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Josef Finsterer, Fulvio A Scorza, Carla A Scorza
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June 2018: Medical Archives
Thomas Kotsis, Athanasios E Dellis
Introduction: Although rare, co-existence of abdominal aortic aneurysms with urological manifestations, suggests a challenging surgical entity in terms of successful aneurysmal repair along with minimally or null urological complications. Case reports: There are neither available data regarding the incidence of their co-existence nor consensus regarding optimal surgical management. Given the infrequency of their simultaneous presentation, the report of unusual cases as well as proposal for successful surgical management, are always useful and educative...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Thomas Kotsis, Panagitsa Christoforou, Despoina Myoteri, Panagiota Papacharalampous
Introduction: Superficial temporal artery aneurysms (STAAs) occur in 1% of arterial aneurysms; mostly (95%) are pseudoaneurysms following trauma; true aneurysms are rare (5%); forty-five cases are reported. Aim: To report a rare case of a congenital STAAA. Case Report: A67-year-old patient recalled the existence of a true-histologically evidenced- aneurysm of the right superficial temporal artery since his childhood denying any head injury; it was resected through a horizontal skin incisure...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Edin Begic, Zijo Begic, Dzenan Jahic, Enisa Hodzic
Aim: The aim of this paper was to present a 65 year old female patient with chronic heart disease, surgically treated for congenital heart defect type Tetralogy of Fallot. Case report: In the sixth year of life the patient underwent palliative Potts anastomosis surgery which created an anastomosis between the left pulmonary artery and the descending aorta. Total correction was made in 34 years of life, six months after catheterization, which indicated malignant pulmonary hypertension...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Fuad Brkic, Sekib Umihanic, Hasan Altumbabic, Almedina Ramas, Almir Salkic, Sefika Umihanic, Majda Mujic, Lejla Softic, Sabrina Zulcic
Aim: To analyze the rate of mortality in children with foreign body aspiration (FBA). Methods: We outlined a retrospective review of hospital data of patients between 1971 and 2013. FBA occurring in children 0 year to 14 years was considered for inclusion (patient ages ranged from 0.6 to 15 years, with a median age of 2.2 years). The gender structure within the investigated cases was 75.8% males and 24.2% females. During the study period, 772 patients undergoing rigid bronchoscopy with the diagnosis of FBA were included...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Reza Fattahian, Seyed Reza Bagheri, Masoud Sadeghi
Background: Decompressive craniotomy (DC) is a known risk factor for the development of posttraumatic hydrocephalus (PTH) in the patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Herein, the present study reported the development of PTH requiring ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt after DC for TBI. Methods: Four databases (PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and Cochrane Library) were searched from 1983 to April 2018. The studies evaluating the prevalence of PTH requiring VP shunt after DC in the patients with TBIwere selected without language restriction...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Kemal Turker Ulutas, Inanc Samil Sarici, Abdullah Arpaci
Background: Platelets are considered an important source of prothrombotic agents associated with inflammation in cancer related diseases. We aimed to compare the diagnostic accuracy of the platelet distribution width (PDW) and CA19-9 in resectable pancreas cancer. Method: A total of 83 stage-1 and 2 pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PAC) patients, and 85 age and sex-matched healthy participants were included in the study. All preoperative patient data, including PDW and CA19-9 were analyzed in terms of sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, likelihood ratios, and diagnostic accuracy...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Bahareh Khaky, Ahmadreza Yazdannik, Hosein Mahjobipoor
Introduction: Oral and Oro-pharynx colonization and Micro-aspiration of discharges are two important processes in ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). So, this study design to investigated the preventive effect of oral decontamination program by Nanosil mouthwash on incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia. Methods: 80 newly hospitalized patients who admitted in intensive care unit (ICU) of Amin Medical Education Center were enrolled to a randomized clinical trial study...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Mirhan Salibasic, Samir Delibegovic
Introduction: Breast cancer and its treatment change the perception of mastectomized women of their physical appearance, which leads to depression and has a negative effect on the overall quality of life of those woman. Aim: We wanted to assess the quality of life and the degree of depression of patients suffering from breast cancer, on the basis of a standardised questionnaire to assess the patients' quality of life (QLQ-C-30 BR-23), and the degree of depression using Beck's Depression Inventory (BDI, II)...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Babak Bagheri, Asal Alikhani, Hossein Mokhtari, Mehdi Rasouli
Background: The main goal of using statins is to reduce the level of plasma cholesterol, meanwhile they have a wide spectrum of actions. Objectives: To identify the effect of statins on fractional cholesterol esterification (FCE) as well as the complete profile of lipids and (apo)lipoproteins. Design and methods: In an age and sex matched case-control study, 400 subjects who were referred for coronary angiography were divided into two groups according using statins...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Elmedin Bajric, Sedin Kobaslija, Amina Huseinbegovic, Mediha Selimovic-Dragas, Amra Arslanagic Muratbegovic, Nina Markovic
