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Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig

Young Nam Oh, Sung Han Kim
On June 14, 2008 (the first experiment) and July 24, 2008 (the second experiment), the shores of the Boseong River and the sandy beaches, Seokgok-myun, Moksadong-myun, Gokseong-gun in Jeollanam Province were investigated and a total of 29 soft-shelled turtle (Tryonyx sinensis) eggs in the natural spawning nest eggs were collected (13 eggs were collected in the first experiment and 16 eggs in the second experiment). The temperatures in the natural spawning nests were 25.9-36.9±0.5℃, the depth of the eggs was 5...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hye-Sun Shin, Seong-Il Kang, Hee-Chul Ko, Deok-Bae Park, Se-Jae Kim
Obesity is characterized by a state of chronic low-grade inflammation and insulin resistance, which are aggravated by the interaction between hypertrophic adipocytes and macrophages. In this study, we investigated the effects of tangeretin on inflammatory changes and glucose uptake in a coculture of hypertrophic adipocytes and macrophages. Tangeretin decreased nitric oxide production and the expression of interleukin (IL)-6, IL-1β, tumor necrosis factor-α, inducible nitric oxide synthase, and cyclooxygenase-2 in a coculture of 3T3-L1 adipocytes and RAW 264...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hyun Woo Gil, Tae Ho Lee, In-Seok Park
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of cryopreservation methods for ex situ conservation of spermatozoa from far eastern catfish, Silurus asotus. The spermatozoa activity index (SAI) and hatching rates were higher in spermatozoa stored in Alserver's solution than those of spermatozoa stored in glucose solution. The SAI and hatching rates in all experimental groups gradually decreased with increasing duration of storage. Additionally, the SAI and hatching rates gradually decreased with increasing thawing temperatures at all storage durations (P<0...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sojeong Seon, Daun Jeon, Heejeong Kim, Yiwa Chung, Narae Choi, Hyunwon Yang
Nesfatin-1/NUCB2 is known to take part in the control of the appetite and energy metabolism. Recently, many reports have shown nesfatin-1/NUCB2 expression and function in various organs. We previously demonstrated that nesfatin-1/NUCB2 expression level is higher in the pituitary gland compared to other organs and its expression is regulated by 17β-estradiol and progesterone secreted from the ovary. However, currently no data exist on the expression of nesfatin-1/NUCB2 and its regulation mechanism in the pituitary of male mouse...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jae-Min Park, Kyeong-Ho Han, Seung-Wan Kang, Jeong-Tae Lee
On the 15 days after hatching, the larvae was 4.24-5.10 mm (mean 4.66±2.18 mm) in total length, and the fins of the membrane started to develop into a fan shape and the melanophore was deposited upper the alimentary canal of the abdomen and on the bladder. At 35 days after hatching, the post-larvae formed a branch-shaped melanophore on the head part with a total length of 6.98-12.5 (mean 9.35±1.71) mm, formed on the upper and lower parts of the caudal part, formed on the upper and lower parts of the caudal part, and deposited under the head part and abdomen...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sang Gu Lim, Hyeng Keun Han, In Bon Goo, Hyun Woo Gil, Tae Ho Lee, In-Seok Park
We used flowcytometry to ploidy verification after that investigate difference between diploid and spontaneous triploid through the truss dimension and classical dimension at crucian carp, Carassius auratus, crucian carp C. cuvieri and common carp, Cyprinus carpio collected from Hangang river, Hantangang river, Imjingang river, Geumgang river, Yeongsangang river and Nakdonggang river, Korea. There were significant differences among the three species for the truss dimensions anterior origin of dorsal fin (2)× anterior origin of anal fin (5), 2× anterior origin of pelvic fin (6), 2× origin of pectoral fin (7), posterior origin of dorsal fin (3)×5, 3×6, and 3×7 (P<0...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Dae-Jin Kwon, In-Sul Hwang, Tae-Uk Kwak, Hyeon Yang, Mi-Ryung Park, Sun-A Ock, Keon Bong Oh, Jae-Seok Woo, Gi-Sun Im, Seongsoo Hwang
Unlike mouse results, cloning efficiency of nuclear transfer from porcine induced pluripotent stem cells (piPSCs) is very low. The present study was performed to investigate the effect of cell cycle inhibitors on the cell cycle synchronization of piPSCs. piPSCs were generated using combination of six human transcriptional factors under stem cell culture condition. To examine the efficiency of cell cycle synchronization, piPSCs were cultured on a matrigel coated plate with stem cell media and they were treated with staurosporine (STA, 20 nM), daidzein (DAI, 100 μM), roscovitine (ROSC, 10 μM), or olomoucine (OLO, 200 μM) for 12 h...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Yiwa Chung, Heejeong Kim, Sojeong Seon, Hyunwon Yang
