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Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig

Min Gyun Ko, Hyo Bin Lee, Hyun Woo Gil, Shin Beom Kang, In-Seok Park, Dong Soo Kim
The objective of this study was to determine the mitotic intervals (τ0 ) of two consecutive cell divisions and synchronous embryonic cleavage in grass puffer, Takifugu niphobles at different water temperatures (18, 20, 22, and 24℃). The color of the fertilized egg was light yellowish. The egg type was demersal and unadhesive. Egg weight was 0.09±0.002 mg. The sizes of unfertilized eggs were smaller than fertilized eggs in major axis and minor axis at 20℃ ( p <0.05). The size of the fertilized egg of 18℃ water temperature group at the blastodisc stage was the smallest ( p <0...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jung Hyun Cho, Hyung Jae Won, Mi Kyoung Kim, Ju Hee Park, Ju Youn Hwang
A 40-year-old G1 P0 L0 A1 woman was referred to our clinic with 6-year history of infertility. Before visiting the clinic, she had 3 cycles of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures (2 cycles of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation-IVF and 1 cycle of frozen-thawed Embryo Transfer (ET)) at other clinic. She had medical history of abortion at early gestation following FET (frozen-thawed-ET). The patient had complete type of septate uterus, double cervix and longitudinal vaginal septum. Vaginal septotomy was done first and 1 month later, hysteroscopic septoplasty was followed using ballooning filled with dye...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hoon Jang
CREBZF (cAMP-response element binding protein zhangfei) is a member of ATF/CREB family, and which regulates various cellular functions by suppressing major factors with direct interaction. In this study, we have examined the expression of CREBZF on mouse endometrium during uterus estrous cycles and estrogen (E2) treatment. In uterus, CREBZF mRNA expression was higher than other organs and mRNA and protein of CREBZF was increased in proestrus phase and decreased in estrus phase. The expression of CREBZF in 3-weeks old mouse uterus was reduced by E2 injection in endometrium...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sunyeong Cha, Kayeon Jung, Min Young Lee, Yeon Jeong Hwang, Eunhyeok Yang, Sung-Ho Lee, Hyo-Il Jung, Yong-Pil Cheon
Endocrine disruptors have been concerned in toxicology but now challenged as physiological point especially concerned with exposing dose and period. In this study the low-dose chronic administration of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthaltae (DEHP) during reproductive period was examined to evaluate the possible roles. Adult male and female CD-1 mice were exposed to DEHP with drinking water containing 133 1g/L and 1,330 /g/L DEHP in water according to OECD 433 guide line and sacrificed just after weaning. The weights of uterus and ovary were decreased by drinking of 1,330 /g/L DEHP water...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hwa-Yeon Lee, Hyo-Kyung Bae, Bae-Dong Jung, Seunghyung Lee, Choon-Keun Park, Boo-Keun Yang, Hee-Tae Cheong
This study investigates the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and subsequent apoptosis in duced during somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) process of porcine SCNT embryos. Porcine SCNT and in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos were sampled at 3 h and 20 h after SCNT or IVF and at the blastocyst stage for mRNA extraction. The x-box binding protein 1 (Xbp1) mRNA and the expressions of ER stress-associated genes were confirmed by RT-PCR or RT-qPCR. Apoptotic gene expression was analyzed by RT-PCR. Before commencing SCNT, somatic cells treated with tunicamycin (TM), an ER stress inducer, confirmed the splicing of Xbp1 mRNA and increased expressions of ER stress-associated genes...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hoon Jang
