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Health Information Science and Systems

Mashrin Srivastava, Saumya Suvarna, Apoorva Srivastava, S Bharathiraja
With the evolution of technology, the fields of medicine and science have also witnessed numerous advancements. In medical emergencies, a few minutes can be the difference between life and death. The obstacles encountered while providing medical assistance can be eliminated by ensuring quicker care and accessible systems. To this effect, the proposed end-to-end system-automated emergency paramedical response system (AEPRS) is semi-autonomous and utilizes aerial distribution by drones, for providing medical supplies on site in cases of paramedical emergencies as well as for patients with a standing history of diseases...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Amira S Ashour, Yanhui Guo, Ahmed Refaat Hawas, Guan Xu
Schistosomiasis is one of the dangerous parasitic diseases that affect the liver tissues leading to liver fibrosis. Such disease has several levels, which indicate the degree of fibrosis severity. To assess the fibrosis level for diagnosis and treatment, the microscopic images of the liver tissues were examined at their different stages. In the present work, an automated staging method is proposed to classify the statistical extracted features from each fibrosis stage using an ensemble classifier, namely the subspace ensemble using linear discriminant learning scheme...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Mohamed Maher Ata, Amira S Ashour, Yanhui Guo, Mustafa M Abd Elnaby
Automated blood cells tracking system has a vital role as the tracking process reflects the blood cell characteristics and indicates several diseases. Blood cells tracking is challenging due to the non-rigid shapes of the blood cells, and the variability in their videos along with the existence of different moving objects in the blood. To tackle such challenges, we proposed a green star based centroid (GSBC) moving white blood cell (WBC) tracking algorithm to measure its velocity and draw its trajectory. The proposed cell tracking system consists of two stages, namely WBC detection and blob analysis, and fine tuning the tracking process by determine the centroid of the WBC, and mark the centroid for further fine tracking and to exclude the bacteria from the bounding box...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Panchatcharam Parthasarathy, S Vivekanandan
Gout is described as difficult in joint sore, uttermost ordinarily in the principal metatarsophalangeal joint, attend from formation of urate monosodium crystallization in a joint space. Analysis might be affirmed by recognizable proof of urate monosodium precious stones in synovial liquid of the influenced joint. There has been expanded enthusiasm for gout in common scholarly and clinical practice settings. The pervasiveness of both hyperuricemia and gout has ascended as most recent decade of time in created nations and in this way weight of gout as expanded...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Erkan Deniz, Abdulkadir Şengür, Zehra Kadiroğlu, Yanhui Guo, Varun Bajaj, Ümit Budak
Breast cancer is one of the leading cancer type among women in worldwide. Many breast cancer patients die every year due to the late diagnosis and treatment. Thus, in recent years, early breast cancer detection systems based on patient's imagery are in demand. Deep learning attracts many researchers recently and many computer vision applications have come out in various environments. Convolutional neural network (CNN) which is known as deep learning architecture, has achieved impressive results in many applications...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
A Alavudeen Basha, S Vivekanandan, P Parthasarathy
The blood pressure disparity is the major problem in post-operative surgery especially diabetic patients, because there is substantial interrelation between diabetic and hypertension and this abnormality creates complicated problems and needs to be controlled by continuous monitoring based on the severity. To overcome this problem, implementation of automatic drug infusion is required for critical patients, by which workload of the clinical staffs are reduced. Most commonly the sodium nitroprusside (SNP) is used to reduce the blood pressure in fast action based on the prescribed level...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
P Mohamed Shakeel, S Baskar, V R Sarma Dhulipala, Mustafa Musa Jaber
Diabetes mellitus is a serious health problem affecting the entire population all over the world for many decades. It is a group of metabolic disorder characterized by chronic disease which occurs due to high blood sugar, unhealthy foods, lack of physical activity and also hereditary. The sorts of diabetes mellitus are type1, type2 and gestational diabetes. The type1 appears during childhood and type2 diabetes develop at any age, mostly affects older than 40. The gestational diabetes occurs for pregnant women...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Jana Dwaidy, Anjie Dwaidy, Hanin Hasan, Seifedine Kadry, Balamurugan Balusamy
Consumption of energy is a national and international phenomenon that showed increase in market spread and profits from 1990 and made the emergence of many brands. Energy drinks are aggressively marketed with the claim that these products give an energy boost to improve physical and cognitive performance. However, studies supporting these claims are limited. The study examines the new phenomena of energy drinks among university students in Lebanon, based on the participants' personnel characteristics, university grade and the impact on health status...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
V Jagadeeswari, V Subramaniyaswamy, R Logesh, V Vijayakumar
Personalized healthcare systems deliver e-health services to fulfill the medical and assistive needs of the aging population. Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant advancement in the Big Data era, which supports many real-time engineering applications through enhanced services. Analytics over data streams from IoT has become a source of user data for the healthcare systems to discover new information, predict early detection, and makes decision over the critical situation for the improvement of the quality of life...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Sukumar Nagineni, Sachin Taran, Varun Bajaj
Neuromuscular disorder is a muscular and nervous disorder resulting in muscular weakness and progressively damages nervous control, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and myopathy (MYO). Its diagnosis can be possible by classification of ALS, MYO, and normal electromyogram (EMG) signals. In this paper, an effective method based on variational mode decomposition (VMD) is proposed for identification of neuromuscular disorder of EMG signals. VMD is an adaptive signal decomposition which decomposes EMG signals nonrecursively into band-limited functions or modes...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Varun Bajaj, Sachin Taran, Abdulkadir Sengur
