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BMC Psychology

Oskar Lundgren, Peter Garvin, Margareta Kristenson, Lena Jonasson, Ingela Thylén
BACKGROUND: Psychological distress with symptoms of depression and anxiety is common and unrecognized in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Efforts have been made to treat psychological distress in CAD with both conventional methods, such as antidepressant drugs and psychotherapy, and non-conventional methods, such as stress management courses. However, studies focusing on the experiences of mindfulness training in this population are still scarce. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore immediate experiences of mindfulness practice among CAD patients with depressive symptoms...
September 13, 2018: BMC Psychology
Susan Andersen, Morten Hulvej Rod, Teresa Holmberg, Liselotte Ingholt, Annette Kjær Ersbøll, Janne Schurmann Tolstrup
BACKGROUND: Lack of formal education is an important social determinant of health inequality and represents a public health problem. School dropout is particularly common in vocational education; however few prevention programs targeting dropout in the vocational school setting have been evaluated. The purpose of the present study was to test the effect on school dropout of a settings-based intervention program (named Shaping the Social) that targeted the school organization in order to create social and supportive learning environments...
September 12, 2018: BMC Psychology
Mirjam Stieger, Marcia Nißen, Dominik Rüegger, Tobias Kowatsch, Christoph Flückiger, Mathias Allemand
BACKGROUND: This protocol describes a study that will test the effectiveness of a 10-week non-clinical psychological coaching intervention for intentional personality change using a smartphone application. The goal of the intervention is to coach individuals who are willing and motivated to change some aspects of their personality, i.e., the Big Five personality traits. The intervention is based on empirically derived general change mechanisms from psychotherapy process-outcome research...
September 4, 2018: BMC Psychology
M E S Loevaas, A M Sund, J Patras, K Martinsen, O Hjemdal, S-P Neumer, S Holen, T Reinfjell
BACKGROUND: Symptoms of anxiety and depression are prevalent and highly comorbid in children, contributing to considerable impairment even at a subclinical level. Difficulties with emotion regulation are potentially related to both anxious and depressive symptoms. Research looking at maternal contributions to children's mental health dominates the literature but ignores the potentially important contributions of fathers. METHOD: The present study is part of the Coping Kids study in Norway, a randomized controlled study of a new indicated preventive intervention for children, EMOTION...
August 20, 2018: BMC Psychology
Rosie Perkins, Sarah Yorke, Daisy Fancourt
BACKGROUND: Previous research has demonstrated that making music can enhance positive emotions as well as support positive psychological functioning. However, studies tend to be limited by lack of comparison with other psychosocial interventions. This study builds on a three-arm randomised controlled trial (RCT) that demonstrated that group singing for mothers and babies, but not group creative play, can lead to faster recovery from moderate-severe symptoms of postnatal depression than usual care...
August 17, 2018: BMC Psychology
Madeleine Stevens
BACKGROUND: Many childhood risk factors are known to be associated with children's future antisocial and criminal behaviour, including children's conduct disorders and family difficulties such as parental substance abuse. Some families are involved with many different services but little is known about what middle childhood factors moderate the risk of poor outcomes. This paper reports the quantitative component of a mixed methods study investigating what factors can be addressed to help families improve children's outcomes in the longer term...
August 10, 2018: BMC Psychology
John Brodersen, Volkert Siersma, Hanne Thorsen
BACKGROUND: Cervical cancer screening will inevitably lead to unintentional harmful effects e.g. detection of indolent pathological conditions defined as overdetection or overdiagnosis. Overdiagnosis often leads to overutilisation, overtreatment, labelling and thereby negative psychosocial consequences. There is a lack of adequate psychosocial measures when it comes to measurement of the harms of medical screening. However, the Consequences of Screening questionnaire (COS) has been found relevant and comprehensive with adequate psychometric properties in breast and lung cancer screening...
