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Journal of Animal Science and Technology

Seoyoung Jeon, Keun-Nam Sohn, Seongwon Seo
BACKGROUND: By-products of pickled radish (BPR) are considered food waste. Approximately 300 g/kg of the total mass of raw materials becomes BPR. Production of pickled radish has grown continuously and is presently about 40,000 metric tons annually in Korea. The objective of the present study was thus to explore the possibility of using BPR as a ruminant feed ingredient. RESULTS: BPR contained a large amount of moisture (more than 800 g/kg) and ash, and comprised mostly sodium (103 g/kg DM) and chloride (142 g/kg DM)...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Clara Sargentini, Roberto Tocci, Matteo Campostrini, Eleonora Pippi, Valeria Iaconisi
BACKGROUND: The aim of this work was the comparison between the carcass and the meat ewes of the regional Traditional market and the Islamic religious (Halal) market. METHODS: Thirty and 20 at the end of career traditional market and Halal market ewes were slaughtered following the EC (European Council, 2009) animal welfare guidelines. Live weight of ewes was taken and dressing percentage of carcasses was calculated. On every carcass zoometric measurement and the evaluation trough the EU grid rules were performed...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Y H Lee, F Ahmadi, D Y Choi, W S Kwak
BACKGROUND: The continuing growth of the ethanol industry has generated large amounts of various distillers grains co-products. These are characterized by a wide variation in chemical composition and ruminal degradability. Therefore, their precise formulation in the ruminant diet requires the systematic evaluation of their degradation profiles in the rumen. METHODS: Three distillers grains plus soluble co-products (DDGS) namely, corn DDGS, high-protein corn DDGS (HP-DDGS), and wheat DDGS, were subjected to an in situ trial to determine the degradation kinetics of the dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP)...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Sang Moo Lee, Ik Heon Kim, Young Min Choi
BACKGROUND: The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of persimmon peel (PPM) supplementation on carcass performance, pork quality, eating quality, fatty acid composition, and cholesterol concentration of the porcine longissimus dorsi muscle. RESULTS: No adverse effects of PPM supplementation were observed on carcass and meat quality characteristics among the treatment groups (P > 0.05), whereas pork loins from pigs fed a diet supplemented with 0...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Hyun-Woo Seo, Jin-Kyu Seo, Han-Sul Yang
BACKGROUND: Plasma protein hydrolysates have been shown to possess antioxidant activity. However, no report has yet to examine the antioxidant effects of injection of plasma protein hydrolysates on meat quality. Therefore, in this study, the effects of injection of hydrolysis plasma protein solution on meat quality and storability were investigated in porcine M. longissimus lumborum. METHODS: Twelve pigs were randomly selected at a commercial slaughter plant and harvested...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Supriyati, I Gusti Made Budiarsana, Lisa Praharani, Rantan Krisnan, I Ktut Sutama
BACKGROUND: The effect of choline chloride supplementation through forced drinking combined with concentrate diets containing Ca-fish oil on milk production and milk composition of Etawah Grade goats was evaluated. Choline chloride is an essential component in ruminant diets as it is required for fat metabolism. METHOD: The experiment was conducted in a completely randomized block design with three types of treatments and eight replications. The trial had two successive experimental periods; the first, during the eight weeks of late pregnancy, and the second, during the first 12 weeks of lactation...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Kwang Suk Ko, Andrea J Fascetti
BACKGROUND: It is known that large dogs who are fed lamb and rice diets are at increased risk to develop taurine-deficiency-induced dilated cardiomyopathy. Since dogs obligatorily conjugate bile acids (BA) with taurine, we determined whether rice bran (RB) or other fibers (cellulose; CL, beet pulp; BP) would affect BA excretion and/or the taurine status of dogs. RESULTS: Eighteen medium/large mixed-breed dogs were given purified diets containing CL, BP, or RB for 12 weeks...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Deshani S Karunanayaka, Dinesh D Jayasena, Cheorun Jo
BACKGROUND: Studies on prevalence of pale, soft, exudative (PSE) condition in Sri Lankan poultry industry is minimal. Hence, the objective of present study was to determine the incidence of PSE chicken meat in a commercial meat processing plant and to find out its consequences on meat quality traits of roasted chicken breast. METHOD: A total of 60 breast fillets were randomly selected, evaluated based on color L* value, and placed into 1 of 2 categories; PSE (L* > 58) or normal meat (L* ≤ 58)...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Dashmaa Dashdorj, Vinay Kumar Tripathi, Soohyun Cho, Younghoon Kim, Inho Hwang
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1186/s40781-016-0101-9.].