Emotion based brain computer system finds applications for impaired people to communicate with surroundings. In this paper, electroencephalogram (EEG) database of four emotions (happy, fear, sad, and relax) is recorded and flexible analytic wavelet transform (FAWT) is proposed for the emotion classification. FAWT analyzes the EEG signal into sub-bands and statistical measures are computed from the sub-bands for extraction of emotion specific information. The emotion classification performance of sub-band wise extracted features is examined over the variants of k-nearest-neighbor (KNN) classifier...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Tim McNabb, Trina Myers, Kristin Wicking, Lei Lei, Wei Xiang
Six percent of the total cost of healthcare delivery in Australia is from buying, building and maintaining physical assets. Current practice does not measure the efficient use of existing clinical spaces prior to making funding decisions for service expansion, remodeling or relocation. Healthcare service delivery can be increased through existing assets by optimizing the use of clinical space. The wait times for healthcare service consumers and capital expenditure pressures could be reduced, which would result in increased funds available for frontline services...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Wenjun Tan, Wen Ge, Yucheng Hang, Simeng Wu, Sixing Liu, Ming Liu
The key of a surgical treatment for the lung cancer is to remove the infected part with the least excision and to retain most of the healthy lung tissue. The traditional computer surgery assisted system show that the patient's CT images or three-dimensional structure in the PC screen. This assisted system is not a real three-dimensional system and can't display well the position of pulmonary vessels and trachea of the patients to surgeon. To solve the problem, a computer assisted system for precise lung surgery for precise surgery based on medical image and VR is developed in this paper...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Richard A Bauder, Taghi M Khoshgoftaar
Healthcare in the United States is a critical aspect of most people's lives, particularly for the aging demographic. This rising elderly population continues to demand more cost-effective healthcare programs. Medicare is a vital program serving the needs of the elderly in the United States. The growing number of Medicare beneficiaries, along with the enormous volume of money in the healthcare industry, increases the appeal for, and risk of, fraud. In this paper, we focus on the detection of Medicare Part B provider fraud which involves fraudulent activities, such as patient abuse or neglect and billing for services not rendered, perpetrated by providers and other entities who have been excluded from participating in Federal healthcare programs...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Md Rafiqul Islam, Muhammad Ashad Kabir, Ashir Ahmed, Abu Raihan M Kamal, Hua Wang, Anwaar Ulhaq
Purpose: Social networks have been developed as a great point for its users to communicate with their interested friends and share their opinions, photos, and videos reflecting their moods, feelings and sentiments. This creates an opportunity to analyze social network data for user's feelings and sentiments to investigate their moods and attitudes when they are communicating via these online tools. Methods: Although diagnosis of depression using social networks data has picked an established position globally, there are several dimensions that are yet to be detected...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Amira S Ashour, Ahmed Refaat Hawas, Yanhui Guo
Hepatic schistosomiasis is a prolonged disease resulting mainly from the solvable egg antigen of schistosomiasis infection due to the host's granulomatous cell-mediated immune. Irreversible fibrosis results from the progress of the schistosomal hepatopathy. Sensitive diagnosis of this disease is based on the investigation of the microscopy images, liver tissues, and egg identification. Early diagnosis of schistosomiasis at its initial infection stage is vital to avoid egg-induced irreparable pathological reactions...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
S Ghiasihafezi, M R Ahmadizand, M R Molaei
In this paper a dynamic model is suggested in order to predict treatment results for infertility of couples. For this purpose, five basic groups of couples are examined. These groups are: susceptible couples, patient couples, couples under treatment taking medicine only, those under treatment using surgery and cured ones. The main aim is to find an asymptotically stable free equilibrium point for this model. The method benefits from scrutinizing the dynamical model deeply. We show that there is another equilibrium point that is not signed stable...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
P Parthasarathy, S Vivekanandan
Uric acid biosensors for arthritis disease has been developed for the specific selection of uricase enzyme film thickness coated over the TiO2 -CeO2 nano-composite matrix is modelled mathematically. This model is purely based on R-diffusion conditions with irreversible first-order catalytic reactions. By arithmetical method, the impact of the thickness of enzyme layer on the current response of the biosensor was explored. This article displays a structure for choice of the enzyme layer thickness, guaranteeing the adequately stable sensitivity of a biosensor in a required extent of the maximal enzymatic rate...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Siyu Zhou, Atsushi Ogihara, Shoji Nishimura, Qun Jin
Purpose: Rapid developments in information technology have enabled wearable devices to be applied in the health field. In elderly adults, wearable devices aid in data collection and exerts a positive effect on their social capital. This study evaluated the changes in these two parameters among elderly adults using wearable devices, and analyzed the effect of these devices on their daily lives. Methods: We selected 18 elderly people using wearable devices, between February and May 2017...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
Humayun Kiser, Tasmina Nasrin
Maternal and child mortality are the key indicators of health and development of the country. Maternal and child health are interconnected to prenatal care. Consulting a doctor at the prenatal stage will not only ensure mother's and her unborn babies' safety, but also has a great influence to reduce the maternal and infant mortality. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the status of prenatal care provided by the qualified doctor among pregnant mothers in Bangladesh. Data and required information of 8793 reproductive women were collected from the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2014...
December 2018: Health Information Science and Systems
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