial activity against a panel of Gram positive bacteria and a yeast, Candida tenuis...
April 27, 2018: Journal of Natural Products
Victor Jeannot, Cony Gauche, Silvia Mazzaferro, Morgane Couvet, Laetitia Vanwonterghem, Maxime Henry, Chloé Didier, Julien Vollaire, Véronique Josserand, Jean-Luc Coll, Christophe Schatz, Sébastien Lecommandoux, Amandine Hurbin
Combinations of therapeutic agents could synergistically enhance the response of lung cancer cells. Co-delivery systems capable of transporting chemotherapeutics with different physicochemical properties and with the simultaneous release of drugs remain elusive. Here, we assess the ability of nanoparticles of 30-nm diameter obtained from the self-assembly of hyaluronan-based copolymer targeting CD44 receptors to encapsulate both gefitinib and vorinostat for effective combinational lung cancer treatment. Drug loading was performed by nanoprecipitation...
April 10, 2018: Journal of Controlled Release: Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Na Chen, Jian-Tang Jiang, Cheng-Yan Xu, Shao-Jiu Yan, Liang Zhen
Core-shell particles with integration of ferromagnetic core and dielectric shell are attracting extensive attention for promising microwave absorption applications. In this work, CoNi microspheres with conical bulges were synthesized by a simple and scalable liquid-phase reduction method. Subsequent coating of dielectric materials was conducted to acquire core-shell structured CoNi@TiO2 composite particles, in which the thickness of TiO2 is about 40 nm. The coating of TiO2 enables the absorption band of CoNi to effectively shift from Ku to S band, and endows CoNi@TiO2 microspheres with outstanding electromagnetic wave absorption performance along with a maximum reflection loss of 76...
February 16, 2018: Scientific Reports
Clara Chepkirui, Winnie C Sum, Tian Cheng, Josphat C Matasyoh, Cony Decock, Marc Stadler
A mycelial culture of the Kenyan basidiomycete Fomitiporia aethiopica was fermented on rice and the cultures were extracted with methanol. Subsequent HPLC profiling and preparative chromatography of its crude extract led to the isolation of five previously undescribed pregnenolone type triterpenes 1 - 5 , for which we propose the trivial name aethiopinolones A-E. The chemical structures of the aethiopinolones were determined by extensive 1D- and 2D-NMR, and HRMS data analysis. The compounds exhibited moderate cytotoxic effects against various human cancer cell lines, but they were found devoid of significant nematicidal and antimicrobial activities...
February 9, 2018: Molecules: a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry
Isabel M Introzzi, María M Richard S, Ana Comesaña, Ana García Coni
Under various circumstances, the cognitive system operates in a global manner that is not very precise and barely discriminatory. This form of operating has been described via a general principal that Diamond (Developmental Psychology 45:130-138, 2009) has denominated the All or None Hypothesis. This author has described a set of corollaries derived from this hypothesis that make it possible to verify it in each one of these domains. Although there is evidence of the global and non-discriminate way in which the cognitive system operates in populations of children, to date, there are no studies that have examined whether this mode of operation is also present in populations of adults...
January 12, 2018: Psychological Research
Jean-Christophe Ianotto, Aurélie Chauveau, Françoise Boyer-Perrard, Emmanuel Gyan, Kamel Laribi, Pascale Cony-Makhoul, Jean-Loup Demory, Benoit de Renzis, Christine Dosquet, Jerome Rey, Lydia Roy, Brigitte Dupriez, Laurent Knoops, Laurence Legros, Mohamed Malou, Pascal Hutin, Dana Ranta, Omar Benbrahim, Valérie Ugo, Eric Lippert, Jean-Jacques Kiladjian
We have previously described the safety and efficacy of pegylated interferon-α2a therapy in a cohort of 62 patients with myeloproliferative neoplasm-associated myelofibrosis followed in centers affiliated to the French Intergroup of Myeloproliferative neoplasms. In this study, we report their long-term outcomes and correlations with mutational patterns of driver and non-driver mutations analyzed by targeted next generation sequencing. The median age at diagnosis was 66 years old, the median follow-up since starting pegylated interferon was 58 months...
March 2018: Haematologica
Rodolfo Armas Merino, Adrián Torres Canales
Essential research studies of health problems affecting the majority of the population, aiming at actions that are feasible to be taken, efficiently and effectively implementing there and seeking solutions to unsolved problems. This is a complex process, which requires long lasting participation and coordinated interaction between different relevant sectors, namely the academic world, health policymakers and health-related industries. An analysis of essential health research in Chile is presented, considering factors such as shared efforts between the academic and health care sectors and the role of the Ministry of Health in research promotion...
