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Global position system

Deirdre Desmond, Natasha Layton, Jacob Bentley, Fleur Heleen Boot, Johan Borg, Bishnu Maya Dhungana, Pamela Gallagher, Lynn Gitlow, Rosemary Joan Gowran, Nora Groce, Katerina Mavrou, Trish Mackeogh, Rachael McDonald, Cecilia Pettersson, Marcia Scherer
Assistive technology (AT) is a powerful enabler of participation. The World Health Organization's Global Collaboration on Assistive Technology (GATE) programme is actively working towards access to assistive technology for all. Developed through collaborative work as a part of the Global Research, Innovation and Education on Assistive Technology (GREAT) Summit, this position paper provides a "state of the science" view of AT users, conceptualized as "People" within the set of GATE strategic "P"s...
May 17, 2018: Disability and Rehabilitation. Assistive Technology
Per Anders Rickard Hellstrom, Anna Åkerberg, Martin Ekström, Mia Folke
Objectives: Walking speed is an important component of movement and is a predictor of health in the elderly. Pedobarography, the study of forces acting between the plantar surface of the foot and a supporting surface, is an approach to estimating walking speed even when no global positioning system signal is available. The developed portable system, Identifying Velocity and Load (IngVaL), is a cost effective alternative to commercially available pedobarography systems because it only uses three force sensing resistors...
April 2018: Healthcare Informatics Research
A M Abreu-Velez, M S Howard, H Yi, A A Florez-Vargas
BACKGROUND: We have previously reported that about 30% of patients affected by a new variant of endemic pemphigus foliaceus (EPF) in El Bagre, Colombia (termed El Bagre-EPF or pemphigus Abreu-Manu) have systemic compromise. In the current study, we focused on studying autoreactivity to the kidney and its pathological correlations. AIM: To investigate patients with El Bagre-EPF for renal compromise. METHODS: We performed a case-control study, enrolling 57 patients with El Bagre-EPF and 57 controls from the endemic area, matched by age, sex, race, work activity, demographics and comorbidities...
May 16, 2018: Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
J Almeida, M C Bressan, J Santos-Silva, O Moreira, C Bettencourt, L T Gama
Iberian (IB, n=60) and crossbred Large White*Landrace (F1, n=58) pigs were slaughtered at 160 kg, after finishing under intensive conditions or on pasture and acorns. The study was carried out as a factorial arrangement of treatments, and physicochemical properties and sensory attributes of meat were assessed in L. thoracis samples. Physical characteristics included the assessment of drip loss, cooking loss, shear force and color coordinates in meat samples processed at 2 d and 9 d post mortem. The interactions of genetic group and finishing system were significant (P<0...
May 15, 2018: Journal of Animal Science
José Luis Guzmán-Martín, José María Navarro-Marí, Manuela Expósito-Ruiz, José Gutiérrez-Fernández
We investigated the reliability of nalidixic acid (NA) susceptibility as a marker of ciprofloxacin susceptibility in Salmonella, analysing 302 stool isolates. NC53 of the MicroScan system was used for NA susceptibility tests and the E-test was used for ciprofloxacin susceptibility tests. Among the isolates, 178 (58.9 %) were serogroup B, 74 (24.5 %) were serogroup D, 27 (8.9 %) were serogroup C and 23 (7.6 %) were from other minor serogroups. Globally, susceptibility to NA correctly predicted the susceptibility of Salmonella to ciprofloxacin, with a sensitivity of 81...
May 16, 2018: Journal of Medical Microbiology
Fatima Saleh, Leila Itani, Simona Calugi, Riccardo Dalle Grave, Marwan El Ghoch
BACKGROUND: Obesity is an increasing global health problem, but its treatment is not yet optimal, especially in the long term. For this reason, preclinical studies have been conducted relating to a new therapeutic strategy for obesity based on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AD-MSCs). The aim of our systematic review is to summarize these findings deriving from the animal model in order to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to justify going forward to clinical studies...
