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Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research

S Mahajan, S Dey, A Kumar, P N Panigrahi
This is a prospective, controlled, randomized clinical study to evidence the role of nitrosative stress in development of overt neurological sign of canine distemper (CD). The enrollment of cases wasa made on basis of overt sign of CD (n=139) and the findings were compared with apparently healthy dogs (n=15). The CD specific immunoglobulins resulted in 94 confirmed positive cases. The nitric oxide (NO) and neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) concentration in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) (18.08 ± 2.76, 415.84 ± 46...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Nemati, S Menatian, Sh Joz Ghasemi, R Hooshmandfar, M Taheri, T Saifi
The present study was conducted to study the effect of protected-glutamine (Gln) supplementation on dry matter intake (DMI), milk yield (MY) and composition, somatic cell counts (SCC) and blood parameters in fresh cows. Forty Holstein cows at zero day of parturition (calving day = day 0) were divided into four groups (n=10), and fed ( ad libitum ) with one of the diets including: basal diet (control), basal diet supplemented with 150 (low Gln, LG), 250 (medium Gln, MG) or 350 (high Gln, HG) g of Gln protected with formaldehyde/cow per day...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Mishra, S K Sahu, S Panigrahi, S S Biswal, S R Mishra, R Ranjan, D N Mohanty, B Pattnaik, S Das
This study compared the therapeutic efficacy of levofloxacin, ornidazole and alpha tocopherol combination and prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) in longstanding cases of endometritis and evaluated their impact on Interleukin-6 ( IL-6 ) and Interleukin-10 ( IL-10 ) transcript level in peripheral blood leukocytes. Eighteen endometritic crossbred Jersey cows were randomly allotted to three groups (six in each) viz. Group I (levofloxacin combo treatment I/U), group II (PGF2α treatment I/M), group III (no treatment, control), and group IV (six non-endometritic healthy cyclic) was taken for comparison study...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A H Ahmed, I M Maulood
Urotensin-II (U-II), the most potent vasoconstrictor that has recently been recognized as a new candidate in cardiovascular dysfunction, might exert vasoconstriction through, at least partially, potassium channels that are predominant in both endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). The present study was designed to evaluate the roles of potassium channels in vascular responses to U-II in intact and mercury induced endothelial dysfunction in rat aorta. The study involved pre-incubation of rat aortic rings with potassium channels blockers: charybdotoxin (chtx), tetraethylammonium (TEA), barium chloride (BaCl2 ), glibenclamide, 4-aminopyridine (4-AP) and clotrimazole...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M M Elmaghraby, A F El-Nahas, M M Fathala, F M Sahwan, M A Tag El-Dien
Mastitis is a costly disease of dairy cattle as it causes a loss in milk yield and milk quality in affected cows. Toll-like receptor ( TLR ) genes play a role in the host response to a variety of organisms including those inducing mastitis. In the present study, we investigated the polymorphism of TLR2 , 4 , 6 and 9 genes in Holstein cattle and their possible association with clinical mastitis (CM), milk somatic cell scores (SCS) and milk production traits. From a large commercial Holstein herd, thirty-eight blood samples were collected; 19 from cows without a previous lifetime history of mastitis (non-susceptible), and 19 from Holstein cows with at least three previous episodes of mastitis (susceptible)...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A Magouz, Sh Medhat, S Abou Asa, A Desouky
Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) disease is an acute highly contagious viral disease leading to massive economic losses to the national poultry industry. This study aimed to identify the most accurate and rapid diagnostic methods to rescue layer poultry farms from intense outbreaks in Egypt. Fifty pathological specimens were collected and subjected to virus isolation (VI), histopathology, direct fluorescent antibody technique (FAT) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Egg inoculation revealed stunted growth and white pock lesions on chorioallantoic membranes (CAM) in 23 samples...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Datta, P Dandapat, R Jas
