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Hyun Woo Kim, John D McCarthy
Extensive research has shown individual religiosity to have an impact upon U.S. protest participation. But very little work has examined the role of religious density in a community on the likelihood of protest mobilization. Our research links the religious density across 62 counties in New York State to various protest mobilization issues during the period of 1960-1995. In this research, we develop a theory of socially organized sentiments to examine religious influences on overall protest event mobilizations in local communities, a specific example of a more general theory that can link community structure to multiple forms of civic engagement...
November 2016: Social Science Research
Björn Wettergren, Margareta Blennow, Anders Hjern, Olle Söder, Jonas F Ludvigsson
On a national level, several factors are responsible for Sweden's leading position in achieving the excellent health of children because Sweden has experienced a long history of peace and success in establishing a parliamentary democracy throughout the 20th century. Among the different sectors of society, Sweden has been able to focus on prevention and health promotion. The Swedish health care system is publicly financed based on local taxation. Pediatricians working in secondary and tertiary care are employed by the public sector, whereas family physicians are employed by both the private and public sectors...
October 2016: Journal of Pediatrics
Ioannis D Gkegkes, Marianna Karamanou, Paraskevi-Evangelia Iavazzo, Xanthi-Ekaterini D Gkegke, George Androutsos, Christos Iavazzo
Grigoris Lambrakis was a Greek politician, doctor, athlete, and faculty member of the Medical School of Athens University. As an athlete, Lambrakis held the Greek record for long jump for twenty-three years and he also won several gold medals in the Balkan Athletic Games. Lambrakis received an excellent medical education. As lecturer at the University of Athens, Lambrakis became a pioneer of Gynecological Endocrinology. His philanthropy was always evident during his medical career, but he also consistently attended international pacifist meetings and demonstrations...
August 2016: Acta Medico-historica Adriatica: AMHA
Rennie W Ferguson, Susan J Henderson, Paul Jung
INTRODUCTION: Road traffic injuries are a leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Travellers are at risk given unfamiliarity with local road conditions and traffic rules. Peace Corps Volunteers are a unique population of long-term travellers who live and work in-country, often in remote settings, over a period of 27 months and use a range of transportation modes. METHODS: Data from Peace Corps' Epidemiologic Surveillance System (ESS) and Death In-Service (DIS) database were analysed in 2015 for non-fatal and fatal road traffic injuries among in-service Volunteers from 1996 to 2014...
August 26, 2016: Injury Prevention: Journal of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention
Sandra Denman, Sarah Plummer, Susan Kirk, Andrew Peace, James E McDonald
Acute Oak Decline is a syndrome within the Oak Decline complex in Britain. Profuse stem bleeding and larval galleries of the native buprestid, Agrilus biguttatus characterize the disease. A systematic study comparing healthy with diseased trees was undertaken. This work reports the result of isolations from healthy trees, diseased and non-symptomatic tissue within AOD affected trees, at five sites in England. Bacteria and fungi were identified using the DNA gyrase B gene, or ITS 1 sequencing. A significantly higher proportion of diseased tissues (82%) yielded more bacteria than either healthy (18%) or non-symptomatic tissue in diseased trees (33%)...
October 2016: Systematic and Applied Microbiology
Sheri R Levy
The population of older adults is growing worldwide. Negative ageism (negative attitudes and behavior toward older adults) is a serious international concern that negatively influences not only older adults but also individuals across the age continuum. This article proposes and examines the application of an integrative theoretical model across empirical evidence in the literature on ageism in psychology, medicine, social work, and sociology. The proposed Positive Education about Aging and Contact Experiences (PEACE) model focuses on 2 key contributing factors expected to reduce negative ageism: (a) education about aging including facts on aging along with positive older role models that dispel negative and inaccurate images of older adulthood; and (b) positive contact experiences with older adults that are individualized, provide or promote equal status, are cooperative, involve sharing of personal information, and are sanctioned within the setting...