May 15, 2018: Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Matthew J Smyth, J A Round, A J Mellor
Wearable technologies are making considerable advances into the mainstream as they become smaller and more user friendly. The global market for such devices is forecasted to be worth over US$5 billion in 2018, with one in six people owning a device. Many professional sporting teams use self-monitoring to assess physiological parameters and work rate on the pitch, highlighting the potential utility for military command chains. As size of device reduces and sensitivity improves, coupled with remote connectivity technology, integration into the military environment could be relatively seamless...
May 14, 2018: Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps
Brian King, Margaret S Winchester
The spread and varied impacts of the HIV/AIDS epidemic demonstrate the complex and reciprocal relationships between the socio-political and biophysical dimensions of human health. Yet even with increasing research and policy attention there remain critical gaps in the literature on how HIV-positive households manage health through their engagement with social and ecological systems. This is particularly urgent given improvements in the global response to the epidemic, whereby expanded access to antiretroviral therapy has extended the possibility for survival for years or decades...
April 16, 2018: Social Science & Medicine
Philippe Schraft, Andrej Junginger, Matthias Feldmaier, Robin Bardakcioglu, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner, Rigoberto Hernandez
In a dynamical system, the transition between reactants and products is typically mediated by an energy barrier whose properties determine the corresponding pathways and rates. The latter is the flux through a dividing surface (DS) between the two corresponding regions, and it is exact only if it is free of recrossings. For time-independent barriers, the DS can be attached to the top of the corresponding saddle point of the potential energy surface, and in time-dependent systems, the DS is a moving object. The precise determination of these direct reaction rates, e...
April 2018: Physical Review. E
Zhengzao Wang, Yazhen Gong, Xianqiang Mao
For a long time, Chinese people have been considered to be concerned only with commercial interests but not ecological systems and biodiversity conservation, even though their trade and investment footprints are globalizing rapidly. This study intended to reveal the non-market valuation on the non-use value of African elephant to Chinese people. Taking the ban of ivory trade as the background, in this study, Chinese netizens' willingness to pay for African elephant conservation was investigated using the contingent valuation method...
May 10, 2018: Science of the Total Environment
Ruonan Wu, Qiuping Wu, Fengtian Han, Rong Zhang, Peida Hu, Haixia Li
Transverse navigation has been proposed to help inertial navigation systems (INSs) fill the gap of polar navigation ability. However, as the transverse system does not have the ability of navigate globally, a complicated switch between the transverse and the traditional algorithms is necessary when the system moves across the polar circles. To maintain the inner continuity and consistency of the core algorithm, a hybrid transverse polar navigation is proposed in this research based on a combination of Earth-fixed-frame mechanization and transverse-frame outputs...
May 12, 2018: Sensors
Jiaojiao Zhao, Zishen Li, Jian Ge, Liang Wang, Ningbo Wang, Kai Zhou, Hong Yuan
The Chinese Area Positioning System (CAPS) is a new positioning system developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences based on the communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit. The CAPS has been regarded as a pilot system to test the new technology for the design, construction and update of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS). The system structure of CAPS, including the space, ground control station and user segments, is almost like the traditional Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs), but with the clock on the ground, the navigation signal in C waveband, and different principles of operation...
May 12, 2018: Sensors
Anthony Markham
Merck & Company Inc. have developed tildrakizumab (tildrakizumab-asmn; Ilumya™), a high-affinity, humanised IgG1 κ monoclonal antibody that specifically targets interleukin-23 p19, as a treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis. The drug was recently approved for marketing by the US FDA based on positive results from the phase III reSURFACE clinical trial programme in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis. This article summarizes the milestones in the development of tildrakizumab leading to this first approval for the treatment of adults with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy...
May 11, 2018: Drugs
Tayler L Williams, Gary E Gorbet, Borries Demeler
Recent developments in the UltraScan-III software make it possible to model multi-speed analytical ultracentrifugation sedimentation velocity experiments using finite-element solutions of the Lamm equation. Using simulated data, we demonstrate here how these innovations can be used to enhance the resolution of sedimentation velocity experiments when compared to single-speed experiments. Using heterogeneous systems covering as much as five orders of magnitude in molar mass and fivefold in anisotropy, we compare results from runs performed at multiple speeds to those obtained from single-speed experiments, fitted individually and analyzed globally over multiple speeds, and quantify resolution for sample heterogeneous in size and anisotropy...
