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Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research

M R Mohebbi, S M Barani, H Mahravani
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a major infectious disease in livestock. The common clinical signs in cattle include epidermal vesicles that are majorly distributed around oronasal cavity, feet and teats. The aim of this report is to document an uncommon clinical form of the disease which comprises the occurrence of classic vesicular lesion in a rarely observed location of the horn vegetative tissue. During Iran's outbreak of FMD in 2013, field investigation, clinical examination and sampling from the affected herds in Qom province were performed...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A Jerome, S M K Thirumaran, S N Kala
This study was aimed to identify miRNAs of corpus luteum (CL) in buffaloes during pregnancy. For this study, CL (n=2) were collected from gravid uteri of buffalo and RNA was isolated. Following this, the purity and integrity of RNA was checked and used for deep sequencing using Illumina Hiseq 2500 platform. The reads' quality was checked prior to in silico analyses viz. identification of conserved, novel and target of miRNAs. In this study, out of identified miRNAs (3018), 3013 were known and 5 were novel miRNAs on alignment with reference genomes...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
H J Bao, Q S Chen, Z H Su, J H Qin, C S Xu, A Arencibia, E Rodríguez-Ponce, J R Jaber
The microanatomy of the intestinal epithelium in the Chinese soft-shelled turtle (CST) was studied by light and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The small intestinal epithelium (SIE) was single layered or pseudostratified. The enterocytes contained mitochondria or mitochondria and lipid droplets. The enterocytes were arranged tightly in the apical parts of epithelium and connected by desmosomes and interdigitations. The large intestinal epithelium (LIE) was pseudostratified and the enterocytes did not contain lipid droplets...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
Neha, A K Verma, A Kumar, I Ahmed
The aim of present study was to compare the diagnostic performance of the different Brucella abortus antigen based serological and molecular tests such as Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT), indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (I-ELISA) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Out of 89 samples, 44 were positive by I-ELISA, 18 by RBPT and 21 by PCR. Substantial agreement was observed between PCR and I-ELISA (κ=0.48). A slight degree of agreement was observed between RBPT and I-ELISA and PCR (κ=0.18) and RBPT and PCR (κ=0...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Agarwal, S D Kharche, A K Bhatiya
The aim of the present investigation was to compare Tyrode's albumin lactate pyruvate (TALP) medium and TRIS citrate medium for capacitation of caprine sperm. In experiment 1 capacitation was assessed by chlortetracycline assay and in experiment 2 with in vitro fertilization and embryo development. In experiment 2, cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) recovered by slicing the caprine ovaries were matured in maturation medium for 27 h in humidified atmosphere at 38.5°C with 5% CO2. After 27 h of culture a total of 2480 in vitro matured oocytes were selected and randomly divided into two groups...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
J Razmyar, A Jamshidi, S Khanzadi, Gh Kalidari
This study was designed to evaluate the occurrence of Clostridium difficile in both broiler chicken farms and packed chicken parts sold at market places in Mashhad, the second most popular Islamic pilgrimage city after Mecca in northeastern Iran. The fresh faecal samples were obtained from broiler farms, while the chicken packs were purchased from retail outlets across the city at market places and samples were obtained from the necks, thighs, and wings. The selective culture was used for isolation of C. difficile...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Türk, K Çınar
The aim of this study was to detect the regional and mucosal distribution of endocrine cells that secrete gulcagon, somatostatin, Chyholecystokinin-8 (CCK-8), serotonin, secretin, substance P (SP) and histamine in the small and large intestine of New Zealand white rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) using immunohistochemical peroxidase-antiperoxidase (PAP) method. It was found that most of the immunoreactive (IR) endocrine cells, which are oval- or spindle-shaped, are spotted in the basal parts of the relevant glands...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M N Banday, F A Lone, F Rasool, H A Rather, M A Rather
Antibiotics are added to semen extenders to take care of heavy microbial load, however, their continuous use poses a constant threat of developing antibiotic resistance by the common microbes present in the semen. Our hypothesis was that natural honey, having antibacterial activity and rich in fructose could replace the use of antibiotics and fructose in the semen extender. Twenty-four ejaculates from six crossbred rams were obtained and extended with tris-based extender without (control) and with honey at 2...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
E Berizi, S S Shekarforoush, S Mohammadinezhad, S Hosseinzadeh, A Farahnaki
The present study aimed to investigate the possibility of reducing energy content in emulsion type sausages by replacing fat with inulin. In the manufactured product, the fat content was reduced to 6%-18% and replaced by inulin and water. The quality of the resulting product was determined by chemical and texture profile analyses (TPA), color measurement and sensory evaluation. The results showed that replacing fat with inulin led to a significant energy content reduction of up to 64% (with 6% inulin and 12% water)...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
T Ararooti, A Niasari-Naslaji, K Razavi, F Panahi
The objective of this study was to compare three superovulation protocols in dromedary camels. Follicular waves of dromedary camel donors (n=6) were synchronized using two GnRH injections. Superovulation was initiated 2 days after the second injection (day 0 of experiment). The experiment was conducted using change over design, where all females received three superovulation treatments one after the other with a resting period of one month in between. Superovulation was carried out for all donors using 390 mg FSH, 1000 IU eCG and 330 mg FSH, or 16...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
J Pathak, S D Kharche, A Goel
The present study was undertaken to assess the effect of different chemical activators along with 6-DMAP on in vitro matured caprine oocytes. From 4332 ovaries, 14235 cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) were collected which were matured in TCM-199 medium containing follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) (5 µg/ml), Leutinizing hormone (LH) (10 µg/ml), oestradiol-17β (1 µg/ml) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum, 10% follicular fluid and 3 mg/ml bovine serum albumin (BSA) at 38.5°C and 5% CO2 in an incubator under humidified air for 27 h...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Zibaei, S M Sadjjadi
