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Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM

Hiroki Ohmi, Mariko Kato, Martin Meadows
Objective: Several studies have demonstrated the relationship between temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and emotional stress. Nonetheless, few surveys have examined the relationship between type A behavior patterns and TMD. The aim of this study was to clarify the relationships among TMD, type A behavior patterns, bruxism, and emotional stress in Japanese undergraduate students. Methods: This study was undertaken in Nayoro City, Japan, in 2015, among students of Nayoro City University. The survey was conducted through an anonymous, self-administered, multiple-choice questionnaire...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Mamiko Tsukui, Naoki Morimoto, Hidekazu Kurata, Fumiko Sunada
A 74-year-old man with diabetes underwent colonoscopy as routine screening for colon cancer. An Anisakis larva was found incidentally during colonoscopy using the retroflexion technique in the ascending colon, and was removed using a forceps. Asymptomatic colonic anisakiasis is very rare, and few reports have described diagnosis and treatment of anisakiasis during colonoscopy by the retroflexion technique in the ascending colon. We have reported this rare case along with a literature review.
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Akira Tempaku
Objective: Oral anticoagulants are widely administered to patients with atrial fibrillation in order to prevent the onset of cardiogenic embolisms. However, intracranial bleeding during anticoagulant therapy often leads to fatal outcomes. Accordingly, the use of novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs), which less frequently have intracranial bleeding as a complication, is expanding. A nationwide survey of intracranial bleeding and its prognosis in Japan reported that intracranial bleeding of advanced severity was not common after NOAC administration...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Tetsuo Kon, Hideo Suzuki, Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Kazuyuki Gyoten, Hideki Machishi, Takashi Kurumiya, Yoshikatsu Okada
Liver metastases from colorectal carcinoma commonly form nodular lesions in the liver parenchyma. We report a case of liver metastasis from rectal adenocarcinoma that extended predominantly into the bile duct. A 62-year-old Japanese man underwent low anterior resection for rectal adenocarcinoma 9 years ago. Approximately 3 years later, he underwent radiofrequency ablation therapy for a metastatic liver tumor. Nine years after surgery, a tumor in liver segment III exhibiting intrabiliary extension was discovered; it was unclear if this was a metastatic liver tumor or intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Takehiko Okamura, Hidetoshi Akita, Kenji Yamada, Daichi Kobayashi, Yasuhiko Hirose, Takahiro Kobayashi, Yutaro Tanaka, Taku Naiki, Takahiro Yasui
Objective: There are few reports of the long-term outcomes of elderly patients with prostate cancer. We analyzed data from our institution from the past 12 years, including the patient history, treatment methods, and prognosis of patients with prostate cancer aged 80 years or more. Patients and Methods: A total of 179 cases of prostate cancer in patients aged 80 years or more were retrospectively evaluated. We divided them chronologically into groups A, B, C, and D: Group A included 40 cases from 2002-2004; Group B, 48 cases from 2005-2007; Group C, 46 cases from 2008-2010; and Group D, 45 cases from 2011-2013...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Saber Al-Sobaihi, Keiko Nakamura, Masashi Kizuki
Objective: This study examined the associations between the adequacy of childcare provided by adult caretakers and childhood undernutrition in rural Yemen, independent of household wealth and food consumption. Methods: We analyzed data of 3,549 children under the age of 5 years living in rural areas of Yemen based on the 2013 Yemen Baseline Survey of Mother and Child Health. Nutritional status was evaluated by the presence of underweight, stunting, and wasting according to the World Health Organization child growth standards...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Takashi Ichida, Fumihiko Kusano, Yoshinori Sakai
Objectives: Gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is currently a standard procedure. ESD enables en-bloc resection of large lesions, while inducing larger artificial ulcers to a greater extent than conventional procedures. Several studies have reported that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) prevent delayed bleeding and expedite the artificial ulcer healing process. Esomeprazole, an S-isomer of omeprazole, is reportedly one of strongest inhibitors of gastric acid secretion. Previous studies have examined the effectiveness of esomeprazole...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Katharina Lau, Hans-Joachim Hannich
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Tomohiro Abe, Hidenobu Ochiai
OBJECTIVE: Rescuing severe trauma patients who are injured far from a trauma center is challenging for rural emergency systems. We report a severe trauma case that occurred at a remote location, in which the patient's life was saved by a dispatched doctor car and a physician from a local medical facility. PATIENT: A 31-year-old man experienced a left femur injury due to a fallen tree. The fire station requested a doctor car from our center, approximately 56 km away...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Masako Fukasawa, Haruyasu Yamaguchi
OBJECTIVE: In Japan, the Integrated Community Care System aims to support residents to live as independently as possible at home. Koreisya-Kyoshitsu and Fureaiikiiki salons are two types of group activities for community-dwelling elderly. We investigated effective ways of conducting such activities. METHODS: We analyzed 96 subjects from 8 salons and 354 subjects from 10 Koreisya-Kyoshitsu. Self-completed questionnaires included the following: attributes, the Motor Fitness Scale (MFS), revised Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale (PGCMS), Measurement of Psychological Independence (MPI), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), and self-rated health status (SRH)...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Kenta Tanaka, Hiroshi Kamada, Yukiyo Shimizu, Shizu Aikawa, Tomofumi Nishino, Naoyuki Ochiai, Masataka Sakane, Masashi Yamazaki
OBJECTIVE: The incidence of pulmonary embolism (PE) and leg deep vein thrombosis (DVT) has increased in recent years in association with aging and an increase in the number of bedridden individuals. We developed an active in-bed leg exercise apparatus labeled the Leg Exercise Apparatus (LEX) for DVT prevention. We compared the effect of leg exercises performed using the LEX to conventional active ankle exercises on increased blood flow. MATERIALS & METHODS: The subjects were eight healthy adult volunteers [five men and three women, aged 20-34 (mean 27...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Chika Kusano, Nobuo Yamada, Kenji Kikuchi, Masaji Hashimoto, Takuji Gotoda
BACKGROUND: There has been debate over the indications for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) in recent years in Japan. In addition, the level of satisfaction of patients and patient's family after PEG remains unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the current status of PEG and the level of satisfaction of patients and patients' families after PEG in Japan. METHODS: We reviewed the existing data of all patients who underwent PEG tube insertion at Yuri Kumiai General Hospital (Akita, Japan) between February 2000 and December 2010...
