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Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)

Xuefei Zhang, Mo Li, Desheng Lv, Ge Sun, Yu Bai, Hui Tian, Changhong Liu
BRAF mutations are known as oncogenic drivers of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). BRAF inhibition has demonstrated anti-tumor activity in patients with BRAF V600E mutant NSCLC. Further molecular screening for novel BRAF thr599dup mutation is warranted. The novel BRAF Thr599dup gene mutation, for which the repeat amino acid-tyrosine is inserted between the 599th amino acid and the 600th amino acid in exon 15 of BRAF, was identified by next-generation sequencing (NGS) during routine clinical care in a lung carcinoma sample from an Asian never-smoker...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Lu Peihua, Wang Jianqin
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical effects of piribedil in adjuvant treatment of Parkinson's Disease (PD) by pooling previously openly published studies. METHODS: The related electronic databases of Medline (1960~2017.5), Cochrane central register of controlled trials (CENTRAL), EMBASE (1980~2017.5) and Wanfang (1986~20175.5) were searched by two reviewers (Lu Peihua and Wang Jianqian) independently for publications including the topic of prospective randomized controlled trials about clinical effects of piribedil in adjuvant treatment of PD...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
János Bencze, Krisztina Pocsai, Balázs Murnyák, Péter Attila Gergely, Béla Juhász, Zoltán Szilvássy, Tibor Hortobágyi
Melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) is a cyclic 19 amino acid orexigenic hypothalamic peptide. MCH is located in the lateral and dorsal hypothalamus, as well as in the zona incerta. In mammals MCH increases food intake, contributes to regulation of energy balance, temperature, reproductive function, endocrine homeostasis and biological rhythms. Several studies have proved the significance of MCH in obesity, diabetes and depression. Although the peptide is well-characterized in mouse models, much less is known about its functions in avians...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Brenda K Wiederhold, Pietro Cipresso, Daniele Pizzioli, Mark Wiederhold, Giuseppe Riva
Burnout is an important problem for physicians, with a strong impact on their quality of life and a corresponding decrease in the quality of care with an evident economical burden for the healthcare system. However, the range of interventions used to decrease this problem could be very fragmented and with the aim to shed some light on this issue, this study reviews and summarizes the currently available studies. We conducted a systematic review using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) guidelines to identify studies about intervention on physician burnout...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Paola Bin, Adelaide Conti, Emanuele Capasso, Piergiorgio Fedeli, Fabio Policino, Claudia Casella, Paola Delbon, Vincenzo Graziano
The aim of this article is to provide an analysis of the main issues related to the application of predictive medicine by analysing the most significant ethical implications. Genetic medicine is indeed a multidisciplinary matter that covers broad contexts, sometimes transversely. Its extreme complexity, coupled with possible perceived repercussions on an individual's life, involves important issues in the ethical, deontological and legal medical field. The aspects related to the execution of genetic testing have to be addressed at different levels, starting with the correct information about the "cognitive" meaning they intend (by forcefully disassociating it from the strange "preventive aspect") to the legal medical issues that can be aroused in the field of forensic pathology, medical responsibility and insurance...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Malgorzata Kobusiak-Prokopowicz, Justyna Krzysztofik, Konrad Kaaz, Beata Jolda-Mydlowska, Andrzej Mysiak
The aim of the study was to assess MMP-2 (matrix metalloproteinase-2) and TIMP-2 (tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-2) serum levels in patients with diverse types of heart failure (HF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). 101 patients with chronic HF were enrolled. Each patient has assessed the serum levels of MMP-2, TIMP-2, and NT-proBNP. Patients were initially classified into 2 groups based on their LVEF. 43 patients were classified into the HFREF group (HF with Reduced Ejection Fraction) and 58 characterized as HFPEF (HF with Preserved Ejection Fraction)...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Sven Höhne, Martin Arndt, Viola Hesse