May 10, 2018: European Biophysics Journal: EBJ
Peter N Morcos, Eveline Nueesch, Felix Jaminion, Elena Guerini, Joy C Hsu, Walter Bordogna, Bogdana Balas, Francois Mercier
PURPOSE: Alectinib is a selective and potent anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitor that is active in the central nervous system (CNS). Alectinib demonstrated robust efficacy in a pooled analysis of two single-arm, open-label phase II studies (NP28673, NCT01801111; NP28761, NCT01871805) in crizotinib-resistant ALK-positive non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC): median overall survival (OS) 29.1 months (95% confidence interval [CI]: 21.3-39.0) for alectinib 600 mg twice daily (BID). We investigated exposure-response relationships from final pooled phase II OS and safety data to assess alectinib dose selection...
May 10, 2018: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
Xingyin Fu, Feng Zhu, Qingxiao Wu, Yunlei Sun, Rongrong Lu, Ruigang Yang
Real-time dense mapping systems have been developed since the birth of consumer RGB-D cameras. Currently, there are two commonly used models in dense mapping systems: truncated signed distance function (TSDF) and surfel. The state-of-the-art dense mapping systems usually work fine with small-sized regions. The generated dense surface may be unsatisfactory around the loop closures when the system tracking drift grows large. In addition, the efficiency of the system with surfel model slows down when the number of the model points in the map becomes large...
May 9, 2018: Sensors
Gabriel J Sanders, Brad Roll, Corey A Peacock, Roger O Kollock
Sanders, GJ, Roll, B, Peacock, CA, and Kollock, RO. Maximum movement workloads and high-intensity workload demands by position in NCAA division I collegiate football. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-The purpose of the study was to quantify the average and maximum (i.e., peak) movement workloads, and the percent of those workloads performed at high intensity by NCAA division I football athletes during competitive games. Using global positioning system devices (Catapult Sports), low, moderate, and high and total multidirectional movement workloads were quantified by each position...
May 2, 2018: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Min Hu, Chengfan Jang, Suxia Wang
Lorenz plot (LP) method which gives a global view of long-time electrocardiogram signals, is an efficient simple visualization tool to analyze cardiac arrhythmias, and the morphologies and positions of the extracted attractors may reveal the underlying mechanisms of the onset and termination of arrhythmias. But automatic diagnosis is still impossible because it is lack of the method of extracting attractors by now. We presented here a methodology of attractor extraction and recognition based upon homogeneously statistical properties of the location parameters of scatter points in three dimensional LP (3DLP), which was constructed by three successive RR intervals as X , Y and Z axis in Cartesian coordinate system...
February 1, 2018: Sheng Wu Yi Xue Gong Cheng Xue za Zhi, Journal of Biomedical Engineering, Shengwu Yixue Gongchengxue Zazhi
Lulu Wang, Zhen Jin, Hao Wang
To study the effects of an environmental toxin, such as fine particles in hazy weather, on the spread of infectious diseases, we derive a toxin-dependent dynamic model that incorporates the birth rate with the toxin-dependent switching mode, the mortality rate, and infection rate with the toxin-dependent saturation effect. We analyze the model by showing the positive invariance, existence and stability of equilibria, and bifurcations. Numerical simulation is adopted to verify the mathematical results and exhibit transcritical and Hopf bifurcations...
May 9, 2018: Journal of Mathematical Biology
Katherine A Zeller, David W Wattles, Stephen DeStefano
Wildlife-vehicle collisions are a human safety issue and may negatively impact wildlife populations. Most wildlife-vehicle collision studies predict high-risk road segments using only collision data. However, these data lack biologically relevant information such as wildlife population densities and successful road-crossing locations. We overcome this shortcoming with a new method that combines successful road crossings with vehicle collision data, to identify road segments that have both high biological relevance and high risk...
May 9, 2018: Environmental Management
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