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International Journal of Food Science

Joyce Ndunge Musyoka, George Ooko Abong', Daniel Mahuga Mbogo, Richard Fuchs, Jan Low, Simon Heck, Tawanda Muzhingi
Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) puree, a versatile food ingredient, is highly perishable limiting its use in resource constrained environments. It is therefore important to develop shelf-stable puree. A challenge test study was carried out to determine the effect of combinations of chemical preservatives and acidification on microbial growth in stored puree. Puree was prepared and treated as follows: control ( A ); 0.05% potassium sorbate+0.05% sodium benzoate+1% citric acid ( B ); 0.1% potassium sorbate+0...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Rahma Belcadi-Haloui, Abderrahmane Zekhnini, Yassine El-Alem, Abdelhakim Hatimi
This work aimed at assessing the effects of roasting temperature and duration on chemical composition of argan oil. Thus, argan oils extracted from almonds roasted at different temperatures (75-175°C) and times (10-30 min) were analyzed and compared to a control. The physicochemical parameters (acidity, peroxide value, and absorbance at 232, 270 nm) increased slightly and the fatty acid composition did not show significant variation, regardless of roasting temperature and duration. The browning index increased significantly for temperatures greater than or equal to 100°C...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Ahmad Ni'matullah Al-Baarri, Anang Mohamad Legowo, Septinika Kurnia Arum, Shigeru Hayakawa
Dangke, a type of fresh soft cheese made of bovine and buffalo milk, is a traditional dairy product used in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is prepared from fresh milk using the conventional method, which easily destroys the quality. This study was conducted to assess whether using lactoperoxidase system and lysozyme as preservative agents could suppress the growth of bacteria in dangke. The pH value, total microbial count, and hardness of dangke were determined to measure the quality. Lactoperoxidase and lysozyme were purified from fresh bovine milk, and their purity was confirmed using SDS-PAGE...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Robi Andoyo, Vania Dianti Lestari, Efri Mardawati, Bambang Nurhadi
Whey protein in the form of isolate or concentrate is widely used in food industries due to its functionality to form gel under certain condition and its nutritive value. Controlling or manipulating the formation of gel aggregates is used often to evaluate food texture. Many researchers made use of fractal analysis that provides the quantitative data (i.e., fractal dimension) for fundamentally and rationally analyzing and designing whey protein-based food texture. This quantitative analysis is also done to better understand how the texture of whey protein-based food is formed...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Alphonse Laya, Benoît Bargui Koubala, Habiba Kouninki, Elias Nchiwan Nukenine
This study is aimed at evaluating the proximate composition and functional and sensory characteristics of gari obtained from five cassava varieties ( EN , AD , TMS92/0326 , TMS96/1414 , and IRAD4115 ). These cassavas were harvested during the dry season 12 months after planting (12MAP) and in the rainy season (15MAP). Results showed that the characteristics of gari varied significantly ( p < 0.05) with the variety and the harvest period. Gari from EN cassava harvested at 12MAP had the highest total carbohydrates (78...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Derick Nyabera Malavi, Tawanda Muzhingi, George Ooko Abong'
Limited information exists on the status of hygiene and probable sources of microbial contamination in Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) puree processing. The current study is aimed at determining the level of compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), hygiene, and microbial quality in OFSP puree processing plant in Kenya. Intensive observation and interviews using a structured GMPs checklist, environmental sampling, and microbial analysis by standard microbiological methods were used in data collection...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Wondimagegn Paulos Kumma, Yusuf Haji, Junayde Abdurahmen, Yohannes Mehretie Adinew
Background: Universal use of iodized salt is a simple and inexpensive method to prevent and eliminate iodine deficiency disorders like mental retardation. However, little is known about the level of adequately iodized salt consumption in the study area. Therefore, the study was aimed at assessing the proportion of households having adequately iodized salt and associated factors in Wolaita Sodo town and its peripheries, Southern Ethiopia. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted from May 10 to 20, 2016, in 441 households in Sodo town and its peripheries...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Mohamad Djaeni, Andri Cahyo Kumoro, Setia Budi Sasongko, Febiani Dwi Utari