Background: The well-established methods for esophageal manometry have some disadvantages: the-water-perfused catheters needs calibration by gravity and measuring in supine position, and the solid-state catheters are very expensive. Manometry using gas-perfused catheters is a suitable alternative. There have been only a few publications about this. Objectives and methods: The results for esophageal manometry in 1700 patients were retrospectively analyzed based on the clinical reports and the manometry data...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Hong Xia Zhou, Nina Hao, Xiao Lin Xu
Background: The main causes of intracerebral hemorrhage differ between young adults and older adults. Data regarding potential targets for early intervention in young adult patients with intracerebral hemorrhage are lacking. Methods: We retrospectively analysed data for 196 young adult patients with intracerebral hemorrhage who were admitted to Tianjin Huanhu Hospital and died within 30 days of admission between June 2005 and June 2015. The Kaplan-Meier method was used to calculate survival rate, and the log-rank test was used to determine survival rate significance...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Yi Jin, Yuan Zhao
Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence rate of post-stroke upper limb spasticity and its correlation with cerebral infarction site. Methods: A total of 498 inpatient and outpatient cases are included in the present study. The post-stroke upper limb spasticity rate of different cerebral infarction site was calculated. Results: A total of 498 patients with cerebral infarction are enrolled in this study. Of these patients, 91 have dropped out and 407 have completed the study...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Zhihui Li, Qinge Sun, Xiaoyan Huang, Jianzhong Zhang, Jing Hao, Yue Li, Shihong Zhang
This study investigated the effect of radiofrequency hyperthermia combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. Methods: Seventy-five patients with advanced ovarian cancer were grouped into observation (n = 36) and control (n = 37) groups according to different treatment methods. The age of the patients in the control and the experimental groups were (55 + 11) and (53 + 12) years old, respectively. The control group was received chemotherapy alone (paclitaxel + cisplatin chemotherapy), and on the basis of systemic chemotherapy, the observation group was administered therapy in conjunction with abdominal pelvic radiofrequency hyperthermia...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Changjiang Yin, Pibao Li
In cancer research, autophagy has been revealed as one of the major ways to maintain the metabolism of cancer cells, including glioma cells, through protein degradation. Meanwhile, autophagy is also regarded as a kind of mechanism to protect glioma cells from a harmful stimulus, such as chemical and radiation treatment. So, the inhibition of autophagy may be very helpful in curing glioma. This study aimed to determine the effect of autophagic inhibition on glioma cells using tubacin, a specific inhibitor of histone deacetylase 6(HDAC6)...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
En Yu, Hsin-Yin Hsu, Chun-Yuan Huang, Lee-Ching Hwang
Background: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is an increasing health issue that associates with the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. This study correlates the association between fatty liver and inflammatory biomarkers with cardiovascular risk scores. Methodology: This cross-sectional study enrolled 10,181 health examination participants from Northern Taiwan and administered a standardized questionnaire with important biochemical tests and abdominal sonography...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Masato Murata, Makoto Aoki, Shuichi Hagiwara, Masao Sekihara, Takayuki Kohri, Kei Shibuya, Norimasa Koike, Dai Miyazaki, Kiyohiro Oshima
An 85-year-old female suffered pelvic fracture, multiple rib fractures, right hemopneumothorax, and blunt abdominal aortic injury in a traffic accident. After transfer to our hospital, transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) was performed immediately for hemorrhage from the bilateral internal iliac arteries. Enhanced computed tomography (CT) after TAE showed an increase of hematoma and extravasation at the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta. Therefore, emergency abdominal endovascular aortic repair was performed on the same day...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Te-Jung Liu, Cheng-Chiang Chang, Liang-Cheng Chen, Heng-Yi Chu, Chun-Sheng Hsu, Shin-Tsu Chang
