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Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery

Tim Pruimboom, Rutger M Schols, Shan S Qiu, René R W J van der Hulst
This case report presents the use of near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging using indocyanine green (ICG) and its potential for the evaluation of soft tissue viability in a traumatic case. Standard implementation of this novel imaging modality might decrease the number of surgical debridement procedures in complex traumatic wounds.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Michael Josiassen, Madeline T Kudibal, Christina Gramkow, Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle
A 70-year old woman underwent thoracic surgery resulting in rupture of a silicone implant. During re-implantation at a later time an iatrogenic thoracic wall defect was discovered. In order to complete re-implantation the defect was closed using a rotation flap constructed from capsular tissue from the previous silicone implant.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Maria A Bocchiotti, Arianna B Lovati, Loris Pegoli, Giorgio Pivato, Alessandro Pozzi
This report shows a multi-compartmental lipoma that occupied a vast area of the hand volar compartment, the distal aspect of the Parona's space and infiltrated the dorsal compartment between the IV and V metacarpal bones. The mass was entirely removed through a dorsal approach, minimizing risks of neurovascular and tendinous lesions.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Jens Holm, Lars B Stolle
Acellular Dermal Matrices have become increasing popular in breast reconstruction especially in the last decade. There is a debate on whether Acellular Dermal Matrices increase the risk of complications or not. Common complications include infection, wound dehiscence, necrosis, seroma, haematoma, capsular contracture, extrusion, loss of implant and reconstruction failure. Non-integration is not listed as a typical complication to the use of Acellular Dermal Matrices. We report a case of a completely non-integrated Acellular Dermal Matrix following breast reconstruction in a patient without significant risk factors...
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Lohrasb R Sayadi, Ajul Shah, Mustafa Chopan, James G Thomson
Twenty five-year-old pitcher presented with acute right middle and index finger numbness and coolness. Angiogram showed a 5mm axillary pseudoaneurysm and near complete occlusion of ulnar and common interosseous artery, ulnar side of the palmar arch, and ulnar digital artery. Patient deferred surgery, treatment with tPA and heparin succeeded in reperfusion.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Robert J Dabek, Nemanja Baletic, Harrison McUmber, Brian Nahed, Alex Haynes, Kyle R Eberlin, Branko Bojovic
The development of a primary melanoma within the confines of free tissue transfer is a rare occurrence. In this report, we describe the development of a primary melanoma in situ within a full-thickness skin graft overlying a free latissimus dorsi muscle flap used to cover a scalp defect.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
V Amorosi, B Longo, M Sorotos, G Firmani, F D'Angelo, F Santanelli di Pompeo
Intestinal perforation (IP) is a life-threatening gastroenterological condition requiring urgent surgical care, which may present itself as an uncommon complication following incisional hernia repair surgery, most often because of iatrogenic traumatism occurring during the procedure. However, we report a case where a spontaneous onset can be hypothesised. A 60-years-old patient underwent repair of an abdominal laparocele, through rectus abdominis muscle plasty, 5 years after development of an incisional hernia due to exploratory laparotomy for the treatment of acute appendicitis...
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Fedra Fallahian, David Molway, Saagar Jadeja, Rachael Clark, Francisco M Marty, Leonardo V Riella, Anil Chandraker, Simon G Talbot
Vascularized composite allotransplantation represents a useful addition to reconstructive options available to the plastic surgeon. Though the procedure provides beneficial functional outcomes, there remain complications, often associated with the immunosuppression necessary to maintain an allograft. We report a case of eponychial fold lesions following successful bilateral upper extremity allotransplantation.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Ryosuke Tamura, Sho Maeda, Hiroto Terashi
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare disease in which Langerhans cells, which are bone marrow-derived antigen-presenting cells, proliferate in single or multiple organs. We successfully treated a patient with unifocal LCH of the mandible with malocclusion due to a severe pathological fracture, using reconstruction with a vascularised free bone.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Takeshi Kitazawa, Masato Shiba, Kazuhiro Tsunekawa
We present two cases of serratus anterior free fascial flap combined with vascularized scapular bone graft for reconstruction of traumatized dorsal hand and phalangeal bone defects. Composite flaps with single vascular pedicles allowed conservation of severely injured fingers and provided good functional and cosmetic outcomes.
