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Amniotic tissue graft

Ardeshir Lafzi, Nader Abolfazli, Masoumeh Faramarzi, Masoumeh Eyvazi, Amir Eskandari, Fariba Salehsaber
Background. The aim of the present study was to compare coronally advanced flap (CAF) plus amniotic membrane (AM) to CAF with connective tissue graft (CTG) in the treatment of Miller's class I and II gingival recessions. Methods. Eleven healthy subjects with thirty Miller's class І and ІІ gingival recessions ≥3 mm, were selevted for this research and randomly assigned to two groups in a split-mouth design. In the control group gingival recessions were treated with CAF and CTG; however, in the test group the lesions were treated with (AM) and CAF...
2016: Journal of Dental Research, Dental Clinics, Dental Prospects
Derek S Anselmo, Marc Karpo, Ebony Love, Tracey Vlahovic
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: The benefits of using amniotic tissue in skin regeneration are well documented. Today, cryopreservation technology allows for better availability and maintenance of mesenchymal stem cells. This is of particular interest in treating the diabetic foot ulcer as this population has fewer mesenchymal stem cells. The objective of this case series investigation was to compare the efficacy of cryopreserved human amniotic stem cells in treating foot wounds of different etiologies...
September 2016: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
Pinnita Prabhasawat, Pattama Ekpo, Mongkol Uiprasertkul, Suksri Chotikavanich, Nattaporn Tesavibul, Kanograt Pornpanich, Panitee Luemsamran
The present study aimed to investigate the clinical outcomes of autologous cultivated oral mucosal epithelial transplantation (COMET) on human amniotic membrane (AM) for corneal limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD). In this prospective, noncomparative case series, 20 eyes (18 patients) with bilateral severe ocular surface disease were chosen to undergo COMET on human AM. The primary outcome was clinical success, and the secondary outcomes were the best-corrected visual acuity difference, corneal opacification, symblepharon formation, and complications...
September 2016: Cell and Tissue Banking
A Gheorghe, M Pop, M Burcea, M Serban
UNLABELLED: The new defined anatomical and functional complex conjunctiva-limbus-cornea is a new concept, which helps clinicians better understand and treat ocular surface pathologies. The management of the ocular surface disease has changed dramatically over the years, with spectacular improvements of techniques, and of course, results. The amniotic membrane, used as a graft or as a substrate for the cultivation of limbal corneal cells has showed encouraging results. AIM: To investigate the usefulness of amniotic membrane transplantation in ocular surface pathologies...
April 2016: Journal of Medicine and Life
D Hettiarachchi, V H W Dissanayake, H W W Goonasekera
Amniotic membrane (AM) due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring and anti-angiogenic properties is used as corneal and wound grafts. When developing AM tissue banks, cell viability, membrane morphology and genomic stability should be preserved following cryopreservation. To analyze the changes rendered to the AM during the process of cryopreservation by comparing different combinations of standard cryopreservation media; fetal bovine serum (FBS), dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), Dulbecco's modified eagle's medium (DMEM) and glycerol at -80 °C and at -196 °C for a period of 6 weeks and at 4 °C in 70 % alcohol for 6 weeks...
September 2016: Cell and Tissue Banking
José Bonifácio Barbosa, Charles Costa De Farias, Flávio Eduardo Hirai, José Álvaro Pereira Gomes
PURPOSE: To compare amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) associated with narrow-strip conjunctival autograft vs conjunctival autograft alone for the treatment of recurrent pterygium. METHODS: In this prospective consecutive interventional study, patients with recurrent pterygium were randomly divided into one of 2 groups; group 1: patients undergoing AMT associated with autologous conjunctival graft; and group 2: patients undergoing conjunctival autograft alone...
July 12, 2016: European Journal of Ophthalmology
Hossam ElHeneidy, Eman Omran, Ahmed Halwagy, Hesham Al-Inany, Mirvat Al-Ansary, Amr Gad
UNLABELLED: Amniotic membrane (AM) can promote proper epithelialization with suppression of excessive fibrosis by creating a supportive milieu for regeneration of chronic ulcer bed. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to investigate whether AM scaffold can modulate the healing of a wound by promoting tissue reconstruction rather than promoting scar tissue formation. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: AM was obtained and prepared and then applied to patients with chronic leg ulcers who were randomly divided into two different groups...
