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Zhenfan Yang, Qiuli Guo, Yingchun Wang, Kan Chen, Lin Zhang, Ziqiang Cheng, Yanping Xu, Xiaolu Yin, Yu Bai, Sarit Rabbie, Dong-Wan Kim, Myung-Ju Ahn, James Chih-Hsin Yang, Xiaolin Zhang
Non-small-cell lung cancer patients with activating mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) respond to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) treatment. Nevertheless, patients often develop central nervous system (CNS) metastases during treatment, even when their extracranial tumors are still under control. In the absence of effective options, much higher doses of EGFR TKIs have been attempted clinically, with the goal of achieving high enough drug concentrations within the CNS. Although limited tumor responses have been observed with this approach, the toxicities outside the CNS have been too high to tolerate...
December 7, 2016: Science Translational Medicine
Marnin D Wolfe, Ismail Y Rabbi, Chiedozie Egesi, Martha Hamblin, Robert Kawuki, Peter Kulakow, Roberto Lozano, Dunia Pino Del Carpio, Punna Ramu, Jean-Luc Jannink
C ( Crantz) is a crucial, under-researched crop feeding millions worldwide, especially in Africa. Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) has plagued production in Africa for over a century. Biparental mapping studies suggest primarily a single major gene mediates resistance. To investigate this genetic architecture, we conducted the first genome-wide association mapping study in cassava with up to 6128 genotyping-by-sequenced African breeding lines and 42,113 reference genome-mapped single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers...
July 2016: Plant Genome
Toby Bressler, Beth Popp
PURPOSE: To examine the factors that influence Orthodox Jewish (OJ) thought leaders' perceptions of genetic counseling and testing for BRCA mutations. The specific aims of this study were to describe (1) OJ thought leaders' views on genetic counseling and testing for BRCA mutation status and (2) insights into this high-risk faith-based minority group and their beliefs about counseling and testing for BRCA mutations. METHODS: In-depth focus groups and demographic questionnaires were used in this descriptive, qualitative study, which was performed in the cancer center of a 750-bed community teaching hospital in Brooklyn, New York...
November 22, 2016: Journal of Oncology Practice
Md Shifat-E Rabbi, Md Kamrul Hasan
Strain imaging though for solid lesions provides an effective way for determining their pathologic condition by displaying the tissue stiffness contrast, for fluid filled lesions such an imaging is yet an open problem. In this paper, we propose a novel speckle content based strain imaging technique for visualization and classification of fluid filled lesions in elastography after automatic identification of the presence of fluid filled lesions. Speckle content based strain, defined as a function of speckle density based on the relationship between strain and speckle density, gives an indirect strain value for fluid filled lesions...
February 2017: Ultrasonics
Tanjina Chowdhury, Muhammad Manajjir Ali, Muhammad Monir Hossain, Jugindra Singh, Abu Noyeem Muhammad Yousuf, Fatema Yasmin, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of orally administered probiotics in preventing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preterm very low birth weight (VLBW) infants. STUDY DESIGN: Arandomized double blind controlled trial. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: The Paediatrics Department of Sylhet M.A.G. Osmani Medical College Hospital, Sylhet Bangladesh, from July 2012 to June 2015. METHODOLOGY: Preterm (28 - 33 weeks gestation) VLBW (birth weight 1000 - 1499 g) neonates were enrolled...
September 2016: Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons—Pakistan: JCPSP
S M F Rabbi, H Daniel, P V Lockwood, C Macdonald, L Pereg, M Tighe, B R Wilson, I M Young
Aggregates play a key role in protecting soil organic carbon (SOC) from microbial decomposition. The objectives of this study were to investigate the influence of pore geometry on the organic carbon decomposition rate and bacterial diversity in both macro- (250-2000 μm) and micro-aggregates (53-250 μm) using field samples. Four sites of contrasting land use on Alfisols (i.e. native pasture, crop/pasture rotation, woodland) were investigated. 3D Pore geometry of the micro-aggregates and macro-aggregates were examined by X-ray computed tomography (μCT)...
