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Molecular Biology Research Communications

Khyber Saify, Mohammad Rashid Khalighinasab, Mostafa Saadat
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs; EC: are a ubiquitous family of eukaryotic and prokaryotic phase II metabolic isozymes. Genes encoding GSTM1 (OMIM: 138350), and GSTT1 (OMIM: 600436) are members of class mu and theta, respectively. The most common polymorphism in the GSTM1 is a deletion of the whole GSTM1 gene with a lack of enzyme activity. A homozygous deletion in the GSTT1 has also been reported (null genotypes of GSTT1). The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms and risk of dependency to opium sap...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Aga Syed Sameer, Saniya Nissar
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a third most common epithelial carcinoma. CRC is known to develop from the early precancerous lesion to full blown malignancy via definite phases due to cumulative mutations and aberrant methylation of number of genes. The use of serum biomarkers that is non-invasive to discriminate cancer patients from healthy persons will prove to be an important tool to improve the early diagnosis of CRC. This will serve as the boon to the clinical management of the disease.
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Dor Mohammad Kordi-Tamandani, Ahmad Reza Bahrami, Raziye Sabbaghi-Ghale-No, Hanieh Soleimani, Tayebe Baranzehi
Recently, inflammation has been found to be a significant factor in the development of Schizophrenia (SCZ). The aim of the present research was to investigate whether interleukin-33 (IL-33, OMIM: 608678) gene polymorphism (rs11792633, C/T) is associated with the development of SCZ or not. DNA was isolated from the serum of 70 patients with SCZ and 70 healthy controls. The PCR based method was used for detection of the IL-33 polymorphism. The CT (OR=0.05, 95% CI: 0.003-0.057, P<0.001) and TT (OR=0.12, 95% CI: 0...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Bahram Baghban-Kohnehrouz, Shahnoush Nayeri
Multiple gene silencing is being required to target and tangle metabolic pathways in eukaryotes and researchers have to develop a subtle method for construction of RNA interference (RNAi) cassettes. Although, several vectors have been developed due to different screening and cloning strategies but still some potential limitations remain to be dissolved. Here, we worked out a simple cloning strategy to develop multisite small interfering RNA (siRNA) cassette from different genes by two cloning steps. In this method, effective siRNA sites in the target messenger RNAs (mRNAs) were determined using in silico analysis and consecutively arranged to reduce length of inverted repeats...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Mitra Kheirabadi, Javad Maleki, Safieh Soufian, Samaneh Hosseini
HTLV-1 and HIV-1 are two major causes for severe T-cell leukemia disease and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). HTLV-1 protease, a member of aspartic acid protease family, plays important roles in maturation during virus replication cycle. The impairment of these proteases results in uninfectious HTLV-1virions.Similar to HIV-1protease deliberate mutations that confer drug resistance on HTLV-1 are frequently seen in this protease. Therefore, inhibition of HTLV-1 protease activity is expected to disrupt HTLV-1's ability to replicate and infect additional cells...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Leila Kohan, Mehrnush Safarpur, Hamed Abdollahi
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an obesity-associated disease and dysregulation of adipokines has an important role in its development. Omentin-1 (ITLN1 protein) and resistin are two adipokine secreted from adipose tissue. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the adipokine genes may affect expression and activity of the adipokine, and thus play a contributory role in NAFLD pathogenesis. The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between omentin-1 rs2274907 (326A/T) and resistin rs1862513 (-420 C/G) polymorphisms and risk of NAFLD in Iranian patients...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Arastoo Badoei-Dalfard
L-asparaginase has lots of medical and industrial applications. Ever since L-asparaginase anti-tumor activity was first demonstrated, its production using microbial systems has attracted considerable attention owing to their cost-effective and eco-friendly nature. The aim of this study is to obtain L-asparaginase producing bacteria and determining the enzyme activity. Samples were picked up from Jooshan hot springs located in the Sirch, Kerman. The L-asparaginase producing bacteria were screened on the agar medium supplied with L-asparagine and phenol red indicator dye (pH-7...