2016: International Journal of Women's Health
Altay Atespare, Hakan Kara, Erdin Ilter, Zerrin Boyaci, Öner Çelik, Ahmet Midi
OBJECTIVES: The success of rhinoplasty may be compromised with postoperative problems like rough and rigid nasal dorsum. Biological grafts or alloplastic materials are required to hurdle and correct nasal dorsal deformities and also irregularities. The purpose of this experimental study was to compare pure cartilage graft, cartilage graft wrapped in amniotic membrane, and diced cartilage grafts wrapped in amniotic membrane for soft tissue augmentation. METHODS: All grafts were transplanted through a subcutaneous tunnel created in the nasal dorsum of 18 rats, 6 in each group...
June 2016: Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Pierce D Nunley, Eubulus J Kerr, Philip A Utter, David A Cavanaugh, Kelly A Frank, Devan Moody, Brian McManus, Marcus B Stone
BACKGROUND: Bone graft material for lumbar fusion was historically autologous bone graft (ABG). In recent years alternatives such as allograft, demineralized bone matrix (DBM), ceramics, and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) have gained favor, although the complications of these are not fully understood. Bioactive amniotic suspension (BAS) with allograft is a new class of material derived from human amniotic tissue. METHODS: Eligible patients receiving a one or two level lumbar interbody fusion with Nucel, a BAS with allograft, were contacted and scheduled for a mininmim 12 month follow-up visit...
2016: International Journal of Spine Surgery
Rachel A F Wozniak, Mithra Gonzalez, James V Aquavella
PURPOSE: To describe the complex surgical management and novel medical approach for a keratoprosthesis (KPro Boston type I) in a monocular, 73-year-old patient with ectodermal dysplasia and chronic, noninfectious corneal necrosis. METHODS: Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was measured with Snellen letters. Surgical intervention included an amniotic membrane graft, complete replacement of the KPro, conjunctival flap graft, corneal donor tissue grafts combined with inferior rectus muscle advancement, periosteal tissue graft, tarso-conjunctival flap construction, and symblepharolysis...
July 2016: Cornea
Marwan Raymond Atallah, Sotiria Palioura, Victor L Perez, Guillermo Amescua
Regeneration of the corneal surface after an epithelial insult involves division, migration, and maturation of a specialized group of stem cells located in the limbus. Several insults, both intrinsic and extrinsic, can precipitate destruction of the delicate microenvironment of these cells, resulting in limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD). In such cases, reepithelialization fails and conjunctival epithelium extends across the limbus, leading to vascularization, persistent epithelial defects, and chronic inflammation...
2016: Clinical Ophthalmology
Mohammad M Khater
AIM: To compare augmented therapy with argon laser and amniotic membrane graft (AMG) versus AMG and tissue debridement for resistant mycotic corneal ulcers. METHODS: This study included 40 cases of resistant fungal corneal ulcers in two groups. In one group, argon laser photocoagulation and AMG were done while AMG with tissue debridement was done as adjunctive therapy for the specific antifungal agents. RESULTS: Complete healing with no adverse effects was achieved in argon laser group in duration ranging from 2-3 weeks in all cases...
April 14, 2016: Seminars in Ophthalmology
Nagi Marsit, Nagmeden Gafud, Inass Kafou, Adel Mabrouk, Aml Alatiweel, Sedigh Abdalla, Lamia Sheghewi
Grafts made from human amniotic membrane are used to prevent recurrence of pterygium after excision. The success of the procedure can be affected by the quality of preparation and preservation of the grafts. We prospectively evaluated the safety and efficacy of cryopreserved amniotic membrane prepared at the research tissue bank of the Biotechnology Research Center in Tripoli, Libya, and used as adjunct therapy in primary pterygium excision. Twenty-six patients (15 males and 11 females) aged 21-78 years and indicated for primary pterygium excision were transplanted at the Tripoli Eye Hospital with the amniotic membrane grafts...
September 2016: Cell and Tissue Banking
Vikas V Patel, Karin Payne
Researchers are seeking ways to heal bone better and faster. Cellular grafts can accelerate bone healing and promote bone formation. Immediately after injury, blood clot formation yields inflammatory cells; an influx of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and osteogenic cells follows. MSCs form musculoskeletal tissue by differentiating into chondrocytes, fibroblasts, adipocytes, and osteoblasts. Osteoinduction stimulates stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts and promotes cell migration. Osteoinductive agents include demineralized bone matrices () and bone morphogenetic proteins, which are extremely potent but are associated with risks and high costs...
