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Iranian Journal of Pathology

Thin Thin Win, Nik Mohamed Zaki Nik Mahmood, Saung Oo Ma, Mazita Ismail
Clear cell carcinoma of ovary is uncommon ovarian tumour that arises from surface epithelium of ovary. It has well-known association with ovarian endometriosis. We report here the first case of bilateral clear cell carcinoma of ovaries in a 40-year-old woman with a 17-year history of bilateral ovarian endometriosis. In addition, during the longstanding duration of the endometriosis, the patient was treated with hormonal therapy, including oestrogen. It represents the first report of such bilateral involvement in the background of ovarian endometriosis...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Subrata Pal, Kingshuk Bose, Abhishek Sharma, Mrinal Sikdar
Colorectal carcinoma is a common malignancy in India as well as in world. Inspite of its high metastasizing ability to various organs and lymph node, orbital metastasis is exceptional. Very few cases have been reported in the world literature. We report orbital metastasis in a case of moderately differentiated rectal adenocarcinoma in a 58-year male patient from India in 2015. We want to focus on the rare metastatic pathway of rectal adenocarcinoma and early diagnosis of the orbital metastasis, which can help in application of therapy to save the eyesight...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Sanjay Kumar, Jyoti Sharma, Megha Ralli, Gurpreet Singh, Sonu Kalyan, Rajeev Sen
Primary soft tissue sarcomas of the breast constitute less than 5% of all soft tissue sarcomas and less than 1% of malignant breast cancers. The rarity of this tumor limits most studies to small retrospective case reviews and case reports. Primary breast sarcomas are locally aggressive tumors as evidenced by the high rate of local recurrence when excisional surgery is performed. A contemporary multidisciplinary approach to therapy including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy is advocated. Herein, we report a case of 45-yr-old female, who presented with a large ulcerated breast mass and was diagnosed as carcinoma breast on fine needle aspiration...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Mahmood Akhavan Tafti, Najmeh Jafari, Jalil Zare, Mohamad Jalal Jafari
Primary angiosarcoma of bone is very rare. It occurs more commonly in middle-age and later life, with a male predominance in the ratio of 2:1. Angiosarcoma of bone has a tendency to involve the long tubular bones, and multifocal involvement is common. Here, we present a case of a 69-yr-old man in Shahid Sadooghi Hospital of Yazd in 2014 that had angiosarcoma of the left tibia. He was treated with curettage and bone fixation. Two months after the surgery, he died of pulmonary metastasis.
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Katayoun Ziari, Kamyab Alizadeh
Salivary gland choristoma of the middle ear cavity is a very rare condition. These lesions are a result of a defective embryonic development and their adjacent structures may be associated with abnormalities. Here we report a case of salivary gland choristoma of the middle ear who presented to Be'sat Hospital, Tehran, Iran in 2015 with unilateral conductive hearing loss. There are 41 case reports in English and non-English literature from 1961. Taylor and Martin reported the first case of middle ear salivary choristoma...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Maryam Kadivar, Parnian Kheirkhah Rahimabad, Sareh Salarinejad
The presence of adipose tissue in the thyroid gland is a rare finding. Thyrolipoma or adenolipoma of the thyroid is a benign, encapsulated lesion of the thyroid composed of variable amounts of fat and glandular elements. This report presents a case of thyrolipoma in a 69-yr-old female presenting with neck swelling and respiratory distress. Differential diagnosis of the fat-containing thyroid lesion is also presented. Differentiation of the condition from similar lesions is necessary for accurate diagnosis of thyrolipoma...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Betül Cengiz Peker, Fatma Secil Kirdok, Hayrettin Dizen
Russell body gastritis is a rare form of chronic gastritis. It is characterized by the invasion of lamina propria by plasma cells that included eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion. In the literature, most of the cases are associated with Helicobacter pylori. Russell body gastritis and Helicobacter pylori infection are generally seen together incidentally. We report here two cases of Russell body gastritis with Helicobacterpylori infection in a 51-yr-old woman and a 39-yr-old man from Eskisehir, Turkey.