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Pairat Sornplang, Sudthidol Piyadeatsoontorn
The use of probiotics for human and animal health is continuously increasing. The probiotics used in humans commonly come from dairy foods, whereas the sources of probiotics used in animals are often the animals' own digestive tracts. Increasingly, probiotics from sources other than milk products are being selected for use in people who are lactose intolerant. These sources are non-dairy fermented foods and beverages, non-dairy and non-fermented foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, feces of breast-fed infants and human breast milk...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Panagiotis D Katsoulos, Maria A Karatzia, Constantinos Boscos, Petra Wolf, Harilaos Karatzias
BACKGROUND: Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite with high adsorption capacity for polar mycotoxins such as aflatoxins. The efficacy of clinoptilolite in ameliorating the toxic effects of aflatoxicosis has been proven in monogastric animals, but there is no such evidence for ruminants. The aim of this study was to evaluate, under field conditions, whether the dietary administration of clinoptilolite in dairy cows could reduce the concentration of aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) in bulk-tank milk, in farms with higher than or close to 0...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Syed Mazhar Hussain Shah, Shujait Ali, Muhammad Zubair, Huma Jamil, Nazir Ahmad
BACKGROUND: The current study was designed to investigate the effect of supplementation of Flaxseed (Linumusitatisimum) oil on libido and semen quality of Nilli-Ravi buffalo bulls. METHODS: In this study, 12 adult healthy bulls kept at the Semen Production Unit, Qadirabad district Sahiwal, were used. These bulls were divided into three equal groups, A, B and C. Group A was kept as control, while in groups B and C supplementation of feed was provided by using flaxseed oil @125 ml/day and 250 ml/day,respectively for 12 weeks...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Kazeem D Adeyemi, Rafiat M Shittu, Azad B Sabow, Ahmed A Abubakar, Roselina Karim, Saiful A Karsani, Awis Q Sazili
BACKGROUND: The functionality of myofibrillar proteins is a major factor influencing the quality attributes of muscle foods. Nonetheless, the relationships between muscle type and oxidative changes in chevon during ageing are meagrely elucidated. Postmortem changes in antioxidant status and physicochemical properties of glycolytic gluteus medius (GM) and oxidative infraspinatus (IS) muscles in goats were compared. METHODS: Twenty Boer bucks (9-10 months old, body weight of 36...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Dhan Prasad Gautam, Shafiqur Rahman, Md Saidul Borhan, Chanda Engel
BACKGROUND: Dietary manipulation is a common practice to mitigate gaseous emission from livestock production facilities, and the variation of fat level in the diet has shown great influence on ruminal volatile fatty acids (VFA) and enteric methane generation. The changes in dietary fat levels influence rumen chemistry that could modify manure nutrient composition along with odor and gaseous emissions from manure management facilities. METHODS: A field experiment was carried out on beef cattle feedlots to investigate the effect of four levels of dietary fat concentrations (3 to 5...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Terry Ansah, Henry Ayindoh Algma, Herbert Kwabla Dei
BACKGROUND: Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.]) is a legume cultivated throughout most tropical countries and is valued as food and feed for human and livestock respectively. The search for an improved cowpea variety has been on-going with the aim of improving traits such as grain yield, drought and pest resistance. But no information exist on the feeding value of these improved varieties. Phosphate (P) fertilizer application is recommended to augment grain yield in grain legumes but data on the effect of P fertilizer on haulm quality is limited...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
W S Kwak, Y I Kim, D Y Choi, Y H Lee
BACKGROUND: The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of feeding trace mineralsfortified mixed microbial culture (TMC) on ruminal fermentation, nutrient digestibility, blood electrolyte status, nitrogen balance, and trace mineral balance in sheep. METHODS: Mixed microbes [0.6 % (v/w) of Enterobacter sp., Bacillus sp., Lactobacillus sp., and Saccharomyces sp.] were cultured with 99 % feedstuffs and 0.4 % trace minerals including zinc and copper for ensiling...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Dashmaa Dashdorj, Vinay Kumar Tripathi, Soohyun Cho, Younghoon Kim, Inho Hwang
The present review has mainly focused on the specific parameters including aging (aging days, temperature, relative humidity, and air flow), eating quality (flavor, tenderness and juiciness), microbiological quality and economic (shrinkage, retail yields and cost) involved beef dry aging process. Dry aging is the process where beef carcasses or primal cuts are hanged and aged for 28 to 55 d under controlling environment conditions in a refrigerated room with 0° to 4 °C and with relative humidity of 75 to 80 %...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Arif Tasleem Jan, Eun Ju Lee, Sarafraz Ahmad, Inho Choi
Muscle, studied mostly with respect to meat production, represents one of the largest protein reservoirs of the body. As gene expression profiling holds credibility to deal with the increasing demand of food from animal sources, excessive loss due to myopathies and other muscular dystrophies was found detrimental as it aggravates diseases that result in increased morbidity and mortality. Holding key point towards improving the developmental program of muscle in meat producing animals, elucidating the underlying mechanisms of the associated pathways in livestock animals is believed to open up new avenues towards enhancing the lean tissue deposition...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Yu Jin Choi, Hee Yeon Jin, Hee Sun Yang, Sang Cheon Lee, Chang Ki Huh
BACKGROUND: This study was conducted to examine the quality and storage characteristics of yogurt containing antifungal-active lactic acid bacteria (ALH, Lacobacillus sakei ALI033) isolated from kimchi and cinnamon ethanol extract. The starter was used for culture inoculation (1.0 % commercial starter culture YF-L812 and ALH). RESULTS: The antifungal activity of cinnamon extracts was observed in treatments with either cinnamon ethanol extracts or cinnamon methanol extracts...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Ji-Eun Kim, Junkyung Choe, Jeong Hee Lee, Woong Bom Kim, Whan Cho, Ji Hong Ha, Ki Jin Kwon, Kook Il Han, Sung-Hwan Jo
BACKGROUND: The Sapsaree (Canis familiaris) is a Korean native dog that is very friendly, protective, and loyal to its owner, and is registered as a natural monument in Korea (number: 368). To investigate large-scale gene expression profiles and identify the genes related to exercise-induced stress in the Sapsaree, we performed whole-transcriptome RNA sequencing and analyzed gene expression patterns before and after exercise performance. RESULTS: We identified 525 differentially expressed genes in ten dogs before and after exercise...
2016: Journal of Animal Science and Technology
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