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Data in Brief

Jacob J Christensen, Liv Osnes, Bente Halvorsen, Kjetil Retterstøl, Martin P Bogsrud, Cecilie Wium, Arne Svilaas, Ingunn Narverud, Stine M Ulven, Pål Aukrust, Kirsten B Holven
The data in this relies on a previous publication: "Altered leukocyte distribution under hypercholesterolemia: a cross-sectional study in children with familial hypercholesterolemia" (Christensen et al. 2016) [1]. In the present paper, whole blood leukocyte distribution and plasma inflammatory proteins were measured for association with cholesterol concentration and CRP in children with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and healthy children.
February 2017: Data in Brief
Su Chern Foo, Fatimah Md Yusoff, Maznah Ismail, Mahiran Basri, Sook Kun Yau, Nicholas M H Khong, Kim Wei Chan, Mahdi Ebrahimi
Data in this article illustrate representative fucoxanthin chromatograms of a microalga, Chaetoceros calcitrans; a macroalga, Saccharina japonica and; a pure fucoxanthin standard. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) eluted fucoxanthin at the 7.008±0.024th min. This data article refers to the research article ''Antioxidant capacities of fucoxanthin-producing algae as influenced by their carotenoid and phenolic contents'' Foo et al. [1]; where a more comprehensive data interpretation and analysis is explained...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Martin Dahlqvist, Rahele Meshkian, Johanna Rosen
The data presented in this paper are related to the research article entitled "Theoretical stability and materials synthesis of a chemically ordered MAX phase, Mo2ScAlC2, and its two-dimensional derivate Mo2ScC" (Meshkian et al. 2017) [1]. This paper describes theoretical phase stability calculations of the MAX phase alloy MoxSc3-xAlC2 (x=0, 1, 2, 3), including chemical disorder and out-of-plane order of Mo and Sc along with related phonon dispersion and Bader charges, and Rietveld refinement of Mo2ScAlC2. The data is made publicly available to enable critical or extended analyzes...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Renato Bruni
Classification is the attribution of labels to records according to a criterion automatically learned from a training set of labeled records. This task is needed in a huge number of practical applications, and consequently it has been studied intensively and several classification algorithms are available today. In finance, a stock market index is a measurement of value of a section of the stock market. It is often used to describe the aggregate trend of a market. One basic financial issue would be forecasting this trend...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Enrico Fabrizio, Alessandro Biglia, Valeria Branciforti, Marco Filippi, Silvia Barbero, Giuseppe Tecco, Paolo Mollo, Andrea Molino
For the management of a (micro)-smart grid it is important to know the patters of the load profiles and of the generators. In this article the power consumption data obtained through a monitoring activity developed on a micro-smart grid in an agro-industrial test-site are presented. In particular, this reports the synthesis of the monitoring results of 5 loads (5 industrial machineries for crop micronization, corncob crashing and other similar processes). How these data were used within a monitoring and managing scheme of a micro-smart grid can be found in (E...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Wook Lee, Byungkyu Park, Daesik Choi, Kyungsook Han
Despite the increasing number of protein-RNA complexes in structure databases, few data resources have been made available which can be readily used in developing or testing a method for predicting either protein-binding sites in RNA sequences or RNA-binding sites in protein sequences. The problem of predicting protein-binding sites in RNA has received much less attention than the problem of predicting RNA-binding sites in protein. The data presented in this paper are related to the article entitled "PRIdictor: Protein-RNA Interaction predictor" (Tuvshinjargal et al...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Ali Newaz Bahar, Mohammad Maksudur Rahman, Nur Mohammad Nahid, Md Kamrul Hassan
This paper presents an energy dissipation dataset of different reversible logic gates in quantum-dot cellular automata. The proposed circuits have been designed and verified using QCADesigner simulator. Besides, the energy dissipation has been calculated under three different tunneling energy level at temperature T=2 K. For estimating the energy dissipation of proposed gates; QCAPro tool has been employed.