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Purwa R Patil, Bhushan M Warpe
Amyloidosis of urinary bladder is a rare condition and may be primary or secondary in nature. A case of primary localized vesical amyloidosis (VA) in a 40-yr-old man is described which was confused with neoplasm by cystoscopic, urographic and other studies. Surgical specimens obtained by transurethral resection (TUR) were diagnostic and histologically revealed amyloid deposits in sub-epithelial stroma with chronic inflammatory and giant-cell reaction. Congo-red staining proved its amyloid nature. It was resistant to potassium permanganate (KMnO4) pretreatment, indicating it to be of the AL type...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Fariba Binesh, Kazem Aghili, Marjan Hakiminia, Mohammad Reza Vahidfar, Roghayeh Masumi
Disseminated angiomatosis, also referred to as cystic angiomatosis, is a generalized disease that involves bones and soft tissue. It is characterized by multifocal hemangiomatous lesions of the bones with possible visceral organ involvement. The clinical manifestations differ according to the site and the extension of disorder. Here we describe a case of generalized angiomatosis occurring in a 35-yr-old Iranian woman, initially misdiagnosed as osseous metastasis, who presented at Shahid Sadoughi Hospital, Yazd, Iran in February 2014...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Payam Azadeh, Nasser Rakhashani, Ali Yaghobi Joybari, Pegah Gorji Bayani, Samaneh Sarbaz, Maryam Farasatinasab
The oral cavity is uncommon site for metastatic disease usually discovered secondary to malignancy. We encountered with a rare case in which metastasis to mandibular bone was the first clinical sign in the diagnosis of breast cancer without any radiographic findings. A 49-yr-old premenopausal woman, was referred to the Department of Medical Oncology of Imam Hossein Hospital, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran in 2014, presented with pain and tenderness in the left mandibular and temporal bone and paresthesia of the lower left lip and chin...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Arpita Kabiraj, Anil Singh, Tanya Khaitan, Amrita Jaiswal
Odontogenic fibroma (OF) is considered an unusual, benign mesenchymal neoplasm and one of the most little-understood lesions amongst all odontogenic neoplasms. The incidence rate of the tumor is from 0% to 5.5%. WHO classified them into intraosseous or central and extraosseous or peripheral variants. It chiefly consists of fibroblastic tissue with an inconsistent amount of inactive appearing odontogenic epithelium. The lesion has a slow growth along with cortical expansion with equal predilection in the anterior maxilla and posterior mandible...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Tanya Khaitan, Pachigolla Ramaswamy, Uday Ginjupally, Arpita Kabiraj
Osteoid osteoma (OO) is a benign osteogenic lesion that is extremely rare in jaws. It is characterized by proliferation of either cancellous or compact bone and can be central, peripheral or extraskeletal. Pain is a distinctive feature of this lesion accompanied by vasomotor disturbances, which occur long before radiographic and histopathology findings manifest. Here, we present a rare case report of OO of maxilla in a 40-yr-old male patient with noteworthy clinical, radiological and histological presentation...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Biplab Kr Biswas, Subrata Pal, Dhruba Jyoti Moulik, Mrinal Sikdar
Isolated hepatic tuberculoma is localized hepatic tuberculosis (TB) without bile duct involvement, which presents as solitary or multiple nodular mass lesion of liver mimicking a neoplastic lesion in radiological evaluation. Clinical presentation and biochemical tests for liver functions show non-specific abnormality, which is not helpful for diagnosis. As the treatment, modality of isolated hepatic tuberculoma is anti-tubercular drugs. Prognosis is very good in comparison to other differential diagnoses. We are presenting such a rare case of isolated hepatic tuberculoma from tribal area of Bankura district, West Bengal, India in a 38-yr female patient presenting as fever, abdominal pain and solitary nodular lesion on radiological evaluation...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Mina Majdi, Hana Saffar, Alireza Ghanadan
Cutaneous metaplastic synovial cyst (CMSC), presents as a solitary, tender subcutaneous nodule that usually occurs at the site of previous surgery or trauma. Histologically, the lesion is characterized by a cystic structure with villous-like projections that lined by metaplastic synovial tissue. The main cause remains unclear, but trauma is presumed to be a precipitating factor, as most reported cases have a history of antecedent cutaneous injury. Here we present a case of CMSC in a 51 year old man, presented with a painless deep-seated dermal nodule in the medial aspect of left ankle without history of any trauma or surgery in this site...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Manveen Kaur, Koushik Kar, Varsha Dalal, Fouzia Siraj
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Manas Bajpai, Manika Arora, Betina Chandolia
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Chuh A, Zawar V, Karad G
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Nasser Rakhshani, Mohammadreza Araste, Farid Imanzade, Mahshid Panahi, Fahimeh Safarnezhad Tameshkel, Masoud Reza Sohrabi, Mohammad Hadi Karbalaie Niya, Farhad Zamani
BACKGROUND: Hirschsprung disease is a complex genetic disorder of the enteric nervous system (ENS), often called congenital aganglionic megacolon and characterized by the absence of enteric neurons along a variable length of the intestine. The definitive diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease relies on histologic and/or histochemical staining of sections from suction rectal biopsies. Calretinin immunohistochemistry (IHC) may be a useful in its diagnosis. This study aimed to proof the usefulness of immunohistochemical staining for calretinin in rule out of Hirschsprung disease...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Eva Ruvalcaba-Limón, Josefina Jiménez-López, Verónica Bautista-Piña, Julio Ramírez-Bollas, Flavia Morales-Vásquez, Carlos Domínguez-Reyes, Antonio Maffuz-Aziz, Sergio Rodríguez-Cuevas
BACKGROUND: Phyllodes tumor (PT) of the breast in Hispanic patients is more frequently reported with large tumors and with more borderline/malignant subtypes compared with other populations. The objective of this study was to describe characteristics of patients with PT and to identify differences among subtypes in a Mexican population. METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted on patients with PT. Sociodemographic, histopathologic, and treatment characteristics were compared among subtypes, including only surgically treated cases due the complete surgical-specimen study requirement for appropriate WHO classification...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh, Farhad Etezadi, Javad Motaharinia, Amir Hossein Najafi Abrandabadi, Abdorasul Mehrsai, Shadi Ziaie, Soheil Saadat
BACKGROUND: Delayed graft function is a main complication after deceased donor kidney transplantation that adversely affects graft outcome. Difficulties in prediction and early detection of delayed graft function have hindered the ability to perform proper therapeutic interventions. We investigated whether measuring urinary interleukin 18 and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin as markers of ischemia reperfusion injury could predict delayed graft function in deceased donor kidney transplant patients...
2016: Iranian Journal of Pathology
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