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Preventive Medicine Reports

Emma Solomon-Moore, Simon J Sebire, Corrie Macdonald-Wallis, Janice L Thompson, Deborah A Lawlor, Russell Jago
Sedentary time and screen-viewing (SV) are associated with chronic disease risk in adults. Parent and child sedentary time and SV are associated. Parents influence children's SV through parenting styles and role modelling. Understanding whether parents' attitudes toward child SV are associated with their own SV and sedentary time will aid development of family interventions to reduce sedentary behaviours. Cross-sectional data with 809 parents from Bristol, UK were collected in 2012-2013 and analysed in 2016...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Ying Liu, Ifeoma D Ozodiegwu, Jeffrey C Nickel, Kesheng Wang, Laura R Iwasaki
To determine whether behavioral factors differ among metabolic conditions and self-reported health, and to determine whether self-reported health is a valid predictor of metabolic syndrome (MetS). A total of 2997 individuals (≥ 40 years old) were selected from four biennial U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2007-2014). A set of weighted logistic regression models were used to estimate the odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs)Individuals with light physical activity are more likely to have MetS and report poor health than those with vigorous physical activity with OR = 3...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Joshua A Rushakoff, Daniel E Zoughbie, Nancy Bui, Katerina DeVito, Leila Makarechi, Hitomi Kubo
Rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes in Kentucky's Cumberland Valley region are among the highest in the United States and limited access to healthy food contributes to these epidemics. The aim of Healthy2Go (H2G), a country store transformation project launched by Spread the Health Appalachia (STHA), was to improve awareness and availability of healthy options in small, rural stores. Ten country stores participated in H2G and received training and technical assistance to increase availability and awareness of healthy foods...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Karen H Wang, Natasha J Ray, David N Berg, Ann T Greene, Georgina Lucas, Kenn Harris, Amy Carroll-Scott, Barbara Tinney, Marjorie S Rosenthal
Sustaining collaborations between community-based organization leaders and academic researchers in community-engaged research (CEnR) in the service of decreasing health inequities necessitates understanding the collaborations from an inter-organizational perspective. We assessed the perspectives of community leaders and university-based researchers conducting community-engaged research in a medium-sized city with a history of community-university tension. Our research team, included experts in CEnR and organizational theory, used qualitative methods and purposeful, snowball sampling to recruit local participants and performed key informant interviews from July 2011-May 2012...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Richard Bryce, Claudia Guajardo, Deliana Ilarraza, Nicki Milgrom, Denise Pike, Kathryn Savoie, Felix Valbuena, Lisa R Miller-Matero
Fruit and vegetable prescription programs have been shown to increase consumption of fresh produce, but whether they have an impact on medical outcomes is unknown. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of participation in a farmers' market and fruit and vegetable prescription program on changes in hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C), blood pressure (BP) and weight in patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes at a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Detroit, MI. The 13-week Fresh Prescription program (June 2015-October 2015) was designed to improve access and consumption of produce among low-income patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Rebecca A Seguin, Brian K Lo, Urshila Sriram, Leah M Connor, Alison Totta
Rural populations face unique challenges to physical activity that are largely driven by environmental conditions. However, research on rural built environments and physical activity is limited by a paucity of rural-specific environmental assessment tools. The aim of this paper is to describe the development and testing of a rural assessment tool: Inventories for Community Health Assessment in Rural Towns (iCHART). The iCHART tool was developed in 2013 through a multistep process consisting of an extensive literature search to identify existing tools, an expert panel review, and pilot testing in five rural US communities...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Thea Schwaneberg, Franziska Weymar, Sabina Ulbricht, Marcus Dörr, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Neeltje van den Berg
Physical activity is an important factor for the maintenance of health. Enjoyment of physical activity is essential to motivate persons to engage in sufficient physical activity. We examined whether self-reported enjoyment of PA is associated with objective measurement of the intensity of PA. A cardiovascular examination program was provided for individuals aged 40-75 years without a history of cardiovascular events in Greifswald, Germany between 2012 and 2013. Participants (n = 255) were asked to wear a three-axial accelerometer device (ActiGraph, GT3X +, Pensacola, Florida, USA) for 7 consecutive days...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Destini A Smith, Alan Akira, Kenneth Hudson, Andrea Hudson, Marcellus Hudson, Marcus Mitchell, Errol Crook
African Americans have higher rates of mortality than whites who are the same age and sex. We hypothesize that in low socioeconomic status neighborhoods, having health insurance coverage and a regular health care provider increases the likelihood of receiving diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We use data from a random two-stage cluster sample of 230 adults living in high poverty census tracts to examine the effects of insurance coverage and having a regular doctor on the likelihood receiving diagnostic tests for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and blood pressure...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Alison Gustafson
•SNAP households are influenced by proximity to stores in predicting store choice.•Store choice among SNAP households predicted beverage purchases.•SNAP households are more likely to purchase sugar-sweetened beverages at supercenters and convenience stores.
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Lesley A Cottrell, Christa A Lilly, Aaron Metzger, Scott A Cottrell, Andrew D Epperly, Carrie Rishel, Bo Wang, Bonita F Stanton
•Many parents use multiple monitoring strategies in different combinations over time to monitor their adolescents.•Adolescents of parents who use multiple strategies reported greater risk involvement.•Parents who solicited information only from adolescents had greater knowledge and adolescent disclosure.
