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Europe's Journal of Psychology

Maria Miceli, Cristiano Castelfranchi
Although most researchers maintain that shame and guilt are distinct emotions, the debate on their differences is still open. We aim to show that some of the current distinctions between shame and guilt need to be redrawn, and their adaptive and social implications need to be revisited. We suggest the following distinguishing criteria: the kind of self-evaluation involved (inadequacy versus harmfulness); one's focus on the perceived discrepancy between actual and ideal self versus one's focus on the perceived responsibility for one's fault; and consequently the different domains of self-esteem involved...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Teresa Del Bianco, Yagmur Ozturk, Ilaria Basadonne, Noemi Mazzoni, Paola Venuti
Parents and children form a family: their characteristics balance personal and family well-being with healthy levels of stress. Research on parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) demonstrated that higher levels of parental stress are associated with communication impairment, a core symptom of ASD. The aim of this article is to discuss the connection between non-verbal communication impairment and parental psychological distress, in families with children with ASD. The interaction between atypical communication and distress of parents likely determines a cascade effect on the parent-child dyad; in fact, it decreases the quality and frequency of interactions, preventing the establishment of a healthy parent-child relationship and leading to a series of collateral problems...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Corinna Koschmieder, Barbara Weissenbacher, Jürgen Pretsch, Aljoscha C Neubauer
The bandwidth-fidelity dilemma is a controversially discussed problem in personality measurement. In this study, we contrasted the utility of broad versus narrow personality traits in an admission exam for teacher students. We compared the Big Five and narrow personality constructs (social-communicative behavior, achievement behavior, health and recreation behavior), which were part of an assessment battery for teacher student selection (N = 1120), regarding overlap and predictive validity. As criterion variables, academic satisfaction (N = 184) and GPA (N = 680) were assessed later...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Athanasios Kolovelonis, Eleni Dimitriou
The aim of this study was to explore students' calibration of sport performance in relation to better or worse than average effect in physical education settings. Participants were 147 fifth and sixth grade students (71 boys, 76 girls) who were tested in a soccer passing accuracy test after they had provided estimations for their own and their peers' performance in this test. Based on students' actual and estimated performance, calibration indexes of accuracy and bias were calculated. Moreover, students were classified in better, worse, or equal than average groups based on estimated scores of their own and their peers' average performance...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Claude-Hélène Mayer, Rudolf M Oosthuizen
Family therapy has advanced as an important therapeutic approach in Europe and, in Germany, future family therapists enter a three-year-training programme every year. Family therapist trainees (FTTs) have hardly been studied in terms of their value-orientations (VOs) and how they see the world. This study aims at researching the value-orientation developments in FTTs during the three-year training period and based on the Schwartz value model. A longitudinal study was carried out over a three-year period. The sample consisted of 65 FTTs...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Alejandra Daniela Calero, Juan Pablo Barreyro, Irene Injoque-Ricle
Emotional intelligence includes self-perception regarding attention to feelings, clarity of feelings and mood repair. The aim of this work is to study the relationship between emotional intelligence, self-concept, and self-esteem. The sample included 137 adolescents from Buenos Aires City, that attended middle school, with a mean age of 13.12 years old (SD = 1.79). Correlation analysis and linear regression analysis were performed. Results showed significant positive correlations between self-esteem and clarity of feelings on the complete sample and the female subsample, and between mood repair and self-esteem on the male subsample...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Sebastián Calderón, Raúl Rincón, Andrés Araujo, Carlos Gantiva
Most studies of emotional responses have used unimodal stimuli (e.g., pictures or sounds) or congruent bimodal stimuli (e.g., video clips with sound), but little is known about the emotional response to incongruent bimodal stimuli. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of congruence between auditory and visual bimodal stimuli on heart rate and self-reported measures of emotional dimension, valence and arousal. Subjects listened to pleasant, neutral, and unpleasant sounds, accompanied by videos with and without content congruence, and heart rate was recorded...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Aurélie Simoës-Perlant, Céline Lemercier, Christelle Pêcher, Sarah Benintendi-Medjaoued
The evaluation of emotions is one of the main challenges facing theorists and applied psychology researchers. In children, in order to focus on subjective feelings, psychologists mainly use non-verbal scales that measure both the intensity and valence of the emotions felt. The use of these scales poses a main research questions: What is the children's knowledge of the emotion presented? In order to properly assess the emotional state of a child, it is first necessary to measure the child's understanding of the major characteristics of emotion...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Allan B I Bernardo, Roseann Tan-Mansukhani, Mary Angeline A Daganzo
Children left behind by parents who are overseas Filipino workers (OFW) benefit from parental migration because their financial status improves. However, OFW families might emphasize the economic benefits to compensate for their separation, which might lead to materialism among children left behind. Previous research indicates that materialism is associated with lower well-being. The theory is that materialism focuses attention on comparing one's possessions to others, making one constantly dissatisfied and wanting more...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Catherine Bégin, Annie Fecteau, Marilou Côté, Alexandra Bédard, Caroline Senécal, Carole Ratté
This study aimed to verify a conceptual model of eating regulation based on the Self-Determination Theory. This model suggests that basic psychological needs satisfaction is related to general self-determined motivation and autonomous regulation toward eating, which in turn are associated with less disordered eating behaviors and attitudes and better satisfaction with life. Two hundred thirty-nine women without an eating disorder completed self-reported questionnaires. The hypothesized model was tested with a serial multiple mediation analysis using PROCESS macro...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Juan Diego Vaamonde, Alicia Omar, Solana Salessi
Turnover intentions (TI) stand as an insidious problem that impacts on the functioning of organizations and the well-being of their members. Currently, there is a growing interest in identifying the explanatory mechanisms of TI, in order to strengthen and retain valued employees for organizations. In line with this trend, the aim of the present study was to test an integrative serial multiple mediation model that examined the possible mediating role of burnout and job satisfaction in the relationships between organizational justice and TI...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
İhsan Dağ, Gamze Şen
The main aim of this study is to investigate the mediator role of perceived social support in the relationship between general causality orientations and locus of control with psychopathological symptoms. Total 751 participants were consisted of 558 female ages between 17 and 36 (Female M = 19.03, SD = 0.09) (74.3%), 192 male ages between 17 and 37 (Male M = 20.71, SD = 0.17) (25.6%) and a participant who did not provide any gender information. We used the General Causality Orientations Scale (GCOS) and Locus of Control Scale (LOCS) in order to understand the basic motivation for the emergence of behavior...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Vlad Petre Glăveanu
In this editorial I introduce the possible as an emerging field of inquiry in psychology and related disciplines. Over the past decades, significant advances have been made in connected areas - counterfactual thinking, anticipation, prospection, imagination and creativity, etc. - and several calls have been formulated in the social sciences to study human beings and societies as systems that are open to possibility and to the future. However, engaging with the possible, in the sense of both becoming aware of it and actively exploring it, represents a subject in need of further theoretical elaboration...