The process of spontaneous abortion involves a complex mechanism with various cytokines, growth factors, and hormones during the pregnancy. However, the mechanism underlying spontaneous abortion by pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the serum during the pregnancy is not fully understood. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the serum levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and spontaneous abortion using the CBA/j × DBA/2 mouse model. Serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IFN-γ, IL-1α and TNF-α were not increased in abortion model mice, but anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-4, IL-13 and IL-1ra were decreased compared to normal pregnant mice...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
In-Seok Park, Hyun Woo Gil, Tae Ho Lee, Yoon Kwon Nam, Sang Gu Lim, Dong Soo Kim
Optimum concentrations of anesthetic clove oil and anesthetic lidocaine-HCl were determined for a species of adult marine medaka, Oryzias dancena, over a range of salinity conditions, and investigated in a transport simulation experiment by analyzing various water and physiological parameters. Research indicated that the higher the concentration of anesthetic at each salinity, the shorter the anesthesia time at each salinity. At each concentration, fish were anesthetized slower at water salinities over 10 ppt (P<0...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Eunbi Kim, Won Sun Park, Seok-Ho Hong
Potassium channels, the largest group of pore proteins, selectively regulate the flow of potassium (K(+)) ions across cell membranes. The activity and expression of K(+) channels are critical for the maintenance of normal functions in vessels and neurons, and for the regulation of cell differentiation and maturation. However, their role and expression in stem cells have been poorly understood. In this study, we isolated perivascular stem cells (PVCs) from human umbilical cords and investigated the expression patterns of big-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) (BKCa) and voltage-dependent K(+) (Kv) channels using the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hee Jung Kim, Jeong-Soo Park
The use of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) in cell-based therapy has attracted extensive interest in the field of regenerative medicine, and it shows applications to numerous incurable diseases. hMSCs show several superior properties for therapeutic use compared to other types of stem cells. Different cell types are discussed in terms of their advantages and disadvantages, with focus on the characteristics of hMSCs. hMSCs can proliferate readily and produce differentiated cells that can substitute for the targeted affected tissue...
March 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jong-Man Yoon
Seven oligonucleotides primers were shown to generate the shared loci, specific loci, unique shared loci to each species and shared loci by the three species which could be obviously scored. In the present study, 7 oligonucleotides primers produced 401 total loci in the Styela clava (SC) species, 390 in the Halocynthia roretzi (HR) and 434 in the Styela plicata (SP), respectively. Seven oligonucleotides primers generated 275 specific loci in the SC, 341 in the HR and 364 in the SP species, respectively. The oligonucleotides primer BION-23 generated 28 unique loci to each species in the SP species...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hyun Kyu Kim, Jung-Hyun Kim, Hea Ja Baek, Joon Yeong Kwon
Red spotted grouper, Epinephelus akaara, is a popular aquaculture species and a protogynous hermaphrodite. Induction of artificial sex change at the time of primary sex differentiation is of interest but has not been successful due to the lack of necessary basic information. To find out the potential neuroendocrine influence on the primary sex differentiation, the expression of key genes in the brain was investigated during the formation of ovarian cavity. Expression of cyp19a1b, esr1, gnrhr1, fsh, lh and cga in the brain was positively associated with the formation of ovarian cavity, showing gradual increase as the formation proceeds...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Heekyung Hwang, Yong-Pil Cheon
Intact germinal vesicle (GV) arrest and release are essential for maintaining the fertility of mammals inducing human. Intact germinal vesicle release, maturation of oocytes is maintained by very complex procedures along with folliculogenesis and is a critical step for embryonic development. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) has been suggested a key factor for meiotic arrest but so far its mechanisms are controversy. In this study we examine the effects of cGMP on germinal vesicle breakdown in cumulus-enclosed oocytes and denuded oocytes...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Ki-Ho Lee