April 2016: Spine
Tor Paaske Utheim, Øygunn Aass Utheim, Qalb-E-Saleem Khan, Amer Sehic
The cornea is critical for normal vision as it allows allowing light transmission to the retina. The corneal epithelium is renewed by limbal epithelial cells (LEC), which are located in the periphery of the cornea, the limbus. Damage or disease involving LEC may lead to various clinical presentations of limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD). Both severe pain and blindness may result. Transplantation of cultured autologous oral mucosal epithelial cell sheet (CAOMECS) represents the first use of a cultured non-limbal autologous cell type to treat this disease...
2016: Journal of Functional Biomaterials
Liying Zhang, Dulei Zou, Sanming Li, Junqi Wang, Yangluowa Qu, Shangkun Ou, Changkai Jia, Juan Li, Hui He, Tingting Liu, Jie Yang, Yongxiong Chen, Zuguo Liu, Wei Li
Amniotic membranes (AMs) are widely used as a corneal epithelial tissue carrier in reconstruction surgery. However, the engineered tissue transparency is low due to the translucent thick underlying AM stroma. To overcome this drawback, we developed an ultra-thin AM (UAM) by using collagenase IV to strip away from the epithelial denuded AM (DAM) some of the stroma. By thinning the stroma to about 30 μm, its moist and dry forms were rendered acellular, optically clear and its collagen framework became compacted and inerratic...
2016: Scientific Reports
Elizabeth Clearfield, Valliammai Muthappan, Xue Wang, Irene C Kuo
BACKGROUND: A pterygium is a fleshy, wing-shaped growth from the conjunctiva, crossing over the limbus onto the cornea. Prevalence ranges widely around the world. Evidence suggests that ultraviolet light is a major contributor in the formation of pterygia. Pterygia impair vision, limit eye movements, and can cause eye irritation, foreign body sensation, and dryness. In some susceptible patients, the pterygium can grow over the entire corneal surface, blocking the visual axis.Surgery is the only effective treatment for pterygium, though recurrences are common...
2016: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Dimitri Barski, Holger Gerullis, Thorsten Ecke, Gabriella Varga, Mihaly Boros, Isabel Pintelon, Jean-Pierre Timmermans, Alexander Winter, Jens-Willem Bagner, Thomas Otto
INTRODUCTION: Complex vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) has a high recurrence rate and so the repair with graft tissues seems to be favorable. Amniotic membrane (AM) plays an increasing role as a scaffold for the repair of defect tissue due to its unique biological properties with regard to promoting wound healing. MATERIAL AND METHODS: An innovative surgical procedure for AM-assisted repair of a complex vesico-vaginal fistula as the Idea Stage following the IDEAL recommendations is presented...
2015: Central European Journal of Urology
Fangfang Qi, Toshiko Yoshida, Takeshi Koike, Hitoshi Aizawa, Tetsu Shimane, Yinghui Li, Shinichi Yamada, Motonori Okabe, Toshio Nikaido, Hiroshi Kurita
BACKGROUND: Human amniotic membrane(HAM) as a graft material has been used in various fields. Hyper-dry amniotic membrane (HD-AM) is a novel dried amniotic membrane that is easy to handle and can be preserved at room temperature without time limitation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the useful properties of HD-AM in reconstruction of the oral mucosa. METHODS: Human oral keratinocytes were isolated and seeded on HD-AM in serum-free culture system. Oral mucosa equivalent (OME) was developed and transplanted onto full-thickness wound on athymic mice...
May 2016: Archives of Oral Biology
Charles C de Farias, Norma Allemann, José Á P Gomes
PURPOSE: There are few studies comparing different surgical procedures for the treatment of corneal thinning. Lamellar corneal transplantation (LCT) has been reported to be efficient, but its results can be jeopardized by allograft rejection, opacification, or high astigmatism. Amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) has been considered a good alternative, but it is not as resistant as LCT and the tissue can be reabsorbed after surgery. METHODS: A prospective, randomized, interventional, and comparative study of consecutive patients with corneal thinning over 6 months was performed...
April 2016: Cornea
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