August 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Maria Hardeberg Bach, Carolin Demuth
This article presents a review of the literature that pertains to the experiences of therapists who work directly with child sex offenders and/or people with pedophilia. We draw together results from studies that attempted to identify how therapists experience such work and how they were personally impacted by it. Usually, such studies are embedded within one of the following theoretical frameworks: Secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization and burnout. Most literature on the topic has therefore sought to determine to what extent and why, work-related stress responses may occur among these therapists...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Karel Karsten Himawan, Matthew Bambling, Sisira Edirippulige
This paper explores the unique role of religiosity in assisting Indonesian singles (extensively refer to those who are never married) and how it relates to the counseling and therapeutic practices with never-married clients. Whereas the role of religiosity has been drawn into scholarly attention for its effectiveness in dealing with many situations that are particularly related to social stigma, little is known regarding its role in assisting singles to overcoming stigma due to their singleness. Indonesian society regards marriage as a social achievement and this perception places singles in an undervalued position...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Ana Makashvili, Irina Vardanashvili, Nino Javakhishvili
The complex phenomenon of prejudice has been the focus of interest among social psychologists since the mid-20th century. The Intergroup Threat Theory (ITT) is one of the most efficient theoretical frameworks to identify the triggers of prejudice. In this study, using experimental design, we examined the effects of symbolic and realistic threats on prejudice that was measured by means of a modified social distance scale. The study participants were 611 undergraduate students from the country of Georgia. In addition to providing further support for ITT, the study showed that the level of religiosity moderated the effects between both types of threats and prejudice, although it had different indications for realistic and symbolic threats, while gender interacted only with symbolic threat...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Cristiano Scandurra, Simona Picariello, Daniela Scafaro, Vincenzo Bochicchio, Paolo Valerio, Anna Lisa Amodeo
Metacognitive skills and agency are among the main psychological abilities a clinical psychologist should have. This study aimed to assess the efficacy of group psychodynamic counselling as a clinical training device able to enhance metacognitive skills and agency in final-year undergraduates in clinical psychology within an educational context. Thirty-three final-year students of clinical psychology participated in an experiential laboratory lasting two months. Participants completed measures regarding metacognitive skills and agency at pre-, post-treatment, and 3-month follow-up assessment...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Paola Iannello, Federica Biassoni, Laura Bertola, Alessandro Antonietti, Valerio Antonello Caserta, Lorenzo Panella
Hip fracture is one of the most common health care problems among elderly people. Literature shows that high self-efficacy expectations and positive affect are some of the key issues in functional recovery after hip fracture. The present investigation tested whether self-narration of such life-breaking event influences self-efficacy and depression during the process of rehabilitation. We designed a Self-Narration Journey (SNJ) to be administered during the in-hospital rehabilitation. In Study 1, we investigated the influence of SNJ on depression and perceived self-efficacy...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Maura Pozzi, Alessandro Quartiroli, Sara Alfieri, Francesco Fattori, Carlo Pistoni
The present research aims to investigate the psychosocial phenomena of obedience and disobedience in young adults residing in the United States, as a replication of a previous study by Pozzi, Fattori, Bocchiaro, and Alfieri (2014). We utilize social representation theory as a means to better understand and define (dis)obedience, a behavioral dimension of the concept of authority. The analysis was conducted using a concurrent mixed methods design. One hundred and fifty-one participants completed a self-report online questionnaire...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
Eva Boštjančič, R Boyd Johnson, Urša Belak
The article examines the cross-cultural transferability of a widely accepted cross-cultural assessment tool - the Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS) - using research conducted in Slovenia and insights from the American and Slovenian researchers who translated the tool into Slovene and adapted it for use in Slovenia. In the context of a qualitative focus group based study, the researchers look at the specific characteristics of CQS perceptions within the Slovenian sample (two focus groups - one in the capital and the other in the south of the country) and identify barriers to these perceptions and the specific characteristics of the perceptions of Slovenian citizens regarding cross-cultural interaction...
June 2018: Europe's Journal of Psychology
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