2016: Scientific Reports
Marnin D Wolfe, Peter Kulakow, Ismail Y Rabbi, Jean-Luc Jannink
In clonally propagated crops, non-additive genetic effects can be effectively exploited by the identification of superior genetic individuals as varieties. Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a clonally propagated staple food crop that feeds hundreds of millions. We quantified the amount and nature of non-additive genetic variation for three key traits in a breeding population of cassava from sub-Saharan Africa using additive and non-additive genome-wide marker-based relationship matrices. We then assessed the accuracy of genomic prediction for total (additive plus non-additive) genetic value...
August 31, 2016: G3: Genes—Genomes—Genetics
Ziv Tsafrir, Joelle Aoun, Rabbie Hanna, Eleni Papalekas, Lauren Schiff, Evan Theoharis, David Eisenstein
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: A renewed interest in the supra cervical approach to hysterectomy has created a cohort of patients with a retained cervix at risk of persistent symptoms requiring a subsequent trachelectomy. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of robotic trachelectomy after a previous supracervical hysterectomy. METHODS: This is a retrospective chart review of women who had robotic trachelectomy after supracervical hysterectomy for benign gynecologic disease from January 2009 through October 2014...
July 2016: JSLS: Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Claus Priesner
This paper explores the relationship between three illustrated alchemical treatises, all of which are associated with Jewish adepts: the famous Le Livre des figures hieroglyphiques attributed to Nicolas Flamel, and two treatises published in 1735 in Erfurt-the Uraltes Chymisches Werckh and the Donum Dei. The Werckh is supposedly written by Rabbi Abraham Eleazar, while the Donum Dei is attributed to an ancient alchemist-cabalist, Rabbi Samuel Baruch. I argue that these authors are fictitious, and that both works were in fact written in the early eighteenth century by their supposed editor, the probably pseudonymous Julius Gervasius...
February 2016: Ambix
Mohammad Shah Kamal, Md Hafiz Ehsanul Hoque, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, Rubina Farzana
OBJECTIVE: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem in Bangladesh since long. The present incidence and prevalence rates of all forms of TB are 227 and 404/100,000 population respectively. The aim of this study was to find out the clinical characteristics of involved cervical lymph nodes, demographic characteristics of the patients and response to treatment of Cervical Tuberculous Lymphadenitis (CTL) cases. METHODS: A prospective study was performed in Shaheed Shamsuddin Ahmed Hospital, Sylhet, Bangladesh from June 2012 to June 2014...
May 2016: Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Quarterly
Zackary Berger, Rabbi Joshua Cahan
In contemporary bioethics, the autonomy of the patient has assumed considerable importance. Progressing from a more limited notion of informed consent, shared decision making calls upon patients to voice the desires and preferences of their authentic self, engaging in choice among alternatives as a way to exercise deeply held values. One influential opinion in Jewish bioethics holds that Jewish law, in contradistinction to secular bioethics, limits the patient's exercise of autonomy only in those instances in which treatment choices are sensitive to preferences...
October 2016: Journal of Religion and Health
Muhammad Wasim, Fazli Rabbi Awan, Syeda Sadia Najam, Abdul Rehman Khan, Haq Nawaz Khan
Leptin protein consists of 167 amino acids, which is mainly secreted from the white adipose tissue. This protein acts on the hypothalamic regions of the brain which control eating behavior, thus playing a significant role in maintaining body's metabolism. Leptin receptors belong to glycoprotein 130 (gp130) family of cytokine receptors and exist in six isoforms (LEPR a-f), and all the isoforms are encoded by LEPR gene; out of these isoforms, the LEPR-b receptor is the 'longest form,' and in most of the cases, mutations in this isoform cause severe obesity...
