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Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM

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May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Takayuki Anno, Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Objective: Both infected subdural hematoma (ISH) and Edwardsiella tarda infections are rare in humans. E. tarda is a motile, facultative anaerobic, gram-negative rod bacterium, which is isolated from fresh or brackish water, but not usually from humans. Extra-intestinal E. tarda infections are rare and might cause severe clinical symptoms. However, ISH caused by E. tarda has not been reported previously. We report the first case of ISH due to E. tarda . Patient: A 76-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with a headache, loss of appetite, and nausea...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Yuko Shirono, Shunsuke Yamaguchi, Eisuke Takahashi, Masahiro Terunuma
A 10-year-old boy fell from a one-meter-high Jacuzzi ladder in a hot spring facility, landing in a straddle position, and injured his perineum. He visited the emergency room of our hospital immediately after the injury. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a tear of the corpus spongiosum urethra, and compression due to a hematoma. With the hematoma spreading to the scrotum, the testes became inverted and dislocated to the inguinal region on both sides. Without surgery or interventions, the testes descended into the scrotum on the third day after the injury before fibrillation and scarring began...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Takeshi Ogawa, Toshikazu Tanaka, Shunsuke Asakawa, Masaki Tatsumura, Takeo Mammoto, Atsushi Hirano
Objective: As a minimal invasive surgery for the treatment of thumb carpometacarpal joint (trapeziometacarpal [TMC]) arthritis, we performed an arthroscopic synovectomy for Eaton stage II to IV arthritis. Patients and Methods: We included patients who were effectively treated with a corticosteroid injection, experienced recurrence of TMC pain, and had no major instability of the TMC. Surgery was performed in 17 female patients. Synovectomy was performed, when possible, using radiofrequency and a shaver. The mean follow-up period was 27...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Kiyobumi Ota, Ayako Oniki, Zen Kobayashi, Shoichiro Ishihara, Hiroyuki Tomimitsu, Shuzo Shintani
Background: Although acute pancreatitis is listed among the exclusion criteria for the administration of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator according to the Japanese Guideline for the Management of Stroke, the co-occurrence of acute pancreatitis and acute ischemic stroke has not been investigated. The present study aimed to assess the incidence rate of acute pancreatitis in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Methods: This study consecutively enrolled all patients with ischemic stroke admitted to the Department of Neurology, JA Toride Medical Center between April 2014 and March 2016...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Nobuo Kawazoe, Xiumin Zhang, Chifa Chiang, Hongjian Liu, Jinghua Li, Yoshihisa Hirakawa, Atsuko Aoyama
Objective: The burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) is increasing in China, together with economic development and social changes. The prevalence of risk factors for NCDs, such as overweight/obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, is reported to be high even among poor residents of rural areas. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of hypertension among elderly adults in rural Northeast China and the proportion with controlled hypertension among those on antihypertensive medication (hypertension control rate)...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Hisaka Iijima, Shosuke Suzuki, Hiroshi Koyama, Minato Nakazawa, Yuji Wakimoto
Objective: This study investigated the relationship between occupations and health status to obtain an overall understanding of a cohort of Japanese middle-aged women, including unemployed women, who comprised approximately 30% of the sample. Participants and Methods: Participants of this study were 4,454 women aged 40-69 years, classified into the following five groups based on their occupation: unemployed, 1,432; agriculture, 439; self-employed, 1,596; white collared, 793; and blue collared, 194. Participants' perceived health was assessed using a symptoms checklist called the Todai Health Index (THI, later renamed as the Total Health Index) in a baseline survey conducted in 1993...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Sho Takahashi
A 15-month retrospective study of 1,000 outpatients was conducted to determine the exact cause of general dizziness. The most common diagnosis in all analyzed cases was cervicogenic general dizziness (89%). The majority of the patients who underwent magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine had narrow spinal canals. Measuring the anteroposterior diameter of the spinal canal in each case was critical to obtain an accurate diagnosis in line with the diagnostic criteria used. General dizziness may develop because of inappropriate neck posture over long periods of time in individuals with some form of underlying cervical disease...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Tomoko Terada, Keiko Nakamura, Kaoruko Seino, Masashi Kizuki, Naohiko Inase
Aim: To evaluate the costs associated with healthcare and long-term care during the last 24 months before death according to major disease groups. Methods: Individual data regarding healthcare and long-term care costs according to public insurance schemes during the last 24 months before death among all decedents older than 75 years reported in a city in Japan between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2014 were identified; the data for nine major diseases were then analyzed. Results: For the 2149 decedents studied, the average healthcare costs per capita in the last 24 months of life for moderately-old (75 to 84 years) and extremely-old (85 years and older) decedents was 4,135,467 JPY and 2,493,001 JPY, respectively, while the average long-term care costs per capita for 24 months was 1,300,710 JPY and 2,723,239 JPY, respectively...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Haruka Shozaki-Ito, Tomoko Shibayama, Yumi Matsuyama, Mayumi Ohnishi
