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Morad Chughtai, Anton Khlopas, Chukwuwieke U Gwam, Randa K Elmallah, Melbin Thomas, James Nace, Michael A Mont
BACKGROUND: The purpose of our study was to compare (1) muscle strength; (2) pain; (3) sensation; (4) various outcome measurement scales between post-total hip arthroplasty (THA) patients who had a sciatic nerve injury and did or did not receive decompression surgery for this condition; and (5) to compare these findings with current literature. METHODS: Nineteen patients who had nerve injury after THA were reviewed. Patients were stratified into those who had a nerve decompression (n = 12), and those who had not (n = 7)...
November 2, 2016: Journal of Arthroplasty
Jaydev B Mistry, Morad Chughtai, Randa K Elmallah, Aloise Diedrich, Sidney Le, Melbin Thomas, Michael A Mont
Trunnionosis is defined as wear of the femoral head-neck interface and has recently been acknowledged as a growing cause of total hip arthroplasty failure. Some studies have reported that it accounts for up to 3 % of all revisions. The exact cause of trunnionosis is currently unknown; however, postulated etiologies include modular junction wear, corrosion damage, and metal ion release. Additionally, implant design and trunnion geometries may contribute to the progression of component failure. In order to aid in our understanding of this phenomenon, our aim was to present the current literature on (1) the effect of femoral head size on trunnionosis, (2) the effect of trunnion design on trunnionosis, (3) localized biological reactions associated with trunnionosis, and (4) gross trunnion failures...
March 2016: Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Official Journal of the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Ting Zhang, Jian-you Guo
The effect of Lycii Cortex on the PCOS rat model and the mechanism of action were investigated in the present study. The PCOS rat model was induced with Poretsky methods. Then the rats were randomly divided into four groups: the model group, melbine group (0.45 g x kg(-1)), low (2.5 g x kg(-1) and high (10 g x kg(-1)) dosage group of Lycii Cortex. The animals were orally administrated with the drugs for 14 days. In addition, another control group was added in this study. The rats were weighted before and after drug treatment...
May 2015: Zhongguo Zhong Yao za Zhi, Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi, China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica
Axana Haggar, Andreas Nerlich, Rajesh Kumar, Vinod J Abraham, Kootallur N Brahmadathan, Pallab Ray, Vanita Dhanda, John Melbin Jose Joshua, Narinder Mehra, Rene Bergmann, G Singh Chhatwal, Anna Norrby-Teglund
The lack of epidemiologic data on invasive Streptococcus pyogenes infections in many developing countries is concerning, as S. pyogenes infections are commonly endemic in these areas. Here we present the results of the first prospective surveillance study of invasive Streptococcus pyogenes infections in India. Fifty-four patients with invasive S. pyogenes infections were prospectively enrolled at two study sites, one in the north and one in the south of India. Sterile-site isolates were collected, and clinical information was documented using a standardized questionnaire...
May 2012: Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Ahmed S Abutaleb, J Melbin
Evaluation of the time-varying parameters (Compliance, Resistance, and Inertance) that describe the right and left ventricles has been of interest for some years. Analyses usually involve a particular assertion regarding energy contributions or of the nature of the parameters themselves. It is of interest to engage the issue with a more general approach by restricting prior assumptions only to that raw data measurement may be noisy and that the parameters are non negative. Here a polynomial in time model is utilized to develop each parameter...
September 2010: Cardiovascular Engineering
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1962: Naika Hokan. Japanese Archives of Internal Medicine
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 1961: American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health
Paul C Ho, Julius Melbin, Richard W Nesto
Mechanical stress and strain upon cardiovascular tissue are important factors that influence the ultimate configuration of clinically observed disease entities. Although mechanical forces can stimulate cellular changes and response, structural or geometric alterations introduced by disease processes can, in turn, influence local hemodynamic conditions. Dynamic interactions of structural parameters, such as arterial compliance and geometry, can further contribute to the final determination of the mechanical conditions and outcome of the vessel...
July 2002: ASAIO Journal: a Peer-reviewed Journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
J Melbin, P C Ho
An analysis is presented of stresses developed with different junctional configurations of end-to-end vascular graft anastomoses with severe compliance mismatch. Junctions of circular transverse sections and junctions by bias cuts (beveled ends) are compared with an anastomosis of a graft constructed with an elliptical transverse section and a bevel end cut vessel. This latter substitutes midwall inextensional deformations for extensional deformations that occur with the former, conventional configurations...
