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Sytske Anne Bergstra, Pedro M M C Machado, Rosaline van den Berg, Robert B M Landewé, Tom W J Huizinga
OBJECTIVES: Ten years ago, the METEOR tool was developed to simulate treatment-to-target and create an international research database. The development of the METEOR tool and database, research opportunities and future perspectives are described. METHODS: The METEOR tool is a free, online, internationally available tool in which daily practice visits of all rheumatoid arthritis patients visiting a rheumatologist can be registered. In the tool, disease characteristics, patient- and physician-reported outcomes and prescribed treatment could be entered...
September 2016: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology
Martina Burnik Šturm, Oyunsaikhan Ganbaatar, Christian C Voigt, Petra Kaczensky
For certain remote areas like Mongolia, field-based precipitation, surface and ground water isotopic data are scarce. So far no such data exist for the Mongolian Gobi desert, which hinders the understanding of isotopic fractionation processes in this extreme, arid region. We collected 26 event-based precipitation samples, 39 Bij river samples, and 75 samples from other water bodies in the Dzungarian Gobi in SW Mongolia over a period of 16 months for hydrogen and oxygen stable isotope analysis. δ(2)H and δ(18)O values in precipitation show high seasonal variation and cover an extreme range: 175 ‰ for δ(2)H and 24 ‰ for δ(18)O values...
October 12, 2016: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
Steven S Yu, David I Quinn, Tanya B Dorff
Clear cell (cc) renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common type of cancer found in the kidney accounting for ~90% of all kidney cancers. In 2012, there were ~337,000 new cases of RCC diagnosed worldwide with an estimated 143,000 deaths, with the highest incidence and mortality in Western countries. Despite improvements in cancer control achieved with VEGF- and mTOR-targeted therapy for RCC, progression remains virtually universal and additional therapies are needed. The pivotal results of the METEOR trial led to cabozantinib's designation as a breakthrough drug by the US Food and Drug Administration and its approval for treatment of advanced RCC in 2016...
2016: OncoTargets and Therapy
John M C Plane, Juan Carlos Gómez-Martín, Wuhu Feng, Diego Janches
Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in cosmic dust, and meteoric ablation injects a significant amount of Si into the atmosphere above 80 km. In this study, a new model for silicon chemistry in the mesosphere/lower thermosphere is described, based on recent laboratory kinetic studies of Si, SiO, SiO2, and Si(+). Electronic structure calculations and statistical rate theory are used to show that the likely fate of SiO2 is a two-step hydration to silicic acid (Si(OH)4), which then polymerizes with metal oxides and hydroxides to form meteoric smoke particles...
April 16, 2016: Journal of Geophysical Research. Atmospheres: JGR
Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo, Mats A Granskog, Astrid Bracher, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, Paul A Dodd, Colin A Stedmon
Climate change affects the Arctic with regards to permafrost thaw, sea-ice melt, alterations to the freshwater budget and increased export of terrestrial material to the Arctic Ocean. The Fram and Davis Straits represent the major gateways connecting the Arctic and Atlantic. Oceanographic surveys were performed in the Fram and Davis Straits, and on the east Greenland Shelf (EGS), in late summer 2012/2013. Meteoric (fmw), sea-ice melt, Atlantic and Pacific water fractions were determined and the fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter (FDOM) were characterized...
September 26, 2016: Scientific Reports
Stanislav Vítek, Petr Páta, Pavel Koten, Karel Fliegel
Meteor detection and analysis is an essential topic in the field of astronomy. In this paper, a high-sensitivity and high-time-resolution imaging device for the detection of faint meteoric events is presented. The instrument is based on a fast CCD camera and an image intensifier. Two such instruments form a double-station observation network. The MAIA (Meteor Automatic Imager and Analyzer) system has been in continuous operation since 2013 and has successfully captured hundreds of meteors belonging to different meteor showers, as well as sporadic meteors...
2016: Sensors
Melissa Bersanelli, Sebastiano Buti
N/A (Letter to the Editor).