August 10, 2016: Gerontologist
(no author information available yet)
An ethics consult was scheduled for the following day. Prior to the consult, Mr. Hope subsequently decompensated and was transferred to the local hospital. The ethics consultation service continued with the ethics consult to discuss the ethical concerns of the medical staff but in particular to create an open forum for the staff to process their moral distress over the care of this patient and to come to an agreed-on plan on how they would proceed should the resident code. The patient never returned to the long-term care setting...
July 2016: Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics: CQ: the International Journal of Healthcare Ethics Committees
Kay De Vries, Marek Plaskota
OBJECTIVE: Palliative sedation is a method of symptom management frequently used in hospices to treat uncontrolled symptoms at the end of life. There is a substantial body of literature on this subject; however, there has been little research into the experiences of hospice nurses when administering palliative sedation in an attempt to manage the terminal restlessness experienced by cancer patients. METHOD: Semistructured interviews were conducted with a purposive sample of seven hospice nurses who had cared for at least one patient who had undergone palliative sedation within the past year in a hospice in the south of England in the United Kingdom...
June 21, 2016: Palliative & Supportive Care
Paola A Prada, Mario Chávez Rodríguez
Within the framework of an internal armed conflict in Colombia, the use of antipersonnel mines by revolutionary armed forces represents a strategic factor for these groups. Antipersonnel mines are used by these revolutionary forces as a mean to hinder the advancement of the national armed forces in the recovery of territory and to protect tactical natural resources and illegal economies within a given area. These antipersonnel mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are not of industrial manufacturing, and have a variety of activating mechanisms as well as non-metal materials which make them difficult for successful detection...
July 2016: Science & Justice: Journal of the Forensic Science Society
Youngran Yang, Betty Bekemeier, Jongsan Choi
INTRODUCTION: Globally, individuals and groups have different notions of health promotion influenced by their social and cultural contexts. Effective primary health care and healthy public policy depend on a clear understanding of people's perceptions of health and their health needs. Women in the Far Western Region (FWR) of Nepal live in one of the most remote and rural areas in that country, and their general health status is one of the worst in that country. In this study we explored the socio-cultural health concepts and needs of women in a district of Nepal's FWR...
June 14, 2016: Global Health Promotion
Jan Chrastina, Radim Jančálek, Dušan Hrabovský, Zdeněk Novák
Since 1901 Nobel Prize is awarded for exceptional achievements in physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economy (since 1968) and medicine or physiology. The first aim of the paper is to provide an overview of surgeons - winners of Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology. Although the prominent neurosurgeons were frequently nominated as Nobel Prize candidates, surprisingly no neurosurgeon received this prestigious award so far despite that the results of their research transgressed the relatively narrow limits of neurosurgical speciality...
2016: Casopís Lékar̆ů C̆eských
D Sánchez, E Solórzano-Gordillo, R Vandame
As a general rule, within an ecological guild, there is one species that is dominant and is commonly the most abundant. The aim of this work was to investigate if such pattern occurs intraspecifically, among colonies of the stingless bee Scaptotrigona mexicana Guérin. Through behavioral and molecular techniques, we found preliminary evidence that apparently colonies of this species do not monopolize resources, instead they seem to share food; however, some colonies had more foragers in a food patch or in a feeder, so some type of exclusion could be at work, though we could not determine the final output of such interaction, i...
May 19, 2016: Neotropical Entomology
Thorsten M Erle, Niklas Barth, Friederike Kälke, Gabriel Duttler, Harald Lange, Andreas Petko, Sascha Topolinski
Although psychological research shows that guns are aggressive cues, proponents of liberal gun control argue that people rather than guns are to blame for gun-related violence. For instance, athletic target-shooters might classify guns as athletic rather than aggressive stimuli and thus should not be more aggressive than the general population. The present work investigated aggression and emotion-regulation in target-shooters. A longitudinal study found that initial self-reported aggression in target-shooters was higher than in the general population and further increased over 1 year...