An indirect-ELISA for the diagnosis of mixed gastrointestinal (GI) nematode infection comprising Oesophagostomum , Haemonchus and Trichuris species was standardized using crude somatic antigen of Oesophagostomum columbianum (CSAg-Oc) and sera of slaughtered goats with known parasitological status including Oesophagostomum , Haemonchus , and Trichuris (strong positive), Haemonchus and Trichuris (weak positive) and parasite free goats (negative). Two cut-off points, i.e. higher and lower cut-off were determined using the strong positive, weak positive and the negative control sera of goats...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
N Zareifard, A Soleimani, T Talaei-Khozani, S Bahmanpour
Alginate, a non-toxic polysaccharide isolated from brown algae, is a widely used 3-dimensional (3D) porous scaffold for the granulosa cell and follicle encapsulation. However, impurities in commercial alginate can lead to alginate biocompatibility reduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate in vitro behavior of the granulosa cells seeded on the purified alginate in varying concentrations compared with matched non-purified ones. We produced a purified alginate using a simple and efficient method. Then, the granulosa cells from mice were isolated and seeded in various concentrations of (0...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
W T M Soliman, K Gh M Mahmoud, A R M El-Khawagah, M M M Kandiel, M E A Abouel-Roos, A E Abdel-Ghaffar, A E I El Azab
Production of high quality embryos in vitro needs an efficient in vitro fertilization (IVF). Seminal origin is one of the important factors that affects the success of in vitro embryo production. So our goal was to determine the effect of using fresh and frozen semen in fertilization on developmental competence and cryo-survival of buffalo embryos. Buffalo oocytes were matured and fertilized in vitro by fresh and frozen semen. After embryos evaluation, good quality morula and blastocysts were vitrified using 0...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
H Imani Rastabi, S Guraninejad, H Naddaf, A Hasani
The aim of the present study was to determine whether the addition of dexamethasone or epinephrine to lidocaine altered the characteristics of anesthesia and cardiorespiratory variables following caudal epidural application in cows. Twenty adult dairy cows were randomly assigned to receive one of the treatments of lidocaine (LID, 0.2 mg/kg), dexamethasone (DEX, 8 mg), lidocaine-dexamethasone (LIDEX; 0.2 mg/kg and 8 mg, respectively) and lidocaine-epinephrine (LIDEP; 0.2 mg/kg and 5 µg/ml, respectively) by epidural injection with the final volume of 0...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
B Wu, L Li, T Ruan, X Peng
Dietary methionine (met) is reported to enhance antibody production and boost cell-mediated immunity in chickens. Methionine deficiency has been shown to affect the development of the lymphoid organs and the generation of antibodies in chickens. This study is designed to investigate the effects of met deficiency on IgA+ B cells and immunoglobulins (sIgA, IgA, IgG and IgM) for a 6 week period in the duodenum and jejunum of Cobb broiler chicken using immunohistochemistry and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) techniques...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Alagawany, Sh S Elnesr, M R Farag
The value of dietary exogenous enzymes in promoting growth and efficiency of feed utilization is well recognized in poultry industry. In a case of high-cost yellow corn, several feed producers are choosing to replace yellow corn with other ingredients that have lower nutritional value like triticale, wheat, barley or sorghum. These crops are rich in non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), and there is an inverse relationship between the content of NSPs in the feed and its nutritional value. Dietary supplementation of enzymes can enhance the nutritional value of crops containing high contents of soluble NSPs...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
J C Cartagena Albertus, J Engel Manchado, A Romairone Duarte, A Moise, S Moya Garcia, D Jones, J A Montoya-Alonso
The aims of this retrospective study were to evaluate the efficacy of different steroid formulations (depot vs oral) and if the continuous administration of steroids throughout and beyond a CHOP protocol might improve the survival time and rate of cats with mediastinal lymphoma. The medical records of client-owned cats diagnosed with mediastinal lymphoma were reviewed at two veterinary referral hospitals in Spain. Cases were recruited from 2008 to 2016. Those cats with mediastinal lymphoma treated with chemotherapy were used in the collection of data including surgical procedures, chemotherapy protocol, side effects, complete remission (CR), partial remission and survival time were calculated from time of diagnosis...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A Rasooli, M Nouri, S Esmaeilzadeh, A Ghadiri, D Gharibi, M Javaheri Koupaei, M Moazeni