Objective: Elevation of serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) level has been demonstrated as a risk factor for varying diseases, as well as a biomarker for predicting recovery after operation of lumber disc herniation. Our objective was to investigate the relationship between serum hs-CRP and sacroiliac (SI) joint inflammation in patients with undifferentiated spondyloarthritis (uSpA). Methods: In this retrospective study, we enrolled patients with uSpA who underwent hs-CRP testing between January 2007 and September 2013...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Fangwei Liu, Xubo Shen, Ruifeng Wang, Na Yu, Yongjun Shi, Shimin Xiong, Chengliang Xiong, Yuanzhong Zhou
Background Both sex hormone-binding globulin and central obesity have been found to be associated with metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. However, the direct relation between sex hormone-binding globulin and central obesity has not been demonstrated. Methodology We performed a cross-sectional study of 1166 male participants from Zunyi, Guizhou, western China, in 2013. Each participant completed a questionnaire and had a brief clinical exam with a fasting blood sample taken. All blood samples underwent standard laboratory testing for sex hormone-binding globulin...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Xianguang Meng, Liyun Qiu, Haiyan Song, Ningning Dang
Objective: To investigate the effect of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway in epidermal terminal differentiation. Methods: The MAPK pathways (p38, ERK1/2, JNK) were inhibited by SB203580, PD98059, and SP600125 in normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEKs), respectively. Western blotting assays were performed to detect expression of filaggrin and differentiation-related proteins. The mRNA expressions of differentiation-related proteins were detected by real-time quantitative PCR (qRT-PCR)...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Lei Sun, Yanli Zhang, Chao Zhang
Gastric cancer has high malignancy and early metastasis, which lead to poor survival rate. In this study, we assessed the expressions and prognostic values of MS4A family, a newly recently discovered family, by two online dataset, GEPIA and Kaplan Meier-plotter. From these results eight members, MS4A2, MS4A6, MS4A7, MS4A8, MS4A14, MS4A15, TMEM176A and TMEM176B showed positive expression in gastric cancer or normal tissues, and these genes were screened for further analysis of prognostic values. We observed that low mRNA expressions of MS4A2, MS4A7, MS4A14, MS4A15, TMEM176A and TMEM176B were correlated with better overall survival (OS) in all gastric cancer patients, while high mRNA expression of MS4A6 was observed to be associated with good prognosis...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Hui-Juan Wang, Lei-Zhi Shi, Cun-Fei Liu, Shi-Min Liu, Song-Tao Shi
Objective: To investigate the relationship between uric acid and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in elderly women. Methods: A total of 468 women aged ≥60 years participating in a health examination were enrolled. The association between uric acid and MetS and its individual variables was evaluated by univariate and multivariate logistic regression models. Results: A dose-response relationship was observed for the prevalence of MetS and uric acid quartiles...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Han Yanqing, Dong Cheng, Xu Ling
The purpose of this meta-analysis was to investigate the serum CA72-4 as a biomarker in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer by pooling the open published data. METHODS: An electronic search of databases Pubmed, Medline, Web of Science, Cochrane Embase CBM, and CNKI were performed by two reviewers (Han Yanqing, Dong Cheng) independently to identify the studies relevant to serum CA72-4 as a biomarker in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. The patient number of true positive(tp), false positive(fp), false negative(fn) and true negative(tn) were extracted from each included study...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
Ti-Yuan Yang, Tao-Yeuan Wang, Marcelo Chen, Fang-Ju Sun, Allen W Chiu, Yu-Hsin Chen
Penile calciphylaxis is a rare cause of penile gangrene that presents in patients with end-stage renal disease. The rates of comorbidity and mortality of penile calciphylaxis are extremely high. Unlike other penile gangrene, such as Fournier's gangrene, the benefit of aggressive surgical therapy is controversial. Here we present a case of penile calciphylaxis in a 43-year-old man with end-stage renal disease on hemodialysis. He received total penectomy but died due to multisystem complications 2 weeks after surgery...
2018: Open Medicine (Warsaw, Poland)
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