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Data in Brief

Dibash K Das, Thahmina Ali, Konstantinos Krampis, Olorunseun O Ogunwobi
Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed male cancer in the world. The molecular mechanisms underlying its development and progression are still unclear. Here we show analysis of a prostate cancer RNA-sequencing dataset that was originally generated by Ren et al. [3] from the prostate tumor and adjacent normal tissues of 14 patients. The data presented here was analyzed using our RNA-sequencing bioinformatics analysis pipeline implemented on the bioinformatics web platform, Galaxy. The relative expression of fibronectin (FN1) and the androgen receptor (AR) were calculated in fragments per kilobase of transcript per million mapped reads, and represented in FPKM unit...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Chi Truong, Stefan Trück
Data on certainty equivalent discount factors and discount rates for stochastic interest rates in Australia are provided in this paper. The data has been used for the analysis of investments into climate adaptation projects in ׳It׳s not now or never: Implications of investment timing and risk aversion on climate adaptation to extreme events׳ (Truong and Trück, 2016) [3] and can be used for other cost-benefit analysis studies in Australia. The data is of particular interest for the discounting of projects that create monetary costs and benefits in the distant future...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Zhen Jiang, Hongchun Shen, Bo Tang, Hui Chen, Qin Yu, Xingli Ji, Li Wang
We provide detailed datasets from our analysis of proteins that are differentially expressed in gastric cancer tissues compared with adjacent normal gastric tissues, as identified by iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomics. Also included is a set of representative images of immunohistochemical staining of gastric cancer tissues showing four levels of expression of fatty acid binding protein (FABP1) and fatty acid synthase (FASN). The data presented in this paper support the research article "Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals that proteins required for fatty acid metabolism may serve as diagnostic markers for gastric cancer" (Jiang et al...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Sizah Mwalusepo, Eliud Muli, Asha Faki, Suresh Raina
Land use and land cover changes will continue to affect resilient human communities and ecosystems as a result of climate change. However, an assessment of land use and land cover changes over time in Indian Ocean Islands is less documented. The land use/cover data changes over 10 years at smaller geographical scale across Unguja Island in Zanzibar were analyzed. Downscaling of the data was obtained from SERVIR through partnership with Kenya-based Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) database (http://www...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Carla S Ceron, Gabriel T do Vale, Janaina A Simplicio, Patrícia Passaglia, Sthefany T Ricci, Carlos R Tirapelli
We describe the effects of losartan, a selective AT1 receptor antagonist on the alterations induced by treatment with ethanol in the rat aorta. The data shown here are related to the article entitled "Angiotensin type 1 receptor mediates chronic ethanol consumption-induced hypertension and vascular oxidative stress" (P. Passaglia, C.S. Ceron, A.S. Mecawi, J. Antunes-Rodrigues, E.B. Coelho, C.R. Tirapelli, 2015) [1]. Here we include new data on the protective effect of losartan against ethanol-induced oxidative stress...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Amélia Feliciano, Fátima Vaz, Cristina Valentim-Coelho, Vukosava M Torres, Rita Silva, Vesna Prosinecki, Bruno M Alexandre, Andreia Almeida, Catarina Almeida-Marques, Ana S Carvalho, Rune Matthiesen, Atul Malhotra, Paula Pinto, Cristina Bárbara, Deborah Penque
This article presents proteomics data referenced in [1] Using proteomics-based evaluation of red blood cells (RBCs), we have identified differentially abundant proteins associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSA). RBCs were collected from peripheral blood of patients with moderate/severe OSA or snoring at pre- (evening) and post-night (morning) polysomnography, so that proteome variations between these time points could be assessed. RBC cytoplasmic fraction depleted of hemoglobin, using Hemovoid(™) system, were analyzed by two-dimensional fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE), the 2D image software-based analyzed and relevant differentially abundant proteins identified by mass spectrometry (MS)...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Alexander V Tyakht, Veronika B Dubinkina, Vera Y Odintsova, Konstantin S Yarygin, Boris A Kovarsky, Alexander V Pavlenko, Dmitry S Ischenko, Anna S Popenko, Dmitry G Alexeev, Anastasiya Y Taraskina, Regina F Nasyrova, Evgeny M Krupitski, Nino V Shalikiani, Igor G Bakulin, Petr L Shcherbakov, Lyubov O Skorodumova, Andrei K Larin, Elena S Kostryukova, Rustam A Abdulkhakov, Sayar R Abdulkhakov, Sergey Y Malanin, Ruzilya K Ismagilova, Tatiana V Grigoryeva, Elena N Ilina, Vadim M Govorun
Alcoholism is associated with significant changes in gut microbiota composition. Metagenomic sequencing allows to assess the altered abundance levels of bacterial taxa and genes in a culture-independent way. We collected 99 stool samples from the patients with alcoholic dependence syndrome (n=72) and alcoholic liver cirrhosis (n=27). Each of the samples was surveyed using "shotgun" (whole-genome) sequencing on SOLiD platform. The reads are deposited in the ENA (project ID: PRJEB18041).