March 2016: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Majidreza Khos Hkholgh, Sajad Nazari
The genetic variation and population structure of narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus) was examined by means of polymerase chain reaction (PC R) restriction fragment length polymorphism (RF LP) analysis of the cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) of mitochondrial DNA. A total of 194 adult specimens were collected from seven sample sites including, two in the south Caspian Sea and one each in Anzali wetland and Aras reservoir and three rivers Chafrood, Masule Rudkhan and S iah Darvishan. The PCR products were digested with 19 restriction enzymes and five enzymes revealed polymorphism patterns (DdeІ, MboІ, TaqI, RsaІ and HinfІ)...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Malik Perveez, Malik Ajaz, Dil Afroze
Hypermethylation of CpG islands located in the promoter regions of genes is a major event in the development of the majority of cancer types, due to the subsequent aberrant silencing of important tumor suppressor genes. KLOTHO; a novel gene associated primarily with suppressing senescence has been shown to contribute to tumorigenesis as a result of its impaired function. Recently the relevance of KLOTHO promoter hypermethylation in colorectal carcinoma in humans has been reported. We analyzed the promoter hypermethylation of KLOTHO gene in 50 histopathologically confirmed tumor and adjacent normal tissues of colorectal cancer patients...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Somerita Panda, Subarna Ghosh, Probir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
In India, more than 104 species of Myxobolus have so far been reported infecting freshwater as well as marine fishes. The study focuses on the description of a new myxosporean species, Myxobolus sp.n PKB 2014 from the gill lamellae of an Indian major carp Labeo rohita. The species have been described on the basis of morphological characterization of the spores, tissue architecture and 18S rDNA sequence data. The plasmodia of Myxobolus sp.n PKB 2014 were round in shape measuring, 50 to 70 μm in diameter and spores were ellipsoidal in frontal view measures 14...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Azad Teimori, Hamid Reza Esmaeili, Golnaz Sayyadzadeh, Neda Zarei, Ali Gholamhosseini
The Iranian Persian chub is an endemic species of the family Cyprinidae known only from few localities in drainages of Southern Iran. It was originally described in the genus Pseudophoxinus as (Pseudophoxinus persidis) and then Petroleuciscus (as Petroleuciscus persidis). In this study, we examined phylogenetic relationships of the Iranian Persian chub with other relatives in the family Cyprinidae based on the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene to estimate the phylogenetic (and taxonomic) position of the species...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Zeinab Abdolahnejad, Mohammad Pourkazemi, Majid Reza Khoshkholgh, Mahtab Yarmohammadi
The mRNA expression of growth hormone (GH) gene in early development stages of Siberian sturgeon was investigated using RT-PCR method. Samples were collected from unfertilized eggs up to 50 days post hatched (dph) larvae in 11 different times. Ribosomal protein L6 (RPL6) transcripts were used as the internal standard during quantification of GH mRNA expression. The results showed that the GH mRNA could be observed in the eyed eggs and even at unfertilized eggs of Siberian sturgeon. The highest amounts of GH mRNA were found at 25 and 50 dph larvae, while the lowest levels were detected at 1 and 3 dph larvae stage...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Reza Yousefi, Asghar Taheri-Kafrani, Sayed Masoud Nabavizadeh, Zahra Pouryasin, Mohammad Bagher Shahsavani, Kazem Khoshaman, Mehdi Rashidi
The interactions between platinum complexes and human serum albumin (HSA) play crucial roles in the distribution, metabolism, and activity of platinum-based anticancer drugs. Octahedral platinum (IV) complexes represent a significant class of anticancer agents that display molecular pharmacological properties different from cisplatin. In this study, the interaction between two Pt(IV) complexes with the general formula [Pt(X)2Me2 (tbu2bpy)], where tbu2bpy = 4,4'-ditert-butyl-2,2'-bipyridine, with two leaving groups of X = Cl (Com1) or Br (Com2), and HSA were investigated, using Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, circular dichroism (CD) and molecular docking simulation...