Background: Dental fear and anxiety (DFA) are present worldwide globally, as well as in children. These psychological clinical entities in its progressive phase lead to avoiding of dentists and dental appointments, and consequtive impairments of oral health. If we ignore these facts, we would have the strenghtening of this relationship in a way of further oral health impairments and lost of dental hard and soft tissues, as well as appearance of dental phobia as the most negative form of psychological reaction to dental stimuli...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Rahima Jahic, Dilista Piljic, Humera Porobic-Jahic, Amer Custović, Jasminka Petrovic, Dragan Piljic
Introduction: The main route of acquiring infectious blood and body fluids in hospital conditions is accidental exposure to stinging incidents. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the epidemiological characteristics of accidental exposures to blood-borne pathogens among different professional groups of health care workers (HCWs). Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted using the "Questionnaire on the HCWs exposure to blood and blood transmitted infections" at the University Clinical Centre Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the 1st of March to the 31st of December 2014...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Azra Husic-Selimovic, Amela Sofic, Elma Jahic, Dzanela Prohic, Zulejha Merhemic
Introduction: Prior to the 1990s, the most common sources of HCV infections were blood transfusions, unsafe injections and I.V drug use. Screening of blood products for HCV has eradicated transfusion-transmitted hepatitis C in most countries since 1992-in Bosnia and Herzegovina, however, since 1995, due to the war. Aim: To investigate the impact of the source of HCV infection on the therapeutic response in patients treated for chronic HCV infection with dual combined therapy...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Irem Tasci, Caner Feyzi Demir, Tuncay Kuloglu
Objectives: Diabetic neuropathy is the most frequent chronic complication of diabetes. It may attack to sensory, motor or autonomous fibers. Varied mechanisms account for the development of diabetic neuropathy such as metabolic disorders, microvascular damages, neurotrophic support deficit, alternation in neuro-immune interactions, neural and glial cell apoptosis, and inflammation. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent lipophilic antioxidant in vitro and in vivo conditions, which plays a main role as cofactor in many mitochondrial reactions, easily absorbed from gastointestinal tract and can easily cross the blood brain barrier (BBB)...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Tooba Momen, Nafiseh Esmaeil, Mohsen Reisi
Background: Toxocariasis is a common parasitic infectionworldwide even in developed countries. Through this health problem, the immune system is triggered and the antibody is produced, leading to some hypersensitive situations like asthma. In the present study, we tried to show a correlation between Toxocara Canis (T. canis) seropositivityand asthma in Isfahan city. Methods: This research is a cross-sectional study involving 40 asthmatics and 46 non-asthmatic cases aged 2-18 years...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Hadi Darvishi-Khezri, Mehrnoush Kosaryan, Rosseta Akbarzadeh, Aily Aliasgharian, Mehran Fazli
Introduction: The benefit of annual administration of zoledronic acid in the management of thalassemia-associated osteoporosis is unknown. Aim: The aims of this study were to evaluate the efficacy of treatment with two different dosing regimens of IV zoledronic acid (annually versus every 3 months) for increasing low bone mineral density (BMD) in patients with osteoporosis associated with β-thalassemia as annually and 3-monthly on bone density in patients. Materials and Methods: This retrospective, single-center study analyzed patients' clinical records and bone density measurements...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Hilada Nefic, Mirela Mackic-Djurovic, Izet Eminovic
Background: The gene for 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (NAD(P)H) or MTHFR gene encodes protein methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), an enzyme important in folate metabolism. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the frequencies of 677C>T and 1298A>C polymorphisms in the MTHFR gene of healthy subjects from the population. Material and methods: The blood samples were collected from 164 unrelated and healthy donors from population consisted of 98 females and 66 males...
June 2018: Medical Archives
Erkin Pekmezci, Cihat Dundar, Murat Turkoglu
Background: Currently while, topical minoxidil and oral finasteride are the only medications approved in androgenetic alopecia (AGA), the cause oriented treatment and immunsupressive treatment are being performed in telogen effluvium (TE) and alopecia areata (AA) respectively. Considering the inflammatory factors in the pathogenesis of these three nonscarring alopecia forms, we have formulated a mixture for topical usage composed of six different herbal extracts (HE) which have already known antiinflammatory and antioxidant features...
April 2018: Medical Archives
Vogiatzis Ioannis, Koutsambasopoulos Konstantinos, Samaras Antonios, Bostanitis Ioannis
Introduction: Patients suffering from Myocardial Infarction with Non-Obstructive Coronary Arteries (MINOCA) are found with no obstructive coronary artery disease on coronary arteriography. The Aim of this interesting case report is to present a patient with acute chest pain, temporal ST-segment elevation and MINOCA. Case report: A case of a young woman who presented with acute chest pain suggestive of angina, with temporal ST-segment elevation, accidentally recorded and not rising of myocardial necrosis biomarkers in blood tests is described...
April 2018: Medical Archives
Cemile Dayangan Sayan, Mahmut Ilkin Yeral, Zehra Sema Ozkan, Gokhan Karaca, Nese Asal, Oktay Aydın, Nevin Sagsoz
Introduction: An adnexal mass may be diagnosed after a routine pelvic ultrasonographic examination or an emergent hospital admission due to rupture of ectopic pregnancy, adnexal torsion or rupture of tuboovarian abscess. It is necessary to evaluate the origin of the mass initially and to classify patients who need further evaluation and treatment for an urgent condition. Case presentation: We report a case of sigmoid colon rupture due to sigmoid colon adenocarcinoma presenting as acute abdomen with left adnexal mass in a 28 years old woman...
April 2018: Medical Archives
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