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Jacqueline M Bailey, Paula M Wye, John H Wiggers, Kate M Bartlem, Jennifer A Bowman
People with a mental illness experience greater chronic disease morbidity and mortality compared to those without mental illness. Family carers have the potential to promote the health behaviours of those they care for however factors which may influence the extent to which they do so have not been reported. An exploratory study was conducted to investigate carers': 1) promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption; 2) perceptions of their role and ability to promote such behaviours; 3) and the association between carer perceptions and the promotion of such behaviours...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Kunal N Karmali, Tiffany Brown, Thomas Sanchez, Timothy Long, Stephen D Persell
Updated cholesterol guidelines emphasize multivariable cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk estimation to guide treatment decision-making in primary prevention. This study tested the preliminary feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of point-of-care testing (POCT) and quantitative CVD risk assessment in high-risk adults to increase guideline-recommended statin use in primary prevention. Participants were aged 40-75 years, without CVD or diabetes mellitus, and potentially-eligible for consideration of statins based on estimated 10-year CVD risk from last-measured risk factor levels in the electronic health record...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Eivind Andersen, Janne Borch-Jenssen, Steinar Øvreås, Hanna Ellingsen, Kari Anne Jørgensen, Thomas Moser
Although many studies have reported on physical activity (PA) levels using accelerometers, a thorough description of the PA pattern in preschool children during their stay in the preschool, is lacking in the current literature. Furthermore, there remains a lack of understanding of the PA level and pattern in children in the lower end of the PA continuum. The first aim of this study was therefore to describe the PA pattern during a week-long stay in a preschool in all children born in 2011 (either three or four-year-olds) attending public preschools in a municipality in Norway...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Wen Qi Gan, Wayne T Sanderson, Steven R Browning, David M Mannino
Evidence has shown that housing conditions may substantially influence the health of residents. Different types of housing have different structures and construction materials, which may affect indoor environment and housing conditions. This study aimed to investigate whether people living in different types of housing have different respiratory health outcomes. The data from the 1999-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were used for the analyses. The types of housing included houses, townhouses, apartments, and mobile homes...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Sharon J Herring, Jane F Cruice, Gary G Bennett, Niesha Darden, Jessica J Wallen, Marisa Z Rose, Adam Davey, Gary D Foster
Efforts to prevent postpartum weight retention in extant clinical trials of African American women have proven exceedingly challenging. The primary purpose of this pilot study was to determine whether a behavioral intervention implemented in early pregnancy through 6 months postpartum could increase the proportion of African American women who were at or below their early pregnancy weights by 6 months postpartum. We additionally evaluated whether mothers' postpartum weight loss could be maintained at 12 months postpartum...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Ding-Geng Chen
To quantify the HIV epidemic, the classical population-based prevalence and incidence rates (P rates) are the two most commonly used measures used for policy interventions. However, these P rates ignore the heterogeneity of the size of geographic region where the population resides. It is intuitive that with the same P rates, the likelihood for HIV can be much greater to spread in a population residing in a crowed small urban area than the same number of population residing in a large rural area. With this limitation, Chen and Wang (2017) proposed the geographic area-based rates (G rates) to complement the classical P rates...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Chishinga Callender, Yan Liu, Carolyn E Moore, Deborah Thompson
The objective of this paper was to identify the relationships and associations between child and parent characteristics with child fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption in an online obesity prevention program for 8-10 year old African American girls. Girls and a parent (n = 342 child-parent pairs) in the southwestern US completed baseline data collection from 2012 to 2014. Girls and a parent completed self-report questionnaires online. Girls also completed two unannounced 24 hour telephone-based dietary recalls...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Georgeta D Vaidean, Sandeep S Vansal, Marta Manczuk
Sedentary behavior has emerged as an independent cardiovascular disease risk factor. Uncertainty exists about the behaviors of statin users, who may exhibit either a healthy adherer or a false reassurance effect. We conducted this study in order to assess and compare TV viewing among statin users and nonusers. We used data from a cross-sectional study of 12,754 participants, from south-east Poland, age 45 to 64 years in 2010-11. Statin use during last 30 days was recorded by trained nurses. Participants reported time spent viewing TV/week...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Teresa B Gibson, J Ross Maclean, Ginger S Carls, Brian J Moore, Emily D Ehrlich, Victoria Fener, Jordan Goldberg, Elaine Mechanic, Colin Baigel
Increasingly, corporate health promotion programs are implementing wellness programs integrating principles of behavioral economics. Employees of a large firm were provided a customized online incentive program to design their own commitments to meet health goals. This study examines patterns of program participation and engagement in health promotion activities. Subjects were US-based employees of a large, nondurable goods manufacturing firm who were enrolled in corporate health benefits in 2010 and 2011. We assessed measures of engagement with the workplace health promotion program (e...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
Christine Koteng Wilhelmsen, Katrine Skalleberg, Ruth Kjærsti Raanaas, Håvard Tveite, Geir Aamodt
The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between green areas and adolescents' body mass index (BMI). This is based on the notion that nature environment is known to have beneficial effects on human health, and that some of the explanation for this is that green areas are especially motivating or suitable as arenas for physical activity. We included 10,527 participants from the Norwegian Youth Study, which was conducted between 2001 and 2004. The participants reported body weight, height, and important potential confounding variables about lifestyle, family situation, and neighbourhood characteristics...
September 2017: Preventive Medicine Reports
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