One of the neglected soil and/or food-borne diseases with international public health importance is toxocariasis. Human cases are being increasingly reported from Asian, African, Oceania, European and the American countries. Hence, human toxocariasis (HT) is now considered as a major zoonosis with global and regional importance. In Iran, human and animal toxocariasis is an endemic disease with clinical and epidemiologic health problem aspects. Doubtless, understanding the epidemiology and the trend of this important parasitic disease and its affecting factors will provide the establishment of effective prevention and control programs...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Shafiuzama, M S Sabarish Babu, A Mohamed, P Sankar, G N Sindhu, S Hemalatha, G Ravi Sundar
Three dogs (Boxer, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd) between the age of 7-10 years were presented with the history of tumour masses on right caudo-lateral thigh, right cranial forearm and left cranial and caudal thoracic mammary gland region, respectively. Fine needle aspiration cytology of the tumour masses and the sentinel regional lymph nodes were done. Plain radiography was done to rule out distant metastasis. In all the three cases the tumour masses were large in size, firmly adherent to the tissues underneath and sufficient loose skin was not available to close the skin defect following surgery...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M O Baba Sheikh, P M A Rashid, A S Marouf, Z H Raheem, S C Janga
Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotypes O, A and Asia1 are responsible for a significant number of disease outbreaks in Iraq. The current study can be considered as the first molecular characterization of serotype Asia1 in Iraq. The present investigation reports the detection of serotype FMDV Asia1 from local farms in Sulaimani districts in 2012 and 2014 outbreaks. Phylogenetic analysis of the complete VP1 gene has shown that FMDV Asia1 field isolates were under genetic novel variant Sindh-08 (group VII) including PAK/iso/11 and TUR/13 strains...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Tavakoli, H Pourtaghi
The aim of this study was to identify virulence genes and antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolated from bovine clinical mastitis in dairy herds in Iran. Sampling was done from 86 inflamed quarters of dairy cows in 8 commercial farms of Alborz province, Iran in summer 2015. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) virulence genes were detected by multiplex PCR and multi-drug resistance profiles were confirmed using disk diffusion method. Among 60 E. coli isolated from examined samples, 13 (21.6%) of them were STEC...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
J A Ahmed, N Nashiruddullah, D Dutta, R K Biswas, P Borah
Cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) from cows were matured under normal (38.5°C) and elevated temperatures (41°C) simulating heat stress and their maturation was assessed based on measurement of cumulus expansion in both groups. There was a significant reduction (P<0.01) in maturation rate in the heat stressed oocytes. The ultrastructural events associated with in vitro oocyte maturation and changes associated with elevated temperature were also studied by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Normal maturation cellular events were marked by migration of Golgi and mitochondria from the cortical regions, and conversely by a migration of cortical granules from the inner regions to a sub-perivitelline zone...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
J C Herrera Ramírez, A Ch De la Mora, A De la Mora Valle, G Lopez-Valencia, R M B Hurtado, T B Rentería Evangelista, J L Rodríguez Castillo, A Rodríguez Gardea, S D Gómez Gómez, G E Medina-Basulto
Bovine tuberculosis (TBB) is a zoonotic disease distributed worldwide and is of great importance for public health and the livestock industry. Several experimental vaccines against this disease have been evaluated in recent years, yielding varying results. An example is the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine, which has been used extensively in humans and tested in cattle showing mixed results related to protection (0-80%) against Mycobacterium bovis . In this study, we used the food-grade bacterium Lactococcus lactis as an expression system for production of mycobacterial protein Hsp65...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Yasmeen, N Siddique, M Athar Abbas, A Ali, S Rafique, F Rashid, A U Shah, F Mehmood, I Begum, T Javaid, S M H Jaffery, R Ali, Kh Naeem
This study was designed to perform biological and molecular characterization of avian adenoviruses (AAVs) recovered from suspected cases of hydropericardium-hepatitis syndrome (HHS) in commercial poultry. Initially the samples were screened by Agar Gel Precipitation Test (AGPT) for the presence of AAVs followed by its confirmation and typing through polymerase chain reaction (PCR) focusing on already reported serotypes AAV-4, AAV-8 and AAV-10 elsewhere. These PCR-positive samples were further subjected to amplification of fiber gene, followed by conducting restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) using restriction enzyme Alu ...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
V Mahajan, H S Banga, G Filia, M P Gupta, K Gupta
Rapid and precise diagnosis in natural field cases of bovine abortion caused by Brucella abortus warrants the use of the most sensitive and reliable diagnostic methods. In the present study, bacterial isolation, serology, gross, histopathology, immunohistochemistry and polymerase chain reaction technique(s) were applied. Sero-prevalence studies showed the rate of 28.86% positive cases using the competitive ELISA. Histopathological changes were mainly seen in the placenta, fetal lungs, kidney, liver and spleen...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A A Prince Milton, R K Agarwal, G B Priya, M Saminathan, M Aravind, A Reddy, C K Athira, Anjay, T P Ramees, K Dhama, A K Sharma, A Kumar
Campylobacteriosis is an important zoonotic disease and the prevalence of Campylobacter is largely unknown in the wildlife of India. A total of 370 samples, comprising of 314 fresh faecal samples from apparently healthy captive wild animals and birds, 30 stool swabs from animal care takers and 26 samples of the animals' food and water were collected from G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo, Nainital, Kanpur Zoo, Wildlife Park, IVRI and the Post Graduate Research Institute in Animal Sciences (PGRIAS), Chennai, Tamilnadu from August 2014 to May 2015...
2017: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
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