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Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences

Yukio Suga, Nana Ikeda, Manami Maeda, Angelina Yukiko Staub, Tsutomu Shimada, Miwa Yonezawa, Hironori Kitade, Hideyuki Katsura, Morihiro Okada, Junko Ishizaki, Yoshimichi Sai, Ryo Matsushita
Background: Vascular pain is a common adverse drug reaction in colorectal cancer patients receiving peripheral venous administration of oxaliplatin. The aim of this work was to identify risk factors for vascular pain, and to examine whether currently used treatments reduce its incidence. Methods: We conducted a multicenter retrospective study in Japanese colorectal cancer patients receiving peripheral venous administration of oxaliplatin. The effects of various treatments (administration of analgesics, addition of dexamethasone to the infusion solution for pH adjustment, dilution of the infusion solution, or use of hot gel for warming the injection site) on the incidence of vascular pain were assessed...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Daiki Hira, Asami Suzuki, Yusuke Kono, Kosuke Shimokawa, Serika Matsuoka, Ken-Yuh Hasumoto, Hiroyuki Kawahara, Masahide Onoue, Takuya Fujita, Tomonobu Okano, Mikio Kakumoto
Background: Colloidal saccharated iron oxide injection is used for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in patients with a poor oral intake. Because of the poor stability of the colloid particle, there have been concerns regarding its compatibility with various injections in clinical practice. To assess the stability of colloidal saccharated iron oxide in normal saline as a diluent, pharmaceutical stability analyses were conducted using various concentrations of glucose and sodium chloride (NaCl)...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Haruna Yamamoto, Hiroaki Ikesue, Mai Ikemura, Rieko Miura, Kazumi Fujita, Hobyung Chung, Yoshiki Suginoshita, Tetsuro Inokuma, Tohru Hashida
Background: Direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) are known to improve tolerability and have higher efficacy and shorter treatment durations compared with conventional interferon (IFN)-based treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Management of drug interactions and maintenance of patient adherence are important to achieve adequate therapeutic effects, sustained virological response (SVR). In order to maximize the benefits of oral DAA therapy, we established an ambulatory care pharmacy practice, a model of integrated collaboration between physicians and pharmacists, for patients receiving IFN-free DAA therapy...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Eiji Horita, Yuji Takahashi, Kojiro Takashima, Kenichiro Saito, Yoshihiro Takashima, Yoshinori Munemoto
Background: Clinical cases are often observed when patients are in need of repeated use of analgesic infusion to manage pain after colon cancer surgery. This paper investigates analgesic frequency as well as safety of postoperative intravenous (IV) acetaminophen in colon cancer surgery where epidural anesthesia is used. Methods: Among patients who received epidural anesthesia during colon cancer surgery, one group of twenty eight (28) patients received acetaminophen while another group of patients (30) did not receive it...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Yoshiko Tominaga, Tohru Aomori, Tomohisa Hayakawa, Nobuhiko Kijima, Donald E Morisky, Kunihiko Takahashi, Mayumi Mochizuki
Background: Insufficient medication adherence in diabetes patients, of which numbers continue to increase globally, remains a critical issue. Medication adherence is multifactorial and determined by interactions among factors including socioeconomic status, health care team and system, condition, therapy, and patient-specific factors. On the other hand, personality traits have been studied in adherence other than to medication. Using the instruments of Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), Harm Avoidance (TCI-HA) and Self-directedness (TCI-SD) showed distinguishing associations with adherence of health-related programs...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Yoshihiro Noguchi, Hayato Katsuno, Anri Ueno, Manami Otsubo, Aki Yoshida, Yuta Kanematsu, Ikuto Sugita, Hiroki Esaki, Tomoya Tachi, Teruo Tsuchiya, Hitomi Teramachi
Background: Incretin-based drugs are important in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. However, among the incretin-based drugs, glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1-RAs) have been reported to cause gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)-like symptoms making it difficult to continue treatment. Therefore, with the aim of clarifying the relationship between incretin-based drugs and GERD-like symptoms, we conducted a pharmacoepidemiological study using the Japanese adverse drug event report database (JADER)...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Daisuke Nango, Hiroki Nakashima, Yukifumi Hirose, Masaaki Shiina, Hirotoshi Echizen
