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ESC Heart Failure

Stefan D Anker, Javed Butler
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 19, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Rabea Asleh, Alexandros Briasoulis, Naveen L Pereira, Barry A Boilson, Brooks S Edwards, Rosalyn Adigun, Simon Maltais, Richard C Daly, Amir Lerman, Sudhir S Kushwaha
AIMS: Early studies from the 1990s have shown that statins improve survival and attenuate cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV). However, little contemporary data are available on the incremental benefit of statins with the current use of new-generation immunosuppressive agents and the use of coronary intravascular ultrasound for assessment of CAV. We sought to investigate the effect of early statin (ES) as compared with late statin (LS) initiation after heart transplantation (HT) on long-term CAV progression and clinical outcomes in a large contemporary HT cohort...
July 17, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Marco R Di Tullio, Min Qian, John L P Thompson, Arthur J Labovitz, Douglas L Mann, Ralph L Sacco, Patrick M Pullicino, Ronald S Freudenberger, John R Teerlink, Susan Graham, Gregory Y H Lip, Bruce Levin, Jay P Mohr, Richard Buchsbaum, Conrado J Estol, Dirk J Lok, Piotr Ponikowski, Stefan D Anker, Shunichi Homma
AIMS: Left atrium (LA) dilation is associated with adverse cardiovascular (CV) outcomes. Blood stasis, thrombus formation and atrial fibrillation may occur, especially in heart failure (HF) patients. It is not known whether preventive antithrombotic treatment may decrease the incidence of CV events in HF patients with LA enlargement. We investigated the relationship between LA enlargement and CV outcomes in HF patients and the effect of different antithrombotic treatments. METHODS AND RESULTS: Two-dimensional echocardiography with LA volume index (LAVi) measurement was performed in 1148 patients with systolic HF from the Warfarin versus Aspirin in Reduced Ejection Fraction (WARCEF) trial...
July 17, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Jonas Jögi, Mariam Al-Mashat, Göran Rådegran, Marika Bajc, Håkan Arheden
AIMS: Pulmonary congestion remains a diagnostic challenge in patients with heart failure (HF). The recommended method, chest X-ray (CXR), lacks in accuracy, whereas quantitative tomographic lung scintigraphy [ventilation/perfusion single-photon emission computed tomography (V/P SPECT)] has shown promising results but needs independent validation. The aim of this study is to evaluate V/P SPECT as a non-invasive method to assess and quantify pulmonary congestion in HF patients, using right heart catheterization as reference method...
July 17, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Christoph Linhart, Christof Ulrich, Daniel Greinert, Stefanie Dambeck, Andreas Wienke, Matthias Girndt, Rainer U Pliquett
AIMS: Acute cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) with and without consideration of the volume state was assessed with regard to inflammatory parameters. METHODS AND RESULTS: Blood samples from patients with acute CRS (Ronco type 1 or 3, Group 1, n = 15), end-stage renal disease (Group 2, n = 12), hypertension (Group 3, n = 15), and, in a second cohort, with acute CRS and hypervolemia (Group 4, n = 9) and hypertension (Group 5, n = 10) were analysed with regard to lipopolysaccharide-binding protein (LBP), interleukins (ILs), and monocyte function (flow cytometry) both on admission (all groups) and on discharge (Groups 1 and 4)...
July 17, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Michael M Kreusser, Ramon Tschierschke, Jan Beckendorf, Tobias Baxmann, Lutz Frankenstein, Andreas O Dösch, Jobst-Hendrik Schultz, Evangelos Giannitsis, Sven T Pleger, Arjang Ruhparwar, Matthias Karck, Hugo A Katus, Philip W Raake
AIM: With an increasing prevalence of heart failure (HF), more patients with advanced disease have to be treated in cardiology units by sophisticated medical and interventional strategies. We therefore developed a dedicated advanced heart failure unit (AHFU) to target the specific needs of the many patients with advanced HF. We here present our concept and its impact on outcome in high-risk high-urgency (HU) heart transplant candidates. METHODS AND RESULTS: The eight-bed unit was established as an extension of the cardiologic intensive care and coronary care units in an intermediate care setting...
July 9, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Daniel Keene, Ahran Arnold, Matthew J Shun-Shin, James P Howard, Sm Afzal Sohaib, Philip Moore, Mark Tanner, Norman Quereshi, Amal Muthumala, Badrinathan Chandresekeran, Paul Foley, Francisco Leyva, Shaumik Adhya, Emanuela Falaschetti, Hilda Tsang, Pugal Vijayaraman, John G F Cleland, Berthold Stegemann, Darrel P Francis, Zachary I Whinnett
AIMS: In patients with heart failure and a pathologically prolonged PR interval, left ventricular (LV) filling can be improved by shortening atrioventricular delay using His-bundle pacing. His-bundle pacing delivers physiological ventricular activation and has been shown to improve acute haemodynamic function in this group of patients. In the HOPE-HF (His Optimized Pacing Evaluated for Heart Failure) trial, we are investigating whether these acute haemodynamic improvements translate into improvements in exercise capacity and heart failure symptoms...