April 2017: Data in Brief
Laura Paesano, Alessio Perotti, Annamaria Buschini, Cecilia Carubbi, Marta Marmiroli, Elena Maestri, Salvatore Iannotta, Nelson Marmiroli
The data included in this paper are associated with the research article entitled "Markers for toxicity to HepG2 exposed to cadmium sulphide quantum dots; damage to mitochondria" (Paesano et al.) [1]. The article concerns the cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of CdS QDs in HepG2 cells and the mechanisms involved. In this dataset, changes in expression levels of candidate genes are reported, together with details concerning synthesis and properties of CdS QDs, additional information obtained through literature survey, measures of the mitochondrial membrane potential and the glutathione redox state...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Oksana E Glushchenko, Andrei E Samoilov, Evgenii I Olekhnovich, Boris A Kovarsky, Alexander V Tyakht, Alexander V Pavlenko, Vlad V Babenko, Andrei K Larin, Elena S Kostryukova, Maja V Malakhova, Elena N Ilina, Rustem A Abdulkhakov, Dilyara I Safina, Tatiana V Grigoryeva, Sayar R Abdulkhakov, Vadim M Govorun
Antibiotic therapy can lead to the disruption of gut microbiota community with possible negative outcomes for human health. One of the diseases for which the treatment scheme commonly included antibiotic intake is Helicobacter pylori infection. The changes in taxonomic and functional composition of microbiota in patients can be assessed using "shotgun" metagenomic sequencing. Ten stool samples were collected from 4 patients with Helicobacter pylori infection before and directly after the H. pylori eradication course...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Guy-Daniel Dutel, Patrick Langlois, David Tingaud, Dominique Vrel, Guy Dirras
Data regarding bulk polycrystalline nickel samples obtained by powder metallurgy using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) are presented, with a special emphasis on the influence of a cold isostatic pre-compaction on the resulting morphologies and subsequent mechanical properties. Three types of initial powders are used, nanometric powders, micrometric powders and a mixture of the formers. For each type of powder, the SPS cycle has been optimized for the powders without pre-compaction and the same cycle has been used to also sinter pre-compacted powders...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Kristen M Kennedy, Jenny R Rieck, Maria A Boylan, Karen M Rodrigue
These data provide coordinates generated from a large healthy adult lifespan sample undergoing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) while completing a spatial judgment task with varying levels of difficulty, as well as a control categorical condition. The data presented here include the average blood-oxygen-dependent (BOLD) response to the spatial judgment vs. the control task, as well as the BOLD response to incremental increasing difficulty; see also "Age-related Reduction of BOLD Modulation to Cognitive Difficulty Predicts Poorer Task Accuracy and Poorer Fluid Reasoning Ability" (Rieck et al...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Kuppan Gokulan, Katherine Williams, Sangeeta Khare
Limited antibacterial activity of silver ions leached from silver-impregnated food contact materials could be due to: 1) the presence of silver resistance genes in tested bacteria; or 2) lack of susceptibility to silver ion-mediated killing in the bacterial strain (K. Williams, L. Valencia, K. Gokulan, R. Trbojevich, S. Khare, 2016 [1]). This study contains data to address the specificity of silver resistance genes in Salmonella Typhimurium during the real time PCR using melting curve analysis and an assessment of the minimum inhibitory concentration of silver ions for Salmonella...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Dimitar I Kutsarov, Edward New, Francesco Bausi, Alina Zoladek-Lemanczyk, Fernando A Castro, S Ravi P Silva
The data presented in this article is related to the research article entitled "Fabrication of air-stable, large-area, PCDTBT:PC70BM polymer solar cell modules using a custom built slot-die coater" (D.I. Kutsarov, E. New, F. Bausi, A. Zoladek-Lemanczyk, F.A. Castro, S.R.P. Silva, 2016) [1]. The repository name and reference number for the raw data from the abovementioned publication can be found under: In this data in brief article, additional information about the absorption properties of PCDTBT:PC70BM layers deposited from a 12...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Jose M Requena, Alberto Rastrojo, Esther Garde, Manuel C López, M Carmen Thomas, Begoña Aguado