2016: Acta Bio-medica: Atenei Parmensis
A E Brookfield, G L Macpherson, M D Covington
Climate predictions indicate that precipitation patterns will change and average air temperatures will increase across much of the planet. These changes will alter surface water and groundwater temperatures which can significantly affect the local and regional environment. Here, we examine the role of precipitation timing in changes to groundwater temperature in carbonate-karst aquifers using measured groundwater level and temperature data from the Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research Site, Kansas. We demonstrate that shifts to increased cool-season precipitation may mitigate the increases in groundwater temperature produced by increases in average annual air temperature...
September 19, 2016: Ground Water
Sebastiano Buti, Alessandro Leonetti, Alice Dallatomasina, Melissa Bersanelli
INTRODUCTION: Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults, and its pathogenesis is strictly related to altered cellular response to hypoxia, in which mTOR signaling pathway is implicated. Everolimus, an mTOR serine/threonine kinase inhibitor, represents a therapeutic option for the treatment of advanced RCC. AIM: The objective of this article is to review the evidence for the treatment of metastatic RCC with everolimus. EVIDENCE REVIEW: Everolimus was approved for second- and third-line therapy in patients with advanced RCC according to the results of a Phase III pivotal trial that demonstrated a benefit in median progression-free survival of ~2 months compared to placebo after failure of previous lines of therapy, of which at least one was an anti-VEGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI)...
2016: Core Evidence
Andrew L Rice, Christopher L Butenhoff, Doaa G Teama, Florian H Röger, M Aslam K Khalil, Reinhold A Rasmussen
Observations of atmospheric methane (CH4) since the late 1970s and measurements of CH4 trapped in ice and snow reveal a meteoric rise in concentration during much of the twentieth century. Since 1750, levels of atmospheric CH4 have more than doubled to current globally averaged concentration near 1,800 ppb. During the late 1980s and 1990s, the CH4 growth rate slowed substantially and was near or at zero between 1999 and 2006. There is no scientific consensus on the drivers of this slowdown. Here, we report measurements of the stable isotopic composition of atmospheric CH4 ((13)C/(12)C and D/H) from a rare air archive dating from 1977 to 1998...
September 27, 2016: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Philippe Lognonné, Foivos Karakostas, Lucie Rolland, Yasuhiro Nishikawa
Acoustic coupling between solid Earth and atmosphere has been observed since the 1960s, first from ground-based seismic, pressure, and ionospheric sensors and since 20 years with various satellite measurements, including with global positioning system (GPS) satellites. This coupling leads to the excitation of the Rayleigh surface waves by local atmospheric sources such as large natural explosions from volcanoes, meteor atmospheric air-bursts, or artificial explosions. It contributes also in the continuous excitation of Rayleigh waves and associated normal modes by atmospheric winds and pressure fluctuations...
August 2016: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Tejal A Patel, Mamta Puppala, Richard O Ogunti, Joe E Ensor, Tiancheng He, Jitesh B Shewale, Donna P Ankerst, Virginia G Kaklamani, Angel A Rodriguez, Stephen T C Wong, Jenny C Chang
BACKGROUND: A key challenge to mining electronic health records for mammography research is the preponderance of unstructured narrative text, which strikingly limits usable output. The imaging characteristics of breast cancer subtypes have been described previously, but without standardization of parameters for data mining. METHODS: The authors searched the enterprise-wide data warehouse at the Houston Methodist Hospital, the Methodist Environment for Translational Enhancement and Outcomes Research (METEOR), for patients with Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) category 5 mammogram readings performed between January 2006 and May 2015 and an available pathology report...
August 29, 2016: Cancer
Guang Li, Xin-ping Zhang, You-peng Xu, Song Song, Yue-feng Wang, Xiao-min Ji, Jie Xiang, Jie Yang
The δD and δ¹⁸O values in precpitation have disciplinary variations, and they have close connections with meteorological parameters and moisture sources. Based on the continuously collected precipitation samples in Mengzi from Jan. 2009 to Dec. 2011, the reanalysis data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the National Centre for Environmental Prediction/National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCEP/NCAR), and the Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory for 4...