July 2017: Revista Médica de Chile
Mathilde Ruggiu, Florence Oberkampf, David Ghez, Pascale Cony-Makhoul, Florence Beckeriche, Isabelle Cano, Anne L Taksin, Omar Benbrahim, Stéphanie Ghez, Hassan Farhat, Sophie Rigaudeau, Noémie de Gunzburg, Diane Lara, Christine Terre, Victoria Raggueneau, Isabel Garcia, Marc Spentchian, Stéphane De Botton, Philippe Rousselot
Although the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) era has brought great improvement in outcome in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), prognosis of accelerated phase or myeloid blast crisis patients or of de novo Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute myeloid leukemia remains poor. We conducted a retrospective study on patients with advanced phase disease treated with a TKI and azacytidine. Sixteen patients were eligible. Median age was 64.9 years, the median number of previous therapies was 2.5 lines, and median follow-up was 23...
November 28, 2017: Leukemia & Lymphoma
Nicholas Coni
Professor Juan Negrín López was Prime Minister of the democratically elected left-wing government of Spain for the latter two-and-a-half years of the three-year Civil War which ravaged the country between 1936 and 1939. The side loyal to the government lost, partly because of the generous aid received by their opponents from Germany and Italy, partly because of the Anglo-French agreement, observed by most countries but ignored by Germany and Italy, to outlaw arms supplies to either side, partly because of internal dissent, and partly because of the greater military capability of the enemy...
January 1, 2017: Journal of Medical Biography
Fabio Del Missier, Alessia Sassano, Valentina Coni, Martina Salomonsson, Timo Mäntylä
Although a number of theoretical accounts of proactive interference (PI) in episodic memory have been proposed, existing empirical evidence does not support conclusively a single view yet. In two experiments we tested the predictions of the temporal discrimination theory of PI against alternative accounts by manipulating the presentation schedule of study materials (lists blocked by category vs. interleaved). In line with the temporal discrimination theory, we observed a clear buildup of (and release from) PI in the blocked condition, in which all the lists of the same category were presented sequentially...
November 13, 2017: Memory
Germano Orrù, Cristina Demontis, Antonello Mameli, Enrica Tuveri, Pierpaolo Coni, Giuseppina Pichiri, Ferdinando Coghe, Antonella Rosa, Paola Rossi, Guy D'hallewin
Pistacia lentiscus berry oil (LBO) represents a typical vegetal product of the Mediterranean basin that has been formally used in traditional cuisine for 100s of years. In addition to its interesting alimentary properties, this product could represent an interesting candidate in the field of research on the study of new anti-infective agents. In fact, in Mediterranean countries, lentisk oil still continues to be widely used in folk medicine for oral and skin affections, in particular, acute gingivitis, pediatric skin infections such as impetigo and foot plaques, and biofilm related infections often associated with Streptococcus spp...
2017: Frontiers in Microbiology
Kyung Chul Woo, Do Hyung Kang, Sang Kyu Kim
Looking into temporal dynamics of the reactive flux that is precisely located at the well-characterized conical intersection has been one of chemists' longstanding goals. We report here real-time nonadiabatic bifurcation dynamics in the S-CH3 bond predissociation of thioanisole (C6 H5 SCH3 ) in the first electronically excited state (S1 ). It is found that two distinct adiabatic and nonadiabatic reaction pathways are activated simultaneously only when the vibronic state near the first conical intersection is optically accessed...
November 29, 2017: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Conie Toh, Ab Rahim Mohd-Hairul, Nooraini Mohd Ain, Parameswari Namasivayam, Rusea Go, Nur Ashikin Psyquay Abdullah, Meilina Ong Abdullah, Janna Ong Abdullah
BACKGROUND: Vanda Mimi Palmer (VMP) is commercially valuable for its strong fragrance but little is known regarding the fragrance production and emission sites on the flowers. RESULTS: Olfactory perception detected fragrance only from the petals and sepals. Light and Environmental Scanning Electron microscopy analyses on fresh tissues showed distributions of stomata and trichomes concentrated mostly around the edges. These results paralleled the rich starch deposits and intense neutral red stain, indicating strong fragrance and trichomes as potential main fragrance release sites...
November 2, 2017: BMC Research Notes
Jianrui Feng, Fan Lv, Weiyu Zhang, Peihao Li, Kai Wang, Chao Yang, Bin Wang, Yong Yang, Jinhui Zhou, Fei Lin, Gui-Chang Wang, Shaojun Guo
The development of active and durable bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting is mandatory for renewable energy conversion. This study reports a general method for controllable synthesis of a class of IrM (M = Co, Ni, CoNi) multimetallic porous hollow nanocrystals (PHNCs), through etching Ir-based, multimetallic, solid nanocrystals using Fe(3+) ions, as catalysts for boosting overall water splitting. The Ir-based multimetallic PHNCs show transition-metal-dependent bifunctional electrocatalytic activities for both the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in acidic electrolyte, with IrCo and IrCoNi PHNCs being the best for HER and OER, respectively...
October 30, 2017: Advanced Materials
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