The utilisation of roselle ( Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) calyx as a source of anthocyanins has been explored through intensive investigations. Due to its perishable property, the transformation of roselle calyces into dried extract without reducing their quality is highly challenging. The aim of this work was to study the effect of air temperatures and relative humidity on the kinetics and product quality during drying of roselle extract foamed with ovalbumin and glycerol monostearate (GMS). The results showed that foam mat drying increased the drying rate significantly and retained the antioxidant activity and colour of roselle calyces extract...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Nada El Darra, Hiba N Rajha, Espérance Debs, Fatima Saleh, Iman El-Ghazzawi, Nicolas Louka, Richard G Maroun
Peach byproducts are often regarded as food waste despite their high content in health-promoting components. Amongst the latter, polyphenols are bioactive molecules with significant health benefits. The present study investigated an eco-friendly and cost-effective method using a GRAS food additive, β -cyclodextrin ( β -CD), for the recovery of polyphenols from peach pomace. β -CD assisted extraction of polyphenols was compared to that of conventional solvent (ethanol) extraction at the same concentrations (10 mg/mL, 20 mg/mL, 30 mg/mL, 40 mg/mL, and 50 mg/mL) in terms of quality (antiradical activity) and quantity...
2018: International Journal of Food Science
Lamye Glory Moh, Lunga Paul Keilah, Pamo Tedonkeng Etienne, Kuiate Jules-Roger
The microbial conditions of locally made yoghurt (shalom) marketed in three areas of Cameroon were evaluated during the dry and rainy seasons alongside three commercial brands. A total of ninety-six samples were collected and the microbial conditions were based on total aerobic bacteria (TEB), coliforms, yeasts, and moulds counts as well as the identification of coliforms and yeasts using identification kits. Generally, there was a significant increase ( p ≤ 0.05) in total aerobic and coliform counts (especially samples from Bamenda), but a decrease in yeast and mould counts of the same samples during the rainy season when compared to those obtained during the dry season...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Amani H Al-Jahani
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of buttermilk on the physicochemical and sensory attributes of pan and pita breads. Different amounts of buttermilk (30, 60, and 100% of added water) were mixed with other ingredients of pan and pita bread formulations. The doughs and bread were analyzed for rheological, physicochemical, and sensory qualities. The results demonstrated that incorporation of different concentrations of buttermilk in bread formulations progressively enhanced water absorption capacity, dough development time, gelatinization temperature, and peak viscosity, whereas it reduced the dough stability and temperature at peak viscosity...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Zinat Mortazavi, Ahmad Reza Dorosty, Mohammad Reza Eshraghian, Mohtasham Ghaffari, Alireza Ansari-Moghaddam, Mahdi Mohammadi
Background: Today, more than one billion people globally suffer from poverty and food insecurity. This study aimed to determine the severity of and factors related to household food insecurity in Zahedan, Southeastern Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on a total of 2,160 households between November 2014 and December 2015. Demographic and socioeconomic data were collected through interviewing the household mothers. Household food security status was assessed through the USDA 18-item questionnaire...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Sally S Lloyd, Jose L Valenzuela, Edward J Steele, Roger L Dawkins
Extreme marbling or intramuscular deposition of lipid is associated with Wagyu breeds and is therefore assumed to be largely inherited. However, even within 100% full blood Wagyu prepared under standard conditions, there is unpredictable scatter of the degree of marbling. Here, we evaluate melting temperature ( T m ) of intramuscular fat as an alternative to visual scores of marbling. We show that "long fed" Wagyu generally has T m below body temperature but with a considerable range under standardized conditions...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Anis Hamizah, Ademola Monsur Hammed, Tawakalit Tope Asiyanbi-H, Mohamed Elwathig Saeed Mirghani, Irwandi Jaswir, Nurrulhidayah Binti Ahamad Fadzillah