February 2017: Data in Brief
Ben Fan, Yu-Long Li, Lei Li, Xiao-Jun Peng, Chen Bu, Xiao-Qin Wu, Rainer Borriss
The data presented in this article are related to the publication entitled "Malonylome analysis of rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 reveals involvement of lysine malonylation in polyketide synthesis and plant-bacteria interactions"(doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2016.11.022) (B. Fan, Y. Li, L. Li et al.) [1]. This article presented the raw information of all malonyllysine sites identified by LC-MS/MS in the Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42. Further, the functional features and conservation of the malonylated peptide/proteins were analyzed and made publicly available to enable critical or extended analyses...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Jeanette Novakovich, Steven Shaw, Sophia Miah
This DIB article includes the course artefacts, instruments, survey data, and descriptive statistics, along with in-depth correlational analysis for the first iteration of a design-based research study on designing curriculum for developing online professional identity and social media practices for a multi-major advanced professional writing course. Raw data was entered into SPSS software. For interpretation and discussion, please see the original article entitled, "Designing curriculum to shape professional social media skills and identity in virtual communities of practice" (J...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Penelope L King, Ulrike Troitzsch, Tristen Jones
This data article contains mineralogic and chemical data from mineral coatings associated with rock art from the East Alligator River region. The coatings were collected adjacent to a rock art style known as the "Northern Running Figures" for the purposes of radiocarbon dating (doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.11.016; (T. Jones, V. Levchenko, P.L. King, U. Troitzsch, D. Wesley, 2017) [1]). This contribution includes raw and processed powder X-ray Diffraction data, Scanning Electron Microscopy energy dispersive spectroscopy data, and Fourier Transform infrared spectral data...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Maely P Fávero-Retto, Luiz Henrique Guerreiro, Cássio M Pessanha, Leonardo C Palmieri, Luís Maurício T R Lima
Electrospray ionization - ion mobility spectrometry - mass spectrometry (ESI-IMS-MS) allows the identification of protein polymorphic distribution of protein conformers and oligomers. We report the detailed identification of the species observed with commercially available pharmaceutical preparation of wild-type, regular human insulin.
February 2017: Data in Brief
Jiao Yang, Lei Zhou, Qinglian Liu
Human BiP/GRP78 is involved in the folding and assembly of proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum. The proteins for crystallization in good amount and quality are prerequisites for obtaining ideal crystals. To meet these requirements, different BiP/GRP78 constructs, competent cells, vectors, and concentrations of inducer were tested in order to obtain soluble BiP/GRP78 protein with the highest amount and best purity. The BiP-T229A-L3,4'-Smt3 fusion protein was expressed in a soluble manner and finally purified with the highest purity using size exclusion chromatography, which was suitable for further protein crystallization...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Daria Matyushkina, Olga Pobeguts, Irina Garanina, Vladislav Babenko, Maria Vakhitova, Gleb Fisunov, Vadim Govorun
The genus Mycoplasma relates to Gram-positive bacteria that lack a cell wall and are capable to cause chronic disease in humans and animals. Among the agents of infection and disease in domestic poultry and wild birds, Mycoplasma gallisepticum is the most important mycoplasma species, causing considerable losses in the poultry industry. In the present paper, we provide data on adaptation of M. gallisepticum to the eukaryotic host cells on the genomic level. The major changes were predominantly localized in the VlhA-hemagglutinin genes which are important components of pathogenesis...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Cristina Lucía Dávila-Fajardo, Jesús Sánchez-Ramos, Xando Diaz- Villamarín, Luis Javier Martínez-González, Pablo Toledo Frías, Susana Martínez Huertas, Francisco Burillo Gómez, Juan Caballero Borrego, Alicia Bautista Pavés, Mª Carmen Marín Guzmán, José Antonio Ramirez Hernández, Concepción Correa Vilches, Jose Cabeza Barrera
This article contains data related to the research article entitled "Results of genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy in patients undergone percutaneous coronary intervention with stent" (J. Sánchez-Ramos, C.L. Dávila-Fajardo, P. Toledo Frías, X. Díaz Villamarín, L.J. Martínez-González, S. Martínez Huertas, F. Burillo Gómez, J. Caballero Borrego, A. Bautista Pavés, M.C. Marín Guzmán, J.A. Ramirez Hernández, C. Correa Vilches, J. Cabeza Barrera, 2016) (1). This data article reports, for the first time, about the non-randomized clinical trial protocol that check if CYP2C19/ABCB1 genotype-guided strategy in which the choice of antiplatelet therapy is based on the genetic test, reduces the rates of cardiovascular events and bleeding compared to a non-tailored strategy in patients undergone percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with stent...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Stefan Vögele, Patrick Hansen, Witold-Roger Poganietz, Sigrid Prehofer, Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle
Many studies stress the needs of interdependence analysis under the special conditions of multidisciplinary systems that include social systems. This applies, in particular, to scenarios on future energy demand and supply. Using the example of the residential sector in Germany we provide information on factors and their possible outcomes taking multidisciplinary aspects into account. In addition, futures are presented reflecting consistent combinations of the outcomes of the selected factors. These futures can be used as storylines for further analyses (see (S...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Odd André Hjelkrem, Eirin Olaussen Ryeng
In this data set, vehicle observations have been linked to data containing weather and road surface conditions. A total of 311 908 observations are collected and classified in categories of precipitation type, road status information, and daylight condition. The data is collected for a long period of time, so that several different weather situations are present, ranging from dry summer to adverse winter weather conditions.