2018: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz, Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo, Roberto De Mezerville
Nanotechnology is defined as the design of products that interact with biological systems on the nanoscopic scale. Creating a controlled nanotexture and understanding the ways in which surface properties impact inflammatory response is of the utmost significance in designing implants that can provide satisfactory outcomes.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Dominique Merky, Katarina Wishart, Urs Hug, Elmar Fritsche
We describe a young man who suffered a severe mutilating injury of the hand and forearm while working as a cheesemaker. He underwent a complex reconstruction of his right adominant hand including a heterotopic thumb replantation into the distal radius and combined with an emergency flow-through anterolateral thigh flap.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Masayuki Okochi, Masanori Momiyama, Hiromi Okochi, Kazuki Ueda
We have treated two patients who had an Achilles tendon and overlying tissue defect using an anterolateral thigh flap with fascia lata. Postoperatively, skeletal suspension of the affected leg and intra-arterial heparin infusion were performed for seven days. Six weeks postoperatively, the patients could walk again.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Akio Nishijima, Naoto Yamamoto, Ryuichi Yoshida, Satoshi Yanagibayashi, Megumi Takikawa, Rie Hayasaka, Eri Maruyama, Junko Nishijima, Mitsuru Sekido
While there are no reports regarding dressing-associated iatrogenic skin ulcer as an adverse event of maggot debridement therapy (MDT), MDT is clinically used on patients with critical limb ischaemia with dermal fragility. Herein we report causes and counter measures for a case of iatrogenic skin ulcer induced by MDT dressing.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Shems Al-Hayder, Christina Gramkow, Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle
Severe burn injuries to the hand represent a topic of great concern due to long-term complications such as hypertrofic burn scar and contracture, which may result in loss of function. We present a case of burn scar contracture in the hand of a child undergoing Z-plasty and lipofilling.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Ryan D Konik, Adam D Cash, Gregory S Huang
Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) of the breast is a rare occurrence that is routinely misdiagnosed as an abscess or cellulitis, resulting in treatment delays. A total mastectomy is required when delays occur. We present a 53-year-old female with breast NF managed with a partial mastectomy and local tissue rearrangement.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Mark Twoon, Christopher David Jones, Jon Foley, Dominique Davidson
The palmaris longus muscle is the most superficial muscle of the volar forearm which demonstrates significant anatomical variance. A reversed palmaris longus muscle is one such variant. Here we discuss two cases in which reversed palmaris longus was postulated as a cause of wrist discomfort.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Antoine Homsy, Eva Meia Rüegg, Peter Jandus, Brigitte Pittet-Cuénod, Ali Modarressi
We report two rare cases of inflammatory reactions with multiple subcutaneous facial painful collections after Hyaluronic acid injections, expose their management and discuss aetiologic hypothesis. Due to unfavourable evolution despite antibiotic treatment, surgical drainage was performed. Immune-mediated delayed hypersensitivity reactions were the most probable cause.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Shinsuke Takeda, Masahiro Tatebe, Akimasa Morita, Hidemasa Yoneda, Katsuyuki Iwatsuki, Hitoshi Hirata
This study reports successful finger replantation in a patient with a dorsal oblique fingertip amputation. When repairing this unique type of injury, an evaluation of the remaining vessels is more useful for successful replantation than the anatomical zone classification. We propose that Kasai's classification is appropriate for guiding treatment.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
Jacob Rinkinen, David Molway, Matthew Carty, George S M Dyer, Bohdan Pomahac, Anil Chandraker, Simon G Talbot
Vascularised composite allotransplantation (VCA) represents an exciting and emerging field in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Despite the generally good functional and psychosocial outcomes, multiple complications can be associated with the procedure. The authors describe a case of avascular necrosis of the humeral head following successful upper extremity VCA.
2017: Case Reports in Plastic Surgery & Hand Surgery
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