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SAGE Open Medical Case Reports

Wynn Aung Kyaw, Chiao Yuen Lim, Muhammad Abdul Mabood Khalil, Kian Chai Lim, Vui Heng Chong, Jackson Tan
Ortner's syndrome or cardiovocal syndrome is a rare condition and refers to the association between cardiovascular conditions, usually cardiac enlargement from mitral stenosis, and recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy. We reported an interesting case of a patient with end-stage renal disease on regular dialysis who developed both Ortner's syndrome and dysphagia aortica as a result of an aortic arch aneurysm. The aneurysm underwent a rapid increase in size, likely as a result of Staphylococcus aureus infection (mycotic aneurysm) from an internal jugular dialysis catheter...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Rejish K Thomas, Patrick J White, Serdar Dursun
Electroconvulsive therapy has been described as a mood stabilizer, as it is effective in all stages of bipolar disorder. Electroconvulsive therapy-induced mania is a known and potentially dangerous risk of treating bipolar depression with electroconvulsive therapy and there are no established guidelines for the management of electroconvulsive therapy-induced mania. We report a case of electroconvulsive therapy-induced mania where electroconvulsive therapy was continued as the sole, effective antimanic agent, which is the first described case in literature...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Michael Constantin Kirchberger
A well-known example of gastrointestinal cancers metastasizing to the skin is Sister Mary Joseph's nodule, which usually presents as a cutaneous nodule on the umbilicus. In this case, a 91-year-old man was referred to our dermatology clinic for a rapidly growing 3 cm × 2 cm ulcerative nodule at his chin. Biopsy showed skin metastasis originating from a gastric adenocarcinoma. The subcutaneous and cutaneous manifestation of gastric cancer is very rare and associated with a poor prognosis and widespread metastatic disease as presented in this case...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Alexander B Aria, Leon Chen, Auris O Huen
Bosutinib is a BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor approved for the treatment of Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myelogenous leukemia. We report a case of bosutinib-induced interstitial granulomatous drug reaction in a 50-year-old Caucasian female with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Histologic analysis of a punch biopsy showed diffuse interstitial granulomatous infiltrates consisting of histiocytes amid thickened collagen accompanied by eosinophils. Her lesions improved with clobetasol 0.05% cream. No cases describing BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor-associated interstitial granulomatous drug reaction were found in a search of the literature...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Heidi Oi-Yee Li, Sophia Colantonio, Nordau Kanigsberg
Darier's disease, an autosomal dominant genodermatosis, arises from a mutation in the ATP2A2 gene that codes for sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ -ATPase in the endoplasmic reticulum and is characterized by greasy keratotic papules commonly found in seborrheic regions. Conventional treatments, including topical corticosteroids, antibiotics, antifungals and retinoids, often have limited efficacy. The present article reports the novel use of oral magnesium chloride supplementation (300 mg daily) in the treatment of Darier disease...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Matthew Howard, Anthony Hall
Topical corticosteroids are currently recommended only for short-term management of flares of lichen sclerosus, with efficacy in halting disease progression. Given the chronic nature of this condition, there is a lack of literature surrounding the chronic effects of topical corticosteroids on the male genitalia with many dermatologists avoiding prescribing long term. This case report aims to provide anecdotal observation for the long-term use of topical corticosteroids and details the long-term follow-up of an individual who used potent and superpotent topical corticosteroids for over 25 years without significant demonstrable side effects...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Norihiro Kobayashi, Yoshiaki Ito, Masahiro Yamawaki, Motoharu Araki, Tsuyoshi Sakai, Yasunari Sakamoto, Shinsuke Mori, Masakazu Tsutsumi, Masahiro Nauchi, Yohsuke Honda, Kenji Makino, Shigemitsu Shirai, Tomoya Fukagawa, Toshihiko Kishida, Keisuke Hirano
A 62-year-old man with effort angina underwent percutaneous coronary intervention in our hospital. The target lesion was severely calcified at the mid part of the right coronary artery. Pre-procedural intravascular imaging and optical frequency domain imaging showed a calcified nodule at the lesion. We performed rotational atherectomy with a 2.0 mm burr and observed an increase in the lumen area; however, a large amount of calcified nodule persisted. We decided to perform rotational atherectomy with a burr size of 2...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Nabil Alassaf
Objectives: Diagnosis of Sinding-Larsen-Johansson disease may not be an easy task. Several sport-related conditions affect the distal pole of the patella in the adolescent, and treatment varies considerably. The article describes a patient that had radiographic features of Sinding-Larsen-Johansson disease associated with an atypical acute presentation. Methods: Case report and literature review. Results: A 10-year-old boy presented with a sudden pain after a noncontact soccer injury...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Damir Vučinić, Andrea Dekanić, Gordana Zamolo, Margita Belušić-Gobić, Ingrid Belac-Lovasić, Tanja Batinac
Kaposi's sarcoma is a neoplasm of endothelial cells. That vascular tumor is usually limited to the skin, but it may involve mucous membranes, visceral organs, and lymph nodes. Serological evidence has shown that human herpesvirus 8 infection is required for the development of Kaposi's sarcoma. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the most common leukemia all over the world. Increased skin cancer risk has been reported for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The relation between these two pathologies has not yet been clarified...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Sema Uyulmaz, Michael Zünd, Uwe Caspar, Joachim Diebold, Ksenija Slankamenac
Primary small bowel tumours are very uncommon accounting about 1% of all gastrointestinal tumours. Intestinal lipomas are a rare entity of benign tumours with an incidence at autopsy ranging from 0.04% to 4.5%, most being asymptomatic. Complications such as obstruction, haemorrhage, intussusception and perforation might demand invasive management. Among these, intussusception is the most rare complication of intestinal lipomas. Here, we present a case of intussusception in a 52-year-old female with a large intramural lipoma of the ileum...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Lenka Tenzera, Boris Djindjic, Olivera Mihajlovic-Elez, Bindu John Pulparampil, Seema Mahesh, George Vithoulkas