October 2016: Biochemical Genetics
Md Kamrul Hasan, Md Shifat-E- Rabbi, Soo Yeol Lee
The problem of improving the ultrasound image resolution by undoing the effect of convolution on backscattered radio-frequency (RF) data caused by the point spread function (PSF) of ultrasonic imaging system is one of the key problems in the reconstruction of the medical ultrasound images. In this paper, the tissue reflectivity functions (TRFs) are directly estimated from the noisy and nonstationary RF data using the block-based multichannel least-mean square ( l1 -bMCLMS) algorithm without any prior knowledge of the PSF...
August 2016: IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
Abdul Rehman Khan, Fazli Rabbi Awan
CONTEXT: Under normal physiological conditions, leptin regulates body weight by creating a balance between food intake and energy expenditure. However, in obesity, serum leptin levels increase and become defective to retain energy balance. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION: Elevated serum leptin levels are regarded as an established marker of obesity. It is also reported that obese asthmatic patients have maximum serum leptin levels compared to other groups such as non-obese asthmatics, and normal obese and non obese subjects without asthma...
January 2016: International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Nour Eissa, Hayam Hussein, Hongxing Wang, Mohammad F Rabbi, Charles N Bernstein, Jean-Eric Ghia
BACKGROUND: Many animal models have been developed to characterize the complexity of colonic inflammation. In dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) experimental colitis in mice the choice of reference genes is critical for accurate quantification of target genes using quantitative real time PCR (RT-qPCR). No studies have addressed the performance of reference genes in mice DSS-experimental colitis. This study aimed to determine the stability of reference genes expression (RGE) in DSS-experimental murine colitis...
2016: PloS One
Dayron F Martínez-Pulgarín, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, Wilmer E Villamil-Gomez, Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, Gabriela M Blohm, Alberto E Paniz-Mondolfi
Chikungunya fever, a viral disease epidemic in some parts of the world is newly introduced in the Americas. This is of considerable international concern, with a growing incidence owing to developing urbanization, tourism, and trade. Ocular manifestations of chikungunya fever are not frequent, but of great relevance. Common manifestations include conjunctivitis, optic neuritis, iridocyclitis, episcleritis, retinitis and uveitis. Diagnostic and monitoring investigations would include optical coherence tomography, fundus fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography, visual field analysis, and electrophysiologic tests...
September 2016: Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
Md Shajedur Rahman Shawon, Fariha Binte Hossain, Gourab Adhikary, Rajat Das Gupta, Mohammad Rashidul Hashan, Md Fazla Rabbi, G U Ahsan
BACKGROUND: Bangladesh has been suffering from an epidemiological transition from infectious and maternal diseases to non-communicable lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers etc. The burden of diabetes has been increasing rapidly due to high incidence as well as poor glycemic control leading to various macro and micro-vascular complications. In this study, we aim to assess the attitude towards diabetes and social and family support among the Bangladeshi type 2 diabetic mellitus (T2DM) patients...
May 26, 2016: BMC Research Notes
Yiqing Xu, Charlotte Burmeister, Rabbie K Hanna, Adnan Munkarah, Mohamed A Elshaikh
OBJECTIVE: Factors predictive of survival after recurrent early-stage endometrial carcinoma have not been thoroughly investigated. The purpose of this study was to explore factors that impact disease-specific survival (DSS) and overall survival (OS) after recurrence in women with early-stage endometrial carcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: After institutional review board approval, we identified 104 women with 2009 International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage I to II uterine endometrioid carcinoma who developed disease recurrence between January 1990 and December 2014...
July 2016: International Journal of Gynecological Cancer
Nadia Siritsky
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: Health Progress
Peris Mumbi Munyaka, Mohammad Fazle Rabbi, Ehsan Khafipour, Jean-Eric Ghia
UNLABELLED: The most widely used and characterized experimental model of ulcerative colitis (UC) is the epithelial erosion, dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced colitis, which is developed by administration of DSS in drinking water. We investigated fecal and colonic mucosa microbial composition and functional changes in mice treated with DSS. C57Bl/6 mice received 5% DSS in drinking water for 5 days. Inflammation was evaluated clinically and by analysis of colonic tissue cytokine levels and C-reactive protein (CRP) in the serum...
September 2016: Journal of Basic Microbiology
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