Cyclic AMP-response element binding protein zhangfei (CREBZF), a member of ATF/CREB (activating transcription factor/ cAMP response element binding protein) family, regulates numerous cellular functions and development of cells by interacting transcription factors. This study discovered the expression pattern of CREBZF in seminiferous tubule of testes during the postnatal development of mice. In testis, CREBZF mRNA expression was the highest among other organs. Immunofluorescence analyses showed that the CREBZF was specifically expressed on spermatocyte but not in spermatogonia and Sertoli cells in seminiferous epithelium of mouse testis...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Munkhzaya Byambaragchaa, So-Yun Lee, Dae-Jung Kim, Myung-Hwa Kang, Kwan-Sik Min
Previous studies showed that recombinant equine chorionic gonadotropin (rec-eCGβ/α) exhibits both follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH)-like activities in rat LHR- and FSHR-expressing cells. In this study, we analyzed signal transduction by eelFSHR and eelLHR upon stimulation with rec-eCGβ/α and native eCG. The cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) stimulation in CHO-K1 cells expressing eelLHR was determined upon exposure to different doses (0-1,450 ng/mL) of rec-eCGβ/α and native eCG...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Jae-Min Park, Kyeong-Ho Han
The purpose of this study is to investigate the early life history of the Rhodeus fish, Rhodeus uyekii and R. ocellatus , in the Nakdong River to use as the preliminary data for the systematic study. The embryos used in the study were fertilized eggs (embryo) and larvae after artificial fertilization. The long diameter of the eggs of the R. uyekii was 3.39-3.97 mm (average 3.68±0.41 mm, n=30) and the short diameter was 1.36-1.55 mm (average 1.45±0.13 mm, n=30). The long diameter of the eggs of the R. ocellatus was 2...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Ki-Ho Lee, Nan Hee Kim
In the multicellular tissue, cell-cell interaction is important for a precise control of its function. The exchange of signaling molecules between adjacent cells via connexon allows the functional harmony of cells in the tissue. The present research was to determine the presence and expressional patterns of connexin ( Cx ) isoforms in the rat epididymal fat during postnatal development using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. Of 13 Cx isoforms examined, expression of 11 Cx isoforms in the epididymal fat during postnatal development was detected...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hee-Su Kim, Yong-Pil Cheon, Sung-Ho Lee
In the present study, we employed Hershberger assay to determine possible androgenic or antiandrogenic activities of three di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) substitute candidates. The assay was carried out using immature castrated Sprague-Dawley male rats. After 7 days of the surgery, testosterone propionate (TP, 0.4 mg/kg/day) and test materials (low dose, 40 mg/kg/day; high dose, 400 mg/kg/day) were administered for 10 consecutive days by subcutaneous (s.c.) injection and oral gavage, respectively. Test materials were DEHP, 2-ethylhexyl oleate (IOO), 2-ethylhexyl stearate (IOS) and triethyl 2-acetylcitrate (ATEC)...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Won-Il Seo, Jae-Min Park, Sung-Hun Lee, Seong Min Yoon, Seon-Yeong Hwang, Kyeong-Ho Han
This study was conducted to investigate the skeletal development of bullhead torrent catfish, Liobagrus obesus larvae and to utilize them as basic data for the taxonomic study of Liobagrus larvae. Skeletal development was observed by being divided into cranium, visceral skeleton, shoulder girdle bone, pelvic girdle bone and vertebra. On the first day after hatching, the pre-larvae had an average total length of 7.92 mm, and a line-shaped parasphenoid ossified in the cranium. In the jaw bone, the dentary supporting the lower jaw and the maxillary supporting the upper jaw were ossified...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Se-Un Ki, Won-Kyo Lee
The annual reproductive cycle of the Korean endemic slender catfish, Silurus microdorsalis , was examined histologically regarding water temperature and day length of habitat, gonadosomatic index (GSI), and development characteristics of female and male gonads. The maximum GSI value was found in May, 1.23±0.33 and 11.77±3.23 for male and female respectively (habitat water temperature 21.5°C/13.59hr day length). On the other hand, the minimal level was 0.63±0.10 in July (26.5°C/14.17) for male and 1.36±0...
