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Data in Brief

Ali Akbar Mohammadi, Mahmood Yousefi, Amir Hossein Mahvi
Long-term exposure to high level of fluoride can caused several adverse effects on human health including dental and skeletal fluorosis. We investigated all the drinking water source located in rural areas of Poldasht city, west Azerbaijan Province, North West Iran between 2014 and 2015. Fluoride concentration of water samples was measured by SPADNS method. We found that in the villages of Poldasht the average of fluoride concentration in drinking water sources (well, and the river) was in the range mg/l 0...
August 2017: Data in Brief
V Joevivek, N Chandrasekar
The chronicles of nearshore morphology and surficial beach deposits provide valuable information about the nature of the beach condition and the depositional environment. It imparts an understanding about the spatial and temporal relationship of nearshore waves and its influence over the distribution of beach sediments. This article contains data about wave and sediment dynamics of the ten sandy beaches along the central Tamil Nadu coast, India. This present dataset comprises nearshore wave parameters, breaker wave type, beach morphodynamic state, grain size distribution and weight percentage of heavy and light mineral distribution...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Romain Chaumillon, Thomas Romeas, Charles Paillard, Delphine Bernardin, Guillaume Giraudet, Jean-François Bouchard, Jocelyn Faubert
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "The use of transdermal scopolamine to solve methodological issues raised by gender differences in susceptibility to simulator sickness" (Chaumillon et al., 2017) [1]. In an outstanding first demonstration, Kennedy et al. [2] showed that the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ) is an appropriate tool to suit the purposes of characterizing motion sickness experienced in virtual environments. This questionnaire has since been used in many scientific studies...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Ramachandran Karthik, Venkatesan Manigandan, Kumar Ebenezar, Raghavan Vijayashree, Ramachandran Saravanan
The data presented illustrated the in vitro anti-proliferative effect of the PSG toxin from the cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis. The cytostatic potentials of the PSG toxin were determined by the lymphocyte migration inhibition assay. The PSG toxin (50 μg/ml) exhibited commendable inhibition of the migration of lymphocytes across the agarose gel matrix under the presence of lipopolysaccharide mitogen, with a mean migration index of 0.625. The cytotoxicity of the PSG toxin against selected cancer cell lines was determined using the MTT assay...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Vinay Mohan Pathak, Navneet Kumar
Synthetic polymer was exploited as water-superabsorbent hydrogel and helped to conserve water in the agricultural soil. The hydrogel polymers were synthesized the carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and starch in addition to SiO2 nanoparticles. Superabsorbent hydrogel polymer having 35% water retention ability was analyzed with three replicates. Hydrogel increased the water restoration capability of agricultural soil.
August 2017: Data in Brief
Esther S Parish, Virginia H Dale, Emma Tobin, Keith L Kline
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "How is wood-based pellet production affecting forest conditions in the southeastern United States?" (Dale et al., 2017) [1]. This article describes how United States Forest Service (USFS) Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data from multiple state inventories were aggregated and used to extract ten annual timberland variables for trend analysis in two case study bioenergy fuelshed areas. This dataset is made publically available to enable critical or extended analyses of changes in forest conditions, either for the fuelshed areas supplying the ports of Savannah, Georgia and Chesapeake, Virginia, or for other southeastern US forested areas contributing biomass to the export wood pellet industry...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Rakhi Dhawan, Ajeet Kumar Mohanty, Manish Kumar, Gourav Dey, Jayshree Advani, T S Keshava Prasad, Ashwani Kumar
Salivary gland proteins from female Aedes aegypti mosquito were extracted and analyzed on high-resolution mass spectrometry. Proteomic data was analysed using two search algorithms SEQUEST and Mascot, which results in acquisition of 83,836 spectra which were assigned to 5417 peptides belonging to 1208 proteins.These proteins were then assigned molecular functions and further analysis revealed biological processes they are involved in using Gene Ontology annotations. Several immunity related pathways were found to be enriched in salivary gland...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Ethan J Andersen, Madhav P Nepal
We report data associated with the identification of 242 disease resistance genes (R-genes) in the genome of Setaria italica as presented in "Genetic diversity of disease resistance genes in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.)" (Andersen and Nepal, 2017) [1]. Our data describe the structure and evolution of the Coiled-coil, Nucleotide-binding site, Leucine-rich repeat (CNL) R-genes in foxtail millet. The CNL genes were identified through rigorous extraction and analysis of recently available plant genome sequences using cutting-edge analytical software...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Mingqi Zhou, Anna-Lisa Paul, Robert J Ferl
In this article we report the identification of T-DNA (transfer DNA) insertion sites within two different gene regions in the genome of an Arabidopsis mutant line, SALK_084889. The T-DNA positions are in the 3' UTR (untranslated region) of DREB2A (Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2A) (AT5G05410) and promoter of LOX1 (Lipoxygenase 1) (AT1G55020) as determined by DNA-PCR and sanger sequencing. The expression levels of DREB2A and LOX1 were also analyzed using quantitative realtime PCR (qPCR) in SALK_084889 and wild type Arabidopsis (Col, Columbia)...