April 15, 2016: Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue
Walter Schön, Florian Mittermayr, Albrecht Leis, Irene Mischak, Martin Dietzel
The chemical and isotopic composition of soil solutions is highly relevant for environmental and forensic tasks. We investigated interstitial solutions from soil horizons of three cambisols in Styria (Austria). The soils consisted mainly of quartz, feldspar and clay minerals with a vertical variability. Two soil solution fractions from meso-, macro- and micropores (m) and micropores only (μ) were extracted at two subsequent hydraulic pressure steps corresponding to matrix potentials of up to pF 5.43 and from 5...
August 16, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
Adrián Ortega-Guerrero
High arsenic concentrations in groundwater have been documented in La Laguna Region (LLR) in arid northern Mexico, where arsenic poisoning is both chronic and endemic. A heated debate has continued for decades on its origin. LLR consisted of a series of ancient connected lakes that developed at the end of a topographic depression under closed basin conditions. This study addresses the isotopic, chemical composition of the groundwater and geochemical modeling in the southeasternmost part of the LLR to determine the origin of arsenic...
August 18, 2016: Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Alaa Ahmed, Ian Clark
The chemical characteristics of water in the Oratunga Area, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia have been used to evaluate and determine the processes controlling water chemistry in addition to the sources of ions. The isotopic analysis results show that the groundwater is mainly meteoric. Based on the rock and water chemistry, ionic ratios, hydrochemical facies and saturation indices, the chemical evolution has been studied. The chemistry of groundwater revealed two types of water. Thus, in high topographic areas, low TDS, bicarbonate and mixed water types are dominated and support a rapid and direct recharge...
August 8, 2016: Science of the Total Environment
E C M Dawkins, J M C Plane, M P Chipperfield, W Feng
The meteoric metal layers act as unique tracers of chemistry and dynamics in the upper atmosphere. Existing lidar studies from a few locations show that K exhibits a semiannual seasonality (winter and summer maxima), quite unlike the annual seasonality (winter maximum and summer minimum) seen with Na and Fe. This work uses spaceborne observations made with the Optical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imager System instrument on the Odin satellite to retrieve the near-global K layer for the first time. The satellite data (2004 to mid-2013) are used to validate the implementation of a recently proposed potassium chemistry scheme in a whole atmosphere chemistry climate model, which provides a chemical basis for this semiannual seasonal behavior...
August 16, 2015: Journal of Geophysical Research. Atmospheres: JGR
J D Carrillo-Sánchez, J M C Plane, W Feng, D Nesvorný, D Janches
The size and velocity distribution of cosmic dust particles entering the Earth's atmosphere is uncertain. Here we show that the relative concentrations of metal atoms in the upper mesosphere, and the surface accretion rate of cosmic spherules, provide sensitive probes of this distribution. Three cosmic dust models are selected as case studies: two are astronomical models, the first constrained by infrared observations of the Zodiacal Dust Cloud and the second by radar observations of meteor head echoes; the third model is based on measurements made with a spaceborne dust detector...
August 16, 2015: Geophysical Research Letters
Igor Stukalin, Nimira Alimohamed, Daniel Y C Heng
The introduction of targeted therapy has revolutionized the treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). The current standard of care focuses on the inhibition of angiogenesis through the targeting of the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR) and the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). Over the past few years, research exploring novel targeted agents has blossomed, leading to the approval of various targeted therapies. Furthermore, results from the CheckMate025 and the METEOR trials have brought about two additional novel options: the programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) checkpoint inhibitor nivolumab and the MET/VEGFR/AXL inhibitor cabozantinib, respectively...
April 15, 2016: Oncology Reviews
Ludovico Muzii, Violante Di Donato, Terenzio Boni, Raffaele Gaglione, Riccardo Marana, Ivan Mazzon, Ludovica Imperiale, Caterina De Medici, Alfonso Ruggiero, Pierluigi Benedetti Panici
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the incidence of infectious complications and effect of prophylactic antibiotic administration during operative hysteroscopic procedures. METHODS: A multicentric randomized controlled trial was conducted between January 2012 and December 2013. Women (n = 180) affected by endometrial hyperplasia, myomas, or endometrial polyps undergoing operative hysteroscopy were randomized to receive cefazolin 2 g intravenously 30 minutes prior to the procedure (n = 91) and no treatment (n = 89)...
July 28, 2016: Reproductive Sciences
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