Objectives: To compare experiences regarding the perpetration of intimate partner violence among Japanese university freshmen between 2008 and 2014. Study design: Two-stage cross-sectional study. Methods: A self-administered questionnaire survey was completed in both 2008 and 2014 by students at the same university. Results: There were significant reductions in episodes of verbal harassment (adjusted odds ratio [AOR]: 0.601, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.382, 0.945, P  = 0.027) that occurred when a boy/girlfriend said "you don't give me priority" to his/her partner when they did not see them (AOR: 0...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Hiromi Kagamiyama, Rika Yano
Objective: We clarified the relationship between the degree of subjective fatigue, sleep, and physical activity among nurses working 16-hour night shifts in a rotating two-shift system. Materials and Methods: We investigated 15 nurses who were surveyed regarding their individual attributes, physical activity level (consumed calories), hours of sleep, sleep efficiency, sleep onset latency, sleep diary, and subjective symptoms. Nurses wore a Fitbit One (Fitbit Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA) for 7 consecutive days to measure sleep and physical activity...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Ryoko Kawasaki, Rieko Nakao, Mayumi Ohnishi
Objective: Participation in social activities is associated with physical and psychological health in the community-dwelling elderly population. We examined the two factors of social relations and community health resources, associated with higher self-rated health levels in the community-dwelling elderly. Methods: A total of 145 community-dwelling elderly people ≥ 65 years old from two neighborhood associations in Nagasaki City were recruited for this study, representing 85% of the officially registered ≥ 65-year-old population in the target area...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Ryuichi Ohta, Daisuke Son
Objective: Community-based medical education (CBME) serves as a complement to university medical education, and it is practiced in several urban undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums. However, there are few reports on CBME learning content in rural Japanese settings. Materials and Methods: This research aimed to clarify learning content through semi-structured interviews and qualitative analysis of second-year residents who studied on a remote, rural island located 400 km from the mainland of Okinawa, Japan...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Megumi Fujimoto, Toshiki Katsura, Akiko Hoshino, Miho Shizawa, Kanae Usui, Eri Yokoyama, Mayumi Hara
Objective: The rates of care-needs certification were mainly compared between two cohorts: 7,820 specific health checkup examinees/basic checklist respondents and 29,234 non-examinees/non-respondents. Subjects and Methods: Among approximately 37,000 elderly citizens of X City, the number of individuals newly certified as requiring long-term care were observed from the date of the first specific health checkup in 2008 to March 31, 2013. The aggregated totals of these individuals and associated factors were evaluated...
May 2018: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
(no author information available yet)
[This corrects the article on p. 38 in vol. 12, PMID: 28593016.].
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Yusuke Watanabe, Kohei Ono, Kenichi Sakakura, Hideo Fujita
Acute symptomatic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is usually managed by intravenous heparin and oral warfarin. Recently, direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC) have been introduced for the treatment of acute DVT. DOAC may be useful for very elderly patients who live in rural areas, where medical resources are limited. An 83-year-old woman presented to our clinic with left leg edema. Contrast enhanced computed tomography showed massive deep vein thrombosis in her left internal iliac vein. We diagnosed her with acute deep vein thrombosis...
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Larry Nichols
In a rural mountainous region on a Friday, a 78-year-old man was seen in his physician's office for leg edema and diagnosed with new onset atrial fibrillation. He was discharged home to start medications for atrial fibrillation and heart failure. He was hospitalized the next day with septic shock due to pneumococcal pneumonia. The new onset of atrial fibrillation requires a trigger acting on a vulnerable substrate. These triggers include acute conditions such as alcohol intoxication, myocardial infarction and pulmonary embolism...
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Katsuhito Ihara, Tatemitsu Rai, Shotaro Naito, Takayuki Toda, Sei Sasaki, Shinichi Uchida, Noriaki Matsui
Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease associated with mild valvular regurgitation. However, there have been no detailed reports of infective endocarditis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Here, we describe a case of a 55-year-old woman without any cardiac abnormalities who was diagnosed with lupus nephritis by renal biopsy; she contracted infective endocarditis while receiving immunosuppressive therapy. Our case emphasizes that special consideration of the occurrence of infective endocarditis, and its early diagnosis and treatment are mandatory for patient survival...
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Ryuichi Ohta, Akira Shimabukuro
Objective: Parsonage-Turner syndrome is a peripheral neuropathy characterized by acute onset shoulder pain, myalgia, and sensory disturbances. The present report discusses a rare case of Parsonage-Turner syndrome and highlights the importance of accurate history recording and thorough physical examination for the diagnosis of the disease in rural areas. Patient: A 28-year-old woman presented to our clinic with acute bilateral shoulder pain and difficulty moving her right arm. A diagnosis of Parsonage-Turner syndrome was suspected based on the progression of symptoms, severity of pain, and lack of musculoskeletal inflammation...
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Makoto Nakao, Hideki Muramatsu, Eriko Yamamoto, Yuto Suzuki, Sousuke Arakawa, Ken Tomooka, Yusuke Sakai, Kouhei Fujita, Hidefumi Sato
An 81-year-old man was referred to our hospital with bilateral multiple patchy opacities on chest radiography. His chief complaints were a few months' history of intermittent mild cough and slightly yellow sputum. Chest computed tomography (CT) showed non-segmental air-space consolidations with ground-glass opacities. Amyloid deposition with organizing pneumonia (OP) was seen in transbronchial lung biopsy (TBLB) specimens from the left S8. Three months later, the infiltration originally seen in the left lower lobe was remarkably diminished, and new infiltrations in the lingual and right lower lobes were detected on chest CT...
November 2017: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
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