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A Pacho, A Arrieta, A Balas, M D De Juan, J L Vicario
Two new HLA class I alleles, HLA-A*11:01:01:04 and HLA-B*35:330, were characterized in a Spanish patient.
February 23, 2017: HLA
E K-L Yang, P Y Lin
One nucleotide replacement in codon 334 of HLA-C*07:02:01:01 results in a novel allele, HLA-C*07:566.
February 23, 2017: HLA
N-Y Chen, Z-D Han, W Zhang, J He, F-M Zhu
HLA-C*01:109N differs from HLA-C*01:02:01 by a single nucleotide substitution at position 683 G > A.
February 23, 2017: HLA
K L Yang, P Y Lin
One nucleotide substitution in codon 17 of HLA-C*15:02:01:01 results in a novel allele, HLA-C*15:134.
February 23, 2017: HLA
J Street, L Williams, T Climer, C Harvey, C Darke
Immunogenetic information is provided on 3 novel HLA-B, -C and -DQB1 alleles.
February 20, 2017: HLA
G J Ou, J Wang, X Ji, H Yu, L Jiang, L Li, Q Chen, P C Su, Z Liu
BACKGROUND: HLA-B*15:02 is a known biomarker for carbamazepine (CBZ)-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN) in some ethnic populations. The US FDA recommends B*15:02 screening for Asian and other populations with a high prevalence of B*15:02 prior to treatment with CBZ to prevent drug-related SJS/TEN. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 1607 blood samples were collected from volunteer blood donors who were ethnic minorities living in the Yunnan province of southwestern China, including 153 Yi, 193 Naxi, 167 Miao, 156 Lisu, 166 Derung, 211 Bai, 184 Hani, 198 Dai, and 179 Zhuang...
February 15, 2017: HLA
Y-P Xu, S-X Wang, W-X Hong
A novel HLA-E allele, HLA-E*01:01:01:06, was identified in a Chinese leukemia patient.
February 15, 2017: HLA
A Balas, F García-Sánchez, J L Vicario
BACKGROUND: The assignment of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) null alleles is clinically relevant in the setting of stem cell transplantation. Cell surface expression profiling and mRNA processing analysis of the HLA-B allele previously designated as B*07:44, have been performed. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cell surface expression of HLA-B*07:44 was determined using flow cytometry. Genomic full-length and HLA-B*07-specific cDNA sequencing were carried out by Sanger procedure...
February 15, 2017: HLA
H V Siddle
Contagious cancers are malignant cells that are physically transferred between individuals as a natural allograft, forming new clonal tumours. These cancers are highly unusual, but have emerged in 2 mammalian species, the dog and the Tasmanian devil, as well as 4 species of bivalve. The transfer of malignant cells in mammals should initiate a robust immune response and although invertebrates have a less complex immune system, these species still have mechanisms that should prevent engraftment and protect against cellular parasitism...
February 15, 2017: HLA
K L Yang, J Ng, A Lazaro, P Y Lin
One nucleotide substitution at residue 532 of HLA-A*11:02:01 results in a novel allele, HLA-A*11:255.
February 15, 2017: HLA
J He, N-Y Chen, Z-D Han, W Zhang, F-M Zhu
HLA-B*13:83 differs from HLA-B*13:01:01 by 2 nucleotide substitutions at positions 103 and 106.
February 13, 2017: HLA
K L Yang, P Y Lin
One nucleotide replacement at residue 221 of HLA-B*15:18:01:01 results in a new allele, HLA-B*15:414.
February 13, 2017: HLA
M-L Mikk, T Heikkinen, M I El-Amir, M Kiviniemi, A-P Laine, T Härkönen, R Veijola, J Toppari, M Knip, J Ilonen
BACKGROUND: We analysed the previously reported association of the HLA-A*24:02, B*18 and B*39 alleles with type 1 diabetes and diabetes associated autoimmunity in the Finnish population applying HLA-DR/DQ stratification. MATERIALS & METHODS: Haplotype transmission was analysed in 2424 nuclear families from the Finnish Paediatric Diabetes Register. Survival analysis was applied to study the development of islet autoantibodies and further progression to clinical diabetes in the prospective follow-up cohort from the Finnish Type 1 Diabetes Prediction and Prevention (DIPP) Study...
February 10, 2017: HLA
L-M He, D-M Wang, Z-H Deng, J-X Zhen
KIR2DL1*00602 differs from KIR2DL1*00302 by a non-synonymous mutation in exon 7.
February 6, 2017: HLA
W Zhang, S-D Tao, Z-D Han, L-L Pan, F-M Zhu
HLA-C*08:128 shows a substitution C to T at position 704 when compared to HLA-C*08:01:01.
February 5, 2017: HLA
L-M He, Z-H Deng, H-Y Hu, J-X Zhen, Z-H Liu
KIR2DL1*030 differs from KIR2DL1*00302 by a single non-synonymous mutation in exon 4.
February 5, 2017: HLA
B Valatkaite-Rakstiene, R Cekauskiene, L Griskevicius, A Jakubauskas
Amino acid substitution Glu277Lys of the HLA-B*13:02:09 results in a novel allele, HLA-B*13:99.
February 5, 2017: HLA
S-Y Ko, J Im, C K Lee, Y Cho
The new allele, B*55:81, differs from B*55:02:01:02 by 2 nucleotide substitutions in codon 116 (TTA → TAC).
February 3, 2017: HLA
C Vecchiato, E Lochmann, I Gentilini
The HLA-C*16:97 allele was found in multiple donors from the Bone Marrow Registry in South Tyrol.
February 2, 2017: HLA
Y Zhang, Y Song, H Cao, X Mo, H Yang, J Wang, Z Lu, T Zhang
BACKGROUND: HLA-DRB3, DRB4 and DRB5 (DRB3/4/5) are paralogues of HLA-DRB1. They have important roles in transplantation and have been reported to be related to many diseases. HLA typing methods for DRB3/4/5 based on NGS data have many limitations now, such as need of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or low accuracy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We present a HLA typing method for DRB3/4/5 based on read mapping and haplotype assembly from NGS data. Also, copy number of DRB3/4/5 is determined by a k-means clustering method according to ratio of sequencing depth between DRB3/4/5 and DRB1...
February 1, 2017: HLA
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