2016: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Akira Tempaku, Hidetoshi Ikeda, Kazumi Nitta
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) is observed in most cases of nonhypertensive subcortical hemorrhage involving elderly patients. We herein describe the case of a female in whom a convexal subarachnoid hemorrhage was observed at 55 years of age. The cerebral hemorrhage occurred repeatedly; however, no obvious vascular lesions were observed on a cerebral angiography, and no signs of microbleeding or lesions in the deep white matter were identified on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Partial excision of the right frontal cortex and hematoma evacuation were performed, and histopathological examination showed deposition of an acidophilic substance with positive staining for Direct Fast Scarlet (DFS) in the cerebral vascular wall...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Yoshihisa Hirakawa, Esayas Haregot Hilawe, Chifa Chiang, Nobuo Kawazoe, Atsuko Aoyama
OBJECTIVE: Assistance from health professionals is very important to ensure medication adherence among older people. The present study aimed to assess the relationship between receipt of comprehensive medication management services by primary care physicians and medication adherence among community-dwelling older people in rural Japan. METHODS: Data including medication adherence and whether or not a doctor knew all the kinds of medicines being taken were obtained from individuals aged 65 years or older who underwent an annual health checkup between February 2013 and March 2014 at a public clinic in Asakura...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Nguyen Huu Chau Duc, Keiko Nakamura, Masashi Kizuki, Kaoruko Seino, Mosiur Rahman
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to examine changes in utilization of reproductive health services by wealth status from 2000 to 2011 in Vietnam. METHODS: Data from the Vietnam Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys in 2000, 2006, and 2011 were used. The subjects were 550, 1023, and 1363 women, respectively, aged between 15 and 49 years who had given birth in the previous one or two years. The wealth index, a composite measure of a household's ownership of selected assets, materials used for housing construction, and types of water access and sanitation facilities, was used as a measure of wealth status...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Yoshito Momose, Takajiro Suenaga
BACKGROUND: The lack of information regarding nonfatal agricultural injuries has been recognized as an obstacle for effective injury prevention. The aim of this study was to describe gender differences in the pattern of nonfatal agricultural injuries between the years 2008 and 2009. METHODS: Farmers' compensation injury claims were utilized to determine the mechanisms involved (machinery, non-machinery, and traffic), types of accident, sources of injury, kinds of injury, body parts affected place of injury, work being performed at the time of injury, and length of hospitalization...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Yoshihisa Hirakawa
OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to explore whether the presence of unhealthy eating habits is an effective indicator of anemia among older people or not. METHODS: We used data from a prospective observational cohort study of all users who underwent an annual health checkup at a public clinic in a rural area. The subjects of the present study were 150 users aged 75 years and older who underwent the checkup between January and September 2010. The subjects were first divided by gender and further separated into anemic and non-anemic subgroups according to their estimated anemia prevalences: Hb < 130 g/L for males and Hb < 120 g/L for females...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Ken Shimizu, Hisanori Kameda, Haruo Kawamura, Takeshi Makihara, Yukiyo Shimizu
OBJECTIVE: PATIENTs with secondary hyperparathyroidism caused by chronic kidney disease (CKD) develop secondary osteoporosis, which increases fracture risk. We report a case of insufficiency fractures complicated by secondary osteoporosis caused by chronic renal failure and gastrectomy. PATIENT: A 78-year-old man with a medical history of nephrotic syndrome and gastric cancer experienced an occult intertrochanteric fracture of his left femur after falling. RESULTS: Ten days after the first fracture, the patient was treated with hemodialysis for acute uremic symptoms...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
Midori Nishio, Mitsu Ono
OBJECTIVE: The number of male caregivers has increased, but male caregivers face several problems that reduce their quality of life and psychological condition. This study focused on the coping problems of men who care for people with dementia at home. It aimed to develop a coping scale for male caregivers so that they can continue caring for people with dementia at home and improve their own quality of life. The study also aimed to verify the reliability and validity of the scale. PATIENTS/MATERIAL AND METHODS: The subjects were 759 men who care for people with dementia at home...
2015: Journal of Rural Medicine: JRM
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