July 9, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Stuart Ennis, Gordon McGregor, Robert Shave, Barry McDonnell, Andrew Thompson, Prithwish Banerjee, Helen Jones
AIM: Obtain initial estimates of the change in brachial artery endothelial function and maximal oxygen uptake (VO2peak ) with 8 weeks of low-frequency electrical muscle stimulation (LF-EMS) or sham in patients with advanced chronic heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS: Using a double blind, randomized design, 35 patients with chronic heart failure (New York Heart Association class III-IV) were assigned to 8 weeks (5 × 60 min per week) of either LF-EMS (4 Hz, continuous) or sham (skin level stimulation only) of the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles...
July 3, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Julio A Chirinos, Mayank Sardana, Garrett Oldland, Bilal Ansari, Jonathan Lee, Anila Hussain, Anique Mustafa, Scott R Akers, Wen Wei, Edward G Lakatta, Olga V Fedorova
AIMS: The arginine vasopressin (AVP) pathway has been extensively studied in heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF), but less is known about AVP in HF with preserved EF (HFpEF). Furthermore, the association between AVP and atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP, a well-known inhibitor of AVP secretion) in HF is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS: We studied subjects with HFpEF (n = 28) and HFrEF (n = 25) and without HF (n = 71). Left ventricular (LV) mass and left atrial (LA) volumes were measured with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging...
July 3, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Masamitsu Sugie, Kazumasa Harada, Tetsuya Takahashi, Marina Nara, Hisashi Kawai, Yoshinori Fujiwara, Joji Ishikawa, Jun Tanaka, Teruyuki Koyama, Hunkyung Kim, Renpei Sengoku, Hajime Fujimoto, Shuichi Obuchi, Shunei Kyo, Hideki Ito
AIMS: The association of vascular dysfunction and amyloid beta deposition attracted attentions for its relationship with cognitive decline. Previous studies show the correlation between the declined cardiac function and the cognitive impairment. In the present study, we analysed the association between cognitive functions and cardiac parameters in community-dwelling people with preserved ejection fraction without heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS: Subjects were 108 Japanese community-dwelling middle-aged and older adults with preserved ejection fraction (25 men and 83 women; mean age 74...
June 26, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Sarah J Charman, Nduka C Okwose, Renae J Stefanetti, Kristian Bailey, Jane Skinner, Arsen Ristic, Petar M Seferovic, Mike Scott, Stephen Turley, Ahmet Fuat, Jonathan Mant, Richard F D Hobbs, Guy A MacGowan, Djordje G Jakovljevic
AIMS: Primary care physicians lack access to an objective cardiac function test. This study for the first time describes a novel cardiac output response to stress (CORS) test developed to improve diagnosis and monitoring of heart failure in primary care and investigates its reproducibility. METHODS AND RESULTS: Prospective observational study recruited 32 consecutive primary care patients (age, 63 ± 9 years; female, n = 18). Cardiac output was measured continuously using the bioreactance method in supine and standing positions and during two 3 min stages of a step-exercise protocol (10 and 15 steps per minute) using a 15 cm height bench...
June 26, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Joanna Osmanska, Nathaniel M Hawkins, Mustafa Toma, Andrew Ignaszewski, Sean A Virani
AIMS: Recent guidelines recommend cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) in mildly symptomatic heart failure (HF) but favour left bundle branch block (LBBB) morphology in patients with moderate QRS prolongation (120-150 ms). We defined how many patients hospitalized with HF fulfil these criteria. METHODS AND RESULTS: A single-centre retrospective cohort study of 363 consecutive patients hospitalized with HF (438 admissions) was performed. Electronic imaging, electrocardiograms, and records were reviewed...
June 25, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Marcelino Cortés, Julia Anna Palfy, Marta Lopez, Juan Martínez, Ana Lucia Rivero, Ana Devesa, Juan Antonio Franco-Peláez, Sem Briongos, Mikel Taibo-Urquia, Juan Benezet, Jose-Manuel Rubio
AIMS: Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) reduces mortality in selected patients. However, its role in patients older than 75 years is not well established. METHODS AND RESULTS: We performed a retrospective, non-randomized study using a historical cohort from a single centre. Between January 2008 and July 2014, we assessed patients aged ≥75 years with left ventricular ejection fraction ≤ 35%, identifying 385 patients with a Class I or IIa recommendation for ICD implantation...