December 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Yasaman Tavakoli, Abolghasem Esmaeili, Mohammad Rabbani
Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) possesses several physiological functions such as neurotransmission, induction of hypotension, diuretic and tranquilizer effects. Production of GABA-enriched products by lactic acid bacteria has been a focus of different researches in recent years because of their safety and health-promoting specifities. In this study, glutamate decarboxylase (gad) gene of a local strains Lactobacillus casei was identified and cloned. In order to clone the gad gene from this strain, the PCR was carried out using primers designed based on conserved regions...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Marjan Rafiee, Masoumeh Javaheri
Tyrosinase is a multifunctional copper-containing enzyme. It can catalyze two distinct reactions of melanin synthesis and benzaldehyde derivatives, which are potential tyrosinase inhibitors. To find the relationships between charge distributions of benzaldehyde and their pharmaceutical behavior, the present study aimed at investigating nuclear quadrupole coupling constants of quadrupolare nuclei in the functional benzaldehyde group and calculating some its derivatives. In addition, the differences between the electronic structures of various derivatives of this depigmenting drug were examined...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Narjes Zarei, Iraj Saadat, Majid Farvardin-Jahromi
Cataract is multi-factorial eye disease identified by the disturbance of the transparent ocular lens. There is significant evidence suggesting oxidative damage as a major cause of initiation and progression of numerous diseases including cataracts. NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1; OMIM: 125860) and catalase (CAT, OMIM: 115500) are antioxidant enzymes that prevent cells from oxidative stress. The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between NQO1 C609T (Pro189Ser, rs1800566) and CAT promoter C-262T (rs1001179) genetic polymorphisms and the susceptibility to cataracts...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Hamed Adabnejad, Hamid Reza Kavousi, Hadi Hamidi, Iraj Tavassolian
Sodium/proton exchangers (NHX) are key players in plant responses to salinity and have a central role in establishing ion homeostasis. NHXs can be localized in tonoplast or plasma membranes, where they exchange sodium ions for protons, resulting in the removal of ions from the cytosol into vacuole or extracellular spaces. In the present study, the expression pattern of the gene encoding Na+/H+ antiporter in the vacuolarmembrane (NHX1 gene) in Leptochloa fusca (Kallar grass) was measured by a semi- quantitative RT-PCR method under different treatments of NaCl and CdCl2...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Sayani Banerjee, Avijit Patra, Harresh Adikesavalu, Anjan Mondal, Thangapalam Jawahar Abraham
Myxozoans are an economically important group of microscopic parasites best known for the diseases they cause in commercially important fish hosts. The classification of myxosporeans is generally based on the morphology of their myxospores. Without molecular data, it is very difficult to identify new or existing species. DNA sequence information is therefore, a prerequisite to taxonomic and phylogenic studies of myxosporeans. In the present study, a myxozoan parasite, Myxobolus carnaticus, infecting the gill lamellae of mrigal carp, Cirrhinus mrigala, was characterized by the 18S rRNA gene sequence...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Mohammed Zaghlool, Saeed Al-Khayyat
Quorum sensing controls the luminescence of Vibrio fischeri through the transcriptional activator LuxR and the specific autoinducer signal produced by luxI. Amino acid sequences of these two genes were analyzed using bioinformatics tools. LuxI consists of 193 amino acids and appears to contain five α-helices and six ß-sheets when analyzed by SSpro8. LuxI belongs to the autoinducer synthetase family and contains an acetyltransferase domain extending from residues 24 to 110 as MOTIF predicted. LuxR, on the other hand, contains 250 amino acids and has ten α-helices and four ß-sheets...
September 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
Saber Jelokhani-Niaraki, Mojtaba Tahmoorespur, Morteza Bitaraf-Sani
Very little is known about LHR and FSHR genes of domestic dromedary camels. The main objective of this study was to determine and analyze partial genomic regions of FSHR and LHR genes in dromedary camels for the first time. To this end, a total of50 DNA samples belonging to dromedary camels raised in Iran were sent for sequencing (25 samples of each gene). We compared the nucleotide sequences of Camelus dromedarius with corresponding sequences of previously published FSHR and LHR genes in bactrian camels and other species...
June 2015: Molecular Biology Research Communications
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