February 2017: Data in Brief
Selene Baos, David Calzada, Lucía Cremades, Joaquín Sastre, Joaquín Quiralte, Fernando Florido, Carlos Lahoz, Blanca Cárdaba
This article contains information related to the research article entitled "Biomarkers associated with disease severity in allergic and nonallergic asthma" (S. Baos, D. Calzada, L. Cremades, J. Sastre, J. Quiralte, F. Florido, C. Lahoz, B. Cárdaba, In press). Specifically, the clinical criteria stablished for selecting the study population (n=104 subjects) are described. Moreover, this article describes the criteria for selecting the 94 genes to be analyzed in PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells), it is provided a description of these genes and a Table with the genes most differentially expressed by clinical phenotypes and, finally it is detailed the experimental methodology followed for studying the protein expression of MSR1 (macrophage scavenger receptor 1), one of the genes evaluated in the research...
February 2017: Data in Brief
AlexanderE Kel
Computational analysis of master regulators through the search for transcription factor binding sites followed by analysis of signal transduction networks of a cell is a new approach of causal analysis of multi-omics data. This paper contains results on analysis of multi-omics data that include transcriptomics, proteomics and epigenomics data of methotrexate (MTX) resistant colon cancer cell line. The data were used for analysis of mechanisms of resistance and for prediction of potential drug targets and promising compounds for reverting the MTX resistance of these cancer cells...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Zhuo-Xiao Han, Mohammad M Rana, Guo-Feng Liu, Ming-Jun Gao, Da-Xiang Li, Fu-Guang Wu, Xin-Bao Li, Xiao-Chun Wan, Shu Wei
This paper presents data related to an article entitled "Green tea flavor determinants and their changes over manufacturing processes" (Han et al., 2016) [1]. Green tea samples were prepared with steaming and pan firing treatments from the tender leaves of tea cultivars 'Bai-Sang Cha' ('BAS') and 'Fuding-Dabai Cha' ('FUD'). Aroma compounds from the tea infusions were detected and quantified using HS-SPME coupled with GC/MS. Sensory evaluation was also made for characteristic tea flavor. The data shows the abundances of the detected aroma compounds, their threshold values and odor characteristics in the two differently processed tea samples as well as two different cultivars...
February 2017: Data in Brief
Pinru Wu, Gang Ma, Ningli Li
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "Cyr61/CCN1 is involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis vulgaris via promoting IL-8 production by keratinocytes in a JNK/NF-κB pathway" (Pinru Wu, Gang Ma, Xianjin Zhu, Ting Gu, Jie Zhang, Yue Sun, Hui Xu, Rongfen Huo, Beiqing Wang, Baihua Shen, Xiangdong Chen, Ningli Li, 2016) [1]. Cysteine-rich 61 (Cyr61/CCN1), a secreted extracellular matrix protein, is a novel proinflammatory factor. In this dataset skin samples from normal donors and psoriasis vulgaris patients were examined the expression of Cyr61 and IL-8 using immunohistochemistry...
February 2017: Data in Brief
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