June 24, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Sean A Virani, Vinod Sharma, Mary McCann, Jodi Koehler, Bernice Tsang, Shelley Zieroth
AIMS: The primary aim of the TRIAGE-HF trial was to correlate cardiac implantable electronic device-generated heart failure risk status (HFRS) with signs, symptoms, and patient behaviours classically associated with worsening heart failure (HF). METHODS AND RESULTS: TRIAGE-HF enrolled 100 subjects with systolic HF implanted with a Medtronic high-performance device and followed up at three Canadian HF centres. Study follow-up was up to 8 months. The HFRS assigned each subject's overall risk of HF hospitalization in the next 30 days and also highlighted abnormal device parameters contributing to a patient's risk status at the time of remote data transmission...
June 22, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Toshikazu D Tanaka, Mitsuaki Sawano, Ravi Ramani, Mark Friedman, Shun Kohsaka
Globally, acute heart failure (AHF) remains an ongoing public health issue with its prevalence and mortality increasing in the east and the west. Effective treatment strategies to stabilize AHF are important to alleviate clinical symptoms and to improve clinical outcomes. However, despite the progress in the management of stable and chronic heart failure, no single agent has been proven to play a definitive role in the management of AHF. As a consequence, contemporary treatment strategies for patients with AHF vary greatly by region...
June 22, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Anne-Catherine Pouleur, Stefan Anker, Dulce Brito, Oana Brosteanu, Dirk Hasenclever, Barbara Casadei, Frank Edelmann, Gerasimos Filippatos, Damien Gruson, Ignatios Ikonomidis, Renaud Lhommel, Masliza Mahmod, Stefan Neubauer, Alexandre Persu, Bernhard L Gerber, Stefan Piechnik, Burkert Pieske, Elisabeth Pieske-Kraigher, Fausto Pinto, Piotr Ponikowski, Michele Senni, Jean-Noël Trochu, Nancy Van Overstraeten, Rolf Wachter, Jean-Luc Balligand
AIMS: Progressive left ventricular (LV) remodelling with cardiac myocyte hypertrophy, myocardial fibrosis, and endothelial dysfunction plays a key role in the onset and progression of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. The Beta3-LVH trial will test the hypothesis that the β3 adrenergic receptor agonist mirabegron will improve LV hypertrophy and diastolic function in patients with hypertensive structural heart disease at high risk for developing heart failure with preserved ejection fraction...
June 22, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Rachele Adorisio, Domenico D'Amario, Gianluigi Perri, Antonio Amodeo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 21, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Anna Levinsson, Marie-Pierre Dubé, Jean-Claude Tardif, Simon de Denus
Heart failure (HF) is a complex disease, almost as common in women as in men. Nonetheless, HF clinical presentation, prognosis, and aetiology vary by sex. This review summarizes the current state of sex-sensitive issues related to HF drugs included in treatment guidelines and suggests future directions for improved care. Heart failure presentation differs between female and male patients: females more often show with hypertensive aetiology and the preserved ejection fraction phenotype, while men more often show ischaemic aetiology and the reduced ejection fraction phenotype...
June 19, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Yuliya Y Mints, Gheorghe Doros, John L Berk, Lawreen H Connors, Frederick L Ruberg
AIMS: Wild-type transthyretin (ATTRwt) cardiac amyloidosis has emerged as an important cause of heart failure in the elderly. Atrial fibrillation (AF) commonly affects older adults with heart failure and is associated with reduced survival, but its role in ATTRwt is unclear. We sought to explore the clinical impact of AF in ATTRwt. METHODS AND RESULTS: Patients with biopsy-proven ATTRwt cardiac amyloidosis (n = 146) were retrospectively identified, and clinical, echocardiographic, and biochemical data were collected...
June 19, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
Anna Bredfelt, Göran Rådegran, Roger Hesselstrand, Håkan Arheden, Ellen Ostenfeld
AIMS: Pre-capillary pulmonary hypertension (PHpre-cap ) has a poor prognosis, especially when caused by pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) associated with systemic sclerosis (SSc-PAH). Whether cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)-based quantification of atrial volumes in PHpre-cap is beneficial in risk assessment is unknown. The aims were to investigate if (i) atrial volumes using CMR are associated with death or lung transplantation in PHpre-cap , (ii) atrial volumes differ among four unmatched major PHpre-cap subgroups, and (iii) atrial volumes differ between SSc-PAH and idiopathic/familial PAH (IPAH/FPAH) when matched for pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR)...
June 19, 2018: ESC Heart Failure
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