The present research was chiefly designed to determine the effect of the treatment of estrogenic agonist, estradiol benzoate (EB), or antiandrogenic compound, flutamide (Flu), at the weaning age on the expression of connexin (Cx) isoforms in the caudal epididymis of adult male rat. Animals were subcutaneously administrated with a single shot of either EB at a low-dose (0.015 µg of EB/kg body weight (BW)) or a high-dose (1.5 µg of EB/kg BW) or Flu at a low-dose (500 µg of EB/kg BW) or a high-dose (5 mg of EB/kg BW)...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jae Hyun Im, Hyun Woo Gil, Tae Ho Lee, Hee Jeong Kong, Cheol Min Ahn, Bong Seok Kim, Dong Soo Kim, Chang Ik Zhang, In-Seok Park
Sexual dimorphism is the most conspicuous difference between the sexes. This study examines possible sexual dimorphism and the relative growth patterns of morphometric characteristics in the marine medaka, Oryzias dancena for their potential to help differentiate between males and females of this species. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters estimated by a non-linear regression method were L∞=30.2 mm, K=3.22/year, and τ0=-0.05. All 18 characteristics measured showed a difference between males and females from 70 days after hatching...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hye-Jeong Lee, Ji Young Kim, Ji Eun Park, Yong-Dal Yoon, Benjamin K Tsang, Jong-Min Kim
Fas ligand (FasL) and its receptor Fas have been implicated in granulosa cell apoptosis during follicular atresia. Although interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) is believed to be involved in the regulation Fas expression in differentiated granulosa or granulosa-luteal cells, the expression of this cytokine and its role in the regulation of the granulosa cell Fas/FasL system and apoptosis during follicular maturation have not been thoroughly investigated. In the present study, we have examined the presence of IFN-γ in ovarian follicles at different stage of development by immunohistochemistry and related their relative intensities with follicular expression of Fas and FasL, and with differences in granulosa cell sensitivity to Fas activation by exogenous agonistic Anti-Fas monoclonal antibody (Fas mAb)...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
In-Seok Park, Hyun Woo Gil, Tae Ho Lee, Yoon Kwon Nam, Dong Soo Kim
The marine medaka, Oryzias dancena is a suitable sample as a laboratory animal because it has a small size and clearly distinguishes between female and male. Data on the growth and maturity of the diploid and triploid sea cucurbit species suitable for laboratory animals are very useful for studying other species. Triploidy was induced in the marine medaka by cold shock treatment (0°C) of fertilized eggs for 45 min, applied two minutes after fertilization. The diploid and triploid male fish were larger than their female counterparts (P<0...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Young Mee Lee, In Jung Yang, Jae Koo Noh, Hyun Chul Kim, Choul-Ji Park, Jong-Won Park, Gyeong Eon Noh, Woo-Jin Kim, Kyung-Kil Kim
Lectins belong to the pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) class and play important roles in the recognition and elimination of pathogens via the innate immune system. Recently, it was reported that lily-type lectin-1 is involved when a pathogen attacks in the early immune response of fish. However, this study is limited to information that the lectin is involved in the innate immune response against viral infection. In the present study, the lily-type lectin-2 and -3 of Oplegnathus fasciatus (OfLTL-2 and 3) have been presented to be included B-lectin domain and two D-mannose binding sites in the amino acid sequence that an important feature for the fundamental structure...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
In Bon Goo, Jung Eun Kim, Myung Hun Kim, Hye-Sung Choi, Hee Jeong Kong, Jeong Ho Lee, In-Seok Park
This report describes the sex differentiation of the Korean rose bitterling, Rhodeus uyekii, from hatching to 170 days post-hatch (DPH) in relation to total length (TL), body weight (BW), and integral water temperature (IWT). The growth curve of TL from just hatching to 83 DPH was 5.144e(0.045t) (R² = 0.961; t, time), and that of BW was 2.398e(0.086t) (R² = 0.725). Primordial germ cells (PGCs) were observed at 17 DPH (7.9 mm TL, 3.74 mg BW, 374°C IWT), and thereafter began to protrude into the peritoneal cavity...
December 2016: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
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