Background: A causal relationship between acute pancreatitis and administration of glucocorticoids remains a matter of debate, since most of the reported cases were diagnosed with systemic vascular diseases (including systemic lupus erythematosus and polyarteritis nodosa) that may be responsible for the pancreatitis. Case presentation: We report a case of a 51-year-old woman who developed acute pancreatitis after receiving methylprednisolone pulse therapy for the treatment of fulminant autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Shuuji Yamashita, Kazuhiro Iguchi, Yoshihiro Noguchi, Chihiro Sakai, Satoshi Yokoyama, Yoko Ino, Hideki Hayashi, Hitomi Teramachi, Magoichi Sako, Tadashi Sugiyama
Background: In recent years, the popularity of LED lighting has rapidly increased, owing to its many advantages, including economic benefits. We examined the change in the quality of drugs during storage under LED and fluorescent lighting and found that some medicines exhibited a different degree of color change depending on the light source. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of different plastic storage bags on the color change over time when various medicines were stored under LED and fluorescent lighting conditions...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Tomoki Takase, Hiroaki Ikesue, Makiko Tohi, Hiroshi Ueta, Hiroyuki Mima, Tadaaki Koyama, Tohru Hashida
Background: Amiodarone and warfarin are sometimes administered immediately after cardiac surgery. Although the interaction between long-term oral amiodarone and warfarin has been reported, the interaction between warfarin and short-term intravenous amiodarone has not been reported. In this study, we investigated the effect of short-term intravenous amiodarone on the anticoagulant effect of warfarin in patients who underwent cardiac surgery. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 11 patients who received oral warfarin before and after cardiac surgery, and loading doses of 125-150 mg or a 750 mg continuous infusion of amiodarone, or both in the intensive care unit (ICU) within 5 days after the surgery between July 2011 and January 2017...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Ayuko Imaoka, Kosuke Abiru, Takeshi Akiyoshi, Hisakazu Ohtani
Background: Intestinal absorption of new quinolones is decreased by oral administration of polyvalent metal cations. Some clinical studies have demonstrated this drug - drug interaction is more prominent under fasted condition. However, the effect of food intake on the extent of drug - drug interaction between new quinolones and metal cations remains to be investigated quantitatively and systematically. The aim of this study was to develop an animal model that enables to evaluate the effect of food intake on the extent of drug - drug interaction in the gastrointestinal tract by chelation and to apply the model to evaluate quantitatively the effect of food intake on the drug - drug interaction between two new quinolones, ofloxacin or ciprofloxacin and sucralfate...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Yoshihiro Noguchi, Anri Ueno, Hayato Katsuno, Manami Otsubo, Aki Yoshida, Yuta Kanematsu, Ikuto Sugita, Tomoya Tachi, Teruo Tsuchiya, Hitomi Teramachi
Background: The contents of the guidelines for the use of non-benzodiazepines (Z-drugs) differ slightly between THE JAPANESE SOCIETY OF SLEEP RESEARCH and THE JAPAN GERIATRIC SOCIETY, and the recommended directions are conflicting. Therefore, we analyzed the use of the Japanese Adverse Drug Event Report database (JADER) for identifying adverse events (AEs) caused by Z-drugs and clarifying their occurrence trend and prognosis. Methods: The signal value for comparison was calculated by using the proportional reporting ratio (PRR) and chi-squared test (χ2 ) results of data of elderly and non-elderly patients...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Kazuhide Tanaka, Akiyo Hori, Tomoya Tachi, Tomohiro Osawa, Katsuhiro Nagaya, Teppei Makino, Seiji Inoue, Masahiro Yasuda, Takashi Mizui, Takumi Nakada, Chitoshi Goto, Hitomi Teramachi
Background: In recent years, cancer chemotherapy is being conducted at outpatient clinics, wherein pharmacists are involved with patient guidance and management of adverse events as experts in medication therapy. Therefore, we clarified the influence of interventions by pharmacists during counseling of patients with cancer on patients' quality of life. Methods: To determine this influence, we conducted a survey to assess the quality of life of 39 patients with breast cancer who underwent their initial course of outpatient cancer chemotherapy at Gifu Municipal Hospital...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Masayuki Umemura, Kanae Maegawa, Daichi Arai, Katsuro Shigeno, Yoshifumi Wakiya
Background: Infusion sets designed for peristaltic finger smart pumps (PFSPs) are necessary for the pumps' accurate handling. We previously found that medication dispensing is occasionally incomplete following the calculated infusion time when using certain combinations of PFSPs and infusion sets at a Japanese hospital. Thus, in this study, we investigated the cause of this observed delay by determining the effect of infusion set attachment technique on dispensing time using a combination of three kinds of PFSPs and five kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polybutadiene (PB) infusion sets...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Masafumi Kikuchi, Masaki Tanaka, Shinya Takasaki, Akiko Takahashi, Miki Akiba, Yasushi Matsuda, Masafumi Noda, Kanehiko Hisamichi, Hiroaki Yamaguchi, Yoshinori Okada, Nariyasu Mano