August 2017: Data in Brief
O Irulegi, A Serra, R Hernández
Good indoor comfort and air quality are essential for correct educational development. Most reports in this field focus on primary and secondary school buildings, with numerous projects conducted in the Mediterranean Zone. However, little has been done in the context of university buildings. Data on indoor temperature and relative humidity data acquired trough field surveys of a seminar room located in the Architecture Faculty in San Sebastian (Spain) is provided in this paper. The seminar room was monitored during a typical spring week...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Dianta Ginting, Chan-Chieh Lin, Lydia Rathnam, Junpil Hwang, Woochul Kim, Rabih Al Rahal Al Orabi, Jong-Soo Rhyee
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "High thermoelectric performance in pseudo quaternary compounds of (PbTe)0.95-x (PbSe)x(PbS)0.05 by simultaneous band convergence and nano precipitation" (Ginting et al., 2017) [1]. We measured electrical and thermal transport properties such as temperature-dependent Hall carrier density nH , Hall mobility μH , thermal diffusivity D, heat capacity Cp , and power factor S(2)σ in (PbTe)0.95-x (PbSe)x(PbS)0.05 (x=0.0, 0.05, 0.10, 0...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Gonzalo Matias Romano
Biogeographical analyses have proven to be an efficient complement to classic ecology. An ecoregional layer based on Morrone understanding of the Andean region and its sub-regions was constructed. This high-resolution layer was generated with GIS software, and it enables to include ecoregions as categorical variables into species distribution modeling software.
August 2017: Data in Brief
Arvydas Rimkus, Viktor Gribniak
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "Experimental Investigation of cracking and deformations of concrete ties reinforced with multiple bars" (Rimkus and Gribniak, 2017) [1]. The article provides data on deformation and cracking behaviour of 22 concrete ties reinforced with multiple bars. The number and diameter of the steel bars vary from 4 to 16 and from 5 mm to 14 mm, respectively. Two different covers (30 mm and 50 mm) are considered as well. The test recordings include average stains of the reinforcement and the concrete surface, the mean and maximum crack spacing, final crack patterns, and crack development schemes obtained using digital image correlation (DIC) system...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Ayan Sengupta, Renat Yakupov, Oliver Speck, Stefan Pollmann, Michael Hanke
Multivariate pattern classification methods have been successfully applied to decode orientation of visual grating stimuli from BOLD fMRI activity recorded in human visual cortex (Kamitani and Tong, 2005; Haynes and Rees, 2005) [12], [10]. Though there has been extensive research investigating the true spatial scale of the orientation specific signals (Op de Beeck, 2010; Swisher et al., 2010; Alink et al., 2013; Freeman et al., 2011, 2013) [2], [15], [1], [4], [5], it remained inconclusive what spatial acquisition resolution is required, or is optimal, for decoding analyses...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Netsanet Shiferaw Terefe, Antoine Delon, Cornelis Versteeg
The data presented in this article are related to a research article entitled 'Thermal and high pressure inactivation kinetics of blueberry peroxidase' (Terefe et al., 2017) [1]. In this article, we report original data on the activity of partially purified blueberry peroxidase at different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and phenlylenediamine as substrates and the effects of thermal and high pressure processing on the activity of the enzyme. Data on the stability of the enzyme during thermal (at temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 °C) and combined thermal-high pressure processing (100-690 MPa, 30-90 °C) are included in this report...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Min Chen, Rebecca Alyea, Peter Morfeld, Rainer Otter, Jessica Kemmerling, Christine Palermo
A 2011 publication by Boberg et al. entitled "Reproductive and behavioral effects of diisononyl phthalate (DINP) in perinatally exposed rats" [1] reported statistically significant changes in sperm parameters, testicular histopathology, anogenital distance and retained nipples in developing males. Using the statistical methods as reported by Boberg et al. (2011) [1], we reanalyzed the publically available raw data ([dataset] US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), 2016) [2]. The output of our reanalysis and the discordances with the data as published in Boberg et al...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Minou Bina, Phillip Wyss, Xiaohui C Song
While MLL1 activates gene expression in most tissues, ZFP57 represses transcription. MLL1 selectively interacts with a group of nonmethylated DNA sequences known as the MLL1 morphemes. ZFP57 associates with a methylated hexamer (ZFBS), dispersed in the genomic DNA segments known as Imprinted Control Regions (ICRs) and germline Differentially Methylated Regions (gDMRs), to maintain allele-specific gene repression. We have identified a set of composite DNA elements (ZFBS-Morph overlaps) that provides the sequence context of ZFBS in the canonical ICRs/gDMRs...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Hesty Heryani, Meilana Dharma Putra
Surfactants are very important in industry. The cost of commercial surfactant production is still high and the surfactant demand is constantly increasing. Microbial production of surfactant known as biosurfactant shows commercial potency. Utilization of Bacillus sp. strain on glucose fermentation for biosurfactant production was then studied. This type of microbe was isolated from soil contaminated with palm oil. The selection of the strain was based on its ability to form emulsifying zone around the colony and its capability to grow compared with those for commercial bacteria of Bacillus pumilus JCM 2508...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Sayanti Mukhopadhyay, Roshanak Nateghi
This paper presents the data that is used in the article entitled "Climate sensitivity of end-use electricity consumption in the built environment: An application to the state of Florida, United States" (Mukhopadhyay and Nateghi, 2017) [1]. The data described in this paper pertains to the state of Florida (during the period of January 1990 to November 2015). It can be classified into four categories of (i) state-level electricity consumption data; (ii) climate data; (iii) weather data; and (iv) socio-economic data...
August 2017: Data in Brief
Patricio E Carrion, Nima Shamsaei, Robert D Moser
This article presents the strain-based experimental data for Ti-6Al-4V ELI under non-constant amplitude cyclic loading. Uniaxial strain-controlled fatigue experiments were conducted under three different loading conditions, including two-level block loading (i.e. high-low and low-high), periodic overload, and variable amplitude loading. Tests were performed under fully-reversed, and mean strain/stress conditions. For each test conducted, two sets of data were collected; the cyclic stress-strain response (i...
August 2017: Data in Brief
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