This paper contains data related to the research article entitled "Genomic cartography and proposal of nomenclature for the repeated, interspersed elements of the Leishmania major SIDER2 family and identification of SIDER2-containing transcripts" [1]. SIDER2 elements are repeated sequences, derived from, nowadays, extinct retrotransposons, that populate the genomes of protist of the genera Leishmania. This dataset (Supplementary file 1), an inventory of 1100 SIDER2 elements, was generated by surveying the L...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Georgiana Bostean, Catherine M Crespi, Patsornkarn Vorapharuek, William J McCarthy
The retail environment is a major social determinant of health, yet little is known about the e-cigarette specialty retailer environment. The e-cigarette specialty retail environment may be associated with e-cigarette use by middle and high school students, an issue that was addressed in a recent article entitled, "E-cigarette use among students and e-cigarette specialty retailer presence near schools," by Bostean and colleagues (G. Bostean, C.M. Crespi, P. Vorapharuek, W.J. McCarthy, 2016 [1]). We present data relating to e-cigarette specialty retailers in Orange County, California...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Haibing Huang, Jun Lv, Yameng Bao, Rongwei Xuan, Shenghua Sun, Sami Sneck, Shuo Li, Chiara Modanese, Hele Savin, Aihua Wang, Jianhua Zhao
This data article is related to our recently published article ('20.8% industrial PERC solar cell: ALD Al2O3 rear surface passivation, efficiency loss mechanisms analysis and roadmap to 24%', Huang et al., 2017 [1]) where we have presented a systematic evaluation of the overall cell processing and a cost-efficient industrial roadmap for PERC cells. Aside from the information already presented in Huang et al., 2017 [1], here we provide data related to Sectin 3 in Huang et al., 2017 [1] concerning the analysis of the recombination losses׳ mechanisms by PC1D V5...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Haibing Huang, Jun Lv, Yameng Bao, Rongwei Xuan, Shenghua Sun, Sami Sneck, Shuo Li, Chiara Modanese, Hele Savin, Aihua Wang, Jianhua Zhao
This data article is related to the recently published article '20.8% industrial PERC solar cell: ALD Al2O3 rear surface passivation, efficiency loss mechanisms analysis and roadmap to 24%' (Huang et al., 2017) [1]. This paper is about passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) structures and it describes the quality of the Al2O3 rear-surface passivation layer deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD), in relation to the processing parameters (e.g. pre-clean treatment, deposition temperature, growth per cycle, and film thickness) and to the cell efficiency loss mechanisms...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Thomas Lecocq, Thierry Camelbeeck
In this work, we present the result of a large-scale geophysical survey that had the objective of identifying the subsurface characteristics and the NE-SW extension of the Hockai Fault Zone: a major NNW-SSE oriented crustal-rooted fault zone crossing the Stavelot-Venn Massif (Eastern Belgium). 31 two-dimensional electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) profiles are presented, resulting in 10,679 m of 2D sections. All profiles were acquired between 2008 and 2010 using a single channel ABEM Terrameter SAS1000 instrument connected to a 64 electrodes setup of maximum 315 m extent which was often extended using the roll-along technique...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Sarah K Abey, Yuana Yuana, Paule V Joseph, Natnael D Kenea, Nicolaas H Fourie, LeeAnne B Sherwin, Gregory E Gonye, Paul A Smyser, Erin S Stempinski, Christina M Boulineaux, Kristen R Weaver, Christopher K E Bleck, Wendy A Henderson
Colonic epithelial health is implicated in a host of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases and disorders. Lysozyme is suspected to play a role in the ability of the epithelium to recover from injury (Abey et al., in press; Gallo, 2012; Rubio, 2014) [1], [2], [3]. Disrupted repair mechanisms may lead to delayed or ineffective recovery and disruptions to epithelial biology resulting in GI symptoms and altered barrier function (Peterson and Artis, 2014) [4]. The effect of lysozyme on the transcriptomic and proteomic profile of healthy colonic epithelial cells was investigated...
April 2017: Data in Brief
Giacomo Giannoccaro
This data article provides a data description on article entitled "Assessing farmers׳ willingness to supply biomass as energy feedstock: Cereal straw in Apulia (Italy)" (G. Giannoccaro, C.B. de Gennaro, E. DeMeo, M. Prosperi, 2017). This DiB consists of data obtained through a survey to farmers in Foggia Province, Italy. The survey was carried out by means of a structured questionnaire administrated to about 200 local wheat producers. Face to face interviews were carried out by professionals. From the hard copy of questionnaire, data were firstly transferred into an excel sheet, than exported to STATA...
April 2017: Data in Brief
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