Background: Mycophenolic acid (MPA) treatment requires therapeutic drug monitoring to improve the outcome after organ transplantation. The aim of this study was to compare two methods, a particle enhanced turbidimetric inhibition immunoassay (PETINIA) and a reference liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for determining plasma MPA concentrations from Japanese lung transplant recipients. Methods: Plasma MPA concentrations were determined from 20 Japanese lung transplant recipients using LC-MS/MS and the PETINIA on the Dimension Xpand Plus-HM analyzer...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Kazutoshi Murakoso, Ryoichi Minagawa, Hirotoshi Echizen
Background: Fluconazole is frequently prescribed for the treatment of systemic fungal infection in neonates and infants. At present, prediction of fluconazole doses according to developmental changes in fluconazole clearance is not being done in these patients. We aimed to formulate a developmental model of fluconazole clearance taking into account the ontogeny of renal function, since the drug is largely eliminated renally. Methods: We systematically retrieved the data of fluconazole pharmacokinetics and renal function in children and adults from databases (MEDLINE and Japan Medical Abstracts Society)...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Tomoya Tachi, Kosuke Saito, Hiroki Esaki, Ikuto Sugita, Aki Yoshida, Yuta Kanematsu, Yoshihiro Noguchi, Michi Umeda, Masahiro Yasuda, Takashi Mizui, Teruo Tsuchiya, Chitoshi Goto, Hitomi Teramachi
Background: The objective of the current study is to elucidate the effect that the adoption of generic drugs by a large hospital has on the dispensation of generic drugs by community pharmacies. We evaluated the percentage of generic drugs dispensed by pharmacies and the cost of drugs dispensed before and after the adoption of generic drugs by a large hospital. Methods: Participants comprised patients who were admitted to Gifu Municipal Hospital prior to its adoption of generic drugs (November 1, 2013 to November 14, 2013) and after its adoption (November 1, 2014 to November 14, 2014) and who utilized generic drugs dispensed by pharmacies...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Machiko Watanabe, Chisato Yamada, Yoshinori Komagata, Hirotoshi Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Hosono, Fumio Itagaki
Background: Patients with Sjögren's syndrome (SS) typically present clinically with xerostomia (dry mouth) because of progressive damage to the exocrine glands. We developed a new, low-dose pilocarpine/sodium alginate (LPA) solution with pilocarpine hydrochloride to inhibit systemic adverse effects by administering via the oral mucosa. The purpose of this study was to assess its stability, safety, and efficacy. Methods: The pilocarpine concentration in an LPA liquid formulation was measured 3, 7, 14, and 28 days after preparation to assess its stability...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Reiko Kuriki, Tsuyoshi Hata, Kinuyo Nakayama, Yuichi Ito, Kazunari Misawa, Seiji Ito, Michiko Tatematsu, Norio Kaneda
Background: Most eye disorders are not fatal but may deteriorate the quality of life of a patient. The eye disorder that is most frequently reported in the cancer chemotherapy is associated with the combination of tegafur/gimeracil/potassium oxonate (S-1). However, preventive methods or treatment methods for the eye disorder have not yet been established. This study aimed to determine changes in tear volume and subjective ocular symptoms during the treatment period in patients receiving S-1 monotherapy for early detection of adverse effects in the eye and establishment of its treatment methods...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Tetsuya Sasaki, Yasuhisa Kato, Atsushi Sato, Noriko Usui, Eishi Baba, Toshimi Takano, Nobuyuki Susumu, Kazunori Ohnishi, Hitomi Nishimoto, Katsuyuki Kiura
Background: Clinical practice guidelines should be user-friendly and confirming their penetration rate and compliance are critical. Methods: We conducted a nationwide web-based questionnaire survey among pharmacists regarding the 2013 guidelines for the appropriate use of granulocyte-colony stimulating factors (G - CSFs) (version 2, published by the Japan Society of Clinical Oncology [JSCO]) between August 24 and September 6, 2015. Results: A total of 301 pharmacists responded; 96...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
Mayako Uchida, Tsutomu Nakamura, Kojiro Hata, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Yasuo Mori, Koji Kato, Kenjiro Kamezaki, Katsuto Takenaka, Motoaki Shiratsuchi, Keiko Hosohata, Toshihiro Miyamoto, Koichi Akashi
Background: Antiemetic effects and safety of granisetron or palonosetron alone and in combination with a corticosteroid against chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) were retrospectively evaluated in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma receiving adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine (ABVD) therapy. Methods: A total of 39 patients were eligible for this study. Before ABVD therapy, granisetron or palonosetron was intravenously administered with or without a corticosteroid (dexamethasone or hydrocortisone) and aprepitant...
2018: Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences
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