We present three cases of cardiac arrest at different stages of pathology. Acute myocardial infarction and resulting heart failure is emerging as the leading cause of mortality. In the long run, acute episodes and cardiac remodelling can cause considerable damage and result in heart failure. In these cases, individualized homeopathic therapy was instituted along with the conventional medicines and the results were encouraging. The changes in the laboratory diagnostic parameters (single-photon emission computed tomography, electrocardiograph, echocardiography and ejection fraction as the case may be) are demonstrated over time...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Andrés Laserna, Sudhakar Tummala, Neel Patel, Diaa Eldin Mohamed El Hamouda, Cristina Gutiérrez
Atezolizumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets programmed death ligand-1. Treatments with this drug may cause immune-related adverse events by creating an exaggerated inflammatory response. The most common side effects are fatigue, rash, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Cases of central nervous system toxicity such as encephalitis and encephalopathy are uncommon. We present the case of a 53-year-old female with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix who presented to the emergency room 13 days after receiving atezolizumab with altered mental status, headache, and meningeal signs...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Carolina Wuesthoff, Alexandra Allende, Nirmal Patel
In recent years, an immune-mediated disorder involving IgG4 has been described, which targets multiple organs and explains a number of disorders previously regarded as "idiopathic" or of unknown origin. Furthermore, the discovery of IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) has placed a number of pathologies within its spectrum, linking symptoms and conditions formerly considered isolated. Reports of the manifestations of IgG4-RD in the head and neck are scarce. Otological manifestations have been reported, but only a handful of cases are available in the literature...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Allison N Zhang, Jagannath M Sherigar, Debra Guss, Smruti R Mohanty
Splenic laceration is a rare yet often underreported complication of colonoscopy that is infrequently discussed with the patient during the consent process. Most cases present within 48 h after the inciting colonoscopy; a delayed presentation is rare. We present a case of splenic laceration with hemoperitoneum that manifested 5 days after the initial colonoscopy. The patient was treated conservatively. Traditionally perceived risk factors such as intra-abdominal adhesions, splenomegaly, anticoagulation use, biopsy, polypectomy, a technically challenging procedure, and anesthesia assistance have not been clearly shown to increase the incidence of splenic injury following a colonoscopy...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Takeo Mammoto, Atsushi Hirano
Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica, also known as Trevor Fairbank disease, is characterized by asymmetrical osteochondral overgrowth of the epiphyseal cartilage. The clinical presentation of dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica is wide and variable, depending on the site of the lesion. Herein, we describe the physical examination of a 9-year-old boy with intra-articular dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica, in whom the symptoms were elicited on "reverse Wilson's sign": bending the knee from 70° to 120° against resistance while externally rotating the tibia...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Vera Hergesell, Erwin Mathew, Peter Kornprat, Igor Knez, Hans-Joerg Mischinger, Otto Dapunt, Sotirios Spiliopoulos
Management of end-stage heart failure patients requiring major general surgery is not well defined. Due to poor cardiorespiratory reserve, perioperative morbidity and mortality are excessively high. We report a case of temporary implementation of veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for haemodynamic support during excision of rectal carcinoma in an end-stage heart failure patient and describe perioperative management.
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Siert Ta Peters, Marieke J Witvliet, Anke Vennegoor, Birkitt Ten Tusscher, Bauke Boden, Frank W Bloemers
The fat embolism syndrome is a well-known complication in trauma patients. We describe a rare case of traumatic fat embolism that leads to paraplegia. A 19-year-old male motorcycle accident victim was presented to our hospital. After stabilization and trauma survey, he was diagnosed with bilateral femur fractures, a spleen laceration and a tear in the inferior vena cava, for which damage control surgery was performed. Post-operatively, the patient became paraplegic and developed a fluctuating consciousness, respiratory distress and petechiae...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Mohammed E Ghonem, Xun Yuan, Andreas Mitsis, Christoph A Nienaber
Marfan syndrome is a heritable connective tissue disorder affecting skeletal, ocular and cardiovascular systems. Cardiovascular manifestations comprise aneurysmal dilatation of aortic root, aortic dissection and rupture; peripheral arterial aneurysms have been reported in femoral, iliac and subclavian arteries with surgical reconstruction as the first-line therapeutic option. We report a Marfan patient with a symptomatic aneurysm of left subclavian artery in the intrathoracic retro-clavicular space; instead of open surgical resection, an endovascular solution was successfully applied by use of a flexible self-expanding stent-graft (W...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Lucas Molinari Veloso da Silveira, Miguel Gus, Felipe Soares Torres, Flávio Danni Fuchs, Sandra Costa Fuchs
Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection is a congenital abnormality characterized by drainage of one or more, but not all, pulmonary veins to the right atrium or to one of the systemic veins. This pathology has low prevalence, although it probably is underestimated and is rarely diagnosed in adults. This report describes a case of a 72-year-old woman with long-term worsening shortness of breath and elevated pulmonary artery systolic pressure in which Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection was occasionally diagnosed through imaging methods...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
Zakaria Hindi, Mosa Hussein, Abdallah Gad, Abdallah A Khaled, Talal Zahoor
Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome is a rare disorder that remains under-recognized causing a high mortality rate even with treatment. Factors such as infections and systemic lupus erythematosus flare play as an inciting event in the thrombotic crisis which underlies catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome. The use of plasmapheresis has improved the outcome of such cases with a reduction in mortality rate from over 50% to less than 30%, according to some studies. However, the definitive treatment of this disabling and fatal condition remains an area warranting research...
2018: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports
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