March 2018: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Dong-Hyuk Shin, Jeoung-Eun Lee, Jin Hee Eum, Young Gie Chung, Hoon Taek Lee, Dong Ryul Lee
Polyploidy is occurred by the process of endomitosis or cell fusion and usually represent terminally differentiated stage. Their effects on the developmental process were mainly investigated in the amphibian and fishes, and only observed in some rodents as mammalian model. Recently, we have established tetraploidy somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived human embryonic stem cells (SCNT-hESCs) and examined whether it could be available as a research model for the polyploidy cells existed in the human tissues. Two tetraploid hESC lines were artificially acquired by reintroduction of remained 1st polar body during the establishment of SCNT-hESC using MII oocytes obtained from female donors and dermal fibroblasts (DFB) from a 35-year-old adult male...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Seong Jun Mun, Hu Sun Yim, Kyeong Ho Han, Jae Min Park
This study was conducted to investigate egg development and larvae morphological development of catfish and to provide basic data to clarify the genetic relationship with Siluriformes fish. The mother fish that was used in this study was caught in the stream of Nakdong River in Uiseong-gun, Gyeongbuk. The temperature range of the breeding was 23.0-25.0℃ (mean 24.0±1.0℃) and egg size was 1.62-1.70 mm (mean 1.66±0.05, n=30). Eggs of catfish began hatching at 54 hours and 40 minutes after fertilization. Immediately after hatching, the total length of larvae was 3...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Su-Mi Kim, Jong-Soo Kim
Implantation is a highly organized process that involves an interaction between a receptive uterus and a competent blastocyst. In humans, natural fecundity suggests that the chance of conception per cycle is relatively low (~30%) and two-third of lost pregnancies occur because of implantation failure. Defective implantation leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes including infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, intrauterine fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia. With use of advanced scientific technologies, gene expression analysis and genetically-engineered animal models have revealed critical cellular networks and molecular pathways...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Donchan Choi, Su Ji Lee, Min Hyuck Lee, Dong Kyu Lee
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.12717/DR.2017.21.2.215.].
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Yong Han Baek, Wang Jong Lee, Gil Jung Kim
Ascidian embryos have become an important model for embryological studies, offering a simple example for mechanisms of cytoplasmic components segregation. It is a well-known example that the asymmetric segregation of mitochondria into muscle lineage cells occurs during ascidian embryogenesis. However, it is still unclear which signaling pathway is involved in this process. To obtain molecular markers for studying mechanisms involved in the asymmetric distribution of mitochondria, we have produced monoclonal antibodies, Mito-1, Mito-2 and Mito-3, that specifically recognize mitochondriarich cytoplasm in cells of the ascidian Halocynthia roretzi embryos...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Seo-Hui Gwon, Hyun Kyu Kim, Hea Ja Baek, Young-Don Lee, Joon Yeong Kwon
Survival of embryos largely depends on yolk processing during early development. Proteolytic enzymes, cathepsin B & D ( ctsb & ctsd ) are known to have some important roles in yolk processing of various fish species. Mature female red spotted groupers were injected with human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to induce ovulation. The fertilized eggs and embryos were sampled at 0, 4 and 24 HPF (hours post fertilization). Survivals of each groups of embryos were checked at 24 and 48 HPH (hours post hatching)...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Sumira Malik, Wijeong Jang, Changsoo Kim
The germline stem cells of the Drosophila ovary continuously produce eggs throughout the life- span. Intricate regulation of stemness and differentiation is critical to this continuous production. The translational regulator Nos is an intrinsic factor that is required for maintenance of stemness in germline stem cells. Nos expression is reduced in differentiating cells at the post-transcriptional level by diverse translational regulators. However, molecular mechanisms underlying Nos repression are not completely understood...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
Hee-Su Kim, Yong-Bin Kim, Donchan Choi, Yong-Pil Cheon, Sung-Ho Lee
Bisphenol-A(BPA) is a member of alkylphenol family, and shows adverse effects including reduced fertility, reproductive tract abnormalities, metabolic disorder, cancer induction, neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity. In the present study, we conducted Hershberger assay to evaluate whether the two candidates to replace BPA have androgenic or antiandrogenic activity. The assay was carried out using immature castrated Sprague-Dawley male rats. After 7 days of the surgery, testosterone propionate (TP, 0.4 mg/kg/day) and test materials (low dose, 40 mg/kg/day; high dose, 400 mg/kg/day) were administered for 10 consecutive days by subcutaneous (s...
December 2017: Balsaeng'gwa Saengsig
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