September 1997: Annals of Biomedical Engineering
H J Irwin, E B Melbin-Helberg
This study is one of a series exploring the potential of affective variables as predictors of dissociative tendencies. Some clinicians have observed that traumatized children who develop a dissociative coping style also tend to fail to discriminate emotions by verbal means. The study therefore investigated a relationship between dissociation and alexithymia. Undergraduate psychology students were individually tested for dissociative tendencies, alexithymic characteristics, and ability to generate the names of emotions...
February 1997: Journal of Clinical Psychology
A B Cecchini, J Melbin, A Noordergraaf
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 21, 1981: Journal of Theoretical Biology
J K Li, J Melbin, R A Riffle, A Noordergraaf
This report evaluates pulse wave propagation with respect to contributions by vascular wall elastic and geometric properties, vessel wall and blood viscosity, and nonlinearities in system parameters and in the equations of motion. Discrepancies in results obtained with different experimental methods and theory are discussed and resolved. A three-point pressure technique was used to obtain measurements from the abdominal aorta, carotid, iliac, and femoral arteries of dogs. Computations involved linear, as well as nonlinear methods...
August 1981: Circulation Research
J K Li, J Melbin, K Campbell, A Noordergraaf
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1980: Journal of Biomechanics
J Melbin, D K Detweiler, R A Riffle, A Noordergraaf
In awake or lightly anesthetized dogs increases in heart rate (HR) induced by atrial pacing affect cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) in a predictable way that is represented by a SV-HR relationship (dSV/dHR). Under our experimental conditions where normal regulation of atrial rate was bypassed, atrial rate was the independent variable and CO and SV were dependent variables. As HR is increased, CO and SV are modified by reflex and other circulatory regulators. The dSV/dHR relation characterized the circulatory response to increasing HR...
October 1982: American Journal of Physiology
J Melbin, R Gopalakrishnan, R Riffle, A Noordergraaf
A technique is presented for the construction of compliant branched vessel models. Properties include wall transparency and geometric reproduction to any scale. A method for characterization of vessel compliance is discussed, as is the requirement for hydrodynamic similarity.
January 1982: American Journal of Physiology
A Noordergraaf, J Melbin
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
1980: Annals of Biomedical Engineering
G M Drzewiecki, J Melbin, A Noordergraaf
A review is presented of the field of arterial tonometry and of the problems involved with its application. A second generation model is developed which interprets most of the difficulties encountered in previous experimental work. The model also identifies barriers that must be overcome to allow tonometry to become a practical technique for obtaining measurement of continuous, absolute blood pressure. Problems addressed include those of calibration, positioning sensitivity, design standardization, material properties and vascular loading characteristics...
1983: Journal of Biomechanics
J Melbin, A Noordergraaf
In this study, we analyzed a common form of experimental investigation of blood vessels, in which measurements are obtained with branches ligated. Utilizing representative pressure and flow pulses and the full expression for the equation of motion, we calculated the axial pressure gradient, in the time domain at a plane in the descending aorta. The time function representing the ratio between axial pressure gradient and axial flow for the resulting tapering geometry was subjected to Fourier analysis. The harmonics were utilized to obtain the real and imaginary components of the longitudinal impedance as if it were a linear system...
February 1983: Circulation Research
J K Li, J Melbin, A Noordergraaf
Local reflection coefficients were experimentally determined in the dog for the first time at the aortoiliac junction using characteristic impedances derived from phase velocity, fluid density, and the vessels' cross-sectional areas. Reflection coefficients were determined for both the normal trifurcation and with the segment of aorta between external and internal iliacs occluded. For the normal case the coefficients were as follows: antegrade, 0.7; retrograde, -0.74. For the occlusion case the coefficients were as follows: antegrade, 0...
July 1984: American Journal of Physiology
P Frasca, J W Buchanan, R Z Soriano, J M Dunn, L Marmon, J Melbin, S J Buchanan, S H Chang, E E Golub, I M Shapiro
Glutaraldehyde fixed patch grafts of bovine pericardium were implanted in myocardial windows in young (3-4 months old) sheep. The samples were retrieved after one to three weeks for study with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis (EDX). A layer of porous material (pseudoneointima, PNI), consisting mostly of a dense mesh of fibers interspersed with blood cells, was noted to form on the blood contacting surface of the graft. Four distinct sets of mineralization were noted in the retrieved grafts: (1) at the blood contacting surface of the PNI; (2) within the PNI at the junction between layers of PNI with differing densities; (3) near the junction of PNI and pericardium (but in the PNI); and (4) within the pericardium...
1984: Scanning Electron Microscopy
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