This report describes an outbreak of purulent mandibular and/or maxillary osteomyelitis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a sheep flock located in the Khuzestan province, Iran. Jaw bones of almost 100 out of 500 mature sheep in a flock became severely deformed with a variably sized firm swelling, without any signs of inflammation in the surrounding soft tissues. The affected animals showed anorexia, depression, swelling of the mandibular and/or maxillary area, loss of cheek teeth and poor body condition. ‏These animals were gradually culled in a period of 3 months...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
H Mahdavi Roshan, D Saadati, M Najimi
Abortion in sheep and goats causes enormous economic losses. This study revealed the epidemiology of abortion caused by Brucella melitensis , Coxiella burnetii and Salmonella abortusovis in Baluchi sheep in Sistan region. In the autumn of 2015 and winter of 2016, a total of 78 aborted sheep fetuses were collected from all over the Sistan region. Risk factors, including location of livestock, history of abortion, gender of fetus, age of fetus, age of ewe and parity were obtained using a questionnaire. The results showed that 27 fetuses (35%) were infected with these organisms...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
A Rizk, M Hamed
Fractures of the rostral mandible in horses are the most common type of jaw fractures. The present study was performed for stabilization of rostral mandibular fracture with cerclage wire. In a retrospective case series, six client-owned horses with unilateral mandibular fractures were admitted to our clinic and suffered from a major gingival wound at rostral part of mandible. Rostral mandibular fracture was diagnosed through clinical examination and radiography. Fractured region was repaired by cerclage wire under the effect of general anesthesia and wires were maintained for 6-12 weeks...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
F Saemi, A Zare Shahneh, M Zhandi, A Akhlaghi, Z Khaksar, M Dadpasand
In this research a 100 day long treatment period was considered to unmask the probable adverse effects of long-term induced hyperthyroidism on histomorphometrical attributes of the oviduct in broiler breeder hens. A total of seventy 47-week-old Cobb 500 breeder hens were randomly allotted to two treatment groups (5 replicates of 7 hens each). Thyroxine (T4 ) was orally administered to the hyperthyroid group (0.3 mg/bird/d) for 100 consecutive days; whereas the control group received drinking water only throughout the trial...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
S Maktabi, M Zarei, R Rashnavady
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), citric acid, and hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2 ), alone or in combination, on reducing the population of four foodborne pathogens, including Escherichia coli , Listeria monocytogenes , Salmonella typhimurium , and Staphylococcus aureus on eggshells. In each series of tests, eight fresh eggs were inoculated with each bacterial strain by being immersed in a bacterial suspension and exposed to SDS (1.5%), H2 O2 (0.5%), citric acid (1%), or sequential treatments with SDS + citric acid and SDS + H2 O2 ...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
M Mohammadi Tashakkori, M Tabatabaei, M Tebianian, N Mosavari
Tuberculosis (TB) is a zoonotic infectious disease common to humans and animals which has been caused by a rod shaped, acid fast bacterium, called Mycobacterium bovis . The rapid and sensitive detection is a great challenge for TB diagnosis. The virulent strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) have 16 different regions of difference (RD) in their genome which encode some important antigens. The major protein of M. bovis 64 (MPT-64) is one of the main immune-stimulating antigens which are encode by RD-2 region...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
R S A Khan, W Ali, S Kiran, M S D Shah, Z A Tahir, M Habib
Infectious bursal disease (IBD) is an immunosuppressive, acute and highly contagious illness of growing-poultry stock infected with infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). It is common in Pakistan, causing potential economic losses throughout the year. The objective of the study is to propose a rapid, sensitive and specific diagnostic tool, and compare it with existing commonly used reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method for IBDV. Different primers were used for RT-PCR and reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) to target the IBD virus...
2018: Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
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