The consumers interest in gelatin authentication is high due to allergic reactions and adoption of Halal and Kosher eating cultures. This research investigated browning development due to enzymatic hydrolysis and presence of Cu2+ during Maillard reaction of fish, porcine, and bovine gelatin. The rate of browning index samples showed two phases-rapid and slow-for all the gelatin samples and changes in browning index (Δ B index ) were increased (>100%) in presence of Cu2+ . Δ B index of enzymatic hydrolysates were different among the gelatin species...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Tesfemariam Berhe, Eyassu Seifu, Richard Ipsen, Mohamed Y Kurtu, Egon Bech Hansen
A review on the challenges and opportunities of processing camel milk into dairy products is provided with an objective of exploring the challenges of processing and assessing the opportunities for developing functional products from camel milk. The gross composition of camel milk is similar to bovine milk. Nonetheless, the relative composition, distribution, and the molecular structure of the milk components are reported to be different. Consequently, manufacturing of camel dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, or butter using the same technology as for dairy products from bovine milk can result in processing difficulties and products of inferior quality...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
James Owusu-Kwarteng, Francis K K Kori, Fortune Akabanda
The objective of this work was to determine the effects of blanching and two drying methods, open-sun drying and natural convection solar drying, on the quality characteristics of red pepper. A 2 × 3 factorial design with experimental factors as 2 drying methods (open-sun drying and use of solar dryer) and 3 levels of pepper blanching (unblanched, blanched in plain water, and blanched in 2% NaCl) was conducted. Dried pepper samples were analysed for chemical composition, microbial load, and consumer sensory acceptability...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Diding Suhandy, Meinilwita Yulia
Asian palm civet coffee or kopi luwak (Indonesian words for coffee and palm civet) is well known as the world's priciest and rarest coffee. To protect the authenticity of luwak coffee and protect consumer from luwak coffee adulteration, it is very important to develop a robust and simple method for determining the adulteration of luwak coffee. In this research, the use of UV-Visible spectra combined with PLSR was evaluated to establish rapid and simple methods for quantification of adulteration in luwak-arabica coffee blend...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Melkamnesh Azage, Mulugeta Kibret
The habit of raw meat consumption in addition to the poor hygienic standards and lack of knowledge contribute to food-borne diseases outbreaks. The objective of this research was to assess the bacterial quality and safety of fresh meat from retail Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia. A total of 30 fresh meat samples were collected from butcher shops. Standard bacteriological methods were used to isolate and enumerate bacteria. Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion method was used for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Salmonella isolates...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Eisuke Kuraya, Akiko Touyama, Shina Nakada, Osamu Higa, Shigeru Itoh
Citrus junos Tanaka (yuzu) has a strong characteristic aroma and thus its juice is used in various Japanese foods. Herein, we evaluate the volatile compounds in yuzu juice to investigate whether underwater shockwave pretreatment affects its scent. A shockwave pretreatment at increased discharge and energy of 3.5 kV and 4.9 kJ, respectively, increased the content of aroma-active compounds. Moreover, the underwater shockwave pretreatment afforded an approximate tenfold increase in the scent intensity of yuzu juice cultivated in Rikuzentakata...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
Youri Joh, Niels Maness, William McGlynn
This research evaluated blackberries grown in Oklahoma and wines produced using a modified traditional Korean technique employing relatively oxygen-permeable earthenware fermentation vessels. The fermentation variables were temperature (21.6°C versus 26.6°C) and yeast inoculation versus wild fermentation. Wild fermented wines had higher total phenolic concentration than yeast fermented wines. Overall, wines had a relatively high concentration of anthocyanin (85-320 mg L(-1) malvidin-3-monoglucoside) and antioxidant capacity (9776-37845 µmol Trolox equivalent g(-1))...
2017: International Journal of Food Science
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