May 2, 2016: Aggressive Behavior
Tracy Van Holt, Jeffery C Johnson, Shiloh Moates, Kathleen M Carley
We inductively tested if a coherent field of inquiry in human conflict research emerged in an analysis of published research involving "conflict" in the Web of Science (WoS) over a 66-year period (1945-2011). We created a citation network that linked the 62,504 WoS records and their cited literature. We performed a critical path analysis (CPA), a specialized social network analysis on this citation network (~1.5 million works), to highlight the main contributions in conflict research and to test if research on conflict has in fact evolved to represent a coherent field of inquiry...
2016: PloS One
Peijie Wang, Hui Zhao, Jianguo Sun
Interval-censored failure time data occur in many fields such as demography, economics, medical research, and reliability and many inference procedures on them have been developed (Sun, 2006; Chen, Sun, and Peace, 2012). However, most of the existing approaches assume that the mechanism that yields interval censoring is independent of the failure time of interest and it is clear that this may not be true in practice (Zhang et al., 2007; Ma, Hu, and Sun, 2015). In this article, we consider regression analysis of case K interval-censored failure time data when the censoring mechanism may be related to the failure time of interest...
April 28, 2016: Biometrics
Danilo B Joković, Dragan Krstić, Zvezdana Stojanović, Zeljko Spirić
BACKGROUND/AIM: Wars of the nineties in former Yugoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda imposed new tasks to the United Nations (UN) forces, such as providing humanitarian aid, protection of civilians, peacekeeping, and in many instances providing armed enforcement of peace. The aim of this study was an observational analysis of Serbian participation in the UNs Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the emphasis on stress and coping techniques. METHODS: Serbian contribution in this mission dates back to April 2003 till the present days with a military contingent consisting of six members as a part of Air Medical Evacuation Team...
February 2016: Vojnosanitetski Pregled. Military-medical and Pharmaceutical Review
Abdallah I A Yagub, Khondlo Mtshali
BACKGROUND: Conflict in North Darfur state, Western Sudan started in 2003, and the delivering of curative health services was becoming a greater challenge for the country's limited resources. NGOs have played an important role in providing curative health services. OBJECTIVES: To examine the role that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have played in providing curative health services, as well as to identify the difficulties and challenges that affect NGOs in delivering curative health services...
September 2015: African Health Sciences
Jessica S Freshour, Amber B Amspoker, Misung Yi, Mark E Kunik, Nancy Wilson, Cynthia Kraus-Schuman, Jeffrey A Cully, Ellen Teng, Susan Williams, Nicholas Masozera, Matthew Horsfield, Melinda Stanley
OBJECTIVE: Peaceful Living, a cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) for late-life generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), produced positive outcomes in GAD severity, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and mental health quality of life relative to usual care with treatment delivered by either bachelor-level lay providers (BLPs) or PhD-level expert providers (PLPs). We examined long-term maintenance of gains during 12 months following CBT for patients in this trial who received the intervention delivered by BLPs and PLPs and completed post-treatment assessments...
February 28, 2016: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
Victoria A Johnson, Kevin R Ronan, David M Johnston, Robin Peace
A main weakness in the evaluation of disaster education programs for children is evaluators' propensity to judge program effectiveness based on changes in children's knowledge. Few studies have articulated an explicit program theory of how children's education would achieve desired outcomes and impacts related to disaster risk reduction in households and communities. This article describes the advantages of constructing program theory models for the purpose of evaluating disaster education programs for children...
February 12, 2016: Risk Analysis: An Official Publication of the Society for Risk Analysis
James Allen
Richard Henry Dana was born on June 14, 1927, in Bronxville, New York. Dick was accepted to Princeton University in 1944 on a scholarship and graduated in 1949. He then became a student leader in the Congress of Racial Equality and participated in a series of nonviolent sit-in protests. He completed studies for his doctoral degree at the University of Illinois in clinical psychology (1953). He briefly held a series of clinical and university positions until finally settling down at the University of Arkansas (1969- 1988)...
February 2016: American Psychologist
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