August 10, 2018: BMC Psychology
Sally Flynn, Chris Noone, Kiran M Sarma
BACKGROUND: Previous studies have reported on positive and negative psychological outcomes associated with the use of social networking sites (SNSs). Research efforts linking Facebook use with depression and low self-esteem have indicated that it might be the manner in which people engage with the site that makes its use problematic for some people. The aim of the current study was to test a theoretical model of problematic Facebook use, using adult attachment style as the predictor variable of interest...
August 10, 2018: BMC Psychology
Nikita K Schoemaker, Gabrine Jagersma, Marije Stoltenborgh, Athanasios Maras, Harriet J Vermeer, Femmie Juffer, Lenneke R A Alink
BACKGROUND: Foster children are at higher risk of the development of behavior and emotional problems, which can contribute to the development of insecure attachment bonds with their foster parents and (subsequently) to placement breakdown. Sensitive parenting might minimize the adverse effects of the behavior and emotional problems. Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline in Foster Care (VIPP-FC) is an adaptation of the evidence-based Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) and aims at increasing sensitive parenting and the use of sensitive discipline strategies of foster parents...
August 3, 2018: BMC Psychology
Gillian Murphy, Kath Peters, Lesley Wilkes, Debra Jackson
BACKGROUND: Individuals who have lived with childhood parental mental illness are at increased risk of developing mental health concerns. Yet there is limited knowledge about how a person's childhood experiences of parental mental illness may influence their subsequent parenting roles. METHODS: This narrative study generated parenting narratives of adult children who had lived with childhood parental mental illness. Interviewees included 10 women and three men. Inductive thematic analysis was used to establish themes and sub-themes from the narratives...
July 27, 2018: BMC Psychology
E C A Mertens, M Deković, M van Londen, E Reitz
BACKGROUND: Students following a low education track have an increased risk for developing problem behaviors. Rock and Water is a widespread, but still poorly evaluated, intervention that aims to improve students' socio-emotional adjustment and social safety. The aims of this study are to evaluate (1) the effectiveness of Rock and Water on socio-emotional adjustment (i.e., psychosocial wellbeing, sexual autonomy, and resilience) and social safety (i.e., perceived social security in the classroom, aggression, and bullying) and to examine (2) moderators and (3) mediators of its effects...
July 25, 2018: BMC Psychology
Adela A Mwakanyamale, Dickson P Wande, Yu Yizhen
BACKGROUND: Child maltreatment is becoming predominantly multi-type in nature. Studies report that multi-type child maltreatment is associated with low self-esteem in adolescence and adulthood. There is a lack of published studies in Tanzania regarding multi-type child maltreatment and its relationship with self-esteem in adolescence. This study investigates the prevalence of multi-type child maltreatment and its relationship with self-esteem among secondary school students in Tanzania...
July 24, 2018: BMC Psychology
Judith Reichardt, Amrollah Ebrahimi, Hamid Nasiri Dehsorkhi, Ricarda Mewes, Cornelia Weise, Hamid Afshar, Peyman Adibi, Said Moshref Dehkordy, Gholamreza Yeganeh, Hanna Reich, Winfried Rief
BACKGROUND: Due to an increase in migration and globalization, cross-cultural encounters in health care are also becoming more frequent. As psychotherapy is grounded in a cultural context and must be congruent with the patient's cultural beliefs of his or her illness in order to be effective, the consideration of cross-cultural differences in illness representations becomes increasingly important. Especially research on illness representations concerning mental disorders is scarce. METHODS: The aim of the current study was to compare illness representations between Iranian (N = 87) and German (N = 90) patient samples as well as subclinical samples (Iranian N = 264, German N = 102) using a multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA)...
July 20, 2018: BMC Psychology
Keith R Laws, Nicole Darlington, Tejinder K Kondel, Peter J McKenna, Sameer Jauhar
BACKGROUND: The effect of cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis (CBTp) on the core symptoms of schizophrenia has proven contentious, with current meta-analyses finding at most only small effects. However, it has been suggested that the effects of CBTp in areas other than psychotic symptoms are at least as important and potentially benefit from the intervention. METHOD: We meta-analysed RCTs investigating the effectiveness of CBTp for functioning, distress and quality of life in individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and related disorders...
July 17, 2018: BMC Psychology
Rüya-Daniela Kocalevent, Lorenz Berg, Manfred E Beutel, Andreas Hinz, Markus Zenger, Martin Härter, Urs Nater, Elmar Brähler
BACKGROUND: The objectives of the study were to generate normative data for the Oslo Social Support Scale (OSSS-3) for different age groups for men and women and to further investigate the factor structure in the general population. METHODS: Nationally representative face-to face household surveys were conducted in Germany in 2008 (n = 2524). RESULTS: Normative data for the Oslo Social Support Scale were generated for men and women (52...
July 17, 2018: BMC Psychology
Amanda Fenwick-Smith, Emma E Dahlberg, Sandra C Thompson
BACKGROUND: Wellbeing and resilience are essential in preventing and reducing the severity of mental health problems. Equipping children with coping skills and protective behavior can help them react positively to change and obstacles in life, allowing greater mental, social and academic success. This systematic review studies the implementation and evaluation of universal, resilience-focused mental health promotion programs based in primary schools. METHODS: A systematic review of literature used five primary databases: PsycINFO; Web of Science; PubMed; Medline; Embase and The Cochrane Library; and keywords related to (a) health education, health promotion, mental health, mental health promotion, social and emotional wellbeing; (b) school health service, student, schools, whole-school; (c) adolescent, child, school child, pre-adolescent; (d) emotional intelligence, coping behavior, emotional adjustment, resilienc*, problem solving, to identify relevant articles...
July 5, 2018: BMC Psychology
Tove Gerholm, Thomas Hörberg, Signe Tonér, Petter Kallioinen, Sofia Frankenberg, Susanne Kjällander, Anna Palmer, Hillevi Lenz Taguchi
BACKGROUND: During the preschool years, children develop abilities and skills in areas crucial for later success in life. These abilities include language, executive functions, attention, and socioemotional skills. The pedagogical methods used in preschools hold the potential to enhance these abilities, but our knowledge of which pedagogical practices aid which abilities, and for which children, is limited. The aim of this paper is to describe an intervention study designed to evaluate and compare two pedagogical methodologies in terms of their effect on the above-mentioned skills in Swedish preschool children...
June 19, 2018: BMC Psychology
George Stamou, Azucena García-Palacios, Cristina Botella
BACKGROUND: Post-natal Depression (PND) is a depressive disorder that causes significant distress or impairment on different levels in the individual's life and their families. There is already evidence of the efficacy of psychological treatments for PND. We conducted a narrative review and researched the literature for identifying systematic reviews and studies for the best psychological treatments of PND, and examined what parameters made those treatments successful. METHODS: We searched 4 electronic databases...
June 18, 2018: BMC Psychology
Andreas Tsounis, Pavlos Sarafis
BACKGROUND: Job satisfaction is fundamental to employee well-being and successful operation of an organization. The use of effective tools for assessing it is imperative for management research. Our main purpose was to translate and adapt the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) questionnaire to the Greek language and to test its psychometric properties. METHODS: The tool was translated into Greek and then back into English by different bilingual translators. The Greek JSS was tested with a sample of 239 employees of various specialties in drug addiction treatment...
June 8, 2018: BMC Psychology
Hanna Reich, Winfried Rief, Elmar Brähler, Ricarda Mewes
BACKGROUND: The Patient Health Questionnaire's depression module (PHQ-9) is a widely used screening tool to assess depressive disorders. However, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural validation of the PHQ-9 is mostly lacking. This study investigates whether scores on the German and Turkish versions of the PHQ-9 are comparable. METHODS: Data from Germans without a migration background (German version, n = 1670) and Turkish immigrants in Germany (either German or Turkish version, n = 307) were used...
June 5, 2018: BMC Psychology
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