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Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig

Jae-Young Lee, Sunghyun Park, Kwang-Soo Kim, Jeong-Jae Ko, Soohong Lee, Keun Pil Kim, Kyung-Soon Park
Sprouty (Spry) genes encode inhibitors of the receptor tyrosine kinase signaling cascade, which plays important roles in stem cells. However, the role of Spry4 in the stemness of embryonic stem cells has not been fully elucidated. Here, we used mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) as a model system to investigate the role of Spry4 in the stem cells. Suppression of Spry4 expression results in the decreases of cell proliferation, EB formation and stemness marker expression, suggesting that Spry4 activity is associated with stemness of mESCs...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jae-Young Lee, Dae-Kwan Kim, Jeong-Jae Ko, Keun Pil Kim, Kyung-Soon Park
Rad51 is a key component of homologous recombination (HR) to repair DNA double-strand breaks and it forms Rad51 recombinase filaments of broken single-stranded DNA to promote HR. In addition to its role in DNA repair and cell cycle progression, Rad51 contributes to the reprogramming process during the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. In light of this, we performed reprogramming experiments to examine the effect of co-expression of Rad51 and four reprogramming factors, Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc, on the reprogramming efficiency...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jun-Hyub Jeon, Jong-Man Yoon
Genomic DNAs isolated from crucian carp of four rivers, belonging to the family Cyprinidae was amplified by seven oligonucleotides primers. In the present study, we employed hierarchical clustering method in order to reveal genetic distances and variations. Crucian carp was acquired from Hangang river (CAH), Geumgang river (CAG), Nakdonggang river (CAN) and Yeongsangang river (CAY). The primer BION-12 generated the most loci (a total of 50) with an average of 10 in the CAY population. The primer BION-10 generated the least loci (a total of 19), with an average of 3...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Yong-Pil Cheon
Purine metabolism is known factor for nuclear maturation of oocytes through both follicle cells and oocyte itself. However, it is largely unknown the roles of purine metabolism in the oocyte competence for fertilization and early development. In this study, the effects of adenosine in oocyte competence for development were examined using adenosine and its synthetic inhibitors. Adenosine treatment from GV intact stage for 18 hr (fGV) caused of decrease the fertilization rate but of increase the cleavage rate compared from the other stage treatment groups...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sang Geun Yang, Seung Cheol Ji, Sang Gu Lim, Sang Woo Hur, Minhwan Jeong, Chi Hoon Lee, Bong Seok Kim, Young-Don Lee
This study describes results on sexual maturation and characteristics of natural spawned eggs to develop a method for the production of stable, healthy fertilized eggs from captive-reared yellowtail kingfish, Seriola lalandi. A total of 59 yellowtail kingfish were captured off the coast of Jeju Island, after which the broodstock was cultured in indoor culture tank (100 m(3)) until they were 6.1-14.9 kg in body weight. As part of the rearing management for induced sex maturation, the intensity of illumination was maintained at 130 lux...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sang Geun Yang, Sang Woo Hur, Seung Cheol Ji, Sang Gu Lim, Bong Seok Kim, Minhwan Jeong, Chi Hoon Lee, Young-Don Lee
This study monitored the morphological development of embryo, larvae and juvenile yellowtail kingfish, Seriola lalandi, for their aquaculture. The fertilized eggs obtained by natural spawning were spherical shape and buoyant. Fertilized eggs were transparent and had one oil globule in the yolk, with an egg diameter of 1.35 ± 0.04 mm and an oil globule diameter of 0.32 ± 0.02 mm. The fertilized eggs hatched 67-75 h after fertilization in water at 20 ± 0.5°C. The total length (TL) of the hatched larvae was 3...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Minji Lee, Wonyoung Koh, Bomee Kim, Hyeju Chung, Gahyang Cho, Haekwon Kim
Previously we observed that human adipose-derived stem cells (hADSCs) could form aggregation during culture in the presence of human serum (HS). In the present study, we have examined if the aggregation might result from the cell migration and analyzed the difference of cell adhesivity after culture in various conditions. When cells were cultured in fetal bovine serum (FBS) alone, there was no morphological change. Similarly, cells pretreated with FBS for 1 day or cultured in a mixture of FBS and HS showed little change...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Da Kyung Yoo, Sung-Ho Lee
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), an endotoxin, elicits strong immune responses in mammals. Several lines of evidence demonstrate that LPS challenge profoundly affects female reproductive function. For example, LPS exposure affects steroidogenesis and folliculogenesis, resulting in delayed puberty onset. The present study was conducted to clarify the mechanism underlying the adverse effect of LPS on the delayed puberty in female rats. LPS was daily injected for 5 days (50 μg/kg, PND 25-29) to treated animals and the date at VO was evaluated through daily visual examination...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jong Youn Park, Kyeong Ho Han, Jae Kwon Cho, Kyong Min Kim, Maeng Hyun Son, Jae Min Park, Hee Woong Kang
The effect of sudden changes of water temperature (WT) on the survival rate and physiological responses of the red spotted grouper (Epinephelus akaara) were examined by manipulating WT control system for 9 days. Experimental condition was divided in two different regimes at low (from 10°C to 4°C, decreased 1℃/d) and high (from 28°C to 34°C, increased 1°C/d) WT. Survival rate of experimental fishes were observed, and determined the changes of hematological characteristics by analyzing plasma levels of cortisol, glucose, total protein, and electrolytes (Na(+), Cl-, K(+))...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jong Youn Park, Kyeong Ho Han, Jae Kwon Cho, Jeong In Myeong, Jae Min Park
We observed the osteological development of larval and juvenile red spotted grouper (Epinephelus akaara) in order to generate data for the assessment of skeletal deformities and to inform phylogenetic systematics research. Larvae and juveniles were obtained from a aquafarm in Muan-gun, Jeolla-namdo Province, Korea. The average water temperature at the time of breeding was 23.0°C and average water salinity was 33.0 psu. Freshly hatched fish larvae had not undergone any ossification, but ossification of the parasphenoid bone, which forms the base of the cranium, occurred as the juveniles reached an average body length (BL) of 2...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sang Gu Lim, Min Hwan Jeong, Bong Seok Kim, Tae Ho Lee, Hyun Woo Gil, In-Seok Park
The landmark-based morphometric and meristic analysis of the kelp grouper (Epinephelus bruneus), red spotted grouper (E. akaara) and seven-banded grouper (E. septemfasciatus) were performed to compare the differentiation of overall body shape and structure. The measurements of the morphometric dimensions were observed in 25 parts (truss dimension: 16 parts; head part dimension: 9 parts) of 38 morphometric dimensions and also meristic differences observed in 3 parts (dorsal fin, anal fin and caudal fin) of 6 meristic counts (P < 0...
June 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Juwon Jung, Jin Ah Baek, Hye Won Seol, Young Min Choi
Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) have been routinely cultured on mouse embryonic fibroblast feederlayers with a medium containing animal materials. For clinical application of hESCs, animal-derived products from the animal feeder cells, animal substrates such as gelatin or Matrigel and animal serum are strictly to be eliminated in the culture system. In this study, we performed that SNUhES32 and H1 were cultured on human amniotic fluid cells (hAFCs) with KOSR XenoFree and a humanized substrate. All of hESCs were relatively well propagated on hAFCs feeders with xeno-free conditions and they expressed pluripotent stem cell markers, alkaline phosphatase, SSEA-4, TRA1-60, TRA1-81, Oct-4, and Nanog like hESCs cultured on STO or human foreskin fibroblast feeders...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Ye Hwa Jin, Jin Woo Park, Jung-Hyun Kim, Joon Yeong Kwon
Neurokinin B (NKB) and neurokinin B related peptide (NKBRP) belong to tachykinin peptide family. Theyact as a neurotransmitter and/or neuromodulator. Mutation of NKB and/or its cognate receptor, NK3R resulted in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in mammals, implying a strong involvement of NKB/NK3R system in controlling mammalian reproduction. Teleosts possess NKBRP as well as NKB, but their roles in fish reproduction need to be clarified. In this study, NKB and NKBRP coding gene (tac3) was cloned from Nile tilapia and sequenced...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jong Youn Park, Jae Kwon Cho, Maeng Hyun Son, Kyong Min Kim, Kyeong Ho Han, Jae Min Park
This study was conducted in order to examine the egg development in red spotted grouper, Epinephelus akaaraand the morphological development of its larvae and juveniles, and to obtain data for taxonomic research. This study was conducted in June 2013, and 50 male and female fish were used for the study. One hundred μg/kg of LHRHa was injected into the body of the fish for inducing spawning, and the fish were kept in a small-sized fish holder (2×2×2 m). Eggs were colorless transparent free pelagic eggs, 0...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Byeong-Hoon Kim, Sung-Pyo Hur, Sang-Woo Hur, Chi-Hoon Lee, Young-Don Lee
In fish, light (photoperiod, intensity and spectra) is main regulator in many physiological actions includinggrowth. We investigate the effect of light spectra on the somatic growth and growth-related gene expression in the rearing tiger puffer. Fish was reared under different light spectra (blue, green and red) for 8 weeks. Fish body weight and total length were promoted when reared under green light condition than red light condition. Expression of somatostatins (ss1 and ss2) in brain were showed higher expression under red light condition than green light condition...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hee-Woong Kang, Sung Hwan Kim, Jae Seung Chung
The ultrastructures of germ cells and the functions of Leydig cells and Sertoli cells during spermatogenesis inmale Kareius bicoloratus (Pleuronectidae) were investigated by electron microscope observation. Each of the well-developed Leydig cells during active maturation division and before spermiation contained an ovoid vesicular nucleus, a number of smooth endoplasmic reticula, well-developed tubular or vesicular mitochondrial cristae, and several lipid droplets in the cytoplasm. It is assumed that Leydig cells are typical steroidogenic cells showing cytological characteristics associated with male steroidogenesis...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Iljoong Oh, Hyunchul Cho, Yonghoon Lee, Minseok Cheon, Deokbae Park, Youngki Lee
Molecular targeting for the altered signaling pathways has been proven to be effective for the treatment ofmany types of human cancer, including colorectal cancer (CRC). The dual phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor BEZ235 has shown to exhibit potent antitumor activity against solid tumors. Autophagy is a cellular lysosomal catabolic process to maintain metabolic homeostasis, which has been known to be induced in response to many therapeutic agents in cancer cells...
March 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jong-Man Yoon
Genomic DNA samples isolated from geographical purplish Washington clam (Saxidomus purpuratus) were obtained from three different regions in the Korean Peninsula: Geoje (Geoje population; GJP), Gunsan (Gunsan population; GSP) and a site of North Korea (North Korea population; NKP). The seven primers generated the total 369 loci that can be scored from the GSP clam population. 356 fragments were generated from the NKP clam population. The complexity of the banding patterns varies dramatically between the primers and three localities...
December 2015: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
In Bon Goo, In-Seok Park, Hyun Woo Gil, Jae Hyun Im
Spermiation was stimulated in the mature grass puffer, Takifugu niphobles, with an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or carp pituitary extract (CPE). Spermatocrit and sperm density were reduced, but milt production was increased in both the HCG and CPE treatment groups relative to those in the control group (P <0.05). These results should be useful for increasing the fertilization efficiency in grass puffer breeding programs.
December 2015: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Yiwa Chung, Heejeong Kim, Eunji Im, Philjae Kim, Hyunwon Yang
The pregnancy and abortion process involves a complex mechanism with various immune cells present in the implantation sites and several hormones associated with pregnancy, such as leptin, ghrelin and nesfatin-1. However, the mechanism underlying spontaneous abortion by maternal T helper 17 (Th17) present in the implantation sites and nesfatin-1, which is of anorexigenic hormones, is not fully understood so far. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the possible roles of Th17 cells present in the implantation sites and nesfatin-1 expressed in the uterus on spontaneous abortion using the CBA/j × DBA/2 mouse model...
December 2015: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
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