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Sara Vidal, Bernd W Brandt, Martina Dettwiler, Carlos Abril, Jenny Bressan, Gilbert Greub, Caroline F Frey, Vincent Perreten, Sabrina Rodriguez-Campos
Bovine mycotic abortion is sporadic and caused by different ubiquitous and opportunistic fungi. Recently, a broad spectrum of bacterial opportunists involved in bovine abortion was revealed by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing. We hypothesized that fungal organisms potentially involved in bovine abortion also might remain undetected by conventional culture. In this retrospective study, we therefore applied fungal internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) region amplicon sequencing to 74 cases of bovine abortion submitted to our diagnostic service...
November 2018: Heliyon
Liaqat Ali, Saeed Islam, Taza Gul, Muhammad Altaf Khan, Ebenezer Bonyah
Here a new analytical scheme is presented to solve nonlinear boundary value problems (BVPs) of higher order occurring in nonlinear phenomena. This method is called second alternative of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method. It converts a complex nonlinear problem into zeroth order and first order problem. A homotopy and auxiliary functions which are consisted of unknown convergence controlling parameters are used in this technique. The unknown parameters are determined by minimizing the residual. Many methods are used to determine these parameters...
November 2018: Heliyon
Sanette Marx, Lehlohonono J Radebe
Fractionation of components from bio-refinery wastes streams is complicated by the presence of both oligomer and lignin fractions. Microwave-assisted acid hydrolysis was used in this study to convert oligomer sugars in an industrial prehydrolysis liquor (PHL) to monomeric sugars. A total of 19.6 g/L monomeric sugars was obtained at a combined severity factor (CSF) of 3.2. Furthermore, it was found that xylan linked to lignin in a lignin-carbohydrate complex (LCC) could be liberated, resulting in lignin with a relatively low dispersity (3...
November 2018: Heliyon
Karen Gu, Lawrence Mok, Mark M W Chong
The expression of any gene must be precisely controlled for appropriate function. This expression can be controlled at various levels. This includes epigenetic regulation through DNA methylation or histone modifications. At the posttranscriptional level, regulation can be via alternative splicing or controlling messenger RNA (mRNA) stability. RNA cleavage is one way to control mRNA stability. For example, microRNA (miRNA)-induced mRNA cleavage has long been recognised in plants. RNA cleavage also appears to be widespread in other kingdoms of life, and it is now clear that mRNA cleavage plays critical functions in animals...
November 2018: Heliyon
Javier Sánchez Ramírez, Mónica Bequet-Romero, Yanelys Morera Díaz, Francisco Hernández-Bernal, Ana de la Torre Santos, Katty-Hind Selman-Housein Bernal, Yenima Martín Bauta, Cimara H Bermúdez Badell, Miladys Limonta Fernández, Marta Ayala Avila
Two phase I clinical trials were conducted to evaluate, among other parameters, the humoral response elicited by a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-based therapeutic vaccine in cancer patients with advanced solid tumors. VEGF reduction was studied using an indirect methodology named as "Platelet VEGF". This methodology is based on the estimation of VEGF within platelets by subtracting the plasma VEGF level from the serum level and dividing this by the platelet count, and then this latter expression is additionally corrected by the hematocrit...
November 2018: Heliyon
David O Yawson, Michael O Adu, Kingsley N Osei
Ghana imports about US$ 2 million worth of sugar annually. To address this huge import bill and to take advantage of a growing demand for sugar in the West African sub-region, the Government of Ghana initiated a Sugar Policy. The Government of Ghana, therefore, re-constructed and commissioned the Komenda Sugar Factory in 2016 at a reported cost of US$ 35 million. The Komenda Sugar Factory can process 1,250 tons of sugarcane per day (or 225,000 tons per annum), but was shut down soon after the test run and commissioning...
November 2018: Heliyon
K Souliotis, C Golna, N Kotsopoulos, V Kapaki, C Dalucas
Bexsero®, a meningitis B vaccine, was recently included in the National Immunization Programme (NIP) in Greece, with restricted access to high risk groups only. To map the need to expand coverage, this study assessed pediatricians and parents' perceptions and attitudes towards meningitis B, inclusion of Bexsero® in the NIP and vaccination uptake. We analyzed data from 201 private practice pediatricians questionnaires and 1003 parents phone interviews. Both (pediatricians 64.7%, parents 88.5%) considered meningitis B a critical challenge...
November 2018: Heliyon
Oqab Jabali
Writing has always been seen as the most troublesome and challenging area of language learning for all students without exception especially if it is to be done in a foreign language. Most of these students fail to meet the expectations of instructors both communicatively and linguistically. Those students are, in fact of varied backgrounds, different learning methodologies, varied levels of language skills and experience, let alone different insights, attitudes and conceptions about the writing skill. Consequently, it is significant to exhibit what these students think of writing and how they approach it...
November 2018: Heliyon
Seungyeon Lee, Minsung Kim, Jessica S Mendoza, Ian M McDonough
A potential new clinical disorder is arising due to the addiction to cellphones called nomophobia-or feelings of discomfort or anxiety experienced by individuals when they are unable to use their mobile phones or utilize the conveniences these devices provide. However, before being able to officially classify this disorder as clinically relevant, more research needs to be conducted to determine how nomophobia relates to existing disorders. In a sample of 397 undergraduate students, the present study examined the relationship between the Nomophobia Questionnaire (NMP-Q) and the Obsessiveness Content Scale (OBS) of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (the MMPI-2)...
November 2018: Heliyon
Mansour Golmohammadi, Alimohammad Borghei, Ali Zenouzi, Nariman Ashrafi, Mohammad J Taherzadeh
In this work, a new extraction process using steam explosion at high temperature and pressure was developed, to drastically shorten the extraction time and improved extraction of the essential oil from citrus peels. In steam explosion process, the material is subjected to the high-pressure saturated steam following by substantially dropping the pressure through an angle valve to a vacuum tank. The optimum essential oil yield by the steam explosion was obtained at the 170 °C, 8 bar in 240 seconds duration time...
November 2018: Heliyon
Lee Hadlington, Mark O Scase
The present study aimed to explore the potential relationship between individual differences in responses to failures with digital technology. In total, 630 participants (50% male) aged between 18-68 years ( M = 41.41, SD = 14.18) completed an online questionnaire. This included a self-report, response to failures in digital technology scale, a measure of Fear of Missing Out, Internet addiction, and the BIG-5 personality traits. Fear of Missing Out, Internet addiction, extraversion, and neuroticism all served as significant positive predictors for maladaptive responses to failures in digital technology...
November 2018: Heliyon
Geneviève André-Fontaine, Laetitia Triger
Dogs are naturally exposed to numerous pathogenic serogroups. Leptospirosis vaccines are claimed to afford a clinical protection restricted to the serogroups of which they are composed. Objectives: Dogs exhibiting liver and kidney injury were suspected of having leptospirosis. The purpose of this study was to compare the microscopic agglutination test (MAT) results in naive and vaccinated dogs experiencing leptospirosis outcomes. Only MAT-positive animals were included in the study. Methods: Over five years, 3 512 dogs were suspected of having leptospirosis...
November 2018: Heliyon
Brian B Boutwell
The topic of consciousness remains central across numerous academic fields ranging from philosophy to cognitive neuroscience. Scholars in all of these fields continue to debate the origins of conscious experiences. More recently, scientists have applied advanced imaging techniques to illuminate brain regions that are at least associated with our subjective feelings of conscious experience. Though much disagreement remains, one point that is generally accepted across fields is that consciousness is not the product of an immaterial substance, but rather is produced by functioning across physical substrates in the brain...
November 2018: Heliyon
Chiara Sanmartin, Francesca Venturi, Cristina Sgherri, Anita Nari, Monica Macaluso, Guido Flamini, Mike Frank Quartacci, Isabella Taglieri, Gianpaolo Andrich, Angela Zinnai
This research aimed to study the effects of packaging and storage temperature on the shelf-life of an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as it can occur in most points of sale. The evolution of the chemical and sensory characteristics of an EVOO, initially stored in stainless steel silos under nitrogen at 12-18 °C, was evaluated after packaging. Tinplate tin (TT) and greenish glass (GG), the most used packaging containers, and temperatures of 6 and 26 °C were taken into consideration. After 125 days from packaging all the samples maintained clearness, green and yellow reflections and the positive sensory notes of bitterness and pungency of the starting EVOO...
November 2018: Heliyon
Abolfazl Mohammadbeigi, Seyed Mohsen Zahraei, Azadeh Asgarian, Sima Afrashteh, Narges Mohammadsalehi, Salman Khazaei, Hossein Ansari
Introduction: Based on the World Health Organization (WHO) reports the EMRO countries did not reached to eradication of measles at 2010. This study aimed to estimate the risk of measles outbreak in different districts of Iran to identify high-risk areas based on WHO measles programmatic risk assessment tool. Materials and methods: The WHO measles programmatic risk assessment tool was used to estimate the overall risk of measles in 31 providences and 322 districts of Iran at 2017...
November 2018: Heliyon
Alexey V Morozov, Vadim L Karpov
Cell homeostasis and regulation of metabolic pathways are ensured by synthesis, proper folding and efficient degradation of a vast amount of proteins. Ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) degrades most intracellular proteins and thus, participates in regulation of cellular metabolism. Within the UPS, proteasomes are the elements that perform substrate cleavage. However, the proteasomes in the organism are diverse. Structurally different proteasomes are present not only in different types of cells, but also in a single cell...
October 2018: Heliyon
Stefan Ehrhart, Ulrich Schraml
Social-ecological systems are characterized by complexity, uncertainty, and change. Adaptive co-management may help to improve adaptability and resilience and to develop 'no-regret strategies' for a sustainable management. It is a dynamic, inductive, and self-organized process based on social learning and collaboration. In this regard, conservation conflicts, conflicts between humans about wildlife, are a contemporary environmental management issue. Their management may be facilitated through adaptive co-management...
October 2018: Heliyon
E Hartill, R B Gillis, S Imran Jiwani, N Recchia, A Meal, G G Adams
Background: Hypoglycemia unawareness (HU) has been attributed to both a downward shift in central nervous system (CNS)-triggered sympatho-adrenal responses to low glycaemic thresholds and a subsequent loss of adrenergic symptoms, which, in addition, to cerebral cortex adaptations permit normal function under hypoglycaemic conditions. Both of these mechanisms are brought about by recurring hypoglycemic events (hypoglycemia-associate autonomic failure, HAAF). This can contribute to repetitive cycles of increasingly severe hypoglycaemia, the consequences of which have considerable impact on relatives and significant others (SO) when providing care to patients with diabetes...
October 2018: Heliyon
M G Mithra, M L Jeeva, M S Sajeev, G Padmaja
The ethanol yields from lignocellulo-starch biomass (peels of sweet potato, elephant foot yam, tannia, greater yam and beet root) by fed-batch separate hydrolysis and fermentation (F-SHF) and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (F-SSF) using Saccharomyces cerevisiae were compared. Fed-batch saccharification of steam or dilute sulphuric acid pretreated biomass enhanced the reducing sugar yield which resulted in high RS consumption, volumetric ethanol productivity and ethanol yield during the first 24 h fermentation under F-SHF mode, while continuous production and utilization of reducing sugars occurred up to 72 h in F-SSF...
October 2018: Heliyon
Anne Handrini Dewi, Ika Dewi Ana
Objectives: We determined and structurally analyzed the reported effect of hydroxyapatite (HA) bone substitute on alveolar bone regeneration. To the best of our knowledge, no systematic reviews have previously reported the bone regenerative effect of the HA bone substitute. Materials and methods: A literature search was performed for articles published up to August 2015 using MEDLINE with the search terms "hydroxyapatite," "bone regeneration," and "alveolar bone" as